IJM Land and Astro's Upcoming 'Paw-Some' Festive Celebration

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Indeed I am excited enough to share with you guys about this upcoming event at Seremban 2! Want to know why? Hehe okay let me fill you guys in with the details from the start yea 😁

Last Thursday (8/2/18), I went to the Press Conference of IJM Land Berhad Chap Goh Mei Celebration 2018 at IJM Land's Lobby, Seremban 2. If you must know, this Chap Goh Mei festival celebration at Seremban 2 actually have been such a meaningful, annual/tradition kind of event by IJM Land that been celebrated together with supportive residents and also their potential buyers. So as for this year, they are pleased to announce that they will be ushering this full of joy festival again, officially, in front of us - the members of the media, Media Sales of Astro, Negeri Sembilan Manager of China Press, Area Manager of Sin Chew Daily, and other representatives from Uni Art Fair, Art Corridor Studio, Artlane, Young Malaysians Movement, Hanfu, Efficient Music, and Persatuan Kesenian Gui Qing. 

Since their annual Chap Goh Mei celebration has continuosly gain a strong reputation in providing such festive fun day full with laughter, music, variety performances and also such spectacular displays, hence for this year, they come up with the theme 'Reunion in S2 with Joys Anew' - putting together a dazzling, star-studded event to be celebrate with all residents and visitors as well. As we all know, as a Malaysian, we definitely love and support these kind of celebration activities, no matter what race we are, harmoniously, as it provides the entire community a platform to come together with unity while enjoying and spending such precious time with our friends and family in that joyous occasion. 

This event will be held at Seremban 2's City Park, on 3rd March 2018 with a full day pack programme for all visitors. This event highlights are as follows :-

Chinese Calligraphy Competition 

This very day will begin as early as 7.00am with the annual Chinese Calligraphy Competition, as it's a collaboration between IJM Land and Uni Art Fair Sdn Bhd with their sole objective of promoting the art of Chinese calligraphy among the young children and the community as well. To those who would like to take parts can register at these following location :

IJM Land Berhad - Seremban Office
PT 10786, Seremban 2, 
70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
Tel : 06-7613888
Fax : 06-7618122

Uni Art Fair Sdn Bhd
390, Jalan Haruan 4/1, Oakland Commercial Centre,
70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
Tel : 016-6659480
Fax : 06-6014769

Other Fun Activities and Performances 

There will be much more in store for the evening that will surely entertain every visitors, such as :-

✅ Acrobatic High-Pole Lion Dance performance by Persatuan Kesenian Gui Qing
✅ Chinese Orchestra 5-Piece Band by Efficient Music
✅ 24 Seasons Drum performance by Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Chan Wa

These are among the performances that in line from 8.00pm onwards. Yet do note that there will be a festive gift that can be receive for the first 800 visitors at the redemption counter from 7.00pm onwards. 

So you guys can come by that time, and ahaa this is my most exciting and favourite part to tell with you all! FYI, we all can enjoy their bright, colourful and I am sure are exquisite decorations! because okay let's imagine this - Cherry Blossom tree lighted with colourful LED lights to a brightly-lit Lover's Bridge (must be really lovely then!), and many more awesome displays so that we can all take such breathtaking, colourful and amazing photos with our loved ones, be it with our family or friends! Total instaworthy too I bet haha! 

Sorry can't move on from this deco, so lovely! haha

In addition, there will be a walkabouts by the prosperous Gods of Wealth "Fuk Lok Sau" (Three Wise Men) that includes special giveaways and unlimited balloon-twisting shapes by clowns to all visitors. I bet our kids must love to walk at this part too right! Oh yes not to mention those other fun filled activities that we can take part and enjoy altogether like the Chinese Riddles, fun games and my another favourite, street food! 

Chap Goh Mei Concert by Astro 

So as for this year's Chap Goh Mei celebration, IJM Land altogether with Astro will be showering us with a Chap Goh Mei Concert at the evening as well, along with the theme : Symphony of Love - where there will be performances like English, Mandarin and Cantonese love songs and all by a star-studded cast of Astro artistes and celebrities like Jiang Han, Yoke, Geraldine, Kelly, Chris, Chezi, and many other well known individuals in the Astro family as well. Well, can you imagine, those warm and lovely love songs surrounds with beautiful decoration, it would make such awesome evening in those festive like atmosphere there. 

