TheAsianParent App : Ultimate Parenting Journey App That You Totally Need

Salam and Hi Lovelies!

Alright as promised upon my Instagram post earlier regarding
TheAsianParent apps HERE, here I am, sharing with all of you
every deets about it okay? To all Daddies, Mommies, Parents to be
and even E-Commerce company / brands that are related to parenting
and kids, I hope you guys can stay and continue reading on, okayy?


A bit intro about TheAsianParent in case this is the first time you heard
about them - they're actually started in September 2009 in Singapore,
which now had been the largest parenting website in Southeast Asia,
presence in 12 countries featuring contents in 11 languages such as English,
Malay, Indonesia, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese,
Sinhalese, and Japanese. Their monthly network reach more than 25 million
users, designed to support each and every parenting journey of today's Asian
parents - from conception to pregnancy to breastfeeding and every other else
regarding parenting. As now that they have their local team in Malaysia, that's
where TheAsianParent Malaysia came up, as audience network under the
Tickled Media Group, which on last Wednesday, September 25, 2019,
had successfully launched their app here at Kuala Lumpur.


To be honest, I've been using this app for a while now and it's truly are great,
filled with beneficial things for us parents and parents to be!
I think they succeed in their focus on empowering Asian parents and providing
us with such great tools to support our parenting journey.

Here's the screenshot of the app menu, as you can see, 
there are variety of section / features that you can choose 

There are variety of features and tools that we can use from this app, such as
pregnancy & baby development tracker, parenting & pregnancy Q&A in the
community section, professional medical expert assistance by Sunway Medical Centre
Velocity and Doctor on Call, food and nutrition guides, community forums & articles,
giveaway & contests, and many more. You guys can watch my video and see pics
below for more insights regarding those area yea.

Feel free to watch as I've made this video so that you can have 
much more closer look and understanding 
upon what you can explore, how to use the app, and all. 

As for me, I love the development tracker as it gives me a heads up regarding my
baby's daily development, as in his physical skills / development, including parenting
tips that I can use / follow in order to boost his skills. I also love to answer the poll
there as it kinda fun and get rewarded as well by doing so. Besides that, you can
choose your topics as to what you want to get on there, such as if you're a Dad, you
can choose the 'Just Dads' section and other that suits your need there such as 'Toddlers'
if you have kids around toddler's age, or 'Bigger Kids' if your kids are already in school etc,
'Recipe Sharing', and many more. So yes no worries, Dads not being left in here, okay?
This app definitely are for all hehee.

the baby tracker tool that I'm talking about 

You can choose which are suitable with you so that you can be updated 
with relevant topics etc. For dads, you can choose the 'Just Dads' there too okay 

These are what you can find in the app, so beneficial & convenient!

Besides this various features, behold, as there will be more features coming soon too!
As you can see below, those are the features that will be on this app soon such as baby
name generator, due date calculator, baby kick counter, contraction timer, reminders,
and many more, including this one that I'm totally excited about - the E-commerce!
As a typical mom whom also such shopaholic, I really looking forward for this
E-Commerce feature as I believe it'll make it more convenient for us by having it all there.
If you must know, usually it's the moms whom make decision upon household / baby products,
and we usually buy online too. So here's when I said the E-Commerce company / brands
which related can join as TheAsianParent are open for more collaboration too, so yes feel
free to contact them if you're interested yea?

They're open for more partners to collaborate

Coming soon features! Yass I'm excited for these too!

That's not all lovelies, as while you're exploring this app, answering the poll,
answering questions in the community, uploading photos (yes feel free to use their
photo booth and cute stickers there as well on your pics!), checking in, and many more
you're doing there, you are able to collect points in which later on can be use to redeem
freebies, vouchers and all as well as upgrading your tier there hehe. Oh don't forget to
check out the Contest section as you can try and join the ongoing giveaway / contests
and win those exciting prizes as well okay!

These are in the 'Latest' feature, which often update about 
latest parenting news, article etc

Lots of rewards to choose from! 

Check out the contest as well and try to join yea!

