French Toast Pizza - Easiest Recipe + Tutorial!

Salam & Hi guys! 

Alright tbh I am kinda excited to share this with you guys, as this is my first try for making the French Toast Pizza hehee. It started with when I just came across people sharing they made it, around last week or last two week - which kinda just went viral, I think. Indeed perhaps it's not new, but yeah I just discovered it hence excitedly tried making it myself, and I gotta say, I totally satisfied and happy that I tried hehe! 

Okay so I think what makes we'd love this French Toast Pizza is because of the easy to prepare (and find) ingredients, as well as super easy to cook it too! There's no need to make your own pizza dough and everything, so yes, less time needed and less messy haha. Without further ado, let's get to it shall we? Anyway, you guys can also check out my video tutorial there too okay while scrolling through my step by step instructions here hehee. 


Ingredients : 

5 slices of Bread (cut into mini square pieces) 

2 Eggs (beaten) 

Salt (to be added into the eggs)

*Pepper / Herbs (optional to add)

Toppings of choices (I'm using minced meats, hotdogs and cherry tomatoes)

Mozzarella cheese (can opt for both block or grated ones okay)

*Parmesan cheese (optional to add) 

Butter (use about half spoon, can refer to video as well okay hehe) 

Tomato paste (you can just use the pasta bolognese sauce or any tomato paste you have) 

Check out my video tutorial for this French Toast Pizza on my Youtube here

Preparation : 

1. Mix the breads that you already cut earlier with the eggs that you've beat and added with salt. Try to covered every pieces nicely. 

2. Melt some butter in your pan (if you have a non stick pan, that'll be awesome to use yea). When the butter have melt nicely all over the surface, pour the bread mix, and gently pat it down so it'll come together (and be hold) in a good shape. 

*Use a low to medium heat only throughout cooking

3. Flip the bread mix to cook it's other part. By this time, you can start adding the pizza topping ingredients, starting with spreading the tomato paste first, then along with pouring the meats & other condiments of your choices. Don't forget to add the cheese as well okay, and yesss be generous with your mozzarella hehee. 

*Tips : In case you're using block cheese, please prepared to cut the block cheese into small pieces so it'll be easy for you to pour them. Besides that, kindly cook your meat / simmer your veges beforehand, as it shouldn't be raw when you're about to pour them as topping upon making your pizza at this step okayy.

4.  After done pouring everything you want on top of your pizza, cover the pan with a lid for several minutes so that the cheese can be melt evenly and nicely. If you're using a clear lid cover like me, you can easily predict and see when it's done hehee. When you can see that the cheese have melts beautifully, voila, your pizza is ready to be cut and eat! 

Well, easy peasy to prepare and make right?! The results is totally not disappointing as this French Toast Pizza tastes as same as the usual commercial pizzas that we usually bought outside! I'm jubilant indeed with the end results and more satisfied that my family totally loves it too, and already asks me for a repeat haha! My daughter said she gave me a 10/10 for this pizza and seems to want it everyday now haha. 

So I guess whenever we have too much bread in our house, besides making bread pudding, now we can add making pizza too onto the list, right? I think if  you don't have any mozzarella or parmesan cheese, it's okay, you can try to just use the usual cheddar cheese slices as well. The mozzarella is like an extra point since yeah we all know it's great for cheese pulling foodie like pizza, grilled cheese and more right hehe hence, my choices of cheese to use there but yeah no sweat okay, just use whatever we have at the moment. 

As for these cheese range that I used, it's from Perfect Italiano, which they are made in Australia with 100% natural goodness and Halal as well. As you can see from my pics, I choose to have Perfect Italiano Mozarella Block, Perfect Italiano Mozarella Grated, and Perfect Italiano Parmesan Grated for my homemade pizza. We totally loveeee how rich and flavourful these authentic Italian cheese tastes, not to mention how stretchy it could be too, so delightful with the outcome hehee! FYI, they have the Perfect Italiano Perfect Pizza range too, but I only manage to bought those three at the time, so I just use what I have at the moment. Perhaps next time I can try the other variant, right? hehe. Anyway, I just bought these Perfect Italiano cheese range at Shopee since it's super convenient to buy online during this cmco time right hehe. Great packaging and fast shipping guys, I got all my cheese in great condition from the seller! Check out the seller HERE okayy, totally recommended! 

This recipe is definitely flexible, as we can go with whatever we have, and also be creative with it as in to suits with our taste too. It's also suitable to be eat at any time we want, and loved by all ages, even the kids. 

To those healthy foodie enthusiast can also make this French Toast Pizza, with just substitutes the ingredients a bit like using all natural sourdough bread, pure butter, homemade meats and tomato paste puree, pink himalayan rock salt, etc. Super easy and yassss definitely are yummy! 

Alright, I guess that's all for my sharing this time. If you guys have made it, feel free to share with me your results as well okay, would love to know it hehe. Oh and feel free to check out my Instagram post of this Perfect Italiano too as I have shared about their exciting contest details there, so yass go for it okayy hehee! May my sharing here beneficial to you all. Have a great day ahead lovelies and thanks for stopping by lovelies! 

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