Dear The Bodyshop, please hear me

All these years I've been waiting and hoping for two selections to be produce again by The Bodyshop Malaysia, but seems like they'll never will up until today.
Each time I enter the shop, I'll never fail to look out for those two,
and even asking the sales representative there if they had or even planned to produce it again, hehe.

Those two are my favourite perfumes actually, Oceanus and Spring Orchid, which are so special to me as I wore them when I was still in high school (around 2003 - 2007) till they stop producing those two. These selections were always been my perfume selection at that time, and hell yeah they did got me hold lots of great memory with them back then. 🙂

I didn't know if some of you guys did recognized or knew these two selections, or even loved it too as much as I do, hehe, but high five to those who felt the same way as I am!
To those who didn't know which one, there's the picture of those perfumes in my instagram account, evathechoms. Sorry for the inconvenience because somehow I can't attached the picture here, too bad! 😔
Anyhow, indeed I am glad that at that time I decided to keep these bottles, as if it's like I knew I'll never hold and wear them again, huhu.

Did you guys know why they stop producing it?
Up until this day I'm still wondering why.
Am I the only person who loved and bought those two of all of those years?
Nahh it couldn't be that though, right? Hehe.

So, yeah, I really hope they make those babies back, because I really like to wear them and I really miss to be in their smells again, hehe.
It's not necessarily living in the past, but those wonderful feeling, moment, that instantly came back to me whenever I smells those two, are just great and it makes me feels amazing too, just like old times. 🙂
Dear The Bodyshop Malaysia, thank you for such wonderful products, be it in the past and even until now. Yet these two, really, are the most favourite and special to me from all of your other products and selections, and I really hope I can buy those babies again someday. 😊

Thank you for stopping by here lovelies.
May you guys have such a great week!

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