Blackout 101

Salam all :)

Umm, don't misunderstand this title tho.
This ain't politics but my experiences / thoughts jee :)

Well, actually nk cite bout lastnite yg tetibe all electricity gone tuh.
The whole row, and even the whole neighborhood area tetibe blackout!
takde kilat takde guruh takde ujan takde pape pun, just
tetibe tuupp, gelap gelite panas membaree. hehe.
oklah. maybe there's something wrong kt main die ke pe kan,
just dpt pk cmtu jela. Thank god, Thank you Allah,
sbb mase tu akk ade kt umah skali. If not mau cuak jugk oii. hehe.
Yla memalam bute dgn gelap gelite semua bagai,
Allahu, mesti xtau nk buat ape. Naseb ade torchlight & akk, so
after tak tahan dok tunggu dlm umah dgn sian kt Eva dh bepeloh2,
kitorg pon g la dok dlm kete & g pusing2 1 tmn nh smntre
tunggu current ade balik. Guess everyone pon kwa pusing2 sbb pns & gelap etc.

Umm bile kwa tu kan, tgklaa sumenye gelap.
Mcm bndr mati! kinda scary la. Yla dgn sebnyk2nye umah, dgn umah2 kedai,
courts, sites, etc, sumenye gelap. mati. mcm kt town yg dh ditinggalkn.
town yg dh tak berpenghuni,. tak cerie lgsg. tak hidup lgsg.
nothing. empty. dull. everything. it is scary.
Yla, boleh plak  teringat & terbayang psl kiamat. I mean, kn ke slh 1 tnde2
nk kiamat tu electricity's gone, wiped away. Kite akn alami 1 keadaan
yg gelap gelita, etc, then --- it's a doomsday. Wallahualam.

Ok. kt sini just some kind of 'mini-practice' laa i can say kn.
at least for me. I mean, bile tgk and faced this kind of situation, surrounding,
then baru totally get the view. I mean, cmnilah agknye keadaannye tu nnt,
seluruh tmpt gelap, org rmai kwa, etc. Ni naseb bukn hujn jugk ke pe mase tu,
if tak kompem makin menjd2 laa imaginasi nh. huhu.
Tp tu la, just muhasabah diri jap & take it as a reminder jugk la for what
had just happened tu kn. Kne always ingtkn & sedarkan diri nh...
Dunia ni mcm titian yg dh reput je..
mm..mmg xkn lupe laa cmne keadaan smlm tu. Yes it was special.
A special reminder to me. Thank You Allah. :')

Sempat jugk borak dgn akk bout ni last nite. Telling her all of
my thought and reminders etc.
Dunno bout others. but. InsyaAllah maybe ade jugk yg terfikir cmni kn.
Or doesn't.
Umm takpelah. Just nk share my thoughts ni dgn korg semua.

Moge bermanfaat. Wassalam  :)

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