Last but not least, this festive celebration will be end with a big bang, such spectacular and stunning Fireworks Displays at 11.00pm. Now, who doesn't like fireworks right? 😊

So, how many of you have already planning on going this upcoming 3rd March? Save the date yea lovelies! Before I excuse myself, feel free to watch my video clips here as attached below, of this festive celebration's Press Conference that I went earlier. Look at those gorgeous decorations and lovely mini performances as well, then perhaps you'll be more excited to go to this upcoming Chap Goh Mei Celebration 2018! Oh and indeed those are such delicious food and desserts as well! 😁❤

I hope you enjoy watching it and reading this event details here. Feel free to follow me on my social medias channel as well for more updates etc yea lovelies. Till then, thanks a lot for reading and may you all will be having such great week ahead, Happy Chinese New Year and have a great holiday soon! ❤

Healthy Eyes and Vision Naturally with Berry Bright

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Are you a heavy digital device users or a contact lens users? Or perhaps are you keep on experiencing a dry and tired eyes, or even having those dark circles under your eyes? Well if that is the case, then you shouldn't really stop reading here, because I'm about to share with you about my review on Berry Bright, which might be really beneficial for you. πŸ˜‰

In case you've been wondering, Berry Bright is a natural, no articificial colouring and preservatives of whole food eye supplement drink that is specially formulated to help you easily replenish the vital nutrients that are necessary in order to protect and also to maintain the healthiness of your eyes and vision as well. Each sachet is high in Vitamin C (which contains 500mg per sachet that equivalent to 10 oranges!) and each sachet also provides with the equivalent benefits from consuming 100 blackcurrants! 

FYI, Berry Bright is an Award Winning Winner of Health Food Category in 'Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2017' which been endorsed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Besides that, it's also the Winner for the year 2014, 2015 and 2017 respectively of the 'Best Natural Eye Care Supplement' in Natural Health Readers Choice Awards, and Winner for 'Eye Care' Category in Long Life Health & Beauty Awards in 2014 and 2015. Not to worry as this halal and vegan friendly, award winning product is suitable for everyone too, including children starting from 3 years old and above!

Indeed, the nutritional demand for our eyes must have increases these days due to our modern lifestyle, be it for work, or even leisure. We've been exposed to digital devices like working with our computers/laptop/phone so it'll be like almost all day in front of those screens, in addition the air conditioning environment and else - so yes those must be really tiring and might harm our eyes too, take it from a contact lens user and ones whom working and spending a lot of time in front of digital devices as well like me. 

So with Berry Bright, their water soluble nutrients could be absorbed quickly in order to provide fast relief and support. The Lutien in it can filter harmful blue light from digital devices which may cause damage and speed up the aging of our eyes. In addition, Berry Bright is formulated to improve the micro circulation that can help to eliminate toxins, besides reducing and lighten those dark circles in order to gives us a clearer and fresher look. 

There are two types of Berry Bright ;

1) Berry Bright Original
2) Berry Bright Stevia 


Okay you guys might not believe this but this original type is less sweet than the ones with stevia, although this original have fructose as it's sweetener. Holding to it's no artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colouring, it ingredients are blackcurrant juice powder, eyebright standardized extract, vitamin C, blackcurrant standardized extract, Marigold flower standardized extract and natural blackcurrant flavour. Each box contains 10 sachet of 10g each. It's really easy to prepare, before taking your meal, just pour 1 sachet of Berry Bright to 150ml of water, stir and mix well and then drink immediately in order to avoid oxidation. It tastes nice, not too sweet and not sour either, it's just a good blackcurrant taste like hehe. I do like it and it doesn't give me or my baby any side effects either after I drank it.


Now this one is my favourite since it comes with NO ADDED SUGAR, yet it just using Stevia as replacement and as a natural source of sweeteners. Since I am been trying to cutting down sugar (especially those simple and white sugar) in my daily intake, so, yes of course, I prefer this type of Berry Bright hehe. This one is suitable for diabetics as well, along with slightly enhanced formula - which contains bilberry and mixed berries. Other ingredients are as same as the original one except for that fructose, yet this one does have Galacto-oligosaccharides, and stevia extract aside, that's all as in it's indifference. To be honest, this stevia make it tastes really sweet guys. 

