iPhone X VS iPhone 8 Plus : Which One Win Your Heart?

Between iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, 
to be honest, I’ll be fine with iPhone 8 Plus, 
since I think I don’t really need those 
animoji - I know it seems fun, 
but seriously, 
who am I gonna use it with?! haha.

I’m not into messaging much except for 
business purposes or so - usually formal things, 
so it’s not that appropriate 
to use this feature 
for that kinda circle right? Haha. 
In addition, there’s no one in my 
texting/chatting group even my family, 
that use this feature as well.

I know we can somehow 
use this feature in other iPhone or else 
but it takes this and that steps 
in order to do so that me and my circle 
literally don’t have time for, 
so, I guess it’ll be just fine if my phone 
doesn’t have this animoji, you know, 
it doesn’t affect me that much. 
But of course, if somehow Apple Malaysia
or anyone give me an iPhone X as my 
birthday present, how can I resist? Hehee.

So, okayy, between these two phone, 
I must say that their other specs 
are pretty much the same, 
except with such big gap 
in their pricing hehe. 
Yet to be honest I do love both! 

FYI, both have the same chip, 
the same coprocessor, 
the same splash+water+dust resistant, 
the same video recording, audio, 
well, pretty much the same 
camera details as well. 

There are just minor differences, for example, 
iPhone X includes Portrait Mode and 
Portrait Lighting in both rear and back camera 
while iPhone 8 Plus only feature those 
in it’s back camera. 

iPhone X

iPhone 8 Plus

In addition, both have the same 
12MP with wide angle and telephoto 
cameras although the iPhone X have 
5.8” Super Retina HD Display 
while the iPhone 8 Plus is 
5.5” Retina HD Display. 

Then like in Video Playback, both have 
all the same details which includes 
both supports the Dolby Vision 
and HDR10 content, 
except that iPhone X support 
High Dynamic Range with it. 
So yeah that’s the kind of minor 
differences between both series. 

Well, as an iPhone user, 
you’re pretty much used to with these 
minor differences in each series right. 
It’s expected and kinda the usual, 
even for any other phone brand as well. 
As you can see below, I attached 
a comparison table credit to google sources 
below, definitely easier for us to compare a bit.

So my point is, just ask yourself which is 
way worth it to you and your budget. 
Which is much more useful in every way 
according to your need (read : especially works) 
and your lifestyle. 

When I’m about to buy a new phone, 
as a blogger - I need ones that can 
run smoothly, heavenly. 
It’s important because my works, what I do,
all those does acquire me to update here and there promptly and tremendously. 

Then the storage - I need huge storage, 
without affecting the phone’s performance 
even when it’s full or almost full. 
Yet of course, if you keep on hitting 
the almost full, you might should just 
start checking out those with larger 
storage you know haha. 
That’s absolutely me, guilty as charged 
with this 64gb. I know I can upgrade 
my iCloud storage but still, I just love 
ones with the largest storage now.
I should had bought the largest 
storage that’s available before though.
Well, how should I know that at 
that time around huhu.

Next, the camera, I need the best feature 
that I can for both photography and videos, 
since I need to capture great photos 
and making a great video from time to time 
either for my review work or updating things, 
since as a blogger that area 
are important too you know, 
you need to show and give your best hehe. 

As for me, I found all of that in iPhone, 
and been using iPhone / IOS for years now, 
never think of switching back to android 
since IOS really satisfying me. 

Currently using 6s, but thinking 
of trying the 8 Plus hehe. 
Not that there’s any problem with my 6s, 
but looking at these latest and better specs 
make me feels like want to try, 
since it seems like it’s gonna be 
greater match with my works and needs. 

Since March is my birthday month, hence, 
here I am, still deciding upon 
should I be getting the 8 plus for my 
birthday as self treat.

While others get this and that, me, 
thinking of buying this as a 
birthday present for myself, 
because I really think it’s gonna worth it to me, 
and I literally deserves it, after years, you know,. 
Girls gotta need their fancy birthday 
treat too sometimes haha!

Some people said that it’ll be 
such a waste, or said that I don’t need it, 
or said that my phone isn’t damage 
so just stick to it forever lah, or,
well, everything around that area. 
A little bit of unsupportive it may seem, 
but yeah I get it upon what they’re trying to say.

Yeah no it’s okay, because they’re not 
into gadget at all, so, 
how can they understand, right? 
you know, as we see things differently.
Wayyyy different, literally.

