Million Years Ago - Adele

This isn't a new song I know, yet I'd love to share this deeply meaningful lyrics and song here as well, since it's one of my favourite Melancholy jam :) 

In case you haven't stumbled upon it yet, feel free to enjoy this powerful song via my Spotify's Melancholy playlist below including the lyrics as well after okayy! 


Million Years Ago by Adele
I only wanted to have fun
Learning to fly, learning to run
I let my heart decide the way
When I was young
Deep down, I must have always known
That this would be inevitable
To earn my stripes, I'd have to pay
And bare my soul
I know I'm not the only one
Who regrets the things they've done
Sometimes I just feel it's only me
Who can't stand the reflection that they see
I wish I could live a little more
Look up to the sky, not just the floor
I feel like my life is flashing by
And all I can do is watch and cry
I miss the air, I miss my friends
I miss my mother, I miss it when
Life was a party to be thrown
But that was a million years ago
When I walk around all of the streets
Where I grew up and found my feet
They can't look me in the eye
It's like they're scared of me
I try to think of things to say
Like a joke or a memory
But they don't recognize me now
In the light of day
I know I'm not the only one
Who regrets the things they've done
Sometimes I just feel it's only me
Who never became who they thought they'd be
I wish I could live a little more
Look up to the sky, not just the floor
I feel like my life is flashing by
And all I can do is watch and cry
I miss the air, I miss my friends
I miss my mother, I miss it when
Life was a party to be thrown
But that was a million years ago
A million years ago
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins / Gregory Allen Kurstin
Million Years Ago lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group  

Happier Than Ever - Kelly Clarkson Cover

The moment I heard Kelly Clarkson covers Billie Eilish's Happier Than Ever, I am, the one that's happier than ever. I just can't move on from listening to this cover all day everyday for real.

Yeah, because honestly, Kelly was the person whom came to my mind the moment I heard Billie sang / released this song. I truly love the lyrics, and the emotion that this song gave me, and indeed Billie's voice delivered this song in her own signature way - which managed to capture that sad emotion upon listening to it as it needed to, it's great yes, yet I felt like it could be way more if the song got some more kick, as in more deep, painful emotion to it, you know. 

Hence, Kelly Clarkson came right to my mind - can't help it that this song definitely give me Kelly's vibes. It reminds me of Because of You by Kelly on 2004, which it's one of my favourite jam during my teenage years even up until now, one of the all time favourite kinda songs that I could totally relate to and feel it deeply as well. Indeed, this Happier Than Ever give me the same vibes. Powerful lyrics, melody and overall ambience that wrapped around it - like it's telling our own story as well someway. Idk, I guess we millennials just automatically can relate to it no matter what are our situation or even if the lyrics isn't really what are we going through at the moment yet the feeling still just click, right?! haha 

Kelly deliver it perfectly, as how I imagine it before. It's satisfying, that the version that I have in my mind for these past years every time I listens to this song, have finally comes true. THIS, this is the version that I need and want, to sing along from the top of my lungs, pouring every feeling out. So yes, THANK YOU KELLY CLARKSON! 

In case any of you haven't heard of this covers yet, I've already added it on my Spotify's Melancholy list as you can find it below including the lyrics as well right after yeaa, enjoy! 

Happier Than Ever (Kelly Clarkson Cover) 