So overall, after consuming both Berry Bright Original and Stevia, I honestly do like these eye supplement since the ingredients aren't scary, tastes good (but maybe if they can reduce the sweetness a bit in the Stevia selection would be great for me haha) and it does helps me in making my eyes stays fresh all day. Usually, if I had not enough sleep from the night before and no rest for the day till night, my eyes will feels dry continuously, tired and uncomfortable at some part of the day, but since I consume this Berry Bright, I rarely feels the dryness and all, yet just feels fresh for long, all day. My dark circles/eye bags also improves, as I can see it look better and lighter from before. 


Yesss you read that right! Hehe. Dear beloved readers and followers whom planning on buying, or looking forward to try these Berry Bright products, this is the right time for you to go for it because I am giving you a unique discount code that will let you get 15% off  discount on selected Berry Bright product when you're ordering from HERE . Just remember to enter this unique discount code : nuraqiladc01 during your checkout yea lovelies. Kindly do note that this discount code is only valid until 15 March 2018 with terms and conditions apply. 
For more info, you guys can also check out their Instagram @berrybrightmy or Facebook BerryBrightMy yea 😊

Well, that's all that I wanna share about Berry Bright. I do hope it'll be beneficial for you guys in some way. Thank You for reading, feel free to follow me on my social media accounts for instant updates upon various interesting events, products and topics. Stay tuned and may you guys have a great week ahead! 😊

Goodbye Acne and Dark Circles with Swissvita Eye Cream and Cleansing Cream

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As for today, I'd love to share with you guys about these two excellent products by All Young - the Swissvita 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream and another one is Swissvita Acne Solution Soothing Cleansing Cream. As you can see, indeed, my first impression was that I do really like their packaging! From the colour of the box, the coordination, then with the cute notebook, well it all feels like I am getting a special, lovely gift the moment I received it haha πŸ˜„


Okay this eye cream really are the 7 seconds miracle! It is because it can give you an instant lifting on your soggy under eyes in just 7 seconds, since it's naturally firms up the skin with AC-11! You can also say goodbye to those dark circles and puffy eyes of yours in about 7 hours, and in addition, this brilliant eye cream can reduct those fine line in 7 days and erasing the crow feet as well! So it's a yes for an anti aging as it helps in erasing those wrinkles around eyes then brighten the skin (yess goodbye panda eyes!) so that you can get the beautiful eyes that you have always wanted or looking forward to. 

To be honest, I just tested it for few days now yet the results is really not disappointing me. It does helps my eyes less soggy/puffy, feels and look tighter and brighten my dark circles as well as reducing the fine line around my eyes in a bit. I didn't feel anything while applying it, no irritation, no drying no annoying smell no anything. So yes I guess that's good hehe. It seems really works on me, as it does what it say it'll do, even the instant lifting! Well, I can say that it'll be such a great friend to such typical insomniac mommy like me, hehe. Beware you panda eyes! We're going to war now! haha

FYI, this Swissvita 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream is safe to be use for all skin types. What more that I like about it are it comes in Paraben-Free, Fragrance-Free, Alcohol-Free, and water based texture. The fact that it's water based makes it definitely non greasy when applied, so it didn't mess up your face or anything - conveniently easy to applied anytime no matter where you are. All you have to do is just simply apply some small dot of this Swissvita 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream around both of your eyes area that have been cleansed beforehand, twice per day on day and night respectively. You can also check out my demo vid below yea, I have enclosed on how to apply it as well. So simple and easy for a beautiful eyes, isn't it?! 😁

Check out my unboxing and demo video :-


I know I don't really have such bad acne problem, but I do have large pores, pigmentation and combination skin aside. It's my fault that I used to took it easy when it came to skin care routine before, hence, when those pores can't really breathe due to improper care and cleanse, it does invites those other problem like pigmentation, combination skin, pimples, white head, ohh you name it. So, the first, important step to remove all those skin problems and to get a clear, clean healthy skin is to choose the right face cleanser! And you guys know what, according to dermatologist, this Swissvita Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream is the best acne face washes, so yesss parallel with it's slogan of Acne F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G that lead to say hello to such a clean and clear skin, this baby really are cleansing well!

