Blazin' Raya Makeup Look + Quick Unboxing of W7 Cosmetics

Salam and Hi lovelies!

Okayy so in this post I'd love to share with you guys
more deets & review of W7 Cosmetics Malaysia
that I happened to got the chance to first tried them
at #GuardianGayaSquad makeup session event earlier.
Hmm I think if you guys remember my teaser posts
on my INSTAGRAM previously, which I'd post about
whom I wanna be for Raya, and also sneak peek of
these cosmetics items along with the Kocostar masks,
remember? Ahahh that's it guyss hehe!
To those whom are still blur, you guys can scroll on
to my IG page later okayy, this POST HERE is one of it yeah.

Alright, so about this brand, it's actually originally
all the way from London, yet now they're here,
exclusively available at Guardian Malaysia!
With their "Who Will You Be Today?" tagline, they
definitely opens up opportunity for the consumer
to express themselves using W7 Cosmetics, which are
now has grown over 500 products, which none
are tested on animals! Great right?!

Some of the W7 Cosmetics Malaysia's items

So, I've got the opportunities to try some of their
products such as primers, foundation, eyeshadow,
blusher, and girl, it's really are not bad and kinda

I really love their eyeshadow palette selection,
because they got variety of all beautiful colour
selection in each variant of palette.
And what matter the most is that they're all
really pigmented! I've tried the W7 Delicious
palette and in this video below I tried another palette,
which are Blazin'. Both are really good,
definitely worth the buy seriously!

W7 Delicios eyeshadow palette in one light swatches. 
Only RM59.90 per palette ohh yass!

Some of the beautiful nude colour selection of Mega Matte Lips.
RM26.90 each and I lovesssss them!

Other items that I love is their Mega Matte Lips liquid lip matte
and their Duo Blusher. The Mega Matte Lip comes in various
exquisite colour selections (especially the nudes ones really!)
and it's really light, not sticky at all, no funny smell,
no chappy look upon wearing, overall, it's really great.
I definitely look forward to stock up more colours later I guess haha.

Duo Blusher selection with Banana Dreams (Loose Powder) and 
Puff Perfection (Compact Powder)

While as for the Duo Blusher, it's pigmented as well and got nice,
beautiful tones that will suits us right up I think, but it'll be very
powdery if you use their little brush that comes with them.
So my advice, use your own, usual blush / powder brush okay love?
Because I've tried both, and honestly you better put on the blusher
with other brush since the little blush is too small and not that soft
for an even spread of blush on your face. It's nice for contouring though hehe.
So since I'm not into brownish blusher, so I use the brownish tone
of the Duo Blush as my bronzer, ohhh girl it works well too.
You guys can see my video below okay upon applying these.

As for the other items, it's not bad as well, I've tried several more of them
but I think it depends on your skin condition yea.
It seems to work really amazing on some of my blogger friends
at the time we tried it, yet as for me, I think it's nice, yet yeah
I have to try their other foundation range I guess to compare
which are better for my skin. But the Duo Contour Stick is not for me huhu
sorry guysss yet yesss the highlighter of that Duo Contour Stick is good to go.

There are literally lots more that I have yet to try,
so yeah I think it's great if you guys could go and try them
yourselves too, then we could perhaps share the results together here, yeah?
hehe ohh and not to worries as their prices are all really affordable.
You guys can go to their pages as listed below for more details
and products view, okay?

Facebook : W7 Cosmetics Malaysia

Instagram : @w7cosmetics_malaysia

Alright now, let's see my makeup video of Blazin' Raya Makeup Look
using the items that I got from W7 Cosmetics Malaysia along with other
items as well. There's a quick unboxing as well yea before the makeup tutorial.
Andddd this is actually my very first full makeup video so sorry if anything
turns to be not that good, I know there must be lots to improve yet do show
some love and support yeah? TIA heheeee.

