Aquaria KLCC Fast Lane Tips and Deets!

Olla lovelies! 

Hehe okayy so our mini staycation details continued here for the Aquaria KLCC visit. Seriously, what I did literally made our visits easier and smooth upon that day, which was on weekend. To be honest, the queue is like crazy upon our arrival that day, well, it's weekend right, gotta expect that. My hubs literally thanked me for get it settled smoothly so that we can just directly enter without any hustle and worries hehee.

Shark wefie! Weehuuu

Not sure if you guys know, but since from our observation, and there are also some friends that asks, hence I think it'll be great to share the deets here regarding how and where to get the cheaper entrance tickets without the need to queue to enter as well. 

Alright, so upon planning our mini staycation, we decided to buy Aquaria KLCC tickets online. I've search for the best price offered across lots of platform, and finally found this agent on Shopee which I think is okay to try based from their great reviews. FYI, they are not only selling tickets for Aquaria, but various other fun attraction that you can get at promo price too! Gotta say that it definitely worth it to save / like and followed them for future vacay activities and staycation hehe. You guys can check them out via these links below here yea : 

Aquaria KLCC ticketsCLICK HERE 

Seller's PageCHECK IT OUT!

They offered the entry tickets for only RM21.70 for children (instead of RM39 per pax), and RM31.70 (instead of RM49 per pax) for adults. Those got us saving much right! Indeed they're trusted agents as upon purchasing, they promptly replied my chats and after I made my payment, they emailed me the tickets within just few minutes! I love how fast they assist their customers and they even suggest to us to make a booking at Aquaria so that we can get in for sure at the time and date that we want without worries and everything. 

So basically, the trick to get in without the need to queue and to be sure that you can enter at that preferred day (because do note that Aquaria KLCC only open for 400 visitors per day, so yes first come first serve especially on weekend) is that, after you buy your tickets via your preferred platform (mine is definitely this agent, which I totally recommended), and then you go to Aquaria booking page HERE to book your preferred visits. 

On that booking page, you can choose your preferred date and time to visit, along with how many of you guys that will come. There'll be selection of time at each hour for each day, so be sure to choose which is the closest that suits you to go. After you submit your booking, the Aquaria KLCC team will email you your booking confirmation, so yasss you're good to go! 

This is the booking confirmation email from Aquaria KLCC team

These are some of tickets example, as you can see there are unique QR Code for each tickets that you purchased. These examples consist of Child entrance ticket and Adult entrance ticket

Upon arriving there, all you need to do is just show your booking email, and then show them the e-tickets that you've bought earlier for them to scan the QR code on that e-tickets, in order for you to enter. Yes, just that, easy and smoothly in hehe. Seriously it's super convenient and saving lots of time (and money when you buy the cheaper price tickets hehe) even on weekend, where there are packed with people there. They did followed the SOP there no worries, but personally I think if you can go on weekdays, that'll be much better, since it's kinda too packed on weekend which make you not satisfied enough to roam around inside freely within your own time. You know, when there are less people, you doesn't have the urge to get out fast, get away, right? Feel free to check out some of these pics below that I've took while we're in there :

Please remember this! Huhuu

These are the shark's life cycle, with it's live condition. Interesting!

Jellyfish life cycle

It's truly fun inside, as you can learn and see lots of things, especially live Aqua animals, their life cycle, what's dangerous for them, yeah, it's great to spend time there. My kids definitely love their visit to the Aquaria as they do loves animals and sea vibes too. They always get fascinated whenever they can watch and get close to those habitants, and get to learn some things too. Indeed yes, it's such a great place to visit and bring your kids, as they'll definitely enjoy it hehee. 

Some of cute gifts you can get there

The sharks are sleeping hehee

King Crab just chillin

Let's swim with them hehee

Well, I guess that's it for my sharing. Hopefully this can be beneficial for you all too. In case you haven't check out my sharing regarding my staycation at nearby Tamu Hotel & Suites, feel free to click and read HERE okayy hehee. Thanks a lot for stopping by yea, may you guys have a great week and ahead, take care okayy lovelies! 

Mini Family Staycation at Tamu Hotel and Suites KL

 Salam & Hi lovelies! 

Alright as promised from my IG Stories previously, I’ve mentioned that I’ll share the deets about my mini staycation at Tamu Hotel & Suites Kuala Lumpur, including the super convenient and cheaper choice to visit Aquaria KLCC with family right, so yasss here we go! 

