Goodbye, Legendary Place!

Last week, I've read about something that kinda shocked me a bit.

As a pure Serembanian and a Georgian, we all feels that way when it comes to this news. This is because, that news is about our legendary, iconic A&W outlet located at Seremban Lake Garden, near Parkson and my beloved high school, SMK King George V.

The report stated that the A&W outlet will be demolished for renovation which takes around 2 years or so, starting by the end of April 2015.
This news grab much of our attention because this place hold lots of our memories, being growing up here in Seremban. As it was first built in 1978, it's the oldest A&W in Seremban.

I still remember that when I was a kid, whenever that I go there with my family, I'd enjoyed playing at their playground - with huge replicas of burger, floats etc, comes with slides etc, which used to be called as 'A&W Bearland'. This fun Bearland was used to be located next the outlet before been removed to make way for the parking lot. Well yes, the building been renovated too back then until now.
Then as I grow up and went to high school, this place, was like a regular stop by or I can say 'the dating spot' too for us Georgian either after school or while waiting for our evening activities to start, or even at night when the boys went out from their hostel, as their hostel were just around the corner too. ☺

So, the moment we heard the news, all of us be like, 'we gotta go dine there like it's for the last sake'. Coincidentally, my sister's and brother's birthday are nearer so me and my mom planned for the surprise birthday celebration there for them too on last Sunday.

Indeed, the plan went well and we had our fun, family bonding, yummy guilty pleasure of our legendary meals and everything, reminiscing our colourful memories there. Not to forget, taking our last pictures of this place, before we said goodbye. You know, even if they build another new A&W outlet right here, it's just that this old building were the ones that holds all of our memories. As the Bearland itself, even if they build one new Bearland next then, it's not the one that we'd been played around before. Well, it's okay, because memories lasts, forever. In addition, this place been packed with people ever since the news came out, so, I think that support much of what I've been saying about, as we're all like giving it the last visits before it been tear down. After all, thank you for your services A&W! ☺

Here's some of the pictures of A&W and that day, may you guys enjoy this story and thank you for reading. Have a great day ahead lovelies! ☺

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  1. Replies
    1. hehee Qeela pon dah lama tak makan actually. ni one cheat day hehe.

  2. float drink so awesome ... huhu

    1. definitely! hehehe. totally guilty pleasure ☺

  3. I LOVE A&W, I no longer have one around me was one of my favorite places to go and hang with my brother

    1. awhh sorry for you! it's kinda sad, wasn't it..i won't forget those great memories ever. ☺


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