Product Use :

Primer : Fenty Beauty Soft Matte Primer
Foundation : Chriszen Match Matte Serum in Natural Beige
Loose Powder : dUck Cosmetics Loose Setting Powder
Eyebrow : Cybercolors in Grey Brown
Concealer : The Saem Tip Perfecting Concealer from Althea Korea
Blusher, Bronzer, Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Eyeliner, Mascara, Highlighter & BB :
all by W7 Cosmetics Malaysia
Lipstick (addition) : Huda Beauty #HudaBeautyPowerBullet in Interview

Well, that's it for this post I guess. I hope my sharing here are somewhat beneficial
to you all yea and feel free to follow me on my social medias for more
beauty and other interesting / motivating updates heheee.
Till then, thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead lovelies!

Kocostar : The New Innovative and Mommy Approves Slice Masks!

Salam and hello lovelies!

Okay so in my entry this time I would love to share
with you guys the full deets about this new masks range
from Korean Brand, Kocostar, which are indeed originally from Korea.
As usual, if you had followed me on my INSTAGRAM then you must
have remember my posts about this Kocostar sneak peek, with the
#GuardianGayaSquad , right? hehee.
Fun fact ; Kocostar is actually Korean Cosmetic Star yet
just simplified the name to Kocostar!

Well as we all know, Korean beauty trends have taken the industry
by storm over the last few years, as we can see and find lots and
various range of their KBeauty style, right?
Of course, that includes sheet masks, as well as masks for
the body and feet. Hence I gotta say, Kocostar had produced such creative
and innovative masks as it's a great combination of the latest
Korean slice mask with the normal facial sheet mask, which make it
a complete masks from head to toe.

I seriously love the idea because as a mom, I do need a mask that is
not just the regular, normal facial sheet masks and then needed to buy
more for the body parts kinda masks. That's just make my mask time
very limited, which is sad, because I love to have them everyday
or more regularly each week. Since I don't usually can go to the spa
regularly for my me time pampering session, hence having some at home
by myself is great. Oh and don't get me started on that regular facial
sheet mask. I mean, it definitely are not kids friendly, right haha as
either they'll be scared or just keep on pulling the mask from my face
or something and it's hard for me to multitask as well while wearing it.

Look at those cute patches! 

That's why, I really, honestly, love this latest Kocostar mask!
It comes in cute shapes, which we can put / wear them not only
on our face, but all other body parts as well, really!
Now I can move and doing my works or other stuff freely while
at the same time having my masks on. I don't have to wait
till past midnight, or when my kids asleep, in order to have lil
bit of my mask time. My kids are not scared anymore, and they definitely
not feel or acting weird seeing me with those cute patches hehe.

FYI, there are 8 variants of this Kocostar slice mask, which are Aloe Vera,
Apple, Cherry Blossom, Cucumber, Lemon, Pineapple, Sunflower,
and Strawberry. Each variant of fruit and floral caters to different skin types
and functions. We can definitely mix and match them or choose our
preferred variants for our skin. For example, Pineapple variant helps in
skin's elasticity, while aloe vera and cucumber are mostly about hydration,
apple is great for rejuvenating, cherry blossoms could work with pigmentations,
and many more. All you need to do is just peel them off from the sheet discs
and put the slice on your desired area and you're great to go, even look good
for a video call as well hehee!

Kocostar is now selling to over 20 countries worldwide and aim to be the
No.1 creative and innovative face mask in the world, which I truly
support that! Their mask are also really affordable, as it"s only RM9.90
per pack / sheet. You guys can get them at nearest Guardian Stores around okay.
For more information you guys can check out their sites as below :

Facebook :

Instagram : @kocostarmy

Or you may contact Sharon Yong (Sales & Marketing Manager of Kocostar Korea Malaysia)
Email :
Contact Number : 603-6144 0678

Well, that's all I guess for this time. Hopefully this is somehow beneficial to you all okay.
If u wanna see more close up videos of these mask, feel free to head on to my
instagram page and go to my posts of this Kocostar try out okay.
Till then, thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead lovelies!

Ramadhan Baking Project : Double Lion Baby Macaroons Recipe and Video Tutorial

Salam and Hi lovelies! 

