My Iron Deficiency Anemia + Vertigo Story


Anemia strikes again, this time with a vertigo that banged. Okay yes that’s the red line. 

To be honest, I’ve noticed (totally can feel) that my hemoglobin decreased day by day for a while now, and this vertigo kinda hard proves it. Oh indeed I’ve never told / wrote about this publicly before, but I have an iron deficiency anemia, since my teen years. 

In my case, sometimes I could experience the vertigo as my blood count decreases to such emergency level, yet usually I can notice / feel the symptoms from time to time, hence usually I’ll get on with quick precaution to prevent it from becoming worse - ie to start on iron tablets prescription + try to consume more foodie that’ll help my anemia till the doctor says that my blood count’s stable again. 

The first and common thing that the doctors and others notice on me throughout my anemia journey is my pale lips. Then when my blood count is at a good level again, the doctor will seem rejoice while commenting how they can see the blood flourish upon my lips again, as it means that the blood is pumping happily and flowing nicely around my body, sending enough oxygen. Yeah I do love that particular moment upon my check up 🙂 

As for now, it’s been years that I haven’t experience this kind of vertigo, since sometimes it’ll be just that mini, usual unbalanced one. I think it’s safe to say that vertigo is actually rare for me, since mostly it’ll be just that getting up or sudden unbalance / poor vision for a seconds thingy. If you have anemia specifically iron deficiency anemia like me, I think you can relate upon what I say here, right? 

So this vertigo earlier today kinda shocked me actually, thank god it didn’t became terrible. Indeed it’s my worst vertigo attack for now but yeah I accepted it as that’s how the body tell you and give you the warning. I guess they done with giving me the mini warning, now goes the red alert 😳 so that I won’t hushed them with such word pleaser like “nahh it’s okay, this is nothing”, “nothing worse, you’ll be fine, try to eat more red meat, more greens, yada yada ok”, “you’re fine girl just keep on moving”,  in order to keep my heart up huhuu hmmm 

I was about to do my shooting work, then suddenly I feel lightheaded and slowly can’t stand the merry go round that happened inside my head. Felt like my brain became The Flash, running in circle at that time huhu. I lost my balance but I quickly sit down, control my breathing, drink some water and lay down in a bit. 

At first I thought I was about to have an anxiety attack, but then it’s clearly a vertigo attack. I kept repeated “I’m fine, I’m fine” to myself while taking a deep breath and do a deep, slow breathing, in order to avoid panicking huhu thank god my brain still functioning well that time as it received the fine command and projected it right, hence the panic didn’t took over heheh. 

You see, I despise to get anxiety attack especially when I was alone with the kids. It felt much like a reluctant death, like it’s the harsh end of my existence, really. Totally not gonna do you good during the attack and even after. Ah but that’s different story and attack huhu sorry, okayy let’s get back to my anemia story. 

I still remember, the first time I have this kind of vertigo was when I was in high school, yet that time I was collapsed. It was during the assembly, I thought it just the usual mini unbalanced but it all happened swiftly as I didn’t realized that I just out, while my friends were shocked but they automatically help and brought me to lay down in the nearest classroom. After resting for some time, I felt fine again that time. Not really fine but yeah just the usual iron deficiency anemia girl kinda fine. 

I wasn’t officially diagnosed that time, not until my early first pregnancy actually. Indeed I’ve even been hospitalized for this disease before, and still on and off experiencing this anemia & the unbalance thingy. Well like I said earlier, I rarely got vertigo that worries me like today, so yeah okayy I gotta get my iron tablets asap and check my blood counts 😣 

The last recent time that my anemia hit me hard again was about 2 years ago, well I hope this time it wouldn’t be like that again, may I manage to stop the decreasing count. Everything’s linked like a spiderweb, but I’ll try my best. 

This exact post, was actually the moment I felt better after slight fever at first, then goes down to the anemia and all. Seriously that daily blood count check procedure isn’t fun and I’m not looking forward to do it again huhu.

Whoops been pouring too long now, perhaps I should excuse myself now. Not sure whose gonna stop by and read this but yeah, God bless you all. Thank you and take care lovelies ❤️ 

Hip Cafe N9 Food Review

 Salam & Hi semuaa! 

Indeed kita masih lagi ber mco, korang semua okay tak tu? Jom I share new cafe and food review okay, best sikit kan rasa bila tengok makanan heheee. 

