Sell to China with PG Mall x JD Worldwide

Salam and Hi lovelies! 

We have been living with Covid for this long now, I believe many had affected with this new normal, especially financially. Indeed economically we’re just about to try to stand up back again slowly now as we’re moving forward from phase to phase. 

Most of us have been working harder and trying the best we can in order to have some side hustle to live, and I think, joining business are what most of us have been into lately, be it as a dropshipper, or agent, or trying to sell our own products, via many channel. 

Hence, upon knowing about this Sell to China Programme by PG Mall, I do think that it’s such one of a great way in order to help the people here in Malaysia, as well as be truly in line with their own tagline, “Bridging Local to the World”

To those who didn’t know, PG Mall is the brainchild of Dato’ Wira Louis Ng, and it was established back in 2017, targeted at growing and bridging home-grown brands and products to the world under a unique sharing economy business model which emphasizes on the ‘Shop, Share, Earn’ philosophy under their very own ‘ConsuMerchant’ concept. This concept is where shoppers will be rewarded, apart from enjoying the best bargains in there. Below are some of what you can find at PG Mall :

Variety of sales, voucher and more!

Choose your desired categories, which are these and more!

A lot of stores to choose from!

Aside from that, PG Mall have been actively collaborating with the government to drive activities that support local sellers as well as products through the PENJANA campaigns, such as Micro and SMEs E-Commerce Campaign, Shop Malaysia Online (SMO), and Kempen Beli Barangan Malaysia (KBBM). So yes, local sellers definitely have such strong supports and platform there at PG Mall. Can you imagine how vast the support go now, with the Sell to China Program that PG Mall have been officially launched - which is a collaboration with China’s largest online retailer platform, JD WorldwideJD.Com

In case you didn’t know, this JD.Com offers a high standard for online shopping through their commitment to quality, authenticity, as well as variety of products offering that covers everything from food and apparel to electronics and cosmetics. Due to that fact, I think our local sellers are in a good place, wether it is to start,  or even to widen their selling opportunities, right? 

JD Worldwide platform (JD.Com)

This programme is likely to provides a one-stop solution to satisfy all seller’s need. It’s also include brand registration on JD, product details translation to Chinese, marketing materials and campaigns, as well as local customer service. The streamlined process with official backing from JD Worldwide is a huge improvement compared to conventional methods of selling to China. 

In addition, by doing the opposite of mostly market China products to Malaysian market, their main objective of helping local businesses to grow up to one’s full potentials can be achieves, as well as enabling local sellers to proudly showcases Malaysian made products to the world. 

PG Mall has aggressively grown their business to such greater heights now, as they impressively ranked as Third Most Visited Online Marketplace in Malaysia. That is among two other long established foreign-owner online marketplace in Malaysia, by iPrice insights in 4th quarter year 2020, with a total monthly visit of 8 million visitors - making it the Number 1 locally-founded Online Marketplace in Malaysia. Isn’t that awesome? 

Apparently, China is not the only international market that PG Mall is expanding their reach to, as they’re also currently expanding to Indonesia, which is the largest e-commerce market in South East Asia. 

With all that being said, I do feel good to shop variety of things at PG Mall, and let’s us do so as it’s also in a way of supporting our local sellers, together. If you’ve been following me for a while now, you might had came across of my previous sharing regarding shopping at PG Mall too, which I shared lots of voucher codes with you guys at the time hehe. Indeed they’re always offering great bargains to us. As you can see below are some of the great on going deals that we can get at PG Mall okayy :  

For further information about PG Mall - as in their products / services, feel free to find out more via : 

Log in to their website : 

or you all can also 

Call their Customer Service Centre : 011 -10670916 

While if you’re a seller / business owners that are interested in participating in this Sell to China Programme, you can kindly register and find out more via this link : 

I gotta say, it’s great to grab the opportunities while you can. In the meantime, as for us the local buyers, let’s keep on supporting our local sellers okayy! I hope my sharing this time is somehow beneficial to all of you. Thanks for stopping by, take care and stay safe everyone! 


Agar-agar Santan Gula Melaka : Resipi + Tutorial

Salam & Hi semuaa! 

Today I nak share resipi beserta tutorial I masak kuih tradisional Agar-agar Santan Gula Melaka, sebabnya resipi yang I jumpa dan cuba ni memang serious sangat mudah, straight forward dan I think kalau tak reti memasak or tak pernah masak kuih pun, insyaAllah boleh menjadi tau! Best kan? Bestttt hehe ok jommm.

So actually, I dah ada share video resipi + tutorial untuk buat kuih ni di my Instagram dan TikTok as per usual, but nak juga laa share di blog ni kan, boleh I tulis panjang lebih sikit dan lebih detail dari kat sana hehe. 

