Jae Ko Designs : Multipurpose and Stylish Diaper Bag I Ever Found!

Salam and Hi Lovelies!

Alright, in this entry, I'd love to share with you guys about
this multipurpose and stylish diaper bag I ever found, by
Jae Ko Designs.

To be honest, upon reading the 'Our Story' section on their site,
I feel like I totally can relate since me and the founder got the same
problem while searching for a diaper bag / practical accessories
for mommies - which none at the time that ticked the boxes of
convenient at the same time stylish as well for mommy / parents
like us whom into fashion and style. Hence I'm glad that's where this
Jae Ko Designs Diaper Bag been born and I'm indeed ecstatic to have it!

If you must know, this Jae Ko Diaper Bag had won as the "Best Mommy Bag Award"
in BabyTalk Mama Papa Reader's Choice Awards 2019. I definitely can see why and
I can say that they do deserves it! hehee. Let me share some basics first yea.

FYI, it comes in 4 colours - Black, Pink, Grey and Blue.
All colours are beautiful, really, yet I choose black since it's universally
easy to match with anything and elegant look for both men and women (yes
guilty as charged, I do intended for my hubs to carry the diaper bag too haha)
It also got gold zippers and metal plate etc as well, hence definitely add up the
elegant-ish feeling hehe.

Despite the medium to big size (Bag dimensions : 34cm x 30cm x 14cm),
this bag is totally lightweight and durable upon wearing. In addition, I really feel that
it's so soft and relaxed me as well upon wearing it, even when I put on lots of stuff inside
and carrying it for hours outside. It's really are comfortable to wear!

Jae Ko Diaper Bag Best Features 

Okay let me share with you in points of what it's best features yea aside from the features
that I've stated previously. Here goes :

~ Spill proof nylon interior with vegan faux leather exterior. These spill resistant and durable
materials make it easy to keep clean as we only need to use damp cloth to wipe and clean any
plus no need to worry if something spills in or on it too. Great huh?!

~ Very spacious along with it's 13 various compartments which also include an insulated pocket
for bottles (great way to keep a bottle of warm milk for our sugarbugs on the go!) and multi compartment mommy pocket at the front. I really love all these compartments as it makes it
easy to reach anytime and I can store anything that suits me and my kids as best as we can,
no matter where and how long we're going.

~ I also love that it came with very useful accesories such as the removable backpack straps
and messenger straps. I can happily choose which way that suits me best at times as in way
to wear this diaper bag. I feel like with these straps, it makes it look more like a stylish
casual bag / backpack, you know, without looking messy or anything. Yesss major love!
Besides that, there are also stroller straps and binky pod (can be use to store pacifiers and
other miscellaneous items) included to add more convenience to us in order to use this
Jae Ko Diaper Bag. What's not to love, yes?

the Binky Pod

the changing pad

Ahh yesss got the dust bag as well!

my customized initials - QA (Qeela Aini)

I also love their packaging, and how we can customize the bag as in adding our 2 letter initials
on the front of the bag. Well yes I always love customisable things - especially bag, as it added
more exclusivity in belonging and wearing as well hehe. We can also add on the stylish
changing pad too you know, definitely come in handy whenever we need to change the diapers
of our little ones especially when there are no changing room available, right.

Feel free to watch my unboxing and close up view of the bag including how to wear it as in
my video below okayy :-

Well, what do you guys think? It's such a great bag, right?! Even my husband's now happily
wear and carry it whenever we go out haha. It definitely are travel friendly as we already use and
carry it to many places now, and definitely looking forward to wear it for more of our next trip.
In case you're interested to have it or wanna check out more of this Jae Ko Design Diaper Bag,
feel free to visit their site as below okayy :



The price range for this bag may vary depends on your add on, starting from RM250 up to RM3++,
but I can say that I love it all and it's totally worth it for me. If this price range is already within
your budget / expected, then feel free to check it out via the links I shared above okay. You can
ordered it from there too. Do note that every Jae Ko bag purchased, a donation goes to
Pusat Jagaan Nuri, a shelter home for children as well. So yes, another great reason to shop
to donate too right!

May my sharing here somewhat beneficial for all of you, and thanks for reading and watching
my video here. If you like my sharing feel free to follow / subscribe as I'll always and looking
forward to share more beneficial things and review in various fields / niche with you guys
again from time to time. Till then, thanks again and have a great week ahead lovelies!

Natugee X Mrs Malaysia World : Healthy Is The New Happy

Salam and Hi lovelies!

Last Sunday (20/10/2019), I've attended 'Healthy Is The New Happy'
event by Natugee and Mrs World Malaysia at Furama Hotel,
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. In conjunction with Pink October
as breast cancer awareness, this event was held in order to give insights
and everything regarding improving the quality of women's health, be it
physically and mentally, since it's really are important for us women
to take a good care of ourselves too when we're busy taking great care
of others around us.