Alright so haritu I rasa malas nak masak actually, yelah kadang-kadang penat / takde mood kan nak bersilat kat dapur gitu gini, dengan macam-macam hal lain lagi, so nice jugak bila sesekali tak perlu masak kan hehee. Mujurlah ada servis delivery / boleh tapau je at this time being kan. Since kitorang sekeluarga ni memang suka food hunting / cafe hunting, so of course excited juga nak try this new cafe - Hip Cafe N9, yang baru lagi dibuka di Persiaran Merak, Taman Paroi Jaya, Seremban. 

Hip Hip Hoorayyy makanan dah sampaiii hehee

Ni la cafe Hip Cafe N9 ni, nice kan theme black & white 

To those yang tak perasan cafe tu, lokasi cafe tu dekat area tempat bowling lama tu okayy. Now area situ memang dah mula dibangunkan untuk peniaga-peniaga kecil. Paroi Jaya clan confirm tahu kan area tuu hehe. FYI, owner cafe ni pun adalah anak muda Seremban ni juga tau! Nampak nice cafe tu punya ambience, too bad I belum dapat nak lepak makan sana lagi since mco kan. Yet no worries sebab masih boleh order melalui foodpanda / grab express ataupun pergi ke cafe untuk tapau makan di rumah okayy. 

As for the day, I try 4 meals including 1 set tambahan yang dikategorikan as Hip Special, dan juga 3 jenis air dari Hip Cafe N9 ni. I tengok menu kat sana semuanya menarik dan berpatutan juga harganya tau. Meals yang I sekeluarga try tu adalah : 


Nasi Goreng Kambing ni adalah salah satu best selling di cafe tu tau guys, yang kitorang ambil ni adalah nasi goreng kampung. Korang boleh pilih nasi goreng cina juga kalau tak minat nasi goreng kampung yeaa. Nasi goreng ni memang sedap secukup rasa, then paling best sebab didatangkan bersama kambing bakar yang oh so sedap, lembut je dagingnya, dibakar elok serious memang kombinasi yang padu lah dengan nasi goreng tu! Portion nasinya banyak dan kambing bakar tu pon besar, serious puas hati dan kekenyangan makan for only RM14.90 jee tau! Totally recommended! 


Okay yang ni sebenarnya menu baru di cafe tu tau, harganya RM15.90. Ya Allah guysss yang ni pon I totally recommended, sebab rasa butter chicken tu sedap gilaaa - padu, creamy tapi tak memuakkan sebab secukup rasa dengan pedas dia semua, serious licin I makan tersandar kekenyangan tau! Portion memang banyak jugak puas hati sangat makan. Korang tengoklah gambar tu, ayam banyak, siap ada keropok, timun semua, kuah pon sampai boleh banjir, memang best! 


Alright spaghetti ni my daughter makan but I ada rasa juga dari dia, sedap gilaaa guyssss! Geram pulak semua sedap-sedap ni haha! Dari deria rasa I, spaghetti ni definitely digaul secukup rasa dengan a hint of lemon, parmesan cheese, ditambah pula dengan rasa manis-manis seafood + veges (ada udang, shells, crunchy fresh capsicum etc) yesss memang sedap puas hati! Rasa happy makan sebab this is indeed a great Aglio Olio. Takde rasa dull or lack of anything langsung, for RM15.90 I think memang worth the price and totally recommended! 


Ahaa meal set yang ni pula, for my youngest one tu yet of course I ada rasa juga haha. Sedap, enjoyable la for those yang nak simple meal, or for brunch or breakfast ke kan. Harganya RM11.90 satu set, didatangkan dengan french toast berinti beef bolognese, along with french fries & eggs. Sos cili + mayonnaise pon ada sekali tau. Portion kenyang juga makan, sebab banyak dan french toast tu gemok-gemok tau guys! I think kalau you guys not in the mood for nasi / mee / pasta bolehlaa try yang ni okayy, insyaAllah kena dengan tekak & happy makan hehee. 


Guys, Kueh Gemok ni must try jugak sebab ianya adalah salah satu special menu di Hip Cafe N9 ni tau! Harganya RM4 je untuk satu set yang didatangkan dengan sambal sardin as pencicah. Tak pedas pon sardin tu so kids pon boleh makan, as my kids pon enjoy makan ni sama-sama. It's actually roti puri, memang layan makan hehe. If you guys tak pernah try, rasa dia, macam cekodok besar yang lembut kot if nak I describe kan haha sorry, I think you guys better rasa sendiri yeaa! 