When I'm away from you
I'm happier than ever
Wish I could explain it better
I wish it wasn't true
Give me a day or two
To think of something clever
To write myself a letter
To tell me what to do
Do you read my interviews?
Or do you skip my avenue?
When you said you were passin' through
Was I even on your way?
I knew when I asked you to
Be cool about what I was tellin' you
You'd do the opposite of what you said you'd do
And I'd end up more afraid
Don't say it isn't fair
You clearly weren't aware
That you made me miserable
So if you really wanna know
When I'm away from you
I'm happier than ever
Wish I could explain it better
I wish it wasn't true
You call me again, drunk in your Benz
Drivin' home under the influence
You scared me to death but I'm wastin' my breath
'Cause you only listen to your fuckin' friends
I don't relate to you, no
I don't relate to you
'Cause I'd never treat me this shitty
I get it, you hate this city
And I don't talk shit about you on the internet
Never told anyone anything bad
'Cause that shit's embarrassing, you were my everything
And all that you did was make me fuckin' sad
So don't waste the time I don't have
And don't try to make me feel bad
I could talk about every time that you showed up on time
But I'd have an empty line 'cause you never did
Never paid any mind to my mother or friends
So I shut 'em all out for you just like a kid
You ruined everything good
Always said you were misunderstood
Made all my moments your own
Just fuckin' leave me alone
And I don't talk shit about you on the internet 
Never told anyone anything bad (yeah)
'Cause that shit's embarrassing, you were my everything (just leave me alone)
And all that you did was make me fuckin' sad (oh, oh)
Leave me alone
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Billie Eilish O'Connell / Finneas Baird O'Connell
Happier Than Ever lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group

Asam Pedas Pari Mudah Sedap & Cepat dengan Pes Asam Pedas Ochee Kitchen

Salam & Hi lovelies! 

Ingat tak before this I ada share my foodie review & try masak Nasi Arab guna Nasi Arab Instant from Ochee Kitchen on my blog posting here - CLICK HERE if you guys terlepas that one yeaa, and then I ada mention that they have other pes masakan juga? Ahaa here it is lovelies,  I dah ada 2 jenis pes masakan lain dari Ochee Kitchen tu tau, which are Pes Kari Ikan dan Pes Asam Pedas Ikan as well as Sambal Sentap dari seller yang sama juga. 

Since dah habis Raya ni, berbaliklah semula daily activities untuk selalu masak sendiri di rumah kan, makanya barulah I dapat nak try masak menggunakan salah satu dari pes masakan tersebut. Sorry tau guys if I macam lambat try yeaa. I baru lagi cuba Pes Asam Pedas Kak Ochee dari Ochee Kitchen tu, fuh mudah betul yeaa nak masak guna pes tu! You guys boleh tengok cara masak dan hasilnya via this video below yang I dah buat in case you've missed it on my Tiktok & Instagram juga yeaa hehe. 

@qeelalalala #AsamPedasPari mudah cepat & sedap dgn #PesAsamPedas #OcheeKitchen ! Full review on my blog 👍🏻😋 #cooking #homecook #foodie #myfoodie #tiktokguru #fyp #tiktokmalaysia #minireview ♬ Hey Lover - The Daughters Of Eve

Haa, senang sangat kan nak masak guna pes ni?! Hasilnya pun memang puas hati tau, sebab kuahnya tu tak cair, secukup rasa tanpa perlu tambah anything else ketika memasak (bagi I yang tak kuat garam ni, ianya agak masin sikit actually tapi boleh adjust dengan lebihkan sikit kuantiti air yang perlu ditambah masa memasak tu okayy), then pedas dia pun memang kick la bagi I. Since I ni jenis tak makan pedas, uish pedas betholl yeaa for me tapi sedapp tau huu, habis licin jugakla sepinggan tu I makan sambil terpaksa bersulam air sejuk manis before end dengan ice cream kitkat nak bagi lidah 
I rilex sikit hahah. 

Cenggini hasilnyaaa

Okay close up skit hehe

I memang suka betul bila dapat yang memudahkan dan menjimatkan masa untuk memasak ni tau, lagi-lagi bila hasilnya tu pun puas hati. Almaklumlah, as a mom & wife, macam-macam benda nak settle on my daily basis especially on weekdays kan - dengan ulang alik anak-anak sekolah lah, nak kena settle baju-baju lagi, mengemas bagai, memasak lagi, belum masuk kerja-kerja I yang lain as creator / blogger kann so haa bila adanya pes-pes masakan macam ni, memang happy dan tak terkejar-kejar lah I nak siapkan makanan di atas meja untuk seisi rumah haa gittuuu hehee. 