So last weekend (on Sept 12 - Sept 13) me and my family went for a mini staycation at Tamu Hotel & Suites Kuala Lumpur. I actually won a one night stay at their Deluxe Room Hotel, hence, we’ve planned a mini staycation there with a visit to Aquaria KLCC since my kids really loves animals / nature & sea vibes hehe. Indeed this is just an alternatively honest review sharing from me, not a paid / bias one or anything, just sharing from my experience  as I thought it’ll be useful to all. 😁

First of all, let’s go through my point of view of this hotel first okay? 

We’ve been acknowledged before that the hotel owner is one whom really hold on to Islamic views, hence practicing the way of Islam in this business too. There are no bar at this 4 star hotel, and we can also find the Qiblah, Quran and Sajadah in the room. I feel that those are great, and lovely too for us Muslims whom stayed there. 

Sajadah and safe box

Torch light

Some complimentary beverages

My happy love pills in the bed hehee

The room are great, it’s all clean and cozy at every space, and they’ve prepared us with thoughtful and enough convenient things such as iron board with steam iron, towels, basic necessities care like shampoo, shower gel, lotion, soap bar, etc, and not to forget there are also hair dryer available along with functioning hot and cold water, showers and of course, paper towel too. 

Iron with ironing board and slippers 

TV - um yeah excuse my kids haha


All clean and complete with toilet necessities

Two showers complete with functioning hot and cold water

Hair dryer is a yass hehee

Love the sets included

We also love the views from our hotel window, as we can see the city from above, and as you can see from my IG post, the views at night is definite spectacular as well. My kids also enjoy the TV as been provided with several channels to choose, yet theirs are of course the Disney Channel that’s available hehe. 

The pool is also open and can be use but of course, following the SOP, we need to book our slots as there can only be maximum of less than 40 people at one time around that pool area. Too bad we arrived for check in a bit late - there are already handful of other visitors around and the pool are close at night, hence the only available slots for us to choose are as early 7am and 10am something like that on the next day. We just chose the 7am slot but unfortunately we missed it the next day haha 😅 Still no worries as you guys can check out below how beautiful the pool side are! This was taken from our previous visit before our latest staycation here yea hehe. 

This is just a part of it, feel free to check out my IG Story (under highlighted section entitled ‘Tamu Hotel’ and ‘staycation’ yea) for the video showing the pool area and also the dining area okay hehe

We didn’t manage to try their food yet no hustle as we can just easily find variety of foodies outside too, be it at Kampung Baru area, or KLCC and around. It’s really just nearby, and I think it’s easy to just walk around from the hotel since yeah you know how jammed can it be at KL area right heheh. Indeed, feel free to check out some of the pics that I took previously for their dining area, including their wagyu station! So temptingly yumss haha. Oh and upon staying, we also got free parking from the day we arrived until we check out, which implied to all visitors as well. 
We dined at this Singgang place, which nearby the Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa at Kg Baru. Sorry I forgot the name but yeah it's just nearby, and the food are yummy too!

 Kuey Teow Ladna for me, yass so good and satisfying hehe

Mango with sticky rice and coconut milk. 
Good portion, but I think unfortunately it's too sweet for my taste huhu

Overall, we really enjoyed and satisfied with our stay there and indeed I totally recommended this Tamu Hotel & Suites as a place to stay. Their price range started as low as RM1++ per night, and they’re all helpful, friendly, offers great services and not that strict as in guests check in - I mean as our room actually offer for 2 pax, but they’re alright for an added 2 kids, no added payment needed. The bed in our Deluxe room are huge and enough for us four too hehe. Anyway, you can check out more info and upcoming promo at their sites as below : 

IG : @tamuhotelandsuites & @tamuvacationclub

Website : 

Okayy next, our Aquaria KLCC visits! Please CLICK HERE for the deets yeaa since it’s already too long here hehe thanks guys! You won’t regret it as I shared where did I bought a cheaper price tickets, with no queue needed and direct enter even on weekend! Check it out okayy! 😉

Motivasi Rare buat Para Surirumah yang Bersuami

Salam dan Hai semua! 

Tadi ketika saya melayari Facebook, saya ada terjumpa satu status yang dikongsi oleh (kredit kepada) Puan Yuhanis Azam, berkenaan surirumah dan antara ayat-ayat yang sering kita dengar diucapkan kepada para surimah, yang mana mengatakan surirumah perlu ada duit sendiri kalau berlaku apa-apa ke atas atau dengan suami, contoh seperti bercerai, kematian dan sebagainya. 

Akan tetapi, sharing tersebut tidak seperti biasa, kerana ianya (bagi saya) lebih kepada membukakan mata dan minda kita terhadap hubungan kita dengan Yang Maha Esa. 

