IJM Land Half Marathon 2018 : Run For A Good Cause

Salam and Hello lovelies!

As a fellow Serembanian myself, 
we all know that the IJM Land Run 
has been around since 2012, 
as this sporting event had received such 
tremendous response in solid interests 
amongst Malaysians thus becoming 
one of the must attend events 
that running enthusiasts look 
forward to each year.

Indeed, this year’s IJM Land’s 
annual event - 
the IJM Land Half Marathon 2018
is scheduled to be held on 
12 August 2018 (Sunday)
starting as early as 6am to 11am, 
which also targetting 
9000 runners globally!

Me, at the press conference of this event

Yet all of you must know 
that this event is not being 
just as such a platform for runners, 
but also to create and preserves the 
community bond among people 
as well as with nature, 
bringing everyone from 
the elders nor youngsters, 
friends and family, 
altogether enjoying such a healthy sport, 
as reflected in their tagline :
Run Together, Bond Stronger’. 

As one of the ten local developers 
that been honoured with the 
‘All Star Award of Top Ranked 
Developers of The Year’ recently,
I do think that their motivating 
tagline does speaks 
for themselves somehow right.

Run For A Good Cause :

Not to forget that as same 
as previous years, 
the funds that raised from 
this event will be channelled 
towards two charities - 
the Pertubuhan Hospice 
Negeri Sembilan (Hospice) 
and also the Malaysia Lysosomal 
Diseases Association (MLDA) , 
as they (IJM Land) recognises 
the crucial roles of each of these 
organisations play in order to 
improving the quality of life 
for the less fortunate 
community members. 

Bloggers, at the Press Conference

Category :

This year’s IJM Land Half Marathon 2018 
offers categories of 21km (Half Marathon) 
and 12km respectively for men and women 
age 18 years and above 
as well as boys and girls junior 
age 13 years and above. 

There are also a new category 
will be introduce - 
the 5km for individuals 
18 years and above 
for those who wants 
to be part of the fun.

This race will be start and finish 
at Dataran Centrio, Seremban 2 
(Opposite Mydin Seremban 2).
Those who aren’t familiar, 
you can just waze 
Dataran Centrio, Seremban 2.

Dato’ Hoo Kim See, Senior General Manager of IJM Land Berhad with the two of First participant of 21km Women & Men Veteran Category for this year : 
Mr Ong Kim Hwa (Oldest runner of 2017, age 84 this year guys!) 
and Ms Chrisy Wong (runner of 2017 as well)

Prizes :

The fastest man and woman of the race 
will be announce as well, 
whom each will be in the running to receive 
the grand and unique IJM Land 
Half Marathon Challenge Trophy - 
with the objective of celebrating 
the runner’s greatest running moments. 

Not to mention that all runners whom 
have completed the race regardless of their 
category will also be taking home goodie bags, 
along with a custom made Finisher Medal 
and certificate as well. 
You can see the picture below for a 
complete order of categories and it’s prizes.

There are also an opportunity to win such 
attractive lucky draw prizes as well!
In addition, runners whom completed the 21km 
race will also be entitled to a custom made 
Ultron Micro-dry Finisher Tee. 
See this picture below :-


The registration for this 
IJM Land Half Marathon 2018 
is already open starting from 
30 March 2018 until 31 May 2018 
or when the registration slots are full, 
whichever is earlier. 
Good News! 
You can enjoy the Early Bird registration fee 
if you register before 1 May 2018!

For Online Registration :- 

kindly visit their website

While for Offline Registration :-

Go to IJM Land (Seremban) Office 
from Monday to Saturday, 
9am to 5pm.
Contact Number : 06-7613888

You can refer to this table 
in the picture below 
for each race categories 
and it’s entry fee :

Supporters :

This IJM Land Half Marathon 2018 is also 
supported by Platinum Sponsor Ionman Group, 
Gold Sponsor TDK, official vehicle 
BMW Millenium Welt Seremban, 
official drinks 100 Plus and Ice Mountain, 
official apparel Ultron, 
media partners Sin Chew Daily 
and The China Press, 
medical partner Colombia Asia 
Hospital Seremban, event and technical 
partner EC Pixels and 
other partners McDonald’s, Yakult, 
SVC, Spoon Health, 2XU, Rock Tape, 
Nestle Milo, Nestle Fitnesse 
and Mydin Seremban 2. 

Befrienders Seremban will also be opening 
a booth on that race day as part of their 
awareness programme and to provide 
support on the race day as well. 

Well, it’s all interesting and if you’re 
such a marathon lovers, 
or looking forward to try this year, 
or thinking of challenging yourselves, 
I do recommend you to register 
as early as you can. 

I wish you guys all the best!
Don’t forget to lock your date 
on that 12 August 2018 
and have fun!