Asalnya, hubby yang teringin nak makan kuih ni haritu, since I ni tak pernah langsung buat kuih agar-agar santan ni, makanya I pun terjahlah google. Mula-mula nervous juga dengan permintaan hubby yang ni, al maklumlah tak pernah buat kan..but then lepas cari-cari resipi di google & finally I tengok resipi dari link yang hubby ada share kat I dari yang dia ada first tengok tu, laaa, senang simple jee rupanya bahan-bahan dan cara nak buat diaa hehe! 

Hasil dari pencarian I tu, ada perbezaan juga cara untuk buat kuih ni sebenarnya yea. Some ada guna 2 jenis santan dan juga siap tapis campuran tu nanti. Tapi resipi yang I ikut dari Pesona Putri ni, memang senang betul dan Alhamdulillah menjadi yee even tak guna 2 jenis santan dan bertapis bagai tu hehee. Pokoknya, kena ikut anggaran jumlah bahan yang diperlukan tu, insyaAllah first buat pun boleh menjadi hehee. So thanks to Pesona Putri for her sharing! 

Okay jom tengok bahan-bahan & cara yang I buat di bawah ni yea : 


Bahan A :

1 pek agar-agar tali
150g gula melaka (I guna 3 1/3 ketul kecil dari dalam video, or boleh guna 2 ketul yang besar)
800ml air (anggaran dalam 3 cawan)
50g gula pasir (I guna organic sugar that's why nampak brownish yea dalam video tu)
secubit garam
daun pandan

Bahan B (dikacau bersama secara berasingan) :

1 biji telur
600ml santan

Cara-cara membuat : 

1. Didihkan air, kemudian masukkan agar-agar tali, masak sehingga ianya larut.

2. Setelah agar-agar tali tadi larut, masukkan daun pandan, gula melaka, gula pasir, beserta secubit garam. Masak hingga mendidih, kemudian kecilkan api sedikit, biarkan seketika. 

3. Sementara air gula tadi sedang dimasak, sediakan Bahan B di dalam bekas yang lain - campurkan santan dan telur, pukul / kacau dua-dua bahan itu bersama. Kemudian, masukkan campuran Bahan B ini ke dalam campuran Bahan A (air gula yang sedang dimasak tadi), sedikit demi sedikit sambil kacau. 

4. Pastikan terus sentiasa kacau campuran tadi untuk beberapa minit, kemudian tutup api. 

5. Masukkan campuran tersebut ke dalam bekas atau loyang, biarkan hingga ianya betul-betul telah sejuk dan mengeras. Menariknya, kita akan dapat lihat campuran tadi automatically terasing / terpisah kepada dua bahagian, yang mana you guys dapat lihat seperti yang I tunjuk dalam video I tu yea. Dari pembacaan, ianya terhasil asbab kita sentiasa terus kacau campuran tadi seperti yang I mention dalam step ke 4 tadi yea hehee. 

6. Alright dah siap, tapi I masukkan dalam fridge dulu sebelum potong dan makan, sebab lagi umphh bila makan sejuk-sejuk tu hehe. 

Nampak macam panjang, tapi senang dan simple je nak buat sebenarnya, don't worry okayy. Jumlah gula tu pun boleh adjust sebenarnya, ikut citarasa kemanisan masing-masing. Kalau ikutkan yang I buat ni, I think rasanya ok laa secukup rasa ikut tekak I, tak terlalu manis dan tak tawar pun. Terpulang kat you guys punya anggaran okayy. 

Alright sampai sini je sharing I kalini, mudah-mudahan ianya bermanfaat hehe. Thanks for stopping by tauu, dan selamat mencuba yea to you guys! Take care!

My Boy Admitted to Mawar Medical Centre Children's Ward

Salam & Hi lovelies! 

This time, I wanna pour my heart out regarding what happened to my babyboy recently, which in case you’ve seen my IG & Tiktok posting, as I’ve uploaded few videos of him been admitted in the hospital around last week. 

So it all started last Wednesday on Sept 15th, where he was accidentally fall in the bathroom during his morning bath time. He injured his head real bad that it needed stitches for the injury. Indeed only Allah knows how I felt at the time, especially the moment I saw him with the blood flows through the back of his head, and then I saw the open wounds, oh my, those made my heart explodes and I almost got panic attack ughhh truly have no exact words to describe. One thing that I am immediately thankful for was that luckily his blood stop coming out from the wounds real quick, hence he wasn’t experiencing blood loss thank God. 