I must say thank you to The Asian Parent Malaysia (remember my sharing before
regarding The Asian Parent Malaysia and TheAsianParent App? Well if you missed
that and not know what that is, you have to read more HERE okayy as I've already shared
everything that you need to know there) and Natugee for inviting me, because this event
had filled me with lots of great info and perspectives through things that I too, can relate.
Indeed I've already shared the same vision with these amazing women actually, which I do
know how important it is to read labels, know my body - what's going on with it, how important
to opt for all natural and organic things for our health and beauty, and so on. Hence what's
made it more interesting is that those topics been talk openly with guidance and more fruitful
talk through it too.

So the event flow started with a session with Dr Linda Mat Hassin, a Certified Advances
Hormone Therapy & Women Wellness Medical Doctor, sharing about hormones,
ie how the hormones imbalance may affect our health and lifestyle. It's great to add up
more knowledge regarding hormones, such as the aging issues, hormones and skin
diseases connection, importance of hormones, men's hormones problem, etc.

Then we had our second session with Mrs Rena Rifaee, the Founder and CEO of Natugee
Sdn Bhd, whom also an organic skincare formulator and advocate for natural beauty and
women empowerment. In this session, I'm glad to know that she's truly know what an all
natural and organic products are because first and foremost, she did addressed about how
most of the so called all natural products that she found in stores / drugstores aren't actually
all natural. Indeed I found that disappointing and deceiving as well and now yes I'm glad
to know that she found the matter as well and as someone whom with Diploma in
Organic Skincare, she's been trying to make things right not just by producing the right
all natural and organic, premium products, but also been sharing the right facts to public
like in this kind of event and all. As you can see below are the infos that she's been sharing
in her session which I found out that most among us still haven't know about it at the event.
So yes feel free to study them too in case you didn't know too okay, there are information
upon how to read the ingredient's label in a product, skin's myth vs facts, skin concerns, etc.

Next session of the event is the 'A New Formula For Happiness' forum in which 4 panelists
been invited to talk through, which are Mrs Rena Rifaee and Dr Linda Mat Hassin as well as
Datin Harveen Kaur - the Mrs Malaysia World 2017 and National Director for Mrs Malaysia World,
and last but not least, Datin Diana Danielle, a well known Malaysian Celebrity Personality
whom also had personally going through anxiety attack episodes in her life.

In this fruitful forum, I've learnt more about anxiety and mental health, ie what to do
if we face it, how to detect, helpful things regarding mental health, and also learnt some
things / great perspectives from such emotionally beautiful, journey sharing from the panelists
that went through from their hardest times till it turns alright.

I've compiled snippet videos from the event that you guys can watch below as well okay.
Feel free to watch as I've included the close up view of products and everything as well,
may it'll be helpful for you all.


Natugee is a premium, health and beauty brand that been launched on August 2017,
with the mission of improving the quality of women's lifestyle by using daily products
that made with all natural and organic ingredients. They are committed in producing such
high quality products without artificial colouring, as well as no paraben, no SLS & SLES,
and also no artificial fragrances so that there are harmful effects while improving the skin's
texture and tone from time to time.

As you can see from the video earlier, these are the 2 products that I featured and review :

1) Natugee Deep Cleansing Lotion 20ml (RM89)

This skin cleanser make my skin feels clean, smooth and soft with a lovely dewy healthy glow
afterwards as well! I love the natural smell and it doesn't dried up my skin as well as there are no irritation at all. Definitely no doubt to try and use! It's benefits include :

~ Rebalance skin's pH
~ Replenish skin's natural oils while combating hyperpigmentation
~ Brighter and more even skin tone

2) Natugee Happy Skin Mask (RM60) 

I love the green tea-ish smell of this mask as it's kind of giving the calming effect during masking. Not complicated to use too (feel free to watch my video above as I featured the moment I try this mask too) as just need to make a paste by adding some water to an amount of it's powder then apply
it to freshly cleansed skin. Wait till it dries up and then cleanse it off. I can feel that my skin feel fresh, clean, soft and glowy as well, yes I loves it as it feels really lovely afterwards!
This mask's benefits include :

~ Improve firmness and elasticity
~ Toned, tighten and refine enlarged pores
~ Clear blackheads, pimples, and acne
~ Lighten and brighten skin, reduce hyperpigmentation

Feel free to check out Natugee's products or more details and updates here okayy :


