Weekend Activities : S2 Hill Park, XCafe, & Port Dickson

Salam and Hi lovelies! 

Today I'd love to share some of the activities that can be done during off days or weekend at Seremban, which I bet everyone be it adults or kids, can enjoy doing it. 

So, as per last weekend, me and my family started our day early in the morning by heading on to the Port Dickson area, planning for a brief picnic by the beach. We had our breakfast outside, which around the Port Dickson (PD) area as well, just by searching for a stall via Waze app since we're not sure where to eat for breakfast that day heheh. Actually, we went to our fav place before head on to PD, but too bad the place was packed with people already, hence, we decided to just have our breakfast at PD. 

So, based from Waze, we chose to go to this Capati Kari Kambing Nani, as it managed to grab our attention and crave for the Capati Kambing as well heheh. The stall located around 1.7km away from the beach, we easily found it. We're happy with the food as the Capati and Roti Canai are fluffy, easy to tear and eat, while their gravy (Kari Kambing) is not that bad too, indeed such a satisfying pair with the meat truly cooked through as it fall off easily the moment we pinched for a bite. Their service are okay too as they're fast to serve and everything looks good. Only their drinks aren't quite suits us, but that's okay, no biggie for us. Oh and on the other hands, there are monkeys around and nearby, hanging out and waiting for food too it seems, yet no they didn't come near people or snatching anyone's food. Felt like such unique eating out experience to be honest hahah! Indeed, if you're afraid of monkeys, perhaps it's better if you choose to sit away from the trees, okayy? Overall, it's good there. 

Alright after having 4 pcs of Capati Kari Kambing in my tummy, chilling by the beach is perfect for our next move hehe. Mind you, don't forget to bring picnic blanket / mattress, sand castle tools, and your bathing suits etc too as per usual beach moment thingy. We're there for few hours while the sun is shining lovely still and cozy, the breeze greeted you happily and the water feels good too on your skin. In addition, the beach are not packed with people too during early hours of the day, well yeah I believe you know the drill, right? 

We went back home after the beach, rest a bit before we went out again later that day for some exercise and sight seeing by the park. Yes, here comes the S2 Hill Park to be ticked off the list heheh. If you guys noticed, we have variety of parks here at Seremban right? Indeed that include one of this famous Hill Park, the S2 Hill Park, located at S2 Heights area. In case you didn't know, visitors need to park their vehicle alongside the road before climb up to the hill park. I think it took around 15 minutes to walk up to the Hill, which we enjoyed too as we can admire the scenery while enjoying the fresh air during our walk. 

As for the Hill Park itself, I think it's great there and perfect for any kind of ages, especially family with kids. There are variety of things to try and play up there, including playgrounds, tracks to jog / walks, trees info guide, mini flying fox section, mini wall climbing, Dinosaur landscapes, etc. There are also public toilet and the entrance are free for all yea, in case you're wondering. We truly had so much fun there and such a great place for exercising while sight seeing indeed, feel free to watch my video below for full view or more clips of the hill okayy. 

@qeelalalala What’s up the #hillpark #S2 ? Lesgoo! #HillParkS2 #XCafe #Seremban #familytime #exercise #MYfoodie #fyp #moment #XparkSendayan #jalanjalan #dinosaur ♬ FOREVER - Audrey Karrasch
Okay after we done burning our calories while finding sunset at the Hill Park, we decided to have some dinner first at XCafe, XPark Bandar Sri Sendayan, on our way home. I actually had share about this one great coffee the other day on my IG & TikTok posting, which actually you can find it around the same place here at XPark okayy hehe. 

As for this XCafe, you can find variety of stalls and foodie all under one roof, like a cafeteria indeed. You can see it from my video above as well okayy as I included the snippet of when I'm at the cafe, showing you the ambience there heheh. There'll be buskers too entertaining you while you eat, and yes guys I totally recommended you guys to try the Ikan Bakar, so yummy! The drinks there are good too, we ordered juices to pair with our Ikan Bakar set, totally refreshing and we're happily full afterwards. As for desserts, we tried the waffles with ice cream there, but sorry we can't finish the waffles as it came out too hard for our taste, perhaps they mislook upon making the the batter or wrong oven setting or something, I'm not sure. Other than that, it's all good. I think we'll come again to try other stalls / foodie there another day, and overall this XCafe is a good place to eat. 