I love it how clean and soft my skin feels after using it as my face wash / cleanser. At the time I tested this cleanser, I do have several acne around my face. Not much but still, with the oily combination and then those acne, it will be bad if I didn't cleanse my pores thoroughly right. So just in time to try this baby! Turns out, my pores seems better and it helps me kicking out those unwanted oil and acne before it could spread out more, since it does helps in exfoliate my skin, cleans out those dead skin cells and oils that been clogging the pores. My skin feels good without oily T-Zone for a good long time each normal day, even when the times that I'm sweating or so. What I love about it is that it's also doesn't irritate the acne while I use it (even after finish washing my face!) and it does feels like a gentle cleanser instead, seriously feels light and leaves my skin smoothly clean, not drying or anything but just cleansed thoroughly. The acne also seems to slowly go away day by day, so it does helps in fighting it and preventing it from spreading around. 😁

If you're prone to adult acne, this kind of face wash that contains citric acid-based can works in order to keep your pores clear, as it's targetting the stubborn acnes bacteria which causes the breakouts, as well as treating blackheads and everything. It might be drying but you can adjust as needed while paying attention on how your skin is reacting once you start to use it, then get ready as the results can usually starting to be seen and your acne condition will improve in just within 1 week! 

This medical-grade product is also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant as well, plus it's also have plant extract to balance out the oil, especially in the T-zone. So yes indeed, it does bring out the fast action and such an effective treatment for various type of acne and else. It's definitely suitable for oily and combination skin as well. Just use twice daily - day and night, by applying a small amount of this cleanser to damp skin, then rinse and gently pat it dry. As one of the used to have a combination skin, for me, this cleanser can totally clean and worth it!


For those whom already grow your interests in any of these two (or even both!) products, you guys can get it at :-

πŸ‘‰πŸΏ other online store such as HERMO, ZALORA & LAZADA as well.

You guys can also get them directly or kindly check out their Official Online Store as stated below for more details :-


Retail price for this Swissvita 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream is RM115 (15g) while as for the Swissvita Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream is RM80. 

Great news for my lovely readers! You guys can key in this discount code : SWA10 , to get RM10 discount with no minimum spending when you guys are purchasing at ALLYOUNG.MY. Do note that this special discount code are only valid until 28/2/18 yea lovelies. So yess hurry up and grab it while you can! πŸ˜‰

So, that's all from me about these two brilliant Swissvita babies by ALLYOUNG.MY. Hopefully it does helps you guys in any way, yea. Thank you for reading and may you guys have a great weekend ahead! 😊

Exploring 20k Pinwheels and more at Iringan Bayu

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Do you guys remember about my previous post on Playground of The Wind, ones that featuring the 20k pinwheels and all? Yesss so here it is, the event that's happening! I went there earlier, yes a bit early but here's the perks for you guys - the sneak peek before you guys could have fun and explore them yourselves! Well, who doesn't love a little bit of sneak peek right? 😁


Indeed I must remind you all that this unique event had already started from 27/1/18 (Saturday) till 11/2/18 from 10am to 5pm yea guys! Just waze - Iringan Bayu Show Village - and you can be there in no mess. For those whom been missed out the details, no worries you guys can read my previous post upon this event - just CLICK HERE to check it out in a bit. πŸ˜‰

Okay so, since it's kind of a continuos weekend hang out that we could look forward to, here's a bit of the event's pinpoint for each / every weekend yea. 

27-28 January : Official launch of brand new township
for this weekend, we can learn and take a look at their Sistawork Workshop and the DIY Paper pinwheel workshop. We also can take part in their Wooden Block Games and Hand Artsy. As for the foodie highlight, there are various food trucks that we can choose from and most importantly, the special treat for the weekend is the Yummy Fluffy (cotton candy sculpture). Niceeee πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜

3-4 February : Hunting ground
There are 3 interesting workshops that you can join for this weekend, which are Dream Catcher Workshop, 3D Artwork Workshop, and DIY Paper Pinwheel Workshop, besides the Bubbly Bobble and the local food store around.

10-11 February : Wind Festival 
Ahh this week is a little bit different, as it's highlights more into performances. You can enjoy the acoustic / folks bands and solo performances, magician showcase, and buskers performance as well. Not into just sit there and listen? Well you can explore the Handy Art section or play the giant kite that's available this weekend! 😁
P/S : Don't miss out the Lucky Draw on 11 February!

25 February : Chinese New Year Highlights 
Here's a little extra for us! There will be fun and festive-like activities for this day, such as Lion Dance & Firecrackers, Chinese Caligraphy, Handmade Chinese Clay Doll, God of Prosperity Mascot & Angpau giveaways, and not to forget, the Angpau Packet Art and Craft. 

