I Know It's Kind Of Impossible, but...

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Okay I know I might pop up lots of question in your head according to this post title,
hehe yes sorry for that but I promise you it will be totally beneficial upon reading.
Actually, I'm up for a contest from traveloka - traveloka.com.my is such a great apps
and website that offers such great deals of hotels and flights, travel guides and tips etc,
destination's see and do, well it's everything you need to travel or plan for your holiday,
booking right away with no hidden cost and also offers budget-friendly cost, along with
vouchers and discounts offers for travel as well! (yes please check them out!) -
which is about my dream holiday destination. I know it's impossible for me to win
due to my usual not that good luck and past experiences (which I always not win)
but I'm still stubborn enough to try.
Okay enough about me and let's start about the destination :)

My dream holiday destination of #MyTravelokaEscapade will be London.
Why? because, first of all, London is one of my travel bucket list destination since I'm a little.
Well, since I can't afford to travel there, so, I just can read all about it from others and
dream up about it, hence, here's my how I will be spending my holiday in London if traveloka.com.my approves my leaves :-

1. Exploring their history and unique places to visits as suggested 
by Anita Hendrieka (Thank you so much!) such as Hunterian Museum - one of the weirdest
museum in England!, Kyoto Garden, Execution dock - because the history behind it totally jaw-dropping! click the link I provide so that you could read them too :), St Bartholomew The Great, and much more!

2. Visiting the famous London-places-to-visits such as the iconic Big Ben clock tower and Westminster Abbey, Thames River, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden (including Royal Opera House etc), National Gallery and much more!

3. Trying good halal food from halal restaurants as suggested by others there such as Mirch Masala, Roti King, Rasa Sayang, Nabrasa, The Gourmet Hut, and Benares. Of course, when travelling, food is kind of an important part, at least for me, but since I'm limited to halal food, so I guess it wouldn't be much choices but fret not as I found lots of people sharing about halal food there, like those I just list here. Well yes depends on budget too right, and I will tell you guys more if I have the luck to go there :)

4. Taking lots of pictures in every places that I could visits etc, and of course I will write and share my experiences there here in my blog along with the pictures when I get back in order to share all the goodness and tips etc! Going to jot down every good tips or info that I get to share, be it in here then or live or daily while I'm there on my instagram, twitter and facebook!

Well, I guess that's pretty much what I'm going to do. At least that's my homework on London.
I never have the chance to have my holiday at oversea so those are based from my readings and what I'm interested in. Not sure about shopping in London, as I think I wouldn't have much to spend on that part hehe. So, that's pretty much it, as I will surely, happily grateful for the experiences that I will get there and not to forget the scenery that I'm sure are breathtaking! That's more than enough :)

As for you guys, I hope all of the info and links that I share about London and Traveloka will be beneficial too, as it pretty much interesting right? Especially as for London, the unique places to visit. hehe. Perhaps for those who are looking forward to have a holiday in London or maybe have been there, hope this post could help somehow or maybe you could correct me if I'm wrong or if there are anything that you guys would like to add or share in here too, you're welcome to comment below yea :)
Now, I just hope I could win. Kindly pray for me too guys hehe! Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead! ❤️
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