I swiftly dry him and clean the blood + wrapped his head the moment my hubs took him out of the bathroom, then shoot to the nearby clinic in a flash. He was crying for a moment before, but quickly seemed to calmed down as I keep talking to him, hugging him and try not to panic myself. He didn't fainted or vomiting or whatnot huu thank God as well. As we reached the clinic, the doctor said they couldn’t stitch him there due to his activeness, and I guess not enough suitable equipment as well, hence they wanted to referred us to the hospital after wrapped his head with bandages, so finally, we went to the Mawar Medical Centre Hospital

After tested and we're brought to a room for more check up 
before went upstairs to the ward & ot.

At Mawar Medical, we were advised to let him went through the operation theatre for the stitching and everything, so it’s better to stay the night at the children’s ward there. Apparently they said that their Paediatric’s ward is new, which just launched few days back. Alright that's great as we don't have to be referred to any other places and can continue with the treatment needed at the time, right. He was also tested and Alhamdulillah the result was negative from Covid, hence they can prepared the room and all right at that moment. 

I was truly thankful for the tremendous help and care from Puan Zarina + Akashi Kikai, Puan Ikin & my cousin Naim + Dr Wong including all the staff from Mawar Medical Centre as well. The procedure went well and they took care of us greatly while we’re there, thank you so much to each one of them. 

As you can see from their FB page posting update
Although it took some time as we need to underwent several procedure during checking in when we got there - since upon our arrival, my babyboy’s temperature showed like he’s having a mild fever, hence we need to wait and get tested first while they check the injury and get the details etc, yet we all understand that we gotta follow the SOP and as for the fever, it’s due to shocked & trauma during the incident and indeed his temperature went back to normal soon after that. 

At first it’s about wether the injury can just be glued, or needed stitches, yet then they decided it’s best to went to the operation theatre to stitch, which yes that’s what we’re thinking best too. Indeed I was partly relieved when they finally prepared us for the stitching, because of course, I wouldn’t wanna wait for more time as the injury needed to be treated asap. I mean, open wound like that, it’s kinda scary to wait for long, right. 

Before went up to his ward & room to wait

He's in his room, waiting to go the ot at this time

We are nervously waiting by the ot, with interminable  Duas for him

The operation theatre (ot) was also suddenly undergone some problem the moment we’re scheduled to go in, yet Alhamdulillah we didn’t wait too long as they fix the problematic part quickly, hence there goes, my babyboy went in to the ot around 4 pm that same day, and went out of the ot around 5-5.30 pm later that day. Turns out, the wounds was kinda deep actually, but Alhamdulillah as there are no fractured skull or anything like that and my babyboy been doing really great. ❤️ 

He was indeed such a strong boy like how strong his sister are, and I’m relieved that he still look cheerful and active, even in pain & injury like that. He was also made the nurses and doctors laugh with his cheerfulness, as I remember that on the way to his room, upon reaching the children’s ward, he was honestly excited and look like he was just fine - which that the nurses laughing and teasing him, as he can see how fun the ward’s ambience are, with all the cute colourful deco, as well as super comfy room that totally designed best for children (as u can see from my videos on IG / TikTok too yea), oh and not to forget, the Wonderland which is their mini indoor playground there too hehe. 

Comfy and nicely equipped room indeed!

The toiletries + other kit and water (hot water in thermos & 
the other is the usual one) also included 

One of the food we received, yummy indeed!

Playing at the ward's playground

So yeah, my babyboy was totally happy been admitted there. As a matter of fact, we’re all comfy and satisfied with everything too. I guess we’ve been just staying at home for too long, that these kids looks like they’re in 'vacation' somehow when we were there huhu. I gotta say that the ward’s isn’t a hotel, yet they’re happily stayed there like it was one, and he even said he’ll miss ‘his room’ when we’re about to go home. 😅 Indeed yeah even how lovely he felt when he was in there, I truly hope we won't have to 'stay' there anymore, may we all will always be in great shape and health insyaAllah, Aamiinnn. 

Anyway, a week had already past now, and looks like the stitch wounds getting better now. Doctor had removed his bandages upon our previous 3rd day appointment meeting, and there'll be more check up appointment next. May he'll heal swiftly and greatly, Aamiinn. Below are my other video that showed upon our discharged day and also the 3rd day check up in case you wanna watch : 


##tb that ##lastday before discharge ❤️‍🩹 ##mawarmedicalcentre ##love ##moment

♬ Surrender - Natalie Taylor 

Indeed, what a journey and reminder that we got from this moment of our life. I'll never forget, and now I'll be more careful and way more taking precautions at home for both of my kids. I am thankful that I haven't loose any of them, despite now both had experience hospital admission and went to the ot. His sister is doing great too so far, and indeed we still have yearly appointment at IJN for her. Other than that, I hope all of us will be doing great, whenever and wherever. 