Kueh Gemok ni dibuat mengikut resipi turun temurun keluarga owner. FYI, ianya berbentuk gemuk bulat-bulat besar lepas dimasak tu tau, hence that's why dipanggil 'Kueh Gemok' dalam family then langsung melekat jadi nama menu di cafe juga haha, super cute kan! 

Since I order through delivery yang need around 20 minutes untuk sampai ke rumah I (rumah I agak jauh dari cafe ni actually) so bila sampai Kueh Gemok ni dah kempis, huhuk laju dia diet kan. Yet fret not, dah kempis & even dah sejuk pon tetap lembut tau, memang sedap makan anytime lagi-lagi dicicah dengan sardin tu! Buat as minum petang pon perfect tuu hehee. 


Alright kalau bab minuman pula, I tengok ada beberapa pilihan air termasuk best selling yang boleh dicuba, ada selection panas dan sejuk okayy. As for that time, kitorang try Iced Dalgona, Iced Latte dan Iced Lemonade. Bagi yang tak biasa minum coffee, Iced Dalgona tu slightly manis sikit laa daripada Iced Latte okay, since dalgona kan, yet the coffee taste almost the same. 

For me ok laa, ada rasa hint pahit coffee tuu sikit as per usual, yet it’s not that strong, so I think if you’re not really into strong coffee taste, you’ll like it. To be honest I tak boleh nak comment sangat sebab I think rasa sebenar air tu dah diganggu sikit dengan ice yang dah cair tu kan. Almaklumlah delivery rumah agak jauh, so ice & dalgona whipped nya tu pon dah cair. Tapi still ok laa overall nice minum hehee. As for lemonade pula, yasss tu sedappp memang padu & balance masam manis dia guyss, rasa refreshing sangat minum! 

Ada pelbagai lagi menu lain kat Hip Cafe N9 ni yang you guys boleh cuba, tengok kat gambar menu bawah ni okayy : 

Korang boleh juga follow or check out more info & updates of Hip Cafe N9 ni di instagram mereka ni yeaa : @hipcafe.n9 

Di instagram Hip Cafe N9 tu nanti korang boleh tekan link di bio mereka, yang mana di situ korang boleh pilih untuk contact pihak Hip Cafe N9, dan juga untuk tengok menu mereka, okay guys. To those yang tiada Instagram, it's okayy korang boleh contact / whatsapp Hip Cafe N9 via this number : 019-328 9397 in case nak tanya anything or to order yeaa.

While ini pula waktu operasi Hip Cafe N9 buat masa sekarang ni okay : 

Since mereka baru lagi memulakan perniagaan dan bertapak di sana, so I think biasalah kan start slow-slow, senang bila dah follow cafe makanan sedap macam ni sebab nanti bila-bila ada update menu terbaru ke, takdelah kita ketinggalan & bolehlah try makan nanti kan hehee. I ada tengok review dari pelanggan lain yang dah try makanan di sana, semuanya bagi feedback yang bagus-bagus. Ni ada beberapa review untuk korang tengok okay :

In addition, from my POV, packaging untuk takeaway / delivery dari Hip Cafe N9 ni memang tip top, secure dan I try makan dalam takeaway packaging tu je pon okay steady je, takde bocor or anything pon, even I tuang kuah (as you can see from video review I di tiktok - click SINI) dan makan dalam tu pon steady je hehe. So I think totally convenient dan bagus packaging mereka ni untuk delivery dan takeaway. As in will I repeat or not, I'd say YES, I nak repeat next time, sebab for me first try ni memang sedapppp, harga pon okay, puas hati servis semuaa dan I nak try menu2 lain pulak especially yang baru Banana Nutella Crepe tuu hehee.

Packaging Hip Cafe N9, kuah asing yeaa hehe

Haa kita bukak pulak & ni I dah tuang kuah butter chicken tu

Close up sikit baru best tengok kan heheh

UPDATE : Hip Cafe N9 bermurah hati untuk bagi 10% diskaun to all of you, just guna / mention code : qeela10 to get 10% off okayy! 😍

Indeed dalam masa sekarang ni, kita semua terkesan, dan apa lagi para peniaga. Bagi I, even tak boleh nak cafe hunting macam dulu, kita masih boleh cuba makan ala-ala cafe hunting but from home, macam ni pun antara salah satu cara kita boleh membantu sesama kita. Win-win jugaklah kan since kita kenyang dan happy dengan servis dan makanan yang disediakan para peniaga, dalam masa sama, sedikit sebanyak membantu mereka termasuklah membantu bro dan sis rider yang dah tolong deliverkan untuk kita di rumah. Mudah-mudahan, dipermudahkan urusan dan dimurahkan rezeki kita semua dalam pelbagai cara insyaAllah aamiinn. 

