My Happy Alternative for the Danse Lente

Salam and Hello lovelies!

So today I’d love to babbles with you guys 
about my handbag wishlist, 
the Danse Lente Mini Johnny 
Bag. Well it started when I saw them on 
Paris Fashion Week 2018 before, and been 
caught up upon it since, hehe. 

this is from my highlighted section of my wishlist on ig : @qeela.iqa

Dear god I just loveeee the design and colours! 
Here’s the screenshot from their website yea :

While this one here is one of the shot 
of this exquisite bag with a model together 
from their official instagram : 

Ohh love isn’t this Johnny bag really are exquisite?!
I don’t know bout you guys but I’m indeed 
in love with it, and it’s one of my handbag wishlist 
from one of the high end brand, hehe. 

Yet I know, since I couldn’t afford it, 
finally I found one that’s just as exquisite 
as my Johnny bag there, 
Aldo Bankston Bucket Bag! 😍

I’ve fall in love right away once I saw it 
and it does reminds me of the 
Danse Lente Johnny bag, 
and since this Aldo is much cheaper 
and affordable for me than the Danse Lente, 
so, why not grab it, right, hehee. 

This Aldo just costs me below RM200 
since I managed to bought it during sale 
plus got discounts some more hehe (than it’s 
NP / Original price of RM276), 
so it’s a definite yasssss hehe!

I got it in this nude colour since haven’t 
got one decent bag in this colour yet, 
and indeed I’m totally happy and satisfied 
with my purchase! 

It’s totally easy to mix match with my ootd, 
great for casual or any functions to go, 
and since it can be wear as crossbody 
as well is what I love in it too. 

Being a mom whom loveeee fashion 
and style, I’m indeed looking for something 
that is not only stylish, yet could understand 
and go well with me too - for example, 
this crossbody element, it’s really are perfect 
for stylish mommies whom usually will get 
their hands full (either with kids or everything 
in between haha) and on the go, so, 
yeah as for me, having the long, crossbody straps 
are important instead of just the usual handle. 

In addition, the size, compartment, colour and everything with this Aldo is just perfect 
with what I want and it’s really are lovely. 
Hence, I guess it’s safe for me to say that 
this Aldo Bankston Bucket Bag is my perfect 
alternative in exchange for the unaffordable 
Danse Lente Johnny bag, hehe. 

Feel free to tell me what do you think 😊
Hopefully my sharing here are somewhat 
beneficial. Thanks for stopping by lovelies, 
may you guys have a great week ahead! 


Liquid Matte Battle : Which Is Better? Huda Beauty or Kat Von D?

Holla lovelies!

Okay so in this post here I’d love to 
share with you guys about the mini 
battle that I did earlier upon 
liquid matte lipstick between 
these two huge and lovely brands,
Kat Von D and Huda Beauty.

It’s actually started with the moment 
I was scrolling through Favful website,
just looking through favourites lippies 
(yeah guilty as charged of course I always 
love new lipsticks to add in my collection haha) 

That’s when I found those beauties there 
comparing these two liquid matte stating 
each is better than each,
hence, I’m thinking of trying and testing 
them myself.

So here it is, my own version of liquid matte battle.
To be honest that’s my first time trying the 
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Matte,
while as for the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte, 
I’ve already tried several other shades before and 
I do loves them so much hehe!

So as in to challenge myself as well since I know 
I already loveeeeee the Huda Beauty range,
so I tried the Kat Von D along with other 
Huda Beauty shade that I never tried before,
to match with the newness feeling 
in both, well I guess that’s fair, right, hehe. 
As for the Kat Von D, I get it in shade Lolita II,
while for Huda Beauty is in shade Icon.

Let’s see my which is better video below yea : 

So, what do you guys think?
hehe FYI u guys can share your reviews 
at Favful website as well and earn points 
there to get rewards and all! 
It’s really are interesting and I loves it there 
because they got many range and brands 
that I can’t get to buy here.
So it’ll be easy and rewarding as well 
in order to shop there hehe.
Check them out here yea - 

Feel free to share what do u guys think 
in the comment section below as well okay,
I’d love to read them. 
Feel free to follow me on my IG @qeela.iqa 
or subscribe to my Youtube Channel QeelaAini yea.
There’ll more interesting and latest updates 
for you guys from time to time later on insyaallah hehe.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead!

Wanna Know What's Worth of RM500 Mark Malaysia Makeup?

Salam and Hello lovelies!

So alhamdulillah, another luck has turn on me 
as I won the Mark Malaysia makeup contest 
that I entered few months ago! 

It was a contest held by new makeup brand - 
Mark Malaysia, which is actually one of
Avon Cosmetics new baby. 

The task is super easy as contestant just need 
to do a bold makeup look, upload it 
on instagram along with required hashtag 
and tagged Mark Malaysia’s instagram page 
as well. If u guys already following me on 
my instagram perhaps u remember or know 
which one, yeah? Anyway, this is my entry 
for the contest hehe :

Okay so, I’m indeed filled with jubilant the 
moment I knew I won the contest. 
It was because as a makeup lover / addict,
of course I’ll be super excited to get makeup 
prizes that worth RM500!

After waiting for some time, 
finally the prize were here at my doorstep,
earlier last week. 
I’m really excited to see what I get,
since after been following Mark Malaysia 
instagram for a while now, I can see that
their products seems interesting and I do 
would love to try them.
Luckily enough that I’ve won the contest 
right, so it felt like I won lottery already haha!

Since I’m super excited in winning it, 
I’m thinking of doing the prize unboxing with 
u guys here, as we can take a look at it together.
So here it is, the unboxing video that I make 
which I already shared it on my Youtube channel here.

I’m actually just started to be active on my Youtube Channel 
and indeed planning on growing there too especially 
in beauty niche there, so, I guess it’s great to share
the unboxing there and feel free to support me there 
by subscribing and all yea guys hehe.
I promise I’ll only deliver the best to you guys hehe.

In the meantime, let’s watch the prize unboxing 
here in this video below okay. 

Thanks for all those wishes and supports,
and thanks to Mark Malaysia & Avon Cosmetics 
as well for these awesome prize!
Stay tuned for my makeup video and more
next on my channel and pages okay!
Till then, thanks for stopping by.
May u guys will have such amazing week
and ahead too!

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