I am wishing the same well wishes to all of you guys too. Thank you for your time, stopping by here, and also on my other platform as well. Thank you for the Duas, showing / sending love, helps, gifts, and every kindness that you all give, may you'll get more great things in life insyaAllah. Till then, take care and stay safe okayy lovelies! 


Burger on Fire : Review

Salam & Hi lovelies! 

Alright as seen on my IG & Tiktok post, I ada up video about this burger that I’ve tried from Burger on Fire. So actually, I beli burger tu last few weeks ago, indeed this is my terjah review versi online food delivery again hehe. Dah lama juga actually I simpan dalam draft je posting ni, macam-macam hal pula lately ni tak dan nak update blog, so finally, here it is huhuk. 


#CapCut #MYFoodie #foodreview #serembanfood #foodlover #supportsmallbiz #fyp #Burgeronfire #foodie #foodtok #tiktokmalaysia #homemadeburger

♬ Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys

Masa order tu, me and my family tried two types of burgers, which were burger daging dan burger ayam (A2 dan A3) - nanti you guys tengok contoh dan senarai menu dari gambar I add kat bawah yea. 

As for us, me & my hubs peminat daging tegar so of course kitorang try burger daging, while anak pula try burger ayam. Tapi sorry yea guys sebab tak dan nak snap gambar burger ayam anak dan more pics for burger daging kami tu since masing-masing excited nak try makan burger ni, asalnya tak plan pula nak buat full review macam ni hahah. 

Serious sedap tau yang kitorang try ni! For me, memang kena laa dengan tekak I, bun burger dia lembut (rasa mcm steam bun but Idk if they steamed it or not yea), homemade patty burgernya pon sedap senang kunyah dan juicy juga, dengan size besar dan homemade sauce dia pon sedap! 

Messy but yummy! 👍🏻😋😋

Burger mereka ni sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur sebab tak pedas tau homemade sos mereka tu. For me, dengan size burger macam tu, makan satu pun boleh rasa kenyang hehe. Packaging pun boleh nampak bagusnya tu kan, selamat diterima even by delivery. Overall memang kitorang semua puas hati sangat beli dan cuba burger dari Burger on Fire ni, insyaAllah kitorang nak repeat lagi nanti hehee. 

Oh ye, yang bestnya, delivery charge dia just RM3.50 je tau untuk seluruh Seremban! Terkejut I sebab I think so far mereka ni je lah yang offer delivery charge macam ni, memang terus I auto doakan moga perniagaannya maju jaya dan dimurahkan rezeki lagi, insyaAllah aamiinn. 

Lepas try burger tu, terus I cari page mereka since di sticker pada packagingnya ada sekali nama page FB mereka - Burger on Fire. As of now, macam tak aktif pula postingnya and sadly I ada try whatsapp lagi tanya baru-baru ni, but looks like tak online dah and no reply till now. So unfortunately I’m not sure if mereka masih berniaga, or kot dah tukar number or whatnot kan..huu hopefully mereka masih on niaga la kan, sebab I nak order lagi huhuu. Maybe ada any of you yang stay in their area boleh confirmkan, gerainya buka tak? Based from address di Facebook page tu, mereka di area Senawang tak silap I. Kalau ada any of you tahu anything, feel free to share kat comment section yea hehe.

Dari page mereka tu pun boleh tengok semua feedback puas hati dan kata sedap lepas cuba burger mereka, sayangnya kalau tak buka lagi kan since nampak memang boleh pergi jauh..In case the owner sendiri ada baca my sharing ni, I wanna say that burger memang sedap & berkualiti, semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan dan mudah-mudahan perniagaan berjalan seperti biasa insyaAllah..

Okay guys I think sampai sini jela review I kalini, insyaAllah I’ll update more from time to time. Kalau tak disini, I selalu up sharing di IG story atau other socmed postings. Till then, thanks for stopping by yea, take care & stay safe semua! 


World's First : Mindful Muslim App (Review)

Salam & Hi lovelies! 

How are you guys doing? Hopefully all is well despite any of the hardness that we face these days. Indeed this time, I would like to share with all of you one of the app that I’ve just installed and tried for few days, which is the Mindful Muslim app. 

To be honest, as far as I know, this is the world’s first Islamic app that meant to improve our mental and emotional well beings throughout guided Islamic talk down audio - which include variety of Duas, stories from Al-Quran, Ruqyah, and more. It got 4.8 stars rating with more than 1900 5 star reviews on Google Playstore, which is impressive, isn’t it? Don’t worry it’s also available on Appstore as well with by far have 5 star rating!

