This Is What I've Been Looking For :D

Salam and happy Monday lovelies :)

Alhamdulillah, thank god cz heheeee FINALLY I've found 
what I've been looking for - 

Totally yayyy me! heheehe. 
For all this while I've been looking around for this kind of 
story book for my baby pumpkin, Eva.
Actually yes I preferred and looking for the English language version
for her but umm, nevermind, Malay also can. :D

Well, as for her previous book I've just bought the ordinarily typical
story book which just then, I've found the story wasn't that appropriate
for my little sugarbug neither do for other kids as well.
Cz yeah, unfortunately, it taught them bad things / bad manners
that our kids really shouldn't follow by their stories.
For example, the 'Puss In Boots', it's kinda thought us to 
lied, manipulate and killed, and as well as the selfishness.

Sad and disappointed of it's story, I've never read it again to Eva since then.
Then, I really looking forward to have the story book for kids
that it's story was taken from our beloved Al-Quran,
or at least it's about our prophets nor Islamic and all that.
In addition, I will be more careful to choose if the book is been sealed.
Cz yeap, just like the 'Puss In Boots', the story inside wasn't that great
and appropriate, in other terms, 'Don't judge a book by it's cover'

Well, okay then, that's all for this entry I guess :D
May u guys having a great Monday!
Wassalam :)

7 bubblynotes :):

  1. BW!

    Btw, Join jom!

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe not bad la dear, ok laa untuk budak2 :) tp rasenye ade sket kesilapan teknikal kot dlm tu, but sokay, overall mmg ok :D

  3. Salam.

    Dear..cuba tgk penerbit Galeri Seni.. tak silap lana, mereka ad bnyk buku cerita untuk anak2.

    1. Oh Galeri Seni yea? thanks tau! heheheee :3

  4. Salam kenal..sya folo Blog ourrandomrainbow..

    Kita Kawan2 eh :D

    1. Thanks yea, Salam kenal jugak :D done followed u back yee :D


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