The Operation and That Magic - Last Part

salam and hi all ☺

sorry, because it took me such a long time to finished this last part of my daughter's operation story. A lot of thing came up, yet it's okay here i am again alhamdulillah ☺ before i start, for those who'll love to read the second part can VISIT HERE.

As for the second part was the beautifully, amazingly literally work out zikr, this part will be about her days after the operation had succeed. the most event that reminisced thoroughly was that the one very day she was located in the nicu, while that day was her birthday.

As a mom, it was super heartbreaking to watch your daughter with all those tubes and wires, with her eyes shut, on her own 2nd birthday. Adding more melancholy to my heart was that the fact that i can't stay by her side all day, but only could visit her within visiting hours as their protocol stated so. so there it was, no celebration and everything, but my interminable prayers for her. i remember still that on that day, the nurses there said to me, like, 'oh it's her birthday! she just can celebrate it here then, how poor..", or some just asked how old is she and then wordless.

She had to stayed in the nicu for 3 days, then down warded. Alhamdulillah, she'd showed fast recovery each day, so it giving me hope to bring her home sooner. As for the first several day been warded, they told me she had to bottle fed instead of breastfeed. i tried my best to keep the stock updated but it's not enough since she didn't drink it from me. so at first they insist me their formula but i didn't want to, yet asking to just breastfeed my daughter. but then they give them the formula anyway and she'd diarrhea after that very moment. so i insist hardly to breastfeed my baby until they have to agreed since she can't blend in with the formula. alhamdulillah, she was better and no more diarrhea. see, real food rocks ☺ well, what disappointed me was they're mostly Muslim, especially the dietician, yet which the dietitian said to me that breastmilk isn't enough. i was like, really? this is sad. they didn't seem to believe that Allah's creation, - the breastmilk, is greater than any of those man made full of gmo, sugar and unhealthy thingy formula milk. sorry but after i know what formula milk really are, i'm really grateful that i chose to just breastfeed my baby. In addition, Allah give them (babies/kids) special knowledge from their first arrival in this world, so that they know how to feed themselves via breastfeed, and i believe, when to stop (when they're full or had enough). which in this case, Allah will guide my daughter while she's breastfeed, no over fed, no harm for the after operation etc in order to give her the most great immunity for improving her antibody. Alhamdulillah the nurses were supportive, they change her bed to the bigger one so that i can lie down altogether with my baby pumpkin to breastfeed her. As i'm expected, she turned out great with the breastfeed, with the fast recovery and all, alhamdulillah, yet proving that Allah knows best, greater than any human. ☺

so okay, after a total of 10 days stayed there, she finally discharged. i'm jubilantly grateful that she's fine and can go home, after all those things that happened. Alhamdulillah, and up until now her condition was better each every day. the scars look good too, and we still come once over several month for her routine check up. Alhamdulillah, so far so good.
There she is, now. May Allah will grant her continuously great health, aamiinn.

Thank you for reading lovelies ☺

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