A Thought That You Might Be Agreed - A L O N E

Does everyone feels that?
Sometimes, u just felt so alone and lonely,
or it's just that u felt that kinda strange in this
somehow-unfamiliar world.
It's not literally alone, though.
I mean, basically, it's just some kind of feeling
that came unexpectedly.
It's not that u're living alone with no one cares about
or being loved and else,.
It's kind of, no matter how happy u are, sometimes
it's just still came by somehow and from out of nowhere.
Usually, we'll find it on singles out there.
But heyyy yeah I know it's not fair, right.
Even those couples or even anyone could face it too.
Some say, it might be the best time for our own self.
As for Muslims, to repent, to seek and spend more time
with their God, and to reflect themselves as well.

Well, it depends on the person themselves.
How are their ways of thinking / perspectives,
the way they face things up and else.
I mean, some might take the alone and lonely thingy positively,
but there are also people who would take it negatively 
and turned out seriously.
For example;
Those who take it positively would do the kind of things
that I've stated earlier.
Reflection, back to their own and inner self, and also
their relationship with God.
But those who take it negatively, it might be the starter 
to the worst things or I shall say, the bad conjunction 
within themselves and the others.

When u're feeling lonely or alone, your negative mind will
tell u that u're such a loser, pathetically living with no points
nor values. So then, u might been triggered to over think
about those evil 'suggestion' and come out to be depressed
with your life and yourself andddddd, be careful there missy,
cause when someone is depressed, never underestimate what
they could do - yes even if it's wayyyy out of our mind.
Ever heard of people who hurts themselves?
Cutting wrists and so on, or attempt suicide?
Well that's major, as for the minor step is like,
the changing in their behavior or mood, easily tempered
or hurts / resentment, etc.

Yeah..That's huge, right..
So, the important point is, 
how u deal those kind of feeling / moment with yourself.
How see it, how u face it, and how u make it out.
I don't say that it's easy to deal with, but umm,
at least, have a great grip upon yourself.
Push yourself to think wisely, before u go with things.
Pull yourself to get back to where it was - or supposed to be. (to God)
Take a deep breath.
Pictured all of your loved ones, - they're smiling, holding your
hands, and rubbing your shoulders.
Doesn't it feels great? :)

In addition, the least thing u could do is,
remember, life is never perfect.
Learning, is the major part in it.
To face it and deal with it bravely and wisely,
that's what we called true learning.
Besides, despite of all these feeling thingy issues,
there are more people out there who were way in trouble 
and unluckier than us now. 
We should be thankful and grateful of what we have.
Try to stay positive and always, remember and thankful to our God.
Smile! U're worth it. :)

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Health : Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

Salam & olla lovelies :)
Today I would like to share with u guys about
some symptoms that we usually ignore but the fact is,
we shouldn't. Wanna know what that are?
Let's check it outttttt ;)

# 1 - Unquenchable Thirst

What it could mean: If you haven’t been sweating on a hot summer day, your thirst may be 
a sign of type 2 diabetes, says Leann Olansky, MD, an endocrinologist at Cleveland Clinic. This kind of thirst "results from water loss when glucose becomes high enough to spill into urine."

When to see a doctor: Excess hunger, weight loss and dehydration along with frequent urination calls for a visit, says Dr. Olansky. 

# 2 - Sudden Anxiety

What it could mean: Nervousness in your 20s simply could be first-date jitters; in your later years, it could be a symptom of a heart attack, says Kevin R. Campbell, MD, cardiologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While chest pain, shortness of breath and nausea are classic symptoms, women may experience anxiety, perhaps because of “hormonal and other biologic differences,” says Dr. Campbell.  

When to see a doctor: If you have risk factors for heart disease and feel worried for no reason, consult your MD, suggests Dr. Campbell. 