What drawn me to try this app is that I did have insomnia - it’s always hard for me to try to sleep in the early night, hence, I’m open to try many ways to sleep, especially if it’s into Islamic. I did look up for Islamic app that contains stories from Al-Quran, and I can say that this Mindful Muslim comes with bonus as it’s include other beneficial reciting, all in one app. 

Newspaper article regarding Mindful Muslim app

Before this, I have to open several apps to get to hear what I seek for, ie Quran recites, stories, Duas and Zikrullah, but now I only have to make a playlist on my Mindful Muslim app and I’m good to go, ready to drift to such serene sleep. 

FYI, the stories and hadith in their guided talk down are taken from the references of works, talks & lectures from well known Islamic speakers such as Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Menk, Omar Suleiman, Yassir Qadhi and Wahaj Tarin. 

While the compilation of Duas are extracted from the ‘Hisnul Muslim’ book by Sa’eed Ibn Ali Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtaani (14th Century) which it’s original text with translation are available at 

As for the compilation of Duas before sleep, including the Ruqyah, they cross reference it with Islamqa, which are according to the sunnah that are referenced from Dr Abu’l -Mundhir Khaleel Ibn Ibraaheem Ameen. So from all these credible references, I think we can be confident enough to listen to it, right. 

Below are several of my screenshots from the app, which shows some of the choices / varieties that are available in the app. Indeed those are truly helpful, as upon listening, it able to calm me down, raise my motivation and also to reflect myself in order to strengthen my connection with The Most Merciful, Allah SWT and also my deen, Islam. 

These are some of the Duas and Ruqyah available

There are 4 reciters to choose from & also several verses from Al-Quran

These are my fav sections as well, variety of talk down to choose from

Based from my experience upon exploring this apps, I find that the guided talks and stories are lovely, in addition, insightful as well. I love how we’re able to choose our background sound as well if we like, for example, adding the sound of the waves crashing subtly to the beach, or the sound of the rain, which these two are my favorites by far as it gives me such idyllic feeling while listening to the talks or reciting. You guys can watch my video to get the full POV upon using this app including the sample sound on my IG or HERE okayy 😊 

I believe, most of us have experience stress, or depression, especially during this hard time on pandemic. For me, by listening to the contents in Mindful Muslim, does helps. I do suffer from anxiety etc and for me, besides water, listening to these calm and mindful content, totally calm me down and makes me grateful as well as more appreciative / positive towards many aspects. I can also feel the serenity and love. 

Besides that, this app is really easy to explore, and I think it’s great for parents to let the kids listens to it too. Those with babies especially can now easily play the Ruqyah and all while feeding their loved ones, or while putting the children to sleep, or anytime too, really. 

It’s also offers Sleep Diary, which we can pour our thoughts or adding some additional notes while listening to any in there before we sleep, but I haven’t try that yet hence can’t say how it goes. 

Anyway, as far as it contains much pros as I’ve mentioned above, there are indeed some cons in this app. Well not really bad things to be exact, yet just some minor things that I think the developer can improve or add on onto their next update, which are : 

1. Added the reciter’s sound sample, since upon choosing on the reciter, I’m too lazy to google how they sound like huhu hence a sample player (like the sound sample on guided talk down) will be truly helpful 

2. Fix to be more smooth generally while using the app - as I’m facing several unwanted things like the background sound stop halfway and sometimes can’t change to other choice, a lil bit difficult to add a new playlist to my saved playlist (hence by far I only manage to have 1 saved playlist but it’s okay I’ll explore more and will update if I suddenly manage to add another playlist heheh) 

3. Maybe can make the saved playlist available to be played offline? Since yes we need internet connection in order to play through all / using this app 

4. Um this might be not necessary but it will be nice if we can also have a theme / background colour maybe, for this app? Hehe. Or at least make it available in dark mode hehee. 

Alright so far I think that’s it, overall this is indeed such a great and helpful app to have. I’m glad that I install it, and I’ll explore more of it from time to time. Looking forward for more stories added into the guided talkdown, really. I do have books for stories from Al-Quran, and I can see how exciting it’ll be if it can be more stories in this app so I (and looking forward to let my kids too) can just listened to it everyday. 🥰 

These are how it looks like while listening to it. 
Can do / open other apps / things too while listening 

For me, this app isn’t just inclusive to Muslims, yet it’s also can be listens by non Muslims as well, if they want to. Anyhow, for those whom wanna try or check out this app, you guys can install it via these links below for both Google Playstore and Appstore okayy : 


Android : 

In case you guys have try it, feel free to share what you think or your experiences with me too if you like okayy, perhaps I could learn something new too from yours. Till then, thank you for your time lovelies and may what I shared can be beneficial someway to you guys too. Take care all! ❤️ 

My Iron Deficiency Anemia + Vertigo Story


Anemia strikes again, this time with a vertigo that banged. Okay yes that’s the red line. 