Well, I guess these sums up our day during the weekend. It's great to do these kind of activities regularly, together, as it can tighten the family bonding. We definitely are having such great time as well as manage to exercise too while enjoying such beautiful scenery and fresh air, definitely good for our body and mentally too. So, in case you're out of idea where to go or what to do, perhaps you can try these activities too! 

Hope my sharing here could help somehow. Thanks for stopping by lovelies. Take care and have a great day ahead to all of you! 

Harry Potter Ariani Collection : Must Grab!

Salam and Hi lovelies! 

Any #Potterhead as well as #Arianilovers here?! You're in for a treat weehoooo! 

Alright, in case you've missed the news, Ariani had launched their new, and the hottest collection by far, which is indeed the #HarryPotterAriani Collection. I've been excitedly shared regarding this matter on my Instagram stories as well as posting, from before their launching up to the day that I've received mine hehee, feel free to check them out on my IG or TT if you like, okay. 

Well, for my update here, I wanna share more close up as well as all the links for you all so that you can easily grab the collection for yourselves too if you want, since I've been asked where they can get those too. Heads up, the Harry Potter Ariani merchandises are only sold online with limited quantity okay, so yess better to grab them while they're still available now hehee. 

Harry Potter Ariani Hijab & Merchandises, scroll down to find their links okayy

Heading to the movies donning Ariani Hogwarts Shawl 
in Black + Ariani headloop face mask

As you can see from my IG Post or TikTok Post, I've shared an unboxing video as well as close up look of two of the items from the Harry Potter Ariani Collection, which were the Ariani Hogwarts Tumbler, and Ariani Hogwarts Shawl. Truly love the packaging hehee! Below are the video okay : 


@qeelalalala #Unboxing box of #love from @galeriarianiofficial yay! #potterhead #HarryPotter #Ariani #hijabi #WarnerBros #HarryPotterCollection #HarryPotterAriani ♬ original sound - Daniel Radcliffe 

I gotta say that I'm truly satisfied and ecstatic with this collection, even though I didn't manage to grab every single one of them. The designs, colours, material quality, conveniency, packaging, and everything truly match and meet my expectations heheee. 

As for the shawl and square, they're using printed satin material, which is indeed my fav. It's soft yet easy to wear and style, easy to iron, have that cooling effect throughout wearing and truly comfy to wear all day everyday for me hehe. As for the shawl (and square too), it's long enough that you can make up variety of style as well as enough chest covering if you want too, with just that one piece of hijab. 

Exquisitely scream my house, Gryffindor! 

Me being team all black all the way hehee

Now for the tumbler, ooffff they totally caught my eyes and heart the moment I first saw them! Loveeee the designs and colour, and the size are alright too. Being made from stainless steel, I believe it will last long, and good for everyday use as well. The volume is 540ml for each, for me it's not much but yeah no problem, we can always refill throughout the day right hehee. 

So far I only got 2 shawls and a Tumbler from this collection. I've been eyeing their laptop sleeve and tops as well (from the start actually), ughhh sooo prettyyyyyy but I think I won't be able to buy it. It's okayy, enough with me and let's take a look at each one of the merchandises and hijab collection via these links below (just click on the item's name and you'll be directed to their page okayy) nowww okay guys yayyy hehee : 

~Ariani Hogwarts Tumbler 

Personally I'm torn between Black and Pink, yet in the end, 
Black wins for me heheee

~Ariani Hogwarts Laptop Sleeve 

I mean, look at that! Exclusively exquisite! 

~Ariani Hogwarts Shawl 

~Ariani Hogwarts Square 

~Ariani Hogwarts Lanyard 

~Ariani Hogwarts Scarf Ring 

Or you guys can just feast your eyes throughout their whole official online store via this link HERE #1 or HERE #2 okayy! 

The price range for this collection is from MYR69 to MYR249 not include postage fees. However, you can usually get Free Shipping if you choose to buy from that online link #1 above yeaa hehe. Aside from that, I wanna note that link #2 offered their ready to wear too while the first link only have the hijabs and merchandises available for this collection yeaa. Also, both links offered instalments type of payment too if that's your preferences too okayy. So yeah hope that can help somehow heheh. 