Oh ye I dah ada try juga Sambal Sentap tu actually 3-4 kali dah, I guna untuk masak Bihun Goreng, dan juga masak masakan bersambal macam Sambal Udang, Sambal Sotong dan Ikan Goreng Sambal. Eh sedap jugak Sambal Sentap tu tauu, memang best sebab boleh gunakan dalam pelbagai variasi, nak makan dengan nasi as side macam tu je pun boleh, atau gunakan untuk masak bersambal macam yang I buat tu, memang sedap dan padu rasa dia okayy! Lepas ni seriously boleh buat stock yang must have kat rumah lah Sambal Sentap ni sebab memang sangat memudahkan, pelbagai, senang guna, jimat masa dan hasilnya semua jadi sedap pulak tu! 

Ni diaa Sambal Sentap tu okayy

Contoh masakan yang I guna Sambal Sentap tu, padu guysss 

Pes Asam Pedas

Pes Kari Ikan 

Alright guys, kesimpulannya, memang bagus-bagus yea variasi keluaran Ochee Kitchen ni, dari Nasi Arab Instant nya hinggalah ke Pes-pes masakan berlauk dan Sambal juga! Sangat-sangat memudahkan dan menjimatkan masa, Allah berjuta kali ulang cakap dah ni rasanya kan hahaha sorry guys but yessss totally recommended untuk you guys cuba okay! Macam yang I ada share kat Instagram before ni, family blah mentua datang beraya di rumah, I masak hidangan Nasi Arab guna Nasi Arab Instant dari Ochee Kitchen tu la as hidangan untuk merek menjamu selera kan, MasyaAllah tak henti-henti pujian I dapat that time sebab Nasi Arab tu sedap dan menjadi sangat walaupun it's my first time buat Nasi Arab hehee. So yes guys, silalah order segala pes / pack / sambal any pilihan you guys from this totally recommended seller / agent untuk keluaran Ochee Kitchen melalui platformnya as below ni yeaa : 

Indeed, yang I share di list atas ni adalah the same seller / agent yang I dapatkan pack Nasi Arab dan lain-lain keluaran Ochee Kitchen tu okayy guys. You guys boleh check out her Instagram as linked above or WhatsApp je dia terus via link tu untuk order or tanya anything berkenaan produk Ochee Kitchen tu okayy. Alright I think sampai sini jee sharing I kalini, mudah-mudahan bermanfaat jugaklaa untuk you guys yeaa. Thanks for stopping by, take care & have a great week ahead yeaa lovelies! 

Ipoh Staycation & Food Hunting

Salam & Hi lovelies! 

Alright as promised from my video posting, I wanna share all the deets for Ipoh staycation & foodie as me and my family had went to around last week. It was indeed not really planned, as actually we've been postponed this staycation several times before we finally managed to went earlier heheh. We even just walked in for the hotel room, since couldn't found the suitable room / stay for us few days before we went. 

We were at Ipoh for 2 days and 1 night only, such a brief staycation indeed as we didn't went during the school holidays. Indeed it was way more comfortable that way since the place weren't packed with people as it will usually did during holidays / peak hours of course. Hence, the confidence to just walk in for the hotel room too heheh. In case you haven't watch my video of this Ipoh staycation, feel free to watch it below yeaa :

@qeelalalala #Ipoh #staycation & #foodhunting ❤️ #jjcm #tempatbestipoh #ipohperak #myfoodie #ipohfoodie #travel #travelipoh #vacation #fyp #tiktokmalaysia #travelmy #harrypotter #glowinthedarksand #niase ♬ FOREVER - Audrey Karrasch

We stayed at Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites - which we got the Family Suites type of room with 2 king beds. The room includes bath tub, mini fridge, tv, iron & ironing board and the other usuals including free breakfast. We can see the river and town's view from our room, beautiful indeed at night with the colourful light outside, and the room is spacious as well as totally comfortable indeed for the 4 of us. 