Usai membacanya, saya rasa sangat jarang untuk saya dapat jumpa motivasi sebegini, makanya saya nak share & save disini untuk reflection diri saya sendiri juga from time to time. Bagi saya, sharing ini sesuai untuk para surirumah yang masih bersuami, lebih-lebih lagi bila suami anda adalah seorang suami yang bertanggungjawab terhadap anda dan keluarga. 

Okay jom baca dulu sharing yang saya katakan tu yea :

Boleh baca status sharing asalnya di SINI yea 😊

Indeed I’m a housewife, a stay at home mom, tetapi saya tetap cuba work from home untuk mencari duit poket sendiri melalui kerja sebagai content creator dan blogger. Alhamdulillah so far okaylah, even saya tiada gaji tetap & pendapatan saya bermusim pasang surut. Namun, niat utama saya pun memang untuk bantu keluarga, bukanlah sebab terfikir “nanti bila suami tiada”. 

Betul, saya sendiri selalu dengar atau terjumpa sharing yang mempunyai ayat2 “nanti bila suami tiada, kot2 bercerai, kot2 suami buat hal” dan lain-lain lagi yang bagi saya more to negative thinking, dan seolah-olah mendoakan yang tidak baik untuk kehidupan sendiri, sedangkan pada ketika ini, alhamdulillah Allah telah pinjamkan kehidupan yang baik-baik sahaja, suami pun seorang yang bertanggungjawab dan sentiasa memikirkan keluarga. 

Saya faham apa yang ingin disampaikan dan indeed ada juga betulnya tetapi konteks penyampaian menggunakan ayat-ayat negatif tersebut biasanya akan memyebabkan atau lebih kepada mengajak untuk fikir suami yang bukan-bukan, ataupun terlalu overthinking, yang mana kemungkinan boleh memudaratkan. 

Saya sendiri membesar dalam keadaan mama seorang ibu tunggal yang bertungkus lumus mencari rezeki untuk kami adik beradik dari kecil sehinggalah kami dewasa. Yang menjadi pengganti seorang bapa ketika saya kecil hanyalah arwah atuk saya, yang mana dipinjamkan sehingga saya Tingkatan 2. Justeru itulah, saya targetkan sharing ini sesuai buat para isteri, para surirumah, yang mempunyai suami yang bertanggungjawab terhadap anda dan keluarga. 

Betul, bagi saya kita sebagai wanita memang perlu ada duit sendiri, tetapi, niatkanlah kita mencari itu untuk membantu keluarga, membantu suami, mencarinya untuk dapat hulurkan pada mama dan adik beradik yang memerlukan, seterusnya dan selebihnya pada diri sendiri dan lain-lain yang memerlukan. 

Bila ada rezeki lebih, dikongsi dengan keluarga, dan alhamdulillah bolehlah bagi duit tambahan belanja untuk mama, dan adik beradik. Terasa nikmatnya, bila dapat membantu, bila dapat belanja mereka, walaupun mungkin tak banyak pada kita, tapi besar harganya pada mereka. Sungguh, bila kita murah hati dengan orang & mudahkan urusan orang terutama keluarga, lagi-lagi yang memerlukan, insyaAllah banyak lagi masuk rezeki tak disangka kepada kita.

Dalam sharing Puan Yuhanis tadi, alhamdulillah Allah murahkan rezeki balu tersebut kan selepas kematian suaminya. Rezeki dia dan keluarganya. Rezeki kita, kita tak tahu lagi, tapi, kita boleh sentiasa cuba yang terbaik, fikir yang baik, doa yang baik, mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan segala urusan kita. 

Moga saya dapat teruskan fikir yang baik-baik, buat yang baik-baik, dapat lebih lagi bantu keluarga terutama mama dan adik beradik. 

Niatkan mencari duit untuk bantu keluarga, sebab suami sendiri pun dah sentiasa bersusah payah nak menjaga makan minum, keselesaan dan kebahagiaan keluarga. Cuba elakkan untuk fikir suami nanti boleh berubah yang buruk-buruk dan sebagainya, bila sedangkan selama ini suami itu sentiasa ada dan cuba yang terbaik juga. Kalau trust itu tidak ada, bagaimana kita boleh bahagia hidup bersama, kan?

Try to live in the moment bersama suami dan keluarga. Bagi saya, sentiasalah cuba yang terbaik dari hari ke hari, hargai pasangan masing-masing yang masih ada, yang juga cuba yang terbaik untuk kita. Saya lebih kepada berpegang pada ayat, “kalau baik yang kita fikir, insyaAllah baiklah jadinya”. 