So that's about the weekend highlights. Now, who's up for the 20k pinwheels sneak peek?! Hehe. Seriously it's beautiful and lovely, we all can go crazy taking wonderful photos here and there, it's totally insta worthy guys! (Don't forget the instagram contest!) There are 10 section that you can explore for the pinwheels area as I mentioned in my previous post about this pinwheels event (you guys can click the link above in paragraph two to read again too yea)
I've compiled the pics and videos that I've took there so you guys can easily watch the sneak peek here, just kindly click play below 😘

So, how do you feel watching those pinwheels and all? It's wonderful isn't it! Somehow it's reminds us of our childhood as well. Well, guys should come here and explore these 20k pinwheels yourselves, around with the various activities / stalls and all, it will be great for the family and fun time. Hopefully you guys enjoy watching this video and feel free to subscribe! πŸ˜‰

Till then, stay tuned and follow me on my social medias for more and instant updates upon various topics and entertainment! 
Thank You and may you guys have such lovely weekend ahead! 

Whittaker's Malborough Sea Salt with Caramel Brittles Chocolate Review

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Ahaa, indeed, today we're just talking about chocolate. Whittaker's, specifically. Hehe. Anyone a fan of Whittaker's too here? For those whom been following me on my instagram HERE I believe you guys must remember my post on this spesific selection of Whittaker's New Zealand Artisan Collection right? 
So here it is lovelies!

We all aware that there are lots of choices when it comes to chocolate bar, and to be honest yeah I am always a fan of Whittaker's, yet this one right here, is ones that make my heart grew fonder. 

Whittaker's have had passion to create such world class chocolate for generations now, and in this New Zealand Artisan Collection, they combines the world's finest cocoa with the delicious ingredients sourced directly from New Zealand's finest. As for this one, imagine, the delightfully crunchy of those caramel brittles, combined with the Pacific sea salt from Malborough's Lake Grassmere, then sprinkled through their famous 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate, mmmhmm surely one is not enough! 

First of all, I must say that I am definitely impressed and really, I mean really, love the packaging. It shows elegance yet a bit of traditional taste, but I must say, it does came out bold, thank you to the colour preferences and the pattern as well! Seriously, it just great to sinply give it as a gift just the way it is - or just simply wrap a velvet ribbon around it and you're great to go, because the packaging itself already seems like a lovely gift to me! ❤

Okay then next, the taste! haha I know this is what you guys been waiting for right. Yet no worries, no waste upon waiting here because, the taste is really good and I really loves it! 

As you all know, the milk chocolate of Whittaker's tasted much more chocolate than other usual milk chocolate since it contains 33% cocoa, and for me, it taste lovely since it's not too sweet yet not bitter as well, so, combining with the Malborough Sea Salt with those caramel brittles, it does make the chocolate taste stands out. I do love things with salted this and that a bit (for example, salted egg croissants ohh yumss) and this one right here is not disappointing me yeayy! 

The Malborough Sea Salt itself isn't that too much salty, I can say that it's such a premium taste indeed, altogether with the chocolate milk. 

While for those caramel brittles, well I must say that it's fairly balances the salt and the milk chocolate - honestly it comes in fair amount as well, not too much and not too little that been mixed up in there, they're just nice! πŸ‘πŸΏ

More over, if you must know, my husband isn't the kind of mad chocolate lovers like me, yet when he tasted this Whittaker's Malborough Sea Salt with Caramel Brittles (his first Whittaker's as well), he honestly likes it and repeatedly eating it! FYI, that's not common for him, since usually he will just taste the chocolate a bit then done, not really getting excited about it but this one, had won him over since he could repeatedly ate them. Wow is right guysss haha so now I know Whittaker's will always be the right choice when it comes to chocolate for him 😁❤

I know we hardly find this kind of Whittaker's at the usual market or mall here in Malaysia, but no worries, you guys can simply buy it from Lazada Malaysia. It's actually cheaper than their basic selection like the Almond or Fruit and Nut or so (for this size), so yeah you guys could totally grab it. To make it easier, you guys can just simply click on the link provided below or you can find the image banner of this chocolate on the right sidebar of my blog here, simply click it and it will directly bring you to the item's page and ready to be purchase right away 😊 I've purchased this baby there too, and it won't took long to get, just a day or two and I received it in such great condition as well, no out of shape or any other issues at all πŸ‘πŸΏ
Click this link to purchase directly yea :-

Overall, I'm glad I tried it and will definitely repeat it again. It just been my new favourite of Whittaker's selection hehe. 