As for the breakfast food, we got to choose variety of foodie range which served in buffet style - we've tried their Pancake, Nasi Lemak, Dim Sum, Desserts, Coffees and Juices as well, everything were tasty! I think it's fair to say that the hotel location is also good as we're able to visit several places of interests around with ease and just nearby. Overall, we're happy with our stay at the hotel. As you can see I've featured some of the pics from our room, and below are the pics at the swimming pool, and during the breakfast time at the hotel okayy. You can find more in my video that I included here as well yeaa. 

Next, let's go through with the places that we visited during our stay at Ipoh. Since we only have our vacation briefly, we didn't manage to ticked off every places on our place-to-visit list, but we're happy with our visits to these places too! 


This is such a lively place as there are lots of foodie and things available in such spacious place, including live show as well to entertained every visitors. We easily found our parking when we arrived, despite saw many visitors already there as the front parking space seems full yea guys. Why here you asked? Well, one of the most popular to try in here are the Niase stall foodie which are popular with their Thai TomYam & Grilled Beef (Daging Harimau Menangis if I'm not mistaken). 

We wanna try both of their specialties actually that night, but unfortunately they've ran out of their grilled beef stock, hence we only managed to try out their famous Tom Yam with noodles. Boy oh boy, the bowls were filled with prawns, enoki, etc and the Tom Yam gravy definitely 'kaw' enough - tasty, spicy, yet creamy and thick. As someone who doesn't eat spicy food, I gotta warn you that it's really spicy for me, but taste good indeed. While as for my hubby who eat spicy food, he said that it's good and the spiciness is okayy, but the creamy taste isn't really his cup of tea. Perhaps because he preferred the regular (non dairy) Tom Yam gravy better.  My take is, you definitely gotta try them yourselves and the portion were satisfying too. 

Other than that, we also brought the Jumbo Juice Cup (which stall located in front of the Niase's stall) and other tidbits as well such as chicken wings, fries, egg bubble waffle and nuggets from nearby stalls. All tastes good, just the usuals, you know. I've included all these foodies in my video as well so feel free to check it out yeaa. Then we just wandered around, looking at the stuff they're selling, as well as took some pics at this instaworthy section of the place - with the colourful lights and all. We also passed by a Haunted House there, yet it's kinda funny as we heard the sound from inside heheh yeah you might giggles as well if you're passing them by. Overall, there are lots of stalls that you can check out there too, and we had a fun show from their talented dancers and singers that performed that night. 


Oh before I forget, we had our lunch here at this famous Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice shop (Jalan Anderson) the day that we arrived, right after checking in in the hotel earlier that day. The shop are just nearby the hotel, it was indeed full the moment we got there, but luckily we didn't have to wait for long to be seated after my hubby peeking at the door since nobody's checking for a while. Anyway, the Chicken Rice tastes good, along with their desserts - which we ordered mango and caramel pudding on the side. I do like the mango pudding better actually in case you wanna know which between the two pudding. Generally the portion is good too, yet I think some of their server could try to serve the customers better - we understand it's such a busy day at the shop, but that doesn't mean you can't serve us happily (even a fake one) with a smile on your face as well as speaking to us with good tones while asking and taking our orders, right? Overall, we're good with our lunch and just went back to our hotel as the kids wanna have some swimming time that evening huhu. 


Okayy guys, here comes the next and our last day at Ipoh. After check out from our hotel at noon, we visited Concubine Lane first - originally we thought of went there during the night of the day that we arrived (last night) but found out that it's basically ghost town there after 6pm, hence here we are visiting it during the noon. Since it's not during holiday, the crowds there aren't packed, so it's lots more comfy to walk around. This is a one narrow lane, much like a backdoor walk of the shops which we can find variety of shops selling foodie, flowers, and other street thingy stuff like bags, sunglasses, and more on our left and right side. 

