I'm Inspired :)

Last night I saw an interesting post from Dena on Instagram about a contest giveaway;
with 'inspire' as the theme. She posted an image of beautiful, amazing Al-Quran, specifically,
the Rainbow Quran Medina. Dear Lord, the moment I saw that Quran and it's details,
I was like fell in love for the first sight. It came with the meaning / translation,
wisdom quotes and inspiring stories, etc, oh it's just perfect!
Thus makes me eager to join and get it :)

As for inspiring person, Atok pop-up from my mind.
Yes, he's inspiring and forever will do.
Spending my little childhood time with him was a gratefully amazing for my whole life.
He's not only a grandfather, but also replaced the 'daddy' empty seat.
He's the man; my first love, daddy, idol, everything, for my whole life.
The way he acted, the way he dealt with things and lived his life,
everything, inspired me. He's so gentle, so calm, yet such a great,
successful person in life, and such a great servant to Allah and our deen as well.
He never sick of reminding me to be like one. He always said,
"Put Him and our deen on top of everything. Don't neglected it."
He taught me a lot - in my studies, knowledge, everything.
He just so calm and a man full of love. No matter how bad he had to face,
he'll always calm, smile, and always remembering Allah.

Even he's gone now, still, he'd always made me felt strong when I need strength.
I always feels the love, the support, and the guide, as when I'm thinking of him
and often feels him, deep inside.
His humbleness, knowledge, amazing personality, everything, - really
are special, yet inspired me and helping me throughout my life.
Love and miss you so much Atok.


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