So in this post, I want to share with you guys the baby macaroons recipe 
that me and my sister made earlier this Ramadhan. 
If you follow my instagram you must already knew about my baking project, right?
Okay, for those who didn't know, 
I did a baking project with my sister in order to join the KHH Double Lion 
#khhdoublelionxraya #khhdoublelionrecipe contest to win the gold bar hehe. 
You guys can read more details of the contest HERE okay ;) 

Alright, so we baked and modified ourselves this baby macaroons 
and turned them to what we called as Double Lion Baby Macaroons!
Simply because obviously, we used the KHH Double Lion in our modified 
baby macaroons recipe. Seriously, they turned out awesome and definitely 
perfect for munching after breaking fast, or even as raya cookies! Heheee. 

There are two flavour of this baby macaroons that we made here, 
which are Lychee (the white ones) and Sweet Corn (the yellow ones), 
both flavours are with buttercream + cream cheese filling, ohh so yums! 
It's easy peasy to make guys, really. Check out my video tutorial below 
upon how to make it step by step yea : 

Made this video especially for you! hehee

Okay here's the recipe yea. Basically you'll need : 

For the Coque

50g Almond Powder 
40g Icing Sugar 
40g Egg Whites 
40g Castor Sugar 
1 tsp KHH Double Lion Flavour

For the Filling

250g SCS Butter  
50g Icing Sugar 
100g Cream Cheese 

  1. To make the coque, beat everything in a mixer. You can refer to my video for the step by step details yea.
  2. Do note that I separated the coque’s portion into 2 portion in order to make 2 flavour, which are Lychee and Sweet Corn. You can see that in the video as well. 
  3. Bake these babies at 160 degree Celsius for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure you let it rest around 30 minutes first (until it doesn’t sticky when you touch it) before you put in the oven to bake. 
  4. As for the filling, beat everything as well with a mixer till it becomes thick yet soft and creamy. Kindly refer to my video for details. 
  5. Fill the filling using piping and you’re ready to go ohh so yumss! 😍 

May this sharing will be beneficial to all of you! 
Feel free to join the #khhdoublelionxraya contest too okayy. 
Just click on the link I've given to you earlier to go directly 
to the post about the contest. 
I've also uploaded the video tutorial of this baby macaroons 
on my IGTV as well, so if you don't prefer Youtube you can 
head on to my IGTV there okay. 
Anyway, all the best yea if you already planning upon joining. 
Thanks for stopping by and have a great Ramadhan ahead lovelies! 🌸

Naelofar X Guardian New & Exclusive Summer Collection Tote Bags for Ramadhan

Salam & Hi lovelies!

So last Thursday on May 2nd, 2019 I went to Mama San, KLCC,
for the launching of Naelofar exclusive Tote Bag.
These tote bags were designed and inspired by our talented actress,
TV Presenter, Model, and successful entrepreneur which happened
to be one of my idol as well, Miss Neelofa.
If you're already following me on my instagram or if you're
one of Neelofa's fan as well then you must
already knew what am I talking about, right, hehe.

Happiness, is when you finally met and greeted with one of your fav, 
talented, successful, and beautifully inspiring woman!

Neelofa, her talent, ideas, and success definitely inspiring me!

Okay for those who doesn't have any ideas
upon what it is, let me tell you now.
FYI, Neelofa's brand - NAELOFAR, one of Malaysia's leading
contemporary fashion brand, have collaborate with Guardian Malaysia
for this Exclusive Summer Collection tote bags as their special way
to welcome the Holy month of Ramadhan with their customers as well.

There are 3 variation for these tote bags, each one shares
and carry Neelofa's inspiration behind :


A vibrant colour of Iris flowers designed with golden rectangle geometry
to lead the eye from one design element to the next.
Exclusively design to look bold and elegant.


Designed to go beyond the norm towards modernizations. The use of clean,
irregular shapes with tropical colours emphasize on the beauty effect 
of the design. 