Beside that, you can also apply for VIP Member which can help you gain money etc
from it. It's a community curated for nano influencers whom have minimum 1000
followers on social media. If you do have that, then yes feel free to apply okayy.
Basically it's the same work procedure, which by becoming this VIP Member, you're
able to work with their clients on campaign, directly from the app. Well influencers,
I believe you are already familiar with that and understand with this work field right.

Alright moving on, I guess you guys might already get the ideas of what are this app
about, it's features and everything, from my videos, pics, and details sharing here, right?
Personally, yes, I totally recommended you guys to download the app and have fun exploring
later on yourselves, as I do think this app really are beneficial and convenient for us all.
It's really are user friendly too, so don't worry if you're not really into apps thingy before okay.
Here's the link infos for you guys in case you want to check them out on their social medias,
or you want to collaborate with them for your brand or something, okay :-

Just scan the QR to directly download the app okayy




Tickled Media Sdn Bhd (961717T) 
70, Jalan Medang Kapas, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur


SERINA SUE IBRAHIM (Deputy Country Manager)

LUM WAI FONG (Head of Brands Solutions)

As the app launching is definitely are a success, I want to thank TheAsianParent Malaysia
for having me there upon their launching event. It such a lovely event and it's great to attended
as I got more views / insight upon their app and upcoming goals and all now, hence sharing all
the deets with you lovelies as it all are beneficial and great to share. I did have fun too during the
event, glad I won more points upon playing their mini game there hehe. Also, I'd love to thank
all of the event sponsors as well, I've listed them below yea so you guys can check them out
too or feel free to check them out at my IG Post HERE regarding TheAsianParent App Launch
event sponsors appreciation as I've tagged them as well :

MeBooks Asia
IG :
Website :

IG : @8lab_studio
FB : 8LAB Studio

Waka Waka KL 
IG : @wakawakakl
FB : Waka Waka KL

IG : @photobookww
FB : photobookww

My Lovely Baby
IG : @mylovelybaby2u
FB : mylovelybaby2u

Sunway Medical Centre Velocity 
IG : @sunwaymedicalvelocity
FB : Sunway Medical Velocity

Mustela Malaysia
IG : @mustelamalaysia
FB : Mustela Malaysia

Fitlicious Damansara 
IG : @fitlicious_dama
FB : MyFitlicious

Okay guys, that's all for this post hehe. Thanks again to the TheAsianParent Malaysia
and all sponsors for the event launching earlier. Thanks to all of you too whom
stopping by and read through all my sharing here and on my IG as well.
May all these infos and everything finds you well. Don't forget to install the app
and have fun exploring yeaa! Till then, may you'll have a great weekend ahead lovelies!

Planning A Getaway During Haze : First Thing To Look Up

Salam and Hi lovelies!

True indeed, I bet everyone here need an escape from
this haze, right? I know, not all of us can afford to
escape up to Europe or America etc, hence, let’s
see this latest index first in order to choose where to go
or accurately, where we can and good to go.

Credit Google 

Tbh, me and my family did just talk about going
somewhere but my husband said better be just nearby
within weekend only, like a 2 day and 1 night simple stay.
So that choices narrowed to Southern Region Peninsular area,
like Malacca or so right. But unfortunately upon checking
the API index, seems like Southern Region area not really are such
a good choice right now, being the index are already within
unhealthy to very unhealthy now.
As you guys can see below are the close up view of the index.

Seems like Malacca & Johor got unhealthy 
(marked red) index already

Being a mom, of course, kids are my priority hence always
wanna find what’s best for them. Same as when we wanted to go
somewhere, we gotta pick the best place that suits them too.
Especially in this haze situation, of course I’ll check the index
first only because thinking of my babies, since I’m not
really worried about me during this haze. Well now, I guess we
gotta find other place to escape then since Malacca seems
not good to go, right?

General guide regarding the PSI, credit to 
National Environment Agency

Not sure if we can, to go further than southern region area right now
since this is not exactly such priority expenses that we've planned, as
we actually had saved up for our Bandung trip next year being the priority.
Furthermore, 2 days seems like too short if we wanna go far or up north region,
hence it kinda makes me feels like not really worth the expenses
that gonna be made, you know. Hmm yeah idk just feels torn to decide about it haha.