# 3 - A Red Face

What it could mean: You may still blush when all eyes are on you—or it could be rosacea, says Jessica Krant, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. These broken blood vessels, usually in the center of the face, aren’t dangerous on their own. Eating spicy foods and drinking alcohol and coffee may bring it on, says Dr. Krant. But rosacea with excessive sweating, a racing heart or high blood pressure may signify hormonal problems. 

When to see a doctor: If you want to get rid of it, A dermatologist can suggest triggers to avoid and topical creams or laser treatments to try.

# 4 - Unexplained Sadness

What it could mean: “Low progesterone is a common factor in black moods in women over 40,” says Sara Gottfried, MD, an OB-GYN and author of The Hormone Cure.  “As your ovaries age and progesterone production drops, estrogen starts to dominate,” which can sour your disposition. High cortisol or low thyroid may also be to blame.

When to see a doctor: If your symptoms include irritability, mood swings, PMS, anxiety and sleep disruption, says Gottfried. Vitamin C and cutting caffeine from your diet can treat low progesterone. Meditation and yoga may help level out high cortisol levels. 

# 5 - Stomachaches

What it could mean: “It could vary from benign issues such as lactose intolerance to more serious ones including pancreatic cancer or peptic ulcer, gall bladder or inflammatory bowel disease,” says Phiet Phung, MD, gastroenterologist with HealthCare Partners in Torrance, CA.

When to see a doctor: Red flags include pain that:

is persistent and increasingly intense.
wakes you up at night and is accompanied by a fever.
comes with vomiting that prevents adequate intake of food and water.

comes with black stools or bloody bowel movements. 

# 6 - Tingly or Numb Hands

What it could mean: Long bike rides can pinch the ulnar nerve in your hands, causing muscle weakness and pain. If you haven’t hopped on a cycle in a decade, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome, says C. David Geier, Jr., MD, director of sports medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina.

When to see a doctor: If hands get numb or tingly while you’re asleep or during routine activities other than sports or exercise, says Dr. Geier. Treatment may include anti-inflammatory drugs, steroidal injections or exercises. Your doctor may suggest surgery in severe cases. 

# 7 - Frequent Stress Fractures

What it could mean: Osteoporosis, which weakens bones and makes them more susceptible to breaks. “Stress fractures typically occur in feet and shins from repetitive high-impact sports (like running or jumping) or aerobic classes,” says Steven Gausewitz, MD, chief of staff at Hoag Orthopedic Institute in Irvine, CA. 

When to see a doctor: If your bone breaks or you experience frequent stress fractures, get a bone density test. “This is particularly important if you have risk factors for osteoporosis,” says Dr. Gausewitz.

# 8 - Dizziness

What it could mean: The feeling may be exactly the same from low blood sugar or from a heart rhythm disorder, says Dr. Campbell. “Eating a sugary food or drinking juice can easily treat blood sugar issues, but not heart rhythm disorders, which can be life threatening.”

When to see a doctor: If you have recurrent or persistent dizziness, says Dr. Campbell. Your doctor may ask you to wear an ambulatory monitor, which detects heart rhythms during normal activities. If you have a normal heart rhythm when you’re dizzy, heart rhythm disorder isn’t likely causing the spell, says Dr. Campbell.

# 9 - Calf Pain

What it could mean: Years ago, achy calves may have been from dancing in high heels. Today, it could signify deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot that could come with swelling and redness, says Dr. Campbell. Such a clot can become an embolus, which can travel to the lungs and create a blockage, or pulmonary embolism. Surgery, birth control pills or sitting still during a long car ride or flight could prompt it. 

When to see a doctor: If you’re short of breath too, says Dr. Campbell. This is a sign of pulmonary embolism, “which requires immediate medical attention.”