We also stumbled upon this one shop that offered a free exhibition like thingy - the Glow In The Dark Sand (inspired by the Blue Sand). Interesting indeed, even though the glow in the dark are artificially made, it does works and seems pretty indeed. I've included it in my video so you can see okayy. 

As for foodie, there are variety that you can try and are already viral such as the Ice Ball, Cotton Candy, Kuma Rainbow Cheese Toasts, and more, yet these were the other things that we've tried too yeah : 

PLATFORM 9 3/4 (For Harry Potter a.k.a Pottered fans!)

I know most of you guys might have had visited this cafe already, but to those who doesn't yet, the cafe is on the right side after you've passed the Raindrop Cake stall okayy, you might missed it since it doesn't,t stand out much from it's outside look. The interior are filled with Harry Potter theme indeed, with several instaworthy spots for you Potterhead to take your pics or shoots some videos. Mind you that you need to make at least a purchase each in order to go upstairs and down at the back for their famous Harry Potter theme spots and tools. As for that, we've tried two of their drinks, which I can say that I happily recommended you guys to try - the Phoenix Cold Brew, and the Cookies & Cream Chips Frappe. They do have lots other selection indeed, but these are from some of their best pick, and glad that chose to try these too, as it does tastes good! For the Phoenix Cold Brew, I love how strong the coffee taste, not bitter for me, but blend nicely and truly umphh with the ices. As for the Cookies & Cream Chips Frappe, it taste yummy too, much like mocha as the chocolate and choc chip cookies more overpowering but not too sweet, hence it's tasty indeed. 

Next, I did tried the Raindrop Cake as well, it's actually pudding like texture which I did enjoyed - surprisingly it's good to try even though it seems really simple at first. I mean, frankly speaking, this is not on the top of my foodie-to-try list since I know how it will be taste like from looking at it before coming there, but yeah it kinda give me that feeling-good the moment I ate it. It's like a childhood memory gushing it's way back to me upon each bites. The firm but gooey and translucent 'raindrop' enjoyed with sweet sauce (I think it's the Gula Melaka sauce) along with crushed peanuts on the side, you know we Malaysian definitely familiar with all that right, hence I find this easily be enjoyable indeed, well at least for me. You can look at the close up for these Harry Potter cafe & Raindrop Cake in my video okayy. 


Indeed this is one of the everyone recommended kinda foodie if you go to Ipoh, so yes we gotta go and try it too - especially my hubby since this is on top of his foodie list to try. The first day that we arrived, seems like the line was too long, as we kinda arrived early evening, hence we decided to go the next day at noon, so here were. My hubby managed to tapau after been in line for not long, and after finally tried to taste it, he said that it's good and he's happy that he managed to finally tasted it. I think if you're a fan of Nasi Ganja and Nasi Kandar kinda type, you might enjoy this one too okayy. 

Alright, before we head back home, we visited Gunung Lang Recreational Park for some back to the nature kinda activities with the kids. We join the boat ride and went on to visit the mini zoo as well as sight seeing around the park which include several types of village house, several kinds of animals like horses, rabbits, peacocks, bison, deers, etc and able to fish feeding too. Again, looks like it's not that much there but it was fine and we're had a good and fun time together. Truly love the serene views there as well. In addition, we brought their souvenirs there which include our picture with frames, one frame is like a booklet, and another one is kinda like a mini two-way frame - can put on a table as per usual and a fridge magnet as well, conveniently lovely indeed. 

Okay guys, that's all for our brief visit to Ipoh. We'd like to go again to cover more on our list, perhaps someday, right. Anyway, hopefully my sharing here is somewhat beneficial to you guys. Thank you for stopping by and giving your time to check out my sharing here yeaa. Till then, take care and have a great week ahead everyone! 


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