Be Rare!

Salam and holla lovelies!

Today Qeela nak share about 2nd ig Qeela yang baru jugak lagi Qeela buat which is ➡@thecubbyrehab ⬅

Qeela buat ig ni sbb nak let go and free up some space kt dlm almari and bilik tu hehe.
Ada banyak preloved items such as baju2, pants, bag2 yg rare lagi vintage - serious korg xkn jumpe dh style bag cmtu , dll selain latest ni Qeela ade buat pre order items pulak like watches yg super candy cute and MK yg ohsemm, sunglasses yg super hot and vintage pon ade slain bangles from forever 21 and last but not least, perfumessss hehehe.
Cakap je nak perfume ape and i'll check the stock for u guys okay?
Macam2 adaaaaa!, sudi2kanlah jari jemari & diri anda sendiri untuk menjenguk dan follow ig baru Qeela tu yea. No worries pasti akn di follow back yaww. ☺

P/S: pada yg malas nk search2 bagai tu boleh click je kat ig Qeela kt column kat blog ni sbb Qeela ade post and tag ig thecubbyrehab tu jugak so just click kat tagged name tu je lg senang kan. Hihi.

Here's some of the pic from the ig and stuff.
Thanks for your time and have a great day lovelies! ☺💋

Wordless Wednesday - The Best Video Ever!

Salam & hello lovelies :)
Since it's wordless, so, just watch the video below and feel the moment! :')
it's definitely worth it ;)

My 1st time with NIVEA’s rinse off body lotion

Salam and hello lovelies!

Firstly, when it comes to body lotion, I have to tell you this:

I loveeeeee them when i'm a teenager BUT then after I've became
a mom to my sugarbug Eva, oh dear I just not into it like how 
I used to before.

It was because of the stickiness, and lack of time - because when you have to take care 
a baby until toddler, you'll be running chasing those time.
Plus, you'll always get wet, I mean, you'll always like washing your hands,
feet, everything since almost everything you need to do includes the 
presence of water; such as bathing, changing diapers, cooking and everything.
So when sticky meets wet, hmmm you know right.
In addition, you're not feeling that good and afraid that it might not be safe
to your loved ones when they're biting or licking your skin,
neither naturally or accidentally.

So, there you go. I just don't and stop applying those lotion to my skin no more.


Now that I've found The First Rinse off Body Lotion by NIVEA.

Seriously guys, this product is just heaven! 
And the second thing is, It suits me right! I believe it suits all those busy women nor 
even moms out there like me too! Even youngsters will definitely loves it too ;) 
This sweetie provides modern convenience to consumers for total body moisturization 
whilst maintaining their current lifestyle with just these FOUR simple steps :-

1. Use your shower gel and rinse off
2. Apply Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner while you're still in the shower
3. Rinse off
4. Get dressed

Wallahhh, you're done and moisturizing your whole body all the way around! :)
You'll be facing no more stickiness, no more worries when you're around your
baby pumpkin, no more applying for thousand times a day, no more waiting it to dry off, and no more difficulties to applied. Furthermore, your skin will feels silky soft all day, comfortable, and incredible!
Lovelies, just grab a bottle and try it your own. I bet you won't regret it! :)

Oh and before I forget, here's a video of the trials of this awesome product :

It's interesting, isn't it?
What are you waiting for, grab yours now! :D

Thanks for reading and have a great day! :)

Mohon Bantuan Semuaaaaa!

Salam & holla lovelies!

Macam mana holiday, best tak?
Anyways Happy Chinese New Year pada yang menyambutnya yea :D
Actually untuk entry kali ni, Qeela nak berkongsi mengenai
Malaysia Social Media Week 2014 (MSMW2014)
Haa korang ade dengar2 tak pasal MSMW ni?

Rasanya ramai dah tau kot that korang boleh bertanding dalam
pelbagai kategori yang ada (pilih mana yang bersesuaian)
sama ada nak tandingkan blog korang ke, or instagram etc.
Fuh ramai gak blogger2 hebat yang join macam FA, Aku Penghibur,
Bro Sop, Eyriqazz, Broframestone, ramai lagi lah!
Eh tapi takpe, even kite yang masih baru or tak dikenali 
ni pon boleh try jugak ape, anggaplah sebagai ruang untuk
memajukan diri lagi selangkah kehadapan kan..
Tak salah mencuba, kalau tak sampai bila2 kita tak tau kemampuan
dan nasib kita..mana tau ada rezeki kan :)

So, oleh itu Qeela pon trylah dalam 2 kategori ni -


Bagi kategori ni Qeela pertaruhkan INSTAGRAM Qeela.
Pada yang sudi bolehlah vote Qeela yea :D
Just klik SINI or kat kategori tu then cari
Untuk Vote just klik pada button VOTE
kat tepi sebelah kiri tu, after klik dia akn tukar
colour merah and jadi VOTED. :)

Bagi kategori ni pula Qeela pertaruhkan blog Qeela ni, Random Rainbow.
Again, bagi yang sudi dan berbaik hati nak vote blog ni,
boleh klik SINI or kat kategori yg Qeela stated tu then cari
Sama seperti tadi, untuk vote just klik button vote disebelah kiri tu :)


So, 2 kategori ini sahajalah yang Qeela cuba. Mula2 confused jugak nak pilih
kategori apa but then lepas nilai2 semula, Qeela rasa 2 itulah yang terbaik.
Oh ya voting period actually start from 1 Feb - 10 Feb ni sahaja,
so jommm cepat2 and ramai2 pegi vote yea! :D

Hmm korang macam mana? Ada yang cuba jugak tak? Feel free untuk 
saling tukar2 vote, just mention je kat comment ni or twitter etc yea :)
Pada yang sudi vote, Qeela ucapkan ribuan terima kasih! 
Bolehlah nak bagi link iklan ke ape2 untuk tukar Qeela klik pula
sebagai tanda membalas jasa if korang takde join yea :)

Sejujurnya, if tang contest yg kene vote2 or like2 ni memang Qeela tak yakin 
boleh menang ke ape, sebab susah nak dapat ramai yg tolong kan.. 
Tapi takpelah Qeela try je jugak, who knows ada juri yg nak pandang, huhu.
At least dapat top brape2 pon okaylah mcm DiGi Awards dulu tu :)

Okay nuff said. 
Pada yg dah start keje / school, jgn stress2 yea :)
Have a great week and ahead lovelies,
wassalam :)

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