I hope sharing dan review I kali ini membantu korang semua juga lagi-lagi dalam memilih nak order makan mana yang sedap kan hehee. Semoga maju jaya buat Hip Cafe N9, keep up the great foodie taste and great service okayy hehee! Korang yang nak try or dah try tu nanti, feel free to share what you guys think kat comment below jugak yeaa. Till then, thanks a lot for stopping by and take care guys, stay safe anywhere you are okayy. 

❤️ : Laksana Ibadah Aqiqah & Qurban secara online di Mekah!

Salam dan Hi lovelies! 

Apa khabar semua? Hopefuly semua baik-baik sahaja dalam keadaan kita semua sudah mula mco semula ni kan. Indeed today, I wanna share berkenaan ibadah Aqiqah dan Qurban, dan paling penting sekali ialah di mana korang semua boleh dapatkan servis untuk melakukan ibadah ini secara mudah melalui online dan pastinya trusted 100% okayy dengan ni hehee. 

Bagi yang bukan beragama Islam ataupun yang kurang faham mengenai ibadah Aqiqah & ibadah Qurban ni, let me terangkan serba sedikit dahulu yea? 


Gambar ihsan Google

Aqiqah menurut Islam adalah haiwan yang disembelih kerana bayi, atau untuk bayi yang dilahirkan, dimana haiwan itu disembelih pada hari mencukur rambut kepala bayi itu. Tradisi mencukur rambut bayi dengan penyembelihan aqiqah ini menunjukkan kegembiraan dan mensyukuri nikmat selain merupakan satu ibadah sosial dalam Islam. 


Gambar ihsan Google

Qurban / korban merupakan ibadah penyembelihan binatang ternakan berkaki empat (dalam Al-Quran disebut Al-An'am) yang mana ianya dilakukan pada Hari Raya Aidil Adha / Hari Raya Haji yang mana jatuh pada 11, 12, atau 13 Zulhijjah mengikut kalendar Islam setiap tahun. Sembelihan ternakan korban itu kemudiannya akan diagih-agihkan kepada fakir miskin ataupun mereka yang memerlukan. 

Ibadah ini dijalankan bagi mengingati dan menghargai kisah ujian besar Nabi Ibrahim dan anaknya, Nabi Ismail, yang mana Nabi Ibrahim menunjukkan ketaatannya dan betapa tinggi ketaqwaannya kepada Allah SWT apabila Allah SWT memerintahkan untuk menyembelih anaknya, namun selepas itu diganti dengan Kibas. 

Hukum melakukan kedua-dua ibadah ini adalah sunat, ianya sangat digalakkan namun tidak wajib. Aqiqah dilakukan sekali seumur hidup (bagi setiap seorang anak) dengan daging sembelihan itu sunat diagihkan setelah dimasak, manakala Qurban pula dilakukan setiap tahun dengan daging sembelihan itu sunat diagihkan dalam keadaan mentah. Alright I hope dah boleh dapat gambaran serba sedikit mengenai kedua-dua jenis ibadah ni kan guys?


Indeed I believe, rata-rata antara kita ni mesti ada masalah untuk mencari tempat yang sesuai bagi melakukan ibadah Aqiqah atau Qurban ni, terutama bagi yang tiada tanah lapang sendiri / di area rumah. Selain itu, susah juga kan nak siapkan segala peralatan mahupun pelbagai penyediaan untuk pengurusan ibadah tersebut, tambahan pula bila memikirkan kosnya yang mahal. Haa lagi satu yang common sekarang ni, bila bayi / ibu ada any komplikasi seperti jaundis dan lain-lain selepas proses kelahiran tersebut, makanya terlepaslah peluang untuk mendapat pahala pada 7, 14, dan 21 hari dari ibadah tersebut kan. 

So disinilah wujudnya ni, yang mana segala permasalahan kita seperti yang I sebutkan tadi dapat diselesaikan. Mungkin ramai yang sudah tahu atau pernah dengar mengenai ni kan? Ahaa bagi yang tak familiar, ni adalah satu platform yang menawarkan perkhidmatan untuk menguruskan ibadah Aqiqah & Qurban secara online kepada anda semua, yang mana ibadah tersebut akan diadakan di tanah suci Mekah. 