Well, is there any symptoms that suits yours?
Check and prevent, before it's too late.
Health is precious :)
Have a great Monday dear readers,
Wassalam :)

The Real Person Behind Disney Princesses :)

Salam & olla lovelies :D
Today I would like to share with all of you about
the real person behind Disney princesses :D
You guys probably familiar with Disney and their princesses right?
It's soooo childhood for me as I've watched some of them too :)
Well, here we go! :D

# 1 - Snow white (Adriana Caselotti)

Walt Disney initially consulted Adriana Caselotti’s vocal coach father for recommendations for Snow White, but after hearing his 19-year-old daughter’s natural child-like voice hired Caselotti instead. Caselotti was limited in her lucrative Disney contract to use her talents elsewhere, and spent her career reprising Snow White as a the first woman named a Disney Legend.

# 2 - Cinderella 1950  (Ilene Woods)

Ilene Woods was personally selected to voice Cinderella by Walt Disney from a pool of over 300 actresses. Woods sang for both President Roosevelt and President Truman and was named a Disney Legend in 2003.

# 3 - Alice in Wonderland 1951 & Peterpan 1953 - Wendy / Alice (Kathryn Beaumont)

At just 10 years old with curly blonde hair and blue eyes, Kathryn Beaumont was chosen to be both the voice and model for Alice in Disney’s original 1951 animated "Alice in Wonderland." Under contract with Disney, Beaumont went on to be the voice for Wendy in "Peter Pan," and today continues voice work reprising her famous roles. The 75-year-old Beaumont also worked as a schoolteacher where she was known to delight her students by performing her Wendy and Alice voices.

# 4 - Sleeping Beauty 1954 - Princess Aurora (Mary Costa)

Mary Costa auditioned for the role of Princess Aurora and within hours, Walt Disney, who'd been searching for the right actress for three years, personally contacted Costa and gave her the part. Costa’s professional singing career soon took off with performances at the Royal Opera House and the Metropolitan Opera. Costa sang at President Kennedy’s memorial at Jackie Kennedy’s request, and at age 83 still makes appearances for her Disney fans.

# 5 - The Little Mermaid 1989 & Toy Story 1999/2010 - Ariel/Barbie (Jodi Benson)

Jodi Benson is the famous voice of both Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" and Barbie in the "Toy Story" sequels (Mattel didn't allow the character to appear in the first movie). Both of her Disney voice roles have earned her the Disney Legend title, but she also appeared in person as Patrick Dempsey's receptionist in Disney's "Enchanted." "The Little Mermaid" will be on Blu-ray for the first time this October.

# 6 - Beauty & The Beast 1991 - Belle (Paige O'Hara)

After reading about "Beauty and the Beast" in the newspaper, Paige O’Hara auditioned for the role at the age of 30. Already an established Broadway performer with roles in "Showboat," "Oklahoma," and "South Pacific," O’Hara voiced Belle for the Oscar-nominated original film, as well as its direct-to-video follow-ups before returning to her stage career. She also moonlights as a painter, and Belle is one of her favorite subjects.

# 7 - Aladdin 1992 - Jasmine (Lea Salonga-singing, Linda Larkin-speaking)

Salonga won a Tony award for her starring role in “Miss Saigon” and appeared in many Broadway shows before singing in "Aladdin". Salonga has most recently starred as Fantine in “Les Miserables” and still reprises her roles of Jasmine in Disney TV shows. Linda Larkin was the voice actress for Jasmine, and had to lower her voice to meet the already high-pitch desired level for the role. Larkin has consistently voiced Jasmine for over 20 Disney projects, and had roles in "Doogie Howser, M.D." and "Runaway Bride."

# 8 - Mulan 1998 - Mulan (Lea Salonga-singing, Ming-Na Wen-speaking)

Known as the Pride of the Philippines, Lea Salonga first established her singing career at the age of 10 in Manila before taking her talents to Broadway. For her second turn as a Disney Princess, Salonga provided the singing voice for Mulan for both the movie, the sequel, and for Disney TV shows. Ming-Na Wen started as an actress on "As the World Turns" and starred in "The Joy Luck Club" before providing Mulan's speaking voice (she could do the lower register needed for when Mulan pretends to be a man). Ming-Na Wen will next be seen this fall on TV in "Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

# 9 - Pocahontas 1995 - Pocahontas (Judy Kuhn-singing, Irene Bedard-speaking)

Irene Bedard is an actress of Inupiat of Inuit descent who was the voice and physical model for Pocahontas, a role that even mimicked her mannerisms. The Golden Globe-nominated Bedard has made a career portraying Native American characters, and she played Pocahontas' mother in the live action film, "The New World." Three time Tony Award nominee Judy Kuhn was the singing voice for the character in two movies, and she also has a cameo appearance in Disney's "Enchanted."