To be honest, I’ve noticed (totally can feel) that my hemoglobin decreased day by day for a while now, and this vertigo kinda hard proves it. Oh indeed I’ve never told / wrote about this publicly before, but I have an iron deficiency anemia, since my teen years. 

In my case, sometimes I could experience the vertigo as my blood count decreases to such emergency level, yet usually I can notice / feel the symptoms from time to time, hence usually I’ll get on with quick precaution to prevent it from becoming worse - ie to start on iron tablets prescription + try to consume more foodie that’ll help my anemia till the doctor says that my blood count’s stable again. 

The first and common thing that the doctors and others notice on me throughout my anemia journey is my pale lips. Then when my blood count is at a good level again, the doctor will seem rejoice while commenting how they can see the blood flourish upon my lips again, as it means that the blood is pumping happily and flowing nicely around my body, sending enough oxygen. Yeah I do love that particular moment upon my check up 🙂 

As for now, it’s been years that I haven’t experience this kind of vertigo, since sometimes it’ll be just that mini, usual unbalanced one. I think it’s safe to say that vertigo is actually rare for me, since mostly it’ll be just that getting up or sudden unbalance / poor vision for a seconds thingy. If you have anemia specifically iron deficiency anemia like me, I think you can relate upon what I say here, right? 

So this vertigo earlier today kinda shocked me actually, thank god it didn’t became terrible. Indeed it’s my worst vertigo attack for now but yeah I accepted it as that’s how the body tell you and give you the warning. I guess they done with giving me the mini warning, now goes the red alert 😳 so that I won’t hushed them with such word pleaser like “nahh it’s okay, this is nothing”, “nothing worse, you’ll be fine, try to eat more red meat, more greens, yada yada ok”, “you’re fine girl just keep on moving”,  in order to keep my heart up huhuu hmmm 

I was about to do my shooting work, then suddenly I feel lightheaded and slowly can’t stand the merry go round that happened inside my head. Felt like my brain became The Flash, running in circle at that time huhu. I lost my balance but I quickly sit down, control my breathing, drink some water and lay down in a bit. 

At first I thought I was about to have an anxiety attack, but then it’s clearly a vertigo attack. I kept repeated “I’m fine, I’m fine” to myself while taking a deep breath and do a deep, slow breathing, in order to avoid panicking huhu thank god my brain still functioning well that time as it received the fine command and projected it right, hence the panic didn’t took over heheh. 

You see, I despise to get anxiety attack especially when I was alone with the kids. It felt much like a reluctant death, like it’s the harsh end of my existence, really. Totally not gonna do you good during the attack and even after. Ah but that’s different story and attack huhu sorry, okayy let’s get back to my anemia story. 

I still remember, the first time I have this kind of vertigo was when I was in high school, yet that time I was collapsed. It was during the assembly, I thought it just the usual mini unbalanced but it all happened swiftly as I didn’t realized that I just out, while my friends were shocked but they automatically help and brought me to lay down in the nearest classroom. After resting for some time, I felt fine again that time. Not really fine but yeah just the usual iron deficiency anemia girl kinda fine. 

I wasn’t officially diagnosed that time, not until my early first pregnancy actually. Indeed I’ve even been hospitalized for this disease before, and still on and off experiencing this anemia & the unbalance thingy. Well like I said earlier, I rarely got vertigo that worries me like today, so yeah okayy I gotta get my iron tablets asap and check my blood counts 😣 

The last recent time that my anemia hit me hard again was about 2 years ago, well I hope this time it wouldn’t be like that again, may I manage to stop the decreasing count. Everything’s linked like a spiderweb, but I’ll try my best. 

This exact post, was actually the moment I felt better after slight fever at first, then goes down to the anemia and all. Seriously that daily blood count check procedure isn’t fun and I’m not looking forward to do it again huhu.

Whoops been pouring too long now, perhaps I should excuse myself now. Not sure whose gonna stop by and read this but yeah, God bless you all. Thank you and take care lovelies ❤️ 

Hip Cafe N9 Food Review

 Salam & Hi semuaa! 

Indeed kita masih lagi ber mco, korang semua okay tak tu? Jom I share new cafe and food review okay, best sikit kan rasa bila tengok makanan heheee. 

Alright so haritu I rasa malas nak masak actually, yelah kadang-kadang penat / takde mood kan nak bersilat kat dapur gitu gini, dengan macam-macam hal lain lagi, so nice jugak bila sesekali tak perlu masak kan hehee. Mujurlah ada servis delivery / boleh tapau je at this time being kan. Since kitorang sekeluarga ni memang suka food hunting / cafe hunting, so of course excited juga nak try this new cafe - Hip Cafe N9, yang baru lagi dibuka di Persiaran Merak, Taman Paroi Jaya, Seremban. 