Flowers and butterflies symbolize grace and beauty, with a touch of vibrant 
colours to give more festive-like feelings. Designed exclusively for those 
whom embrace elegance. 

Here's some of the pics of these three tote bags live at the launching earlier yea :

Lovely, aren't they?! 
For more close up pics and videos of these tote bags and the launching party, 
feel free to head on to my instagram posts starting HERE okay. 
You won't regret it I promise heheee.

Those whom are ready to grab these tote bags, you guys can do so by going 
to the Guardian stores near you, make any purchase of sponsor's products 
worth RM20, or RM30 of non sponsor's products, and you get to purchased 
this tote bags at 40% discounts which is only for RM17.90
You guys better hurry though because this Guardian Exclusive Summer Collecion 
of Naelofar Tote Bags will be available from now till stocks last okay, 
which stocks are limited.

In addition, Guardian Malaysia stores will also have a special
theme called "Seiring Ramadhan" during the month of Ramadhan
where there will be the best deals offer for all customers throughout
this Ramadhan season with discounts up to 50% on some products!
So, it definitely are a great time to shop at Guardian and carry our
Guardian's haul home in this must have and beautiful
#NaelofarXGuardian tote bags, right!

I've already collected mine, what about you?

got exclusive Neelofa's signature as well on each tote bags!

hehe till then, don't forget to follow me on my social medias
for more and instant interesting updates which covers
mostly about beauty, fashion, food, movies/entertainment,
parenting, gadgets,
ohh so many beneficial things just for you lovelies!
May my sharing this time is somehow beneficial to you all
as well and I would love to wish everyone Happy Ramadhan too!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead okay lovelies.

Chriszen Match Matte Serum Foundation : Launching and Review

Salam and Hi lovelies!

Okay so last Thursday on March 25, 2019,
I went to #ChriszenMatchMe makeup party,
which their new foundation range
- Match Matte Serum Foundation -
been launched as well.

As you guys can see from my instagram
updates of the event, I bet you guys wanna
know more about this foundation range right?
Like what’s the hype of this?
Alrightttt here I am spilling the beans hehee.

Ms Mandy Leong, Managing Director of Chriszen Malaysia 
along with other models on her left and right 
holding the new Chriszen Match Matte Serum foundation 
at the launching

FYI, this new Chriszen Match Matte Serum Foundation
are part makeup and part skincare - because it is a
foundation that comes with the consistency and
benefits of a serum. It provides a smooth and in depth
coverage on the surface and at the same time it’s also
will penetrate deep into the skin, delivering those great
and active ingredients in order to nourish, heal, flaw
improvement and colour correction as well.

11 Powerful ingredients with it's benefits!

I really like the fact that it’s packed with 11 powerful
ingredients that provides the essential benefits that a skin
needs such as hydration, skin whitening, as well as antioxidants
for protection against free radicals and anti ageing properties.
Those ingredients are bearberry extract, oat kernel extract,
red sea algae, liquorice root extract, Vitamin B3, frangipani,
trehalose, fucogel (biosacharide gum - 1), aloe vera extract,
manuka honey extract and also witch hazel extract.

Not to worries as this serum foundation are suitable for all
skin types. It comes in 5 distinctive shades which were created
especially for the Southeast Asian skin tones. Those marks are
as below :

Natural Ivory - for light medium skin with cool undertones
Light Beige - for light medium skin with neutral undertones
Nude Beige - for medium skin with neutral undertones
Natural Beige - for medium skin with warm undertones
Rich Honey - for tan skin with warm undertones

THE Chriszen Match Matte Serum Foundation!

I must say that I really love it’s lightweight formula, totally
smooth and really easy to blend as well as I do enjoy the
flawless effect and coverage that it gave me upon application.
I did literally fell in love upon trying it earlier at the event!
Not just me, but my other fellow influencers as well okayyy hehe.
In addition, who doesn’t love a single product that can provides
such even complexion as well as the benefits of a skin serum
that packed with beauty benefits, right?!

Me, during the makeover. TBH I fell in love with 
this serum foundation right away upon this moment!