I guess I've covered nicely regarding this collection right? Some items already sold out yea and as from what I know, they won't be restocking it anymore once it sold out, so yeah in case you've been eyeing for them, you better get it at least one item, maybe? heheh. 

Last but not least, feel free to let me know below which house does you belong to in the comment section below as I'd love to know them! Mine is Gryffindor, any G gang here with me?! Till then, stay safe and Happy New Year lovelies! 

Thanks A Lot Smiggle for Granted My Marvel + Disney Wishlist!

Dear e-diary, 

I wanna pour my one of a kind happiness that happened to me recently in here, as it happened to came to me out of the blue. Indeed I'm the person whom always love to try, yet I don't always put my high hopes since I rarely win what I want heheh but yes, little did I know, this time, luck find it's way to me. 

Me with my babies, we all are definitely a humongous, die hard fan of 
Smiggle, Marvel and Disney! 

It all started with me joining this one Magical Christmas Wishlist Contest by Smiggle via their online website. As excited and hopeful I am upon delivering the words from my heart to enter the contest, I am indeed still carefully hope, before just brushing it off as my insecurities gush in. You see, I always lose for the things that I've been wanting so bad for so long, in terms of contest / giveaways, hence, pardon my insecurities of winning there at the moment huhu. 

So after a while, my heart skipped a bit when I received an email with a big "Congratulations!" - which yessss, it's from Smiggle as they announced that I am the winner for their Magical Christmas Wishlist Contest!! Honestly, you couldn't imagine how ecstatic and grateful I am for the news despite feeling how unbelievable this is at first, really. Managed to calm down and finally believe that it's real and really is happening to me, I then started to replied with the details needed in order to pick up my prizes. 

The happiest news I've received that day yayyy!

The prizes are that my Wishlist literally will comes true, all 8 items from that list (upon entering the contest, they required us to fill in 8 of our desired items as our wishlist, aside from the other things). Being a mom of 2 kids that are crazy about Marvel and Disney as they're as huge fans as me too, of course, I split the Wishlist all for them, which all items only consist of the latest Smiggle Collection that I've been eyeing since the day they releases them few weeks back - the Smiggle x Marvel Collection and the Smiggle x Disney Collection!! 

We are truly joyful and getting that magical feeling tingling all around us, especially when it truly happened right on time with these Christmassy vibes all around us - totally match the contest theme! So on December 24th, we went to our nearest Smiggle store to pick up our prizes! 

We're about to go pick up our bundle of joy together 

Little did they know, I've prepared a joyful surprise for them hehe 

I didn't tell my kids regarding this at all until we were at the Smiggle store, as I want it to be a sparkly surprise for them. No words can describe how happy I am, as well as they are, upon that moment at the Smiggle store. My heart been filled with warm and lovely feeling, as I see them enjoyed their gifts. Thank you so much dear Smiggle for this wonderful experience, I can assure you that you've chose the right family to win your contest, with lots of love. 

Feel free to watch my clip below for a close up view of everything as well as brief recording when we're at the store too : 


As a #diehardfan of #Smiggle #Marvel & #Disney, these are #happiness to us indeed! 💖💖 #christmaswishlist comes true 💝💝 #fyp #gifts #parenting

♬ Merry Christmas - Ed Sheeran & Elton John
As for the Marvel and Disney Collection items, everything are great and lovely, really! We fully loves and glad that we finally manage to get our hands on each one of them! These are the items that we get yea : 

Marvel Trolley Backpack with Light Up Wheels 

2. Marvel Double Decker Lunchbox with Straps 

3. Marvel Stainless Steel Spritz Drink Bottle 

4. Marvel Zip It Stationery Kit 

5. Disney Princess Classic Backpack (Ariel) 

6. Disney Princess Double Decker Lunchbox with Straps 

7. Disney Princess Stainless Steel Spritz Drink Bottle 

8. Disney Princess Zip It Stationery Kit 

All 8 items are awesome! We always love Smiggle products as it's super cute, pretty, handy, great quality, and suits us really well! These two new collection are no exclusions too, as we always satisfied and feels over the moon with every Smiggle's products. Such a brilliant collaboration with Marvel and Disney, as I've been wishing for Smiggle to produce these such awesome Collections for long actually, hehe. Being a humongous, die hard fan of all three (Smiggle, Marvel and Disney), these are definitely a perfect collection of Smiggle ever for us. Thank you so much again to Smiggle! 