FYI, ni sudah mula beroperasi sejak tahun 2014 tau, namun mereka melancarkan penjenamaan semula pada tahun 2018. Mereka menawarkan servis buat seluruh rakyat Malaysia dan juga dibuka kepada yang tinggal di Singapore, Brunei dan lain-lain negara luar. Sembelihan dibuat setiap hari sepanjang tahun dan kita boleh pilih tarikh sembelihan yang kita mahukan tu tau, nice kan? 


Ahaa, antara sebab-sebab ni patut jadi pilihan utama kita adalah : 

1. Kita tak perlu bersusah payah & tak perlu keluar rumah pun untuk melaksanakan ibadah Aqiqah / Qurban ni, kerana dengan ni, semuanya 100% online. Tau-tau je dah settle semua so kita just keep calm je kat rumah hehe.

2. Harga yang ditawarkan adalah murah / mampu milik, iaitu hanya RM499 sahaja seekor. Gotta note that ibadah tu nanti akan diadakan di luar negara tau, so memang sangat berbaloi ye harga pakej mereka ni. 

3. Kita akan dapat bukti video beserta sebutan nama anak & juga sijil kayu untuk setiap peserta bagi pelaksaan tu nanti (kecuali bagi pelaksaan Qurban lah ye). For me, rasa exclusive macam tu dan boleh jadikan as lovely memory buat satu family, especially bila anak tu nanti pon boleh tengok sendiri video tu bila mereka dah besar nanti, best kan macam tu? Dahlah ianya dilakukan di tanah suci Mekah, Allahu special betul siap pakej dapat tengok proses sembelihan di luar negara di samping bersedekah pada yang memerlukan di serata dunia. Contoh sijil kayu tersebut seperti di bawah ni yea : 

4. Last but not least, semestinya kerana ni 100% boleh dipercayai. Mereka telahpun menguruskan sebanyak 21,000 sembelihan sejak tahun 2014 untuk ramai orang termasuk para artis juga! Korang boleh tengok sendiri I ada share beberapa testimoni / review pelanggan mereka di bawah ni okayy hehe. Memang terbaik! 

Antara artis-artis yang dah menggunakan khidmat, 
semua tersenyum riang yaa hehe 

Nampak semua pelanggan berpuas hati sangat dengan servis ni kan!

Okay bagi yang berminat, senang je tau untuk mendaftar / nak buat tempahan ibadah yang diingini tu, firstly go to website mereka : ataupun korang boleh click : ni, then nanti isi segala maklumat yang diperlukan kemudian buat pembayaran secara online. Like I said earlier, korang boleh pilih tarikh yang diingini yea, then just tunggu mereka jalankan ibadah pada tarikh tersebut. Video bukti nanti akan dihantar selepas 2 hari bekerja dari hari sembelihan, manakala sijil pula akan dihantar dalam masa 30 hari. Sangat mudah kan! 

For me, memang rasa tertarik betul nak buat ibadah Aqiqah & Qurban melalui mereka, sebab totally trusted (ada banyakkkk sangat review yang semuanya bagus-bagus dari pelanggan) dan siap boleh dapat video dan sijil tu kan, selain bila tengok gambar-gambar mereka di sana, nampak bersih, terjaga, dan bagus sistemnya juga. Kalau ada rezeki, insyaAllah, nak tempah dengan ni.  

You guys boleh check out social media platform mereka di sini okayy in case nak cuci mata dulu or for more updates hehee : 

Instagram : @aqiqahcentredotcom 

Facebook : 

Jangan lupa tengok pakej mereka tauu! Right on time juga ni memandangkan kita bakal menyambut Hari Raya Aidiladha nanti kan, haa sekarang ni mereka dah open untuk tempahan bagi ibadah Qurban tau. Macam biasa, dalam pada menempah tu, kita boleh berpeluang untuk menang hadiah juga guys! Kali ini, hadiahnya adalah Set Telekung dari Siti Khadijah okayy. Beruntung betul dalam pada niat nak sedekah korban, ada chance menang hadiah lagi, bestnya! Okay korang boleh terus menempah untuk Ibadah Qurban di : ni okayy, insyaAllah tak menyesal hehee! 

Okay guys, I think sampai di sini sahaja sharing I kali ni, hopefully memberi manfaat pada korang semua. Kalau ada yang pernah gunakan servis mereka, jemput-jemputlah share pengalaman atau pandangan korang kat comment section di bawah ni yea? Thanks a lot semua for stopping by, take care & stay safe at home okayy. Till then, have a great week and ahead lovelies! 