Hip Hip Hoorayyy makanan dah sampaiii hehee

Ni la cafe Hip Cafe N9 ni, nice kan theme black & white 

To those yang tak perasan cafe tu, lokasi cafe tu dekat area tempat bowling lama tu okayy. Now area situ memang dah mula dibangunkan untuk peniaga-peniaga kecil. Paroi Jaya clan confirm tahu kan area tuu hehe. FYI, owner cafe ni pun adalah anak muda Seremban ni juga tau! Nampak nice cafe tu punya ambience, too bad I belum dapat nak lepak makan sana lagi since mco kan. Yet no worries sebab masih boleh order melalui foodpanda / grab express ataupun pergi ke cafe untuk tapau makan di rumah okayy. 

As for the day, I try 4 meals including 1 set tambahan yang dikategorikan as Hip Special, dan juga 3 jenis air dari Hip Cafe N9 ni. I tengok menu kat sana semuanya menarik dan berpatutan juga harganya tau. Meals yang I sekeluarga try tu adalah : 


Nasi Goreng Kambing ni adalah salah satu best selling di cafe tu tau guys, yang kitorang ambil ni adalah nasi goreng kampung. Korang boleh pilih nasi goreng cina juga kalau tak minat nasi goreng kampung yeaa. Nasi goreng ni memang sedap secukup rasa, then paling best sebab didatangkan bersama kambing bakar yang oh so sedap, lembut je dagingnya, dibakar elok serious memang kombinasi yang padu lah dengan nasi goreng tu! Portion nasinya banyak dan kambing bakar tu pon besar, serious puas hati dan kekenyangan makan for only RM14.90 jee tau! Totally recommended! 


Okay yang ni sebenarnya menu baru di cafe tu tau, harganya RM15.90. Ya Allah guysss yang ni pon I totally recommended, sebab rasa butter chicken tu sedap gilaaa - padu, creamy tapi tak memuakkan sebab secukup rasa dengan pedas dia semua, serious licin I makan tersandar kekenyangan tau! Portion memang banyak jugak puas hati sangat makan. Korang tengoklah gambar tu, ayam banyak, siap ada keropok, timun semua, kuah pon sampai boleh banjir, memang best! 


Alright spaghetti ni my daughter makan but I ada rasa juga dari dia, sedap gilaaa guyssss! Geram pulak semua sedap-sedap ni haha! Dari deria rasa I, spaghetti ni definitely digaul secukup rasa dengan a hint of lemon, parmesan cheese, ditambah pula dengan rasa manis-manis seafood + veges (ada udang, shells, crunchy fresh capsicum etc) yesss memang sedap puas hati! Rasa happy makan sebab this is indeed a great Aglio Olio. Takde rasa dull or lack of anything langsung, for RM15.90 I think memang worth the price and totally recommended! 


Ahaa meal set yang ni pula, for my youngest one tu yet of course I ada rasa juga haha. Sedap, enjoyable la for those yang nak simple meal, or for brunch or breakfast ke kan. Harganya RM11.90 satu set, didatangkan dengan french toast berinti beef bolognese, along with french fries & eggs. Sos cili + mayonnaise pon ada sekali tau. Portion kenyang juga makan, sebab banyak dan french toast tu gemok-gemok tau guys! I think kalau you guys not in the mood for nasi / mee / pasta bolehlaa try yang ni okayy, insyaAllah kena dengan tekak & happy makan hehee. 


Guys, Kueh Gemok ni must try jugak sebab ianya adalah salah satu special menu di Hip Cafe N9 ni tau! Harganya RM4 je untuk satu set yang didatangkan dengan sambal sardin as pencicah. Tak pedas pon sardin tu so kids pon boleh makan, as my kids pon enjoy makan ni sama-sama. It's actually roti puri, memang layan makan hehe. If you guys tak pernah try, rasa dia, macam cekodok besar yang lembut kot if nak I describe kan haha sorry, I think you guys better rasa sendiri yeaa! 

Kueh Gemok ni dibuat mengikut resipi turun temurun keluarga owner. FYI, ianya berbentuk gemuk bulat-bulat besar lepas dimasak tu tau, hence that's why dipanggil 'Kueh Gemok' dalam family then langsung melekat jadi nama menu di cafe juga haha, super cute kan! 