So for all chocolate lovers or most importantly Whittaker's fan out there whom read this, have you guys tried this one? Do you like it like I do? If you're not try it yet, will you want to? Feel free to share what do you think in the comment box below yea 😊

That's all about me and my new favourite Whittaker's, hehe. Thank You for reading and stopping by, may it'll be beneficial. Stay tuned and follow for more and instant update. Have a great week ahead lovelies! 

20k Pinwheel at Playground of the Wind event by Iringan Bayu!

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Yes indeed, as lovely as that title sounds, I can't help but reminiscing my childhood when it comes to pinwheel. I bet everyone does, right? hehe. Pinwheel were literally everywhere and it happened to be one of our toys when we were kids, am I right?! ❤

So, can you guys imagine, coming to such beautiful ground filled with 20k pinwheels in such fun filled and windy-ful atmosphere around you, altogether with your friends and family, ohh how inspiring, lovely, and insta-worthy are that?!

There are 10 wind-spired section / highlights at the area that you and your friends or family can take parts and enjoy, such as Passage of Dreams, Wall of Windspiration, Spinning Spectacular, Pinned Pretties, Wheel of Fortunes, Dazzling Displays, and much more!

Oh and not to forget, there'll be variety of Food Trucks (yassss gonna be yummyyyy! - Foodlover alert ❤), fun artsy workshops, instagram contest (get ready you igers!), children games, and lots of other fun activities, yet behold, the Lucky Draw as well!
You guys can check out the pic below for the wind-spired highlight activities yea. 
Well you gotta say thanks to Iringan Bayu, because it's especially brought to you by them!

For your information, Iringan Bayu is an inspired by nature of freehold Double Storey terrace houses in a guarded neighbourhood, with various great facilities around that I can simply say that it could make such a great dream house or neighbourhood that we could find! 


Okay let's see my pin points here :-

1. Spacious, beautiful house

This freehold double storrey terrace comes with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, with fully extended (say yessss to no need to renovate for more!) 20'x65' lot size, in a fusion of modern architecture and nature style. Definitely comfy for whole family and even for your future guests. I must say that I can imagine living here idyllically with my family! 

2. Various awesome facilities

There's a 22-acre Central Park which complete with children playground, outdoor gym, bicycle trails, walkway / jogging track, along with refreshing greenery views, pocket garden and lake. 
So, no matter what you're feeling that day, you can always go around the neighbourhood either for a sporty cycling moment, calming down with a walk along the green pathway, strolling for a romantic sunset view by the lake, or enjoy killing time with having a fun picnic with your friends and family!

3. 24/7 Surveillance 

Safety is indeed important, hence, guarded neighbourhood is a better and must be in our list for a new home. Here, with a 24 hours security for each and every single day is just what we need and be given in order to live safe with no worries here. 

4. Others

There are many other good things for choosing Iringan Bayu neighbourhood, such as 
- Easy access to various major highways or places like KLIA, Seremban, KL, Port Dickson, Malacca, Putrajaya, etc, so it'll be very convenient either for works, or weekend shopping, or beach time and all. 
- There are 10 different schools within 10km, conveniently for those who have kids

So, that's a little bit this and that about Iringan Bayu. Pretty awesome isn't it?! 
If you're interested, or even if you're just looking forward to have some fun with your friends and family, you are definitely welcome to come and visit their unique new show village every weekend and explore yourselves the beautiful views of 20k pinwheels as well as enjoying their fun filled activities hightlights there starting from this 27 January 2018 to 11 February 2018, 10.00am till 5.00pm at Iringan Bayu Show Village, Seremban

Register HERE now to get an exclusive invite to the one of a kind pinwheels scenery or kindly contact 06 - 6304656 now lovelies!

You can also visits https://www.facebook.com/iringanbayuseremban/ for more info or updates yea. 
Lock the date and insyaAllah I'll be seeing you guys there too on 27th! 

Thank You for stopping by and may this entry be beneficial especially for those whom are been looking for their new, dream home. 
Stay Tuned and have a great day ahead guys! 😊

Tasneem Naturel Balm, A Perfect Companion for Babies and Adults Too!

Salam and hello lovelies!

As promised earlier on my instagram, here's the full details and review of Tasneem Naturel products that I've been talking about with you guys there. 