Bila Allah dah kurniakan rezeki kita mendapat pasangan yang baik, maka teruskan fikir dan buat yang baik-baik sahaja. Selebihnya, baiki lagi hubungan kita denganNya, cuba buat lebih baik dari yang kita amalkan sekarang, kerana hanya Dialah, Yang Maha Pemberi, Yang Maha Mengetahui, Yang Maha Berkuasa. 

Semoga perkongsian ini ada juga manfaatnya buat anda semua. Thanks pada yang luangkan masa membaca sehingga ke akhirnya. Take care & stay positive okay! 
Moga dipermudah urusan anda semua juga.


Pink Bento Box Anak Yang Jadi Tumpuan Ramai!

Salam & Hi Dearies! 

Hehe sorry for title yang macam over je pulak but to be honest, I didn't expect, like totally, tak expect langsung yang my daughter's punya bento box that I bought boleh jadi tumpuan at all. 

Okay ceritanya begini, after months kita bermco di rumah, finally sekolah pun buka semula, with the new sop and all of course. So one of those are, murid-murid sekarang ni makan di dalam kelas, dan digalakkan untuk membawa bekal beserta alatan makan seperti sudu, garfu, pinggan etc sendiri ke sekolah. 

Before this, my daughter actually ikot mood dia je bila nak bawa bekal, but ever since dia start sekolah semula tu, dia decided untuk setiap hari nak bawa bekal ke sekolah. Senang katanya, since if beli di kantin, dia takut tak sempat nak makan sebab ramai, so lambat nanti dengan nak turun ke kantin, beratur beli and everything kan. I think that's better too, so yes I prepared lah belikan bekal yang baru untuk dia - which siap dengan sudu, garfu dan handle, untuk memudahkan dia makan dan bawa bekal tersebut ke sekolah. 

At first I nak cari yang ada Frozen or Unicorn, things yang dia suka kan, but tak jumpa pula one with the bento design yang I nak for her tu (bekal siap handle dan cutlery, medium size). Banyak yang I jumpa if cartoon macam tu, mesti tiada handle dan size kecil. Even Smiggle pun tak menepati dengan apa yang I cari for bento haha (since dia minta juga tu Smiggle huhu). I sampai terfikir maybe kena beli jugalah asing-asing siap dengan lunch bag etc untuk senang dia bawa (yes sebab tengok Smiggle banyak yang cute kan hehe), in case still tak jumpa juga style bento yang I nak tu kan. But yassss I'm so happy bila finally ada jumpa bento yang menepati apa yang I bayangkan, haha!

So I beli je yang ada jumpa tu, which I think super lowkey kot bento tu sebab memang plain je, no cartoon etc, yet look nice juga laa sebab colour soft pink. I think untuk dewasa pun sesuai tu hehe. Thank god she's excited with that too, since ada handle and cutlery semua kan so ok lah I lega lah dia tak kesah dapat bento simple without her Elsa or Unicorn etc tu kan hehe. 

Okay yang ni handle bento ni, and ada 4 clip untuk tutup so yes sturdy and confident nak bawa hehe

This bento ada 3 compartment kat dalam, size pon okaylah tak terlalu besar yet tak kecil, sesuai la boleh buat dan muat macam-macam kind of bento meals. As you can see here, I bekalkan nasi, memang dapat kenyang betul la portion dia kan hehe

Balik sekolah dari first day tu, she told me that ramai betul yang tanya bekal dia, tengok-tengok dan berminat, siap ada cikgunya tanya beli kat mana juga! I was like, whattt, tak sangka sangat boleh attract tumpuan ramai sebab serious I thought bekal dia lowkey gila, like takkan adalah yang nak tengok haha. So that went on like the whole week, ada je yang suka belek-belek bekal dia, and even after that kawan-kawan dia rajin la nak tengok dia bawa apa pula huhu (okay that another part which is about bento food part lah pula kan haha) 

Ada compartment khas untuk cutlery tu, siap bertutup tau, nice kan hehe

Macam ni rupa bento ni tau bila dah tutup & ready to carry with it's handle

So, that inspired me untuk nak share lah kat sini, dekat mana I beli bekal dia tu kan hehe. Murah pun murah, affordable lah for that kind of super convenient bento kan. I beli RM19.90 je, dapat free shipping from Shopee hehe. Dalam banyak-banyak I usha tu, I think yang ni paling okay plus the cutlery yang seller tu bagi pun sesuai dengan anak I (sudu & garfu), sebab yang lain-lain kebanyakannya bagi sudu & chopsticks. You guys boleh refer links as below ni yea untuk beli or tengok-tengok dulu dari seller yang I beli tu : 

Direct to that Bento Box : CLICK HERE 

Cuci mata kat the Seller's Page : CHECK THEM OUT 

Alrightttt I think tu je lah kot sharing I for today hehe. So far memang puas hati guna, seriously sangat convenient bento box ni, senang anak nak bawa, tak perlu lunch bag or paper bag, or cutlery set bagai lagi dalam 1 bag untuk dia bawa kan, now just bawa bekal ni je, settle. Moga my sharing ni berfaedah in any way untuk semua juga yea. Till then, thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead yea lovelies! 