Cheers to such happiness that we'll never forget!

Lots of Love,

December 25th, 2021. 

Sad March by Elaine - From Words to Heart

Hi lovelies,

I have just fallen in love with this one song that I just honestly heard it today - which is during joining the IG story's question stickers earlier. The sticker was the one that asks us to search music with our birthday month, and share it on the story. Perhaps any of you have joined that one too right?

This is my IG story earlier heheh..As you can see 
the sticker is on the top right corner okayy

So upon searching for my birthday month on the music thingy, I came across that song from my search result's list - Sad March, by Elaine - which is actually the OST song from Korean series, Mr. Sunshine. I haven't watch the series, hence maybe that's why I haven't heard of this OST song before, but gotta tell you, the song and its lyric got right through deep into my heart, the moment I listen to it! 

Indeed this song have been on my repeat today, which I also had added it to my new Spotify playlist entitle Melancholy. Just a heads up, I never made any playlist of this kind before - Idk, just getting the vibes this time, truly - hence, the name Melancholy. It's kinda sad, but comforting and honest too. Sweet maybe at some part. Everything's just a mashed up out of the blue, likely to say. Well, that's from my own interpretation, not sure of what you guys think heheh. 

Below are my playlist as said earlier, and as you can see, the song is on the first one on the list okayy in case you guys wanna hear it : 

And here's the lyrics to sing along hehee : 

Dawn after darkness
Sun has pushed the stars
All sadness' gone
Hollow, empty home
Remedy's on the way
Unleash all the fears
Fearsome in your heart
Sunsets on your eyes
Live daily life
As if here were your last
Day home 

Hollow feelings left behind
All the reasons are gone
Like the wind
You're my yesteryear
Hollow feelings left behind
All the reasons are gone
Like the wind
Our time is no more

You're my moonlight
In the darkness I find
Flower's so pure
That's frozen in time
You're my moonlight
In the nightfall I find
Flower's so bright
That's frozen in time

Dawn after darkness
Sun has pushed the stars
All sadness' gone
Hollow, empty home
Remedy's on the way
Unleash all the fears
Fearsome in your heart
Sunsets on your eyes
Live daily life
As if here were your last
Day home

I'll always be around
May angels be with you
Deep in your heart
I'll always be in your heart
May angels be with you
Guarding you home

You're my moonlight
In the darkness I find
Flower's so pure
That's frozen in time
You're my moonlight
In the nightfall I find
Flower's so bright
That's frozen in time

Lead me to your way
For you're my ocean breeze
That calms me down
When will you lead the way?
For you're my looming sea
That calms me down all day

Dawn after darkness
Sun has pushed the stars
All sadness' gone
Hollow empty home
Like you 

(Lyric's source from Musixmatch website) 

Such a brilliant song, from my point of view. The tone, the harmony, blended perfectly with the word by word that came out beautifully from Elaine's voice, which I felt like totally can relate from line to line, gave such deeper meaning and feeling to me. To be honest, this is the second song that manage to caught my feeling like that, which the first one is actually the Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen - definitely such a special song to me :) 

Alright I guess enough with my babbling. Maybe my sharing this time might be nothing to you guys, but yeah, just sharing for fun, and perhaps if there's anyone out there that think / feel the same as I did, feel free to hey me below okayy hehe. Till then, thanks for stopping by and stay safe yeaa guys! 

Sudio T2 Wireless Earphones Review

Salam and Hi lovelies! 


Alright as seen on my Tiktok and IG, I’ve posted an unboxing video of this new drop from Sudio, which is the Sudio T2 wireless earphones. Since I can only share briefly there upon what I think, so here you go, I’m pouring my full thoughts and details regarding this Sudio T2 here for you all. 