I also would love to thank all of the event sponsors, as you can see from my video as well upon
unboxing my goodies from the event. They include Natugee products as preview above, Narinar Aromatherapy Oils, BondaHaven Spa Just Roll With It, Jamu Tun Teja MEKAR Breast Herbal Firming Cream, Lovera Magic Jelly Baby - multipurpose gel for baby skin, Wirdora Rivoli Swarovski Brooch Set, Eori Eczema Wonder Skin Oil, Waka Waka KL Playland, Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang, and last but not least, CHIIO by The Nitty Gritty - decoration redeemable for a birthday, anniversary or event.
Below are some details that I'd like to add regarding some of these sponsors :


If you've been following me here or on my IG for a while now, you might know that I've actually had shared a blog post review about this BondaHaven Spa around last year and had become their loyal customer as well since then. It literally had become my most favourite and to go spa whenever that I need my spa day kinda me time. You can checkout my highlighted IG Story posting under 'Parenting' to find those exact postings on my IG HERE or read my blog post about this BondaHaven Spa HERE  okayy. As for that item that I got (the Just Roll With It) - it's actually a relaxing aromatherapy rollers which I find very convenient and easy to use whenever and wherever that I need, plus it's such a travel friendly as well so yes I loves it! There are also a spa vouchers as well which I literally will use since I really love to go for a massage at BondaHaven, so yesss thank you so much BondaHaven!


Narinar was created as an alternative solution to modern parents for common wellness problems faced by babies, kids and also the whole family. This effective and safe solution are by using special blend of essential oils formula that is in it's nature to absorbed quickly and doesn't leave any oily trace. I'm grateful to have one of it's aromatherapy series which mine in Narinar Sidrie, which it's originated from the word Sidr, a plant that always been mentioned in Islamic Medicine. The benefits of Sidr are to block any possible encounter from the evil spirit, soothes the minds, thicken the hair, reduce headache and migrain, relieves nausea and vomiting, and also ease the emotion. Other ingredients in this Narinar Sidrie includes Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Green tea apple, etc that the mixture of those helps to calm, avoid a tantrum, and give a good night sleep as well. Feel free to check them out at their website : www.narinar.com


EORI has formulated the soothing power of natural therapeutic oil to create a protective layer that deeply moisturises and helps relieve dry, itchy, inflamed, irritated skin without leaving a greasy feeling behind. It's formula helps to strengthen the skin's natural barrier function, and to restore skin's condition simultaneously, to soothe, and to improve the appearance of red, irritated skin such as eczema. It's light and easily absorb and got great reviews as well, hence I'm happy to received this Wonder Skin and would love to try it on my allergic affected areas later. You guys can kindly visit their website : www.eorigroup.com to learn more about this Wonder Skin okayy.


Wirdora is a leading hijab accessories brand in Malaysia, founded in 2016 under Amishary Sdn Bhd.
It offers affordable price with wide range of design collections to compliment premium hijab brand in the market. As a Certified Swarovski Ingredient Branding Partner, Wirdora upholds the high international standard of premium jewellery, handcrafted using premium metals and genuine Swarovski crystals imported from from Austria, for the best finishing and quality as well. It's premium hijab accessories are using rhodium and 18k rose gold plated with stainless steel pin which also comes with warranty and after sale services. Such a great one, right! Feel free to browse more on their website here : http://shop.wirdora.com

I am also glad that my husband and kids can have such a fun bonding time at Waka Waka KL
playland while I was at the event as complimentary for us from the playland which located
at Level LG of the same Furama Hotel, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. This playland offers various
of play section and activities for kids to explore and have fun with us parents too, along with it's
insta worthy ambience and also got cafe inside it in case we need some refreshments. It's really cool and fun there as my kids and hubs totally enjoyed their time there. If you follow me on my IG, you might already came across with my post sharing of this playland including a video snippet there too.
Feel free to check it out at my IG Post HERE okayy to watch the video.
You can also check out their links as below :

Here's more photos from the event :

Me at The Asian Parent Malaysia booth. You guys should really read my sharing 
about their app okayy, link to the posting as mentioned earlier above yea

Mrs Malaysia World

Natugee booth

Waka Waka KL booth

Thank you Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang for such variety 
and all delish of foodie flow for the day!

Some of the desserts by Furama Hotel Bukit Bintang, all good!

Yummy tea time flow - the cutest and delish too!

Well, I guess that's all regarding this Healthy Is The New Happy event. May my sharing here
somewhat beneficial to you all in any or every part. Thanks a lot for stopping by and read
and also watch my videos and postings sharing as well till the end, I hope you'll get something
from all those sharing too. Till then, may you guys have a great week ahead and always take a
great care of your health both physically and mentally too, okay. It's okay to get help and it's okay
to not feel okay, as long as we reach out for help and supports. You are love, you are important,
and we're all just human whom would need helps and supports from others too sometimes.
Stay healthy, be positive and spread the love!

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