Buying This No Brand Shoes from Shopee to Substitute Manolo Blahnik : My Verdict

Salam and Hi lovelies! 

How are you guys lately? Hehe it’s been a while that I only share a lot through my IG yet not here, so let’s talk more here yea? 

So, last two weekend on August 15th, I had a family event (my SIL’s wedding). Since they decided that family need to wore the blue attire (at first it should be the purple one but since plan had changed a lot during mco and rmco, so this is the final one hehe) hence I need to find the matching shoes and handbag, as we already made the blue theme attire and wore them upon Eid Mubarak earlier huhu. As during Eid we only raya at home right, so I didn’t prepared any matching shoes and handbag during that time haha. 


Hence, there goes, my mini project to find the matching shoes and bag before the wedding. I keep on imagining wearing my blue custom made kurung with Manolo Blahnik kinda heels, yet I want one in strappy heels (or kitten heels will be great since I’ll definitely won’t just sit around, totally gonna be busy right!) not pumps or stiletto like the Manolo have. Plus since of course I couldn’t afford a Manolo, and since I can see a lot of other brand came up with it’s kind of design’s vibes, so I was thinking of finding and hoping that I could find one that is exactly like how I imagine it hehe. 

Alright, not gonna lie but it’s hard to find the shoes that I want. The strappy kitten heels with gemstone up front, simple yet elegant. I’ve been searching all over - from branded overseas, until local brand and all, on every platform, shops, but nothing came up, not even close to what I want. Mostly they have it just like the Manolo pumps, so, nope, I don’t want that. 

I tend to hurt my back ankle and not comfy with those pumps heels kinda types, the size always doesn’t fit right even though I had my right size and all, hence I tend to choose strappy heels, as it suits me better and always comfier to wear hehe. 

One day, upon browsing through Shopee, I came across this heels of which perfectly suits the kind of shoes that I want in my mind of all this time! It’s a no brand shoes, yet since it’s beautiful and totally close with what I imagine to have, hence I check it out thoroughly. Okay here’s the heels yea : 

So the reviews seems great, even the shop rating is top, so I decided to give it a try as the price is really affordable too. Since it’s an oversea’s seller, hence I have to wait for like a week or two for it to arrive, yet no worries everything went smoothly and on time hehe. 

Upon receiving the parcel, I kinda nervous at first since looking at the box that wasn’t really in good shape and without any bubble wrapper or so. Yet upon opening the box, I’m glad that the heels are in great shape, along with it’s dust cover, and everything in good condition! The heels totally are beautiful, look elegant and definitely like how I want it to be! It suits me nicely, I get them in my usual size and the cutting are just nice, fit me comfortably. The gems are great too and look exquisite, yet on one side it seems like it’s a bit apart, but that’s okay since it’s not that obvious especially upon wearing. Well, for that price, I think this is great enough and honestly kinda exceed my expectations hehe. 

So I wore this heels during the wedding event, for the whole day - since early in the morning (we go to the wedding hall around 9.30am) until evening (we get back to the homestay around 6.00pm). Do note that I rarely got to sit down during the whole day, as we’re in charge of the goodies / guests / running here and there as well as getting things from the hall down to the lobby and all. Oh yes not to mention, looking out for the kids too haha. So yes, one can’t sit around relaxing of course. Gladly, this heels are so comfy and still in perfect shape till the end! 

Of course my feet hurts but because of I’ve been standing and everything for too long the whole day, haha. That’s okay tho, as we are all grateful and having fun during the wedding event hehe. 

Overall, I’m totally satisfied with this heels! It’s my first time actually buying a no brand heels from Shopee, so, since it went great and the item totally are exceeding my expectations, hence I think this worth a share, right? As for me, I’ll definitely will check out this seller again for more affordable yet beautiful kicks next! They got variety kind of kicks to choose from sandals to heels, wedges, slip on, ahh seriously much more! Feel free to check them out HERE (for the heels I bought) or browsing through the seller's page [CLICK THIS] okayy 😍 

Sorry if my sharing here is too long / too boring or whatnot hehe but I hope my content could find you good, yes? Thanks for your time reading and stopping by yeaa and wishing you all a great week ahead, take care lovelies! Till next time! 


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