Below are my unboxing video, in case you haven’t or want to watch it yea :

Full ##review up soon on my blog, link in IG bio 🔥 ##unboxing ##SudioT2 ##Sudio ##earphones ##earbuds ##fyp ##gadget ##music ##foryou ##tech ##wirelessearbuds

♬ edamame - bbno$

Alright so, around last week, Sudio had released this Sudio T2 on their website, which said it’s designed for more life, along with being an immersive sound on the go. Comes with 4 pretty colours to choose from, which are Black, Sand, White and Jade in such compact design. To be frank, I’m torn between Black and Sand, yet of course stick with Black colour since loves that the most, aside from I already have other Sudio in Sand before hehe. So, hello Black T2

4 colour choices of Sudio T2

Truly excited upon receiving my parcel, which indeed Sudio is by far maintaining it’s swift (took only 4 days to reached to my doorstep!) and free delivery, even from Sweden to Malaysia, thumbs up Sudio! Packaging is great as per usual, and I manage to directly try the Sudio T2 since it's still filled with it's battery life yassss! But yeah you shouldn't followed my step there since it's better to charge it fully first before using it okayy, my bad heheh.

Okay, from what I gathered, this Sudio T2 is indeed keeping up to what it’s said it’ll be, since I can notice their active noise cancellations function as well as how crisp and clear the sound and the bass are upon listening to music, which they definitely are able to creates a deeper and immersive listening experience as said. The bass is satisfying, I can feel the drums beating and the guitar slaying, along with such clear vocal and every other instruments in the background as well, even the echo vibing, boyyy I truly enjoy listening to my playlist using this Sudio T2! Also, it's easy to connect to it even for first time as well as every other time, again, good job Sudio for always making it easier to connect. 

Such a lovely experience to listen using Sudio T2! 
Such pleasant to listens to my The Strokes and other playlist with this! 

General product information of this Sudio T2

Active noise cancelling technology : Beamforming microphones control environmental noise 
for clearer call, while it’s dynamic driver deliver crisp & uncompromising sound. 

This Sudio T2 is also Splash Proof with up to 35 hours of battery life, which I find it truly convenient especially for those whom are always on the go as well as for during workout. The charging case definitely helps when we’re outside, and yeah no worries if our sweat or some rain gets to it too. 

In addition, I love how I can use it for up to 2 hours with just a quick 10 minutes power up charging if I forget to charge it beforehand. FYI, I can have roughly around 7-8 hours of listening time on one charge, which I think are plenty enough for a back to back listening time at one time right. 

More over, this Sudio T2 comes with newly shaped ear tips which manage to offer such perfect balance of fit and comfort to any ear, which I already tried jumping, running, laying down, tilting my head sideways and all while listening to it, I gotta say that it pass nicely indeed hehe. Oh and of course, it’s also comes with different extra pairs of ear tips, sizes ranging from size XS to L (kindly refer to my pics below yea), so that we can choose which pair that fit us better. As for me, XS fit me comfortably and I can wear them in such longer time without getting any ear ache as well. 

As for the microphones, it’s able to keep my voice loud and clear with it’s dual beamforming microphone array features in each earphones, as it manage to reduce ambient noises while capturing my voice and analyzing the sound waves. Hence, it’s good indeed to use for talking while we're in online meeting or while we're on the phone. 

As of today, I’ve been trying it for few days now since I received it and so far so good, as I couldn’t think / experience any cons yet while using it. I'll update here in case I came across any okayy guys. Other than that, the packaging is good, size is nice, comfy, and fit my lifestyle well. As always, it comes with 3 years warranty from Sudio Sphere, so I think it’s a good grab indeed. You can also find that this Sudio T2 got 4.8 star ratings on the site as well, which got variety of good feedbacks from customers all around. 

Some of the review on the website

Love the smooth feel of the case

Since I'm a hijabi and can't really show you how I wear it, 
these are the examples upon wearing this Sudio T2 yeaa, fit comfortably indeed!

In case you guys interested to purchase or wanna see for yourself more deets or wanna ask Sudio via live chat, you guys can do so by going to their website via this link here okayy : 

Aside from that, feel free to use my discount code : QEELAT2 in order to get 15% discounts of your purchase there too, so yess for more saving hehe! The price for this Sudio T2 is RM549 with free shipping worldwide okayy 👍🏻 

Well, I guess that’s all for this time. May my sharing here can be beneficial to you guys, and feel free to share what you think of it or perhaps your own experience upon using this Sudio T2 in case you have it too, I’m looking forward to read it. Till then, thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend and ahead okayy lovelies! Take care all! 


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