New Sudio NIO Vegan Leather Case : Review & Promo

Salam & Hi lovelies! 

Yasss you read the title right guys! 
On May 10th, 2021 earlier, Sudio have just launched their new case for one of their bestseller, NIO earphones, since they got lots of request for NIO case aside from all great feedbacks from those whom have purchased the NIO before. FYI, I am one of the Sudio NIO users and of course I am excited too that Sudio have released this NIO case hehe! Indeed I've been wanting to have a special case for my NIO too, and now I happily have yayyy hehee! You guys can watch my unboxing and close up view video of this NIO case on my tiktok HERE okayy.

In case you've missed my Sudio NIO review before, you can check out my review (+ promo) sharing via my blog post HERE okayy. Alright some brief for those who haven't read my review yet, Sudio NIO is actually known for its comfort-fit wingtips, IPX4 water resistance, and adaptive dual microphone technology, alongside variety other best reasons to have it hehe. You can find all the deets on my post there okayy. Ahaa and yess I got best promo for this one too, so keep on reading okayyy guyss I'll share the best deals in a bit hehee.

Alright back to this Sudio NIO case, yes it's vegan because it's made from vegan friendly, plant based leather material, which derived from apple peels! Never have I ever thought that apple peels can be twist to help doing / making into that, what a new things that I've learned from this production too huh, hehee. 

Indeed, Sudio have taken one more steps towards sustainability by producing this NIO case, which I think such a great steps for them in respecting life, as part of their aim in shaping life through immersive sound. Sudio CEO Johan Gawell have said that they've been constantly looking for ways to lessen the environmental footprint as a business, while continue to deliver the highest quality products, hence as a carbon neutral organization , they are truly excited to be the early adopters of this plant based leather. 

In order to make this vegan friendly case happen, an Italian manufacturer - Paq Vegan Leather, utilizes upcycled bio-materials and sustainably fashioned for the Sudio NIO case. The process starts with reclaiming apple peels from the Bolzano Valley, which nestled between the hills and vineyards of Northern Italy. Ahh even by typing this all already make me feel and imagine how serene the place of this case's origin are, and how lovely to have such vegan leather case all the way from that Valley! 

After the peels have been reclaimed, it'll be dried and pulverized into a fine powder to create a base material incorporated with other non toxic ingredients and organic pigments. Hence, the end results of this NIO case is a biodegradable leather alternative that are both durable and soft to the touch. What I love is that this NIO leather case is definitely far better for our planet. Not only that, it's also certified by USDA and VeganOk as well, so of course we can use this case with no worries. 

As you can see from my pics sharing all over here, this Sudio case is definitely in compact size, which nicely fit my NIO, and easy to carry or slip in pockets be it in our pants pockets or bag / pouch compartment. I love the colour as it look elegant as well as it sleek design. Simple yet lovely, no hassle to store and to use our NIO while at the same time protecting our NIO nicely and with style too hehee. Indeed, I think this case is a great pair to my NIO. 

Moreover, you can get this NIO case FOR FREE!! 

Yesss guys, if you are planning on getting the NIO after reading this, you better grab it now because there are 15% DISCOUNT for Sudio NIO with FREE vegan friendly NIO case for your NIO purchase using my code here : NIOCASE okayy. Do note that this is a LIMITED TIME PROMO only, which valid for purchase from 10 May 2021 - 6 June 2021, or while stock lasts okayy. So yesss you better grab them now, as usual you'll get FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE + 3 Years Warranty with Sudio Sphere as well, what a bargain right! Feel free to take a look at Sudio's website : if you want to purchase or even just wanna feast your eyes first okayy hehee. 

Starting on 25 May 2021, you guys can get 50% discounts of this vegan NIO Case with the purchase of Sudio NIO, due to the increased price of the material from Italy. Yet fret not, you can still get the additional 15% off with my discount code as mentioned earlier okayy. Well I guess lucky to those whom managed to grab this NIO pair with it’s free NIO case promo earlier before Sudio have to unfortunately updated their promo, right. Anyhow, 50% off is still a good deal, right? 

Well, I think that's all for my sharing this time. I hope this is somehow helping you guys too or perhaps able to bring a good news to you guys too. Thank you so much for stopping by, whereever you are, may you'll have a great week and ahead. Stay safe, and till next time! 

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