# 10 - Princess & The Frog 2009 - Tiana (Anika Noni Rose)

Anika Noni Rose is a Tony Award-winning actress for her performance in "Caroline, or Change." There was a great deal of competition for role of the first African-American Disney Princess, and Rose beat out her "Dreamgirls" co-star Beyonce Knowles for the part. Rose is a Disney Legend, but continues to appear in non-musical live action films like her Image Award-winning role in Tyler Perry's drama "For Colored Girls."

# 11 - Tangled 2010 - Rapunzel (Mandy Moore)

Initially known for her pop-music career and smash hit ‘Candy,’ Mandy Moore has established her acting career with leading roles in "A Walk to Remember," "The Princess Diaries," and "Saved." Early animation tests for Rapunzel used Natalie Portman's voice for the role, but the part eventually went Moore who also sang the Grammy-winning love song, “I See the Light.”

# 12 - Brave 2012 - Merida (Kelly MacDonald)

Scotland-born actress, Kelly MacDonald, was a perfect fit to voice the first Pixar Princess, fiery Merida in "Brave," which takes place in the Scottish Highlands (she replaced the decidedly American Reese Witherspoon in the role). Known for her more serious parts in "Trainspotting," "Finding Neverland," and "No Country for Old Men,' MacDonald enjoyed Merida’s spunky teen character that doesn’t need Prince Charming to save her.

# 13 - Frozen 2013 - Anna (Kristen Bell)

Most widely recognized for her starring television role on "Veronica Mars," Kristen Bell first got her start on Broadway and soon started appearing in both television shows and movies including "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "When in Rome." Known for her good looks and love of sloths, Bell is the voice of the newest Disney Princess, Anna, in the new film "Frozen," coming this November.

Enjoy & Have a great weekend dear readers! :D

Welcoming The New Hero In Town! :)

Meet Muhammad Ali Aqil, our new nephew!
Hehe Alhamdulillah, after 9 months we've been waiting for him,
on 23rd July 2013, he was born and welcome to the world!
Thank god he and my sister both were fine.
May you'll grown up as a great Muslim dear Aqil.
We love youuuuuu so muchhh!!!!

Can't wait to see you and Eva both grown up and play together.
Hehe awww how cute is that right? :3
No worries I believe Eva will be such a great sister to u baby boy :)

Well, I still didn't have the opportunity to hold u in my arms,
but it's okay, I will soon. Seeing you everyday is such a pleasure :D
Now, I miss u already. hehe.
Nvm cz insyaAllah we'll be there this evening.
Be a great boy love.
Till we meet again, insyaAllah.


Jeng Jeng Jengggg :D

Salam & olla lovelies! :D

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Salam & selamat sejahtera semua :D

Haa daripada tajuk dah ada yang berdebar2 tak? hehee..
Meh nak habaq mai..
Korang tau tak pasal 'Konvensyen Usahawan Muslim 2013'?

Konvensyen yang bertemakan 'Bisnes Sebagai Fardhu Kifayah'
ini diadakan di Dewan Muktamar, Kompleks Pusat Islam (JAWI)
Pada 7 September 2013 bermula jam 9.00 pagi hingga 6.00 petang.

"Kenapa kena pergi? Apa yang bestnya?"