Okay a quick intro about Tasneem Naturel Network: 
Started from scratch at home from making those homemade balm to packaging and everything by Mrs Haridah and her husband, Mr Rafizal, until now that they have up to thousand of agents and stockists around Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Japan, Korea and Singapore. Mrs Haridah's intention is to add value in one's life, aside from wanted to help all mommies out there whom facing all sorts of problem regarding their child's tantrum, sleeping problem, cough, flu, and other discomfort, and also for those who are looking for extra income. Hence, here comes the Tasneem Naturel Balm that been made with 100% Essential Oils essence. 

These balm comes in 4 types :-

1) CF Rub

- This lovely CF Rub balm can help soothe cough and flu, with it's great and natural only ingredients - Carrier Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Lemon, Orange, Eucalytus, Lavender, Cypress, Tea Tree, and Frankinsence - hence, no worries to use it on your little loved ones! It doesn't have any strong smell, just refreshing orangy or citruscy smell that I find it nice πŸ‘πŸΏ
You see, my baby boy here caught a little bit of cough the night before, so after took him to bath the next morning, I rub this CF Rub balm gently on his back, chest, and foot area. Alhamdulillah after a while, he's in better state and not coughing anymore, and well look how happy he is in that picture of that same day! 😁

2) Sleep Time

- While putting my baby to bed, I usually do take some time to massage him as well, using the Sleep Time balm. The all natural essential oils like Carrier Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cedarwood, Lavender, Vertiver, Chamomile, Orange, Marjoram, Bergamot, and Ylang Ylang does helps to make him fall asleep easily and peacefully, so yes indeed I do like it! FYI, Lavender, Bergamot and Chamomile are also known to promote better sleep. πŸ‘πŸΏ As for the massage, usually I started from his backbone area, up to his neck and behind ears area, then a little bit of his shoulders area, down to his wrists area, then lastly, his foot area. Oh dear goodness even me myself wanted to have that kind of lovely massage before asleep right! πŸ˜† Indeed, mommies to mommies, that moment when our sugarbug had fall asleep is the only moment that we can catching up on ourselves, having some me time or even finishing our work right, hehe πŸ˜† This balm also doesn't have a strong smell, it's just lovely! ❤

3) Calm Time 

- I use this balm after my baby's bath each morning and evening, applying it with the same massage as when I do for his sleep time massage. Totally loves it! I think after bath is the perfect time for him in order to contain those calmness as this balm helps to promote whole body relaxation to our little ones. Look at it as this way - after been refreshed with bathing, you calm your body with a cool, relaxing massage that been applied with such soothing and lovely essential oils around your body. Top that with the all natural ingredients goodness and benefits that been restored to your body. Now how's that sound?! Will you get cranky after having that?! Of course you won't! 😁❤ Well, massaging your baby regularly is great for them, as it will helps with their senses and brain development, also not to forget to strengthen their body and those precious bonding between you two that grow each every moment. 🌷
Watch this video that I made to show roughly to you all on how the massage took place :- 

4) Tummy Time

- So when it seems like he had some kind of tummy's 911, here, I rub his tummy area within love shape with Tasneem Naturel Tummy Time to ease those discomfort off of him. This Tummy Time balm can help ease tummy discomfort with it's chosen essential oils of Carrier Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Ginger, Peppermint, Junipers, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, Patchouli, Tangerine, and Lavender. In addition, with these kind of easy to grab and ready to go cute little packaging makes it easier for mommies to use it without any mess, anywhere, and anytime. 🌷

So overall, I do think these 4 types of Tasneem Naturel balm are such a perfect companion for us mommies and babies, and guess what, it can even be use for adults too! I love it's all natural ingredients, which make it non harmful to our loved ones. Their smells are lovely and refreshing as well. Those cute packaging are great for travel as well! So yes thumbs up for all! πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ’– 

Here's are the details of Tasneem Naturel for you guys to check out later :- 

HOTLINE: 011-20964665 (ORDER) , 010-8453469 (AGENT & STOCKIST REGISTRATION)

Here's are some of their customer's testimony that I've compiled for you guys to have a quick go through here :-

So, I hope my post here are beneficial to all of you especially parents out there. Follow me on my instagram :- @qeela.iqa for more updates and more about parenting, lifestyle, beauty, food and much more. 
Till then, may you all have a great weekend ahead! 
Thank You for reading! ❤
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