So yeah, I don’t know if we can actually proceed for this mini escape now.
Kinda bummed since we are living in the Southern region now, yet
Seremban seems still okay, but yes kinda suffocate each day too, you know.
Well I guess I’d rather stay at home than going to those mark as not
good air area, right? Indeed as for this escape plan, I guess I’ll just rolling,
going with the flow then and let's see how it goes later.
Below I add up more info & tips as guide regarding this haze :

Anyway, for you guys out there, feel free to check these index first
upon planning your getaway trip, besides drinks lots of water, put on
the right mask and whatnot, okayy. Stay safe and may you guys have a great
week ahead as well. Thanks for stopping by!

Most Amazing Thing that happened at #NYFW : The Talk

Salam and Hi Lovelies!

Alright as we all know, we’re in the middle of #NYFW2019
at the moment yeah and of course, for all fashion lovers
around the world must have followed this event closely,
spotting their favourite designers and collections and all.

So upon that, one had definitely grab my attention which is
#NYFW : The Talk, a 30 minutes - ish talk show brought by
NYFW 2019 with BMW USA and IMG Models hosted by my
favourite (I guess I can say Idol, hehe) Noor, and my another
favourite (Idol too!hehee), Halima, attended as well.
I gotta say that this talk just filled me in with this love
and motivation, as indeed they’re talking about the reality,
what’s happening and what’s the change right now especially
in fashion / entertainment / marketing industry upon Muslim Hijabis,
which is from their point of view and experience in the field as well.

If you happened to not know who are these two women,
I must say that they’re such a great, strong, filled with inspiration
kind of woman or as per say, ‘hijabae’, hehe. They’re among the women
whom I always love looking forward to as I find motivation in what they
do, and I do love and honestly share the passion in their fields as well.
Noor, being a journalist (or activist as they see her) and Halima, a model
and already started her own brand now as well. You guys can check out their
Instagram as below for more yea.

Okayy back to the talk, I love what they’re both had shared in there, and the live
hijab tutorials definitely are refreshing to see, really haha!
I agreed and proud of them as they’ve stepping forward and keep on moving.
It’s really are not easy but I love too, how now we can already see the improvisation
around, like having hijabis in the runway, in front page, successfully making the way
up and all. I love when Halima shared her experience during modelling, working
with stylist which at that moment haven’t work with any hijabis before yet they turns out
to loves it as they can be more creative in channeling their talent.
Well it’s really are great to see and heard about those, you know, and somehow Neelofa
and Vivy Yusof happened to pop up in my mind as I can see that they’re representing
the same, yet from Malaysia like me hehe.

 “You shouldn’t change yourselves, but change the game”

One of the mantra that you can get upon watching this talk. Anyway, I’ve included
the talk’s video as below yea since I really think you should watch and listen
to everything that they gotta say yourselves, as it’s such a great share as well.

Soooo inspiring, right! Well I hope my sharing here will be beneficial
to you all. It definitely are inspiring me and perhaps if you happened to
dream to be in their places too, perhaps there’s some input for you too in
their talk here, right?
Anyway, thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead!


What Shoes Fit Your Personality?

Salam and Hi lovelies!

Alright actually I just played this mini quizzes
by Clozette that came right on my email subscription
earlier. I love fashion and well of course, this quiz
seems fun, right?! Hence, I tried, um, twice. Haha.
Funny thing is, both results came back the same!
Even if the second trial I’ve pick slightly different
than my first one before, you know, this time I pick
my second choice, yet still, I got the same results
as my first one!

So wanna know what I got twice? Haha
My Shoes personality are.......


This is it! The girl boss! 

 So it’s actually true that I always up for new challenges,
I always / usually on the go, I do have my own vision
and indeed, I’m the kind of girl with the
“I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it” kinda vibe, you know,
when I said I want it, then I’ll sure am will
busting my ass to get it. Haha.
So much for Girl Boss vibes, eh?

Anyway, this been fun! In addition, I’ll get to
stand a chance for a Charles & Keith voucher!
Ohh my favourite, since I do always shop
at Charles & Keith as their design and products quality
are great and affordable too, so, yass fingers cross for this!
Thanks Clozette!
Oh if you wanna join and try this quiz, feel free to head on
to this CLOZETTE QUIZ LINK HERE okayy and have fun!
Do let me know your results too if you join!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day ahead lovelies!

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