Haa sebenarnya inilah peluang keemasan kepada para usahawan
di luar sana untuk menimba ilmu keusahawanan, mengorek
skil-skil terbaik untuk meluaskan bidang perniagaan kalian semua.
Speaker untuk majlis ini bukan calang-calang orang tau,
semuanya ternama dan dah gah dengan bidang masing-masing.
Jadinya memang bertuah la dapat menimba ilmu dari mereka.
Nak tau siapa? Meh tengok poster ni :

Haa dari situ je dah nampak kan? Mentor Jutawan, Pengarah Urusan , Pengasas
Persatuan Pengguna dan lain-lain bidang yang mantap dan gah untuk kita
dalami dan cedok ilmunya untuk diri kita sendiri juga kan.
Manalah tahu mungkin nanti kita pula akan ikut langkah mereka
yang berjaya dalam bidang mereka dan yang penting, keteguhan keusahawanan kita.
Yela, bukan apa, untuk menjadi seorang usahawan yang berjaya ni bukan senang.
Qeela percaya, mencari ilmu bermanfaat macam ni pun antara salah satu usaha juga.
InsyaAllah, banyak peluang-peluang atau perkara-perkara menarik
yang kita akan dapat dan nampak selepas sertai konvensyen ini :)
Bagi yang berminat atau nak lebih info mengenainya,
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Tarikh pertandingan ni 8 Julai 2013 hingga 18 Ogos 2013.
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Mana tahu ada rezeki bolehlah dapat duit raya tambahan kan :D
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Join jangan tak join! 
Moga bermanfaat & wassalam :)

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A Random Photoshoot Story From Me :)

Salam and olla lovelies :)
Well, as entitled above, for this entry, I would like to share some of 
my photoshoot images that I'd selected randomly :)
Perhaps I will make a gallery in this blog
but umm, I'm not sure, we'll see soon.
As for now, enjoy my very first sharing of my works here! :D

The Story of A Son

One fine day, there are a father with his lovely son live in a one warm home.
The son asks his daddy, :

SON: "Daddy, may I ask you a question?"
DAD: "Yeah sure, what is it?"
SON: "Daddy, how much do you make an hour?"
DAD: "That's none of your business. Why do you ask such a thing?"
SON: "I just want to know. Please tell me, how much do you make an hour?"

DAD: "If you must know, I make RM100 an hour."
SON: "Oh! (With his head down).
SON: "Daddy, may I please borrow RM50?"

The father was furious.

DAD: "If the only reason you asked that is so you can borrow some money to buy a silly toy or some other nonsense, then you march yourself straight to your room and go to bed. 
Think about why you are being so selfish. 
I work hard everyday for such this childish behavior."

The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door.
The man sat down and started to get even angrier about the little boy's questions. 

How dare he ask such questions only to get some money?
After about an hour or so, the man had calmed down, and started to think:
Maybe there was something he really needed to buy with that RM50 

and he really didn't ask for money very often. 
The man went to the door of the little boy's room and opened the door.

DAD: "Are you asleep, son?"
SON: "No daddy, I'm awake".
DAD: "I've been thinking, maybe I was too hard on you earlier. 

It's been a long day and I took out my aggravation on you. 
Here's the RM50 you asked for."

The little boy sat straight up, smiling.
SON: "Oh, thank you daddy!"
Then, reaching under his pillow he pulled out some crumpled up bills. 

The man saw that the boy already had money, started to get angry again. 
The little boy slowly counted out his money, and then looked up at his father.

DAD: "Why do you want more money if you already have some?"
SON: "Because I didn't have enough, but now I do.

"Daddy, I have RM100 now. Can I buy an hour of your time? Please come home early tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you."

The father was crushed. 

He put his arms around his little son, and he begged for his forgiveness.


**It's just a short reminder to all of u that working so hard or so into something else in life. 
We should not let time slip through our fingers without having spent some time with those who really matter to us, those who are close to our hearts. 
Do remember to share that RM100 worth of your time with someone you love. 
If we die tomorrow, the company or things that we are working for could easily replace us in a matter of days. 
But the family and friends we leave behind will feel the loss for the rest of their lives. 
And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more into work or else than to our family.
Some things are more important.

Check back and do balancing your time now!


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