Since I order through delivery yang need around 20 minutes untuk sampai ke rumah I (rumah I agak jauh dari cafe ni actually) so bila sampai Kueh Gemok ni dah kempis, huhuk laju dia diet kan. Yet fret not, dah kempis & even dah sejuk pon tetap lembut tau, memang sedap makan anytime lagi-lagi dicicah dengan sardin tu! Buat as minum petang pon perfect tuu hehee. 


Alright kalau bab minuman pula, I tengok ada beberapa pilihan air termasuk best selling yang boleh dicuba, ada selection panas dan sejuk okayy. As for that time, kitorang try Iced Dalgona, Iced Latte dan Iced Lemonade. Bagi yang tak biasa minum coffee, Iced Dalgona tu slightly manis sikit laa daripada Iced Latte okay, since dalgona kan, yet the coffee taste almost the same. 

For me ok laa, ada rasa hint pahit coffee tuu sikit as per usual, yet it’s not that strong, so I think if you’re not really into strong coffee taste, you’ll like it. To be honest I tak boleh nak comment sangat sebab I think rasa sebenar air tu dah diganggu sikit dengan ice yang dah cair tu kan. Almaklumlah delivery rumah agak jauh, so ice & dalgona whipped nya tu pon dah cair. Tapi still ok laa overall nice minum hehee. As for lemonade pula, yasss tu sedappp memang padu & balance masam manis dia guyss, rasa refreshing sangat minum! 

Ada pelbagai lagi menu lain kat Hip Cafe N9 ni yang you guys boleh cuba, tengok kat gambar menu bawah ni okayy : 

Korang boleh juga follow or check out more info & updates of Hip Cafe N9 ni di instagram mereka ni yeaa : @hipcafe.n9 

Di instagram Hip Cafe N9 tu nanti korang boleh tekan link di bio mereka, yang mana di situ korang boleh pilih untuk contact pihak Hip Cafe N9, dan juga untuk tengok menu mereka, okay guys. To those yang tiada Instagram, it's okayy korang boleh contact / whatsapp Hip Cafe N9 via this number : 019-328 9397 in case nak tanya anything or to order yeaa.

While ini pula waktu operasi Hip Cafe N9 buat masa sekarang ni okay : 

Since mereka baru lagi memulakan perniagaan dan bertapak di sana, so I think biasalah kan start slow-slow, senang bila dah follow cafe makanan sedap macam ni sebab nanti bila-bila ada update menu terbaru ke, takdelah kita ketinggalan & bolehlah try makan nanti kan hehee. I ada tengok review dari pelanggan lain yang dah try makanan di sana, semuanya bagi feedback yang bagus-bagus. Ni ada beberapa review untuk korang tengok okay :

In addition, from my POV, packaging untuk takeaway / delivery dari Hip Cafe N9 ni memang tip top, secure dan I try makan dalam takeaway packaging tu je pon okay steady je, takde bocor or anything pon, even I tuang kuah (as you can see from video review I di tiktok - click SINI) dan makan dalam tu pon steady je hehe. So I think totally convenient dan bagus packaging mereka ni untuk delivery dan takeaway. As in will I repeat or not, I'd say YES, I nak repeat next time, sebab for me first try ni memang sedapppp, harga pon okay, puas hati servis semuaa dan I nak try menu2 lain pulak especially yang baru Banana Nutella Crepe tuu hehee.

Packaging Hip Cafe N9, kuah asing yeaa hehe

Haa kita bukak pulak & ni I dah tuang kuah butter chicken tu

Close up sikit baru best tengok kan heheh

UPDATE : Hip Cafe N9 bermurah hati untuk bagi 10% diskaun to all of you, just guna / mention code : qeela10 to get 10% off okayy! 😍

Indeed dalam masa sekarang ni, kita semua terkesan, dan apa lagi para peniaga. Bagi I, even tak boleh nak cafe hunting macam dulu, kita masih boleh cuba makan ala-ala cafe hunting but from home, macam ni pun antara salah satu cara kita boleh membantu sesama kita. Win-win jugaklah kan since kita kenyang dan happy dengan servis dan makanan yang disediakan para peniaga, dalam masa sama, sedikit sebanyak membantu mereka termasuklah membantu bro dan sis rider yang dah tolong deliverkan untuk kita di rumah. Mudah-mudahan, dipermudahkan urusan dan dimurahkan rezeki kita semua dalam pelbagai cara insyaAllah aamiinn. 

I hope sharing dan review I kali ini membantu korang semua juga lagi-lagi dalam memilih nak order makan mana yang sedap kan hehee. Semoga maju jaya buat Hip Cafe N9, keep up the great foodie taste and great service okayy hehee! Korang yang nak try or dah try tu nanti, feel free to share what you guys think kat comment below jugak yeaa. Till then, thanks a lot for stopping by and take care guys, stay safe anywhere you are okayy. 


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