Thank you for reading 
and have a great weekend 
ahead guys! 😊

36 bubblynotes :):

  1. Yes! Sy suka suka join run dgn keluarga. Nnt kami register utk IJM Fun run kategori ni. Tq!

    1. yeah it will be so much fun right! thanks for reading 😁

  2. bestnya selalu tgok kawan2 join marathon..kumpul medal..cik tom tak pernah join marathon tapi dah lama teringin nak join..maybe satu hari nanti..

    1. hehe kann! qeela dah lama jugak tak join activity cmni since jadi mak2 ni haha. now rasa mcm active jugak laa insyaAllah 😁

  3. Saya ada sorang kawan, memang marathon lovers betul dia. Pantang ada run mesti dia nak join tau. Cumanya kalau nak suggest yang ini kat dia agak jauh la sebab dia di Perak... tapi takpe allthe best kepada u guys yang join tu ya ;)

    1. waa yekee, alamak jauhnyaa dia heheh kalau tak mesti dia nak join ni kan. takpelaa kot ade rezeki lain hehe 😁

  4. Marathon lover! Good to suggest to them!

  5. I remember last time I went for the IJM land run, a schoolboy won an iphone for the grand prize of lucky draw..so lucky that kids.neway ijm land is much fun!

    1. waa lucky him! as for this year, i heard the lucky draw prize is not bad too hehe. i do think it’s gonna be fun too 😁

  6. Actually we have not joined the marathon like this hehehe not nearly as much as 2 3 kilo can be coat hehehehe ..

    1. oh i see hehe it’s okayy, to be honest i don’t know how far can i go either since it’s been a while now that i don’t do this kind of activities hehe 😅

  7. lama dah tak join marathon. should do a comeback i think...nak kurus balik huhuhu

    1. hehe same here! insyaAllah nanti try laa join hehee 😁

  8. For sure I will join this Marathon and I love it... Can't wait to join more of this...

    1. waa it’s good to hear that! good for you and i’m wishing you best of luck yeaa 😊

  9. Lama tak sertai larian macam ni. Kena mula marathin balik gini.

    1. hehe sama laa kita. insyaAllah nnti jom try join marathon 😁

  10. Lama tak join aktiviti macam ni. Last join Ipoh Star Walk. Kalau join marathon ni mesti banyak stop sebab stamina dah tak macam dulu dah

    1. waa yekee, hehe rasanya sama lah kitaa hehe. dah lama tak join lari2 or long distance mcm ni tak tau lah cmne nnt hahah tp serious mcm best kann 😁

  11. Yeah. Run untuk sihat. Ada juga join fun run di kawasan rumah ni. Sekali seisi keluarga berlari. Seronok dan sihat

    1. waa baguslaa mcm tuu, mesti best join fun run dgn family kan! such a great activity indeed for all 😊

  12. Wahhh...uncle Ong pun ada. Dia memang veteran runner yang paling sporting.walaupun usia dah cecah 80++ tapi semangat dia kuat

    1. hehe indeed, dah mcm artis pon ada uncle ni kan. mmg powerlaa dia, umur definitely bukan penghalang dia unt kekal cergas & sihat 😊

  13. Best aktiviti macam ni. From one action we can help other people too

    1. yes indeed, mmg bagus IJM Land ni buat mcm ni kan. bnyk faedah join marathon ni 😊

  14. Kak ruby dah stop marathon or join aktiviti larian kat Jalan raya ni selepas kawan akak kena langgar. Akak berlari dalam taman je. Seronok join fun run ni. Teruskan berlari k. Walau di mana-mana.

    1. Allahu, so sorry to hear that. indeed every pihak kena be extra careful & ambil berat dgn every cautious measure.

  15. huiyoo ijm land buat run.. Huiyooooo bab marathon ni kat kl selangor ni memang aktif. bila join mmg ramai peserta mostly from chinese lah hehe. malay ada juga tapi tak banyak hehe. eh eh korg tak join ke marathon diornag ni?

    1. hehe yup marathon ni every year ada actually kat sini by IJM Land ni hehe..baguslaa mcm tuu, hehe kitorg pon mmg bercadang nak join jugak hehee 😁

  16. Skrg dah jarang ada aktiviti marathon, dulu2 aktiviti marathon popular dan ramai org suka joint demi sukan

    1. yg ni every year ada actually sbb sambutan mmg menggalakkan. rasanya kat tempat lain pon bnyk tu marathon skrg ni, sbb selalu jugak nmpk member2 join sana sini hehe.

  17. Rasa macam nak join je yang tahun ini punya.. Nak masuk yang 5Km.... tapi risau pancit la pula

    1. hehe tulaa tuu samalaa kita. bila dah lama tak join long distance mcm ni dh x berapa confident dgn stamina sendiri heheh

  18. Wow! Usually IJM organized a very good event, i joined their run before at rimbayu iy wsa very well organized too.

    1. yes indeed I’m agreed with you! been to various event by IJM as well and so far it all turned out great, thumbs up to them! 😁


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