Well, dear readers, 
especially those whom a 
gadget lover like me out there, 
if you happen to read this, 
what do you think? 
Just grab the 8 plus or just stay 
with the 6s till I die? 
Till I die?! - haha kiddinggg. 

ahh can you see the differences? 
great improvement and of course, the latest is better

Oh and since some of you asks, 
the secondhand stock for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus 
at the IG store @thecubbyrehab 
are still out of stock yea for now,
and those whom asking for 
iPhone 8 / 8 Plus / X in MY Set, 
you guys can get such cheapest price 
there too for the new set! 
Feel free to check them out at Instagram : 
yea or just whatsapp directly 0162531170 ๐Ÿ˜˜

Okayy, that’s all that I can pour out 
of my brain and heart right now. Hehe.
May somehow at some part 
it’ll be beneficial to you guys too yeah. 
Till then, wishing you guys 
a great weekend ahead! 
Thanks for reading lovelies! ❤️

34 bubblynotes :):

  1. Owhhh the animoji only can be used if both party using iphone x only huh ? I thought every iphone users can receive it although they are not using iphone x. But i think iphone x is much better than iphone 8 because iphone 8 doesnt differ so much with iphone 7

    1. oh no, other iphone user can receive the animoji, but if they want to reply / send in animoji as well, they have to take extra steps, like searching the animoji gif from other sites, then download / save it, then can use it to send. so, how many will you save it then right..heheh it’s just that i think it’ll be easier if everyone in circle have iPhone X to use this animoji since sending and replying to it wont be that much hassle then right..๐Ÿ˜… but since there’s none from my circle that been using iphone X, so, that’s why i’m fine with no animoji hehe..

  2. Both model is so pretty.currentlubusing ip 6plus maybe i should change to ip X

    1. indeed you’re right, both are pretty and their specs are so tempting hehe!

  3. For me, its all depends on the purpose if using it. Like me, since I already have a good camera, so I dont need a good camera phone.

    1. hehe yeah indeed, it’s up for one self upon how they think it’ll match with them. good for you though! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. tak tahu mana nak pilih sebab bukan pengguna iphone.
    Janji Kita

    1. oh heheh it’s okay, just sharing their specs info as well, saje2 je nak share..thanks for stopping by yea ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. Feel like buying both. But my pocket has already said no to both of them. How I wish I can win some lucky draw and get my own IPhone.

    1. haha i feel you! anyway, may your wish comes true someday! all the best ❤️

  6. As for me, i still prefer iphone 8 plus because it looks smart and presentable for my eyes. But if i got chance to have it free, either one should be fine hehe.. great sharing :)

    1. hehe yesss definitely what i have in mind too about 8 plus’s appearance! ahaa of course indeed hehee. may we could get it for free someday? aamiinn haha ๐Ÿ˜

  7. I got myself iPhone X though, because I find the new look is really nice. But there are some con like there isn’t any home button. But overall okay as their Face ID seems to scan better than Touch ID

    1. yes indeed the fancier the better i think hehe. well, if only o can get the iPhone X for free, haha. anyway, yeah, i do think that the Face ID seems more secure or something than just Touch ID. and yeahh, it must be a bit awkward at first yeah about that home button ๐Ÿ˜…

  8. I'm also using the 6s and I'm really tempted to get the latest iphone x, the camera functions are my main concern and I'll appreciate the upgrade from the 6s. Thanks for doing the comparison.

    1. I see, good to know that too! well of course, since I think this 6s camera doesn’t perform well upon low light ambience right, especially the rear. That’s for me like the most thing that pushing the urge upon thinking to upgrade ๐Ÿ˜…

  9. i am user of iphone...maybe i love the brand and i believe their technology performance

  10. Wow! good comparisons. Well every phone has its pros and cons. I think 8 plus is good enough and the price also pretty affordable compared to X.

  11. I'm prefer more to Ip8 or Ip8plus than Ipx. Still comparing because still confusing which one to buy. Heheh

  12. Kalau iphone memang tak dapat ditandingi la kehebatannya. For me both models ada kehebatan tersendiri. Bg saya, i more prefer ip8

  13. Woah...dunno dat 8+ so big..
    By the way i never use any iphone b4...the price dont suit my budget๐Ÿ˜…

  14. bab iphone langsung tak tahu apa..sebab tak pernah pun ada handphone jenama iphone ni..

  15. dua dua bukan pilihan hati I... i bukan jiwa urban kot I android user... hahahha memang rasa noob je kalau guna apple punya produk hehehhee.. cuma i suka security apple ni :)

  16. I am not an apple user...but i would agree with you...there's like no point of getting the X if it pretty much has the same features as the older version...it would feel like you are burning cash...hhuhhu

  17. I miss to use iphone.. now iam using android as im not afford to buy new iphone X.. huhuhu APPLE always in my heart

  18. Buat masa ni selesa guna phone sekarang. Hihi... Sebab banyak sangat pilihan telefon kamera sekarang kan. Memadailah berbaloi dengan harga dan puas hati dengan hasilnya. keke

  19. Omg both is to tempting to try out. As long as the cameras high megapixel that important aspect for me. Apple price too hight for me. Maybe skip both of this phone huhuhu

  20. Teringin nak pakao Iphone tapi tak ada rezeki. Mampu tengok jer lah. Dua-dua ada keistimewaan yang tersendiri. Kena pakai dulu baru tahu kot.

  21. I like iPhone (former iPhone user here), but it is waaaayyy expensive! That's why I switched to android. But iPhone features are all good.

  22. Well both specs almost the same not a big different but the price is like crazy huge different esp you get the 256GB iphoneX the price is rocket high la

  23. Rawlins sedang pakai iPX now! Haha. So Rawlins pilih iPX


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