A Thought That You Might Be Agreed - A L O N E

Does everyone feels that?
Sometimes, u just felt so alone and lonely,
or it's just that u felt that kinda strange in this
somehow-unfamiliar world.
It's not literally alone, though.
I mean, basically, it's just some kind of feeling
that came unexpectedly.
It's not that u're living alone with no one cares about
or being loved and else,.
It's kind of, no matter how happy u are, sometimes
it's just still came by somehow and from out of nowhere.
Usually, we'll find it on singles out there.
But heyyy yeah I know it's not fair, right.
Even those couples or even anyone could face it too.
Some say, it might be the best time for our own self.
As for Muslims, to repent, to seek and spend more time
with their God, and to reflect themselves as well.

Well, it depends on the person themselves.
How are their ways of thinking / perspectives,
the way they face things up and else.
I mean, some might take the alone and lonely thingy positively,
but there are also people who would take it negatively 
and turned out seriously.
For example;
Those who take it positively would do the kind of things
that I've stated earlier.
Reflection, back to their own and inner self, and also
their relationship with God.
But those who take it negatively, it might be the starter 
to the worst things or I shall say, the bad conjunction 
within themselves and the others.

When u're feeling lonely or alone, your negative mind will
tell u that u're such a loser, pathetically living with no points
nor values. So then, u might been triggered to over think
about those evil 'suggestion' and come out to be depressed
with your life and yourself andddddd, be careful there missy,
cause when someone is depressed, never underestimate what
they could do - yes even if it's wayyyy out of our mind.
Ever heard of people who hurts themselves?
Cutting wrists and so on, or attempt suicide?
Well that's major, as for the minor step is like,
the changing in their behavior or mood, easily tempered
or hurts / resentment, etc.

Yeah..That's huge, right..
So, the important point is, 
how u deal those kind of feeling / moment with yourself.
How see it, how u face it, and how u make it out.
I don't say that it's easy to deal with, but umm,
at least, have a great grip upon yourself.
Push yourself to think wisely, before u go with things.
Pull yourself to get back to where it was - or supposed to be. (to God)
Take a deep breath.
Pictured all of your loved ones, - they're smiling, holding your
hands, and rubbing your shoulders.
Doesn't it feels great? :)

In addition, the least thing u could do is,
remember, life is never perfect.
Learning, is the major part in it.
To face it and deal with it bravely and wisely,
that's what we called true learning.
Besides, despite of all these feeling thingy issues,
there are more people out there who were way in trouble 
and unluckier than us now. 
We should be thankful and grateful of what we have.
Try to stay positive and always, remember and thankful to our God.
Smile! U're worth it. :)

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