Now here's the close up. Ohh how flawless this 
serum foundation had made me look right! 

So far I only managed to tried it for few hours during
and after the event, and it’s not even been set, prime
or anything okay guys, yet so far so good ohh yasss hehe.

I definitely will try it on again with proper makeup steps
and let it like long hours, under different state like testing it
outdoor, hot weather and all, then let’s see again
what will I achieve for the full verdict of this
product, yeah? hehe.

In the meantime, let's see our happy faces of feeling
so beautiful & flawless right after getting our makeover
using Chriszen's product, yes including this new
Chriszen Match Matte Serum foundation as well!

We both fell in love with this serum foundation right away ohh yess!

Manage to meet and greet with my favourite MUAs as well there!
Definitely ecstatic to meet Aizat, Liana & Ayang Kamell!!

As for the price, I think it’s really affordable, which it’s
retailed at RM56.90 for West Malaysia, and RM65.90
for East Malaysia. It is also exclusively available at
Guardian Malaysia stores nationwide.
For more info or updates, you guys can check here :

Website :
Facebook Page : ChriszenOfficial
Instagram : @Chriszen_Official

Got it in my shade MW230 Natural Beige, along with 
Color Matte lipstick in Coral Apricot & Kohl Kajal 
eyeliner in 01 Extra Black. Happy to get the makeup pouch as well yayy!

Feel free to follow and check out more videos and pics
on my instagram igstory of this event which
I’ve already highlighted them on my profile under
QeelaxBeauty section okay lovelies.
Kindly subscribe to my youtube channel too tho I’m
still budding there hehe.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and may this somewhat
be beneficial for you guys especially all beauty addict
out there hehe. Till then, may you guys will have such a
wonderful week ahead!


IJM Land Half Marathon 2019 : Get the Early Bird Fee Now!

Salam and Hi lovelies!

Last Friday (28/3/2019), I went to IJM Land 
Half Marathon 2019 Press Conference at 
IJM Land Seremban 2 Office. 

As we all know, this event is the most awaits 
and talk about each year, especially by 
Serembanian folks whom looking forward 
to join and also those whom practicing such healthy 
lifestyle and into fitness as well.

For those whom are not familiar with this event, 
no worries, you guys can check out my 
previous entry upon this. 
I’ve shared about previous marathon HERE yea.

Okay so, for this year, we have a special guest 
that attended the Press Conference, whom happened 
to be a successful and well known Serembanian 
as well, Mr Owen Yap, the TV Host & News Presenter.  

Besides that, we have our organiser - 
Dato’ Hoo Kim See, IJM Land Berhad’s Senior General Manager,
along with the Platinum Sponsor for this year, 
Mr Sean Wang, Chief Operations Officer 
from Allianz Malaysia Berhad, 
and also Mr Eugene Chan, Group Managing Director 
from EC Pixels, for the sharing sessions 
and launch of IJM Land Half Marathon 2019. 

For this year, IJM Land is determine to make another
successful comeback, with targetting around 
10,000 runners. They are not only aims to attract 
Malaysians, but looking forward from runners 
all around the world, at the same time encouraging 
fitness amongst the community as well as raising 
the awareness of healthy living by taking them 
on a competitive, adrenaline-filled race. 

This year tagline of - “Run Together, Bond Stronger” 
definitely reflected upon how dedicated IJM Land are 
in every occasion since 2012 to bring the community 
together, and in this, running towards a positive lifestyle. 

As we all know, every year, the fund raised from this 
event will be channeled towards two charities, namely 
the Pertubuhan Hospice Negeri Sembilan (Hospice) 
and Malaysia Lysosomal Diseases Association (MLDA).
Therefore, same for this year as well, which 
they pledge to donate RM5 from each registration 
fees at IJM Land Half Marathon 2019 to both charities. 
As you guys can see, below are the Race Category 
and Entry Fee details : 

And this is for the Prizes details : 

This IJM Land Half Marathon 2019 will be held
at Dataran Centrio Seremban 2 (as start/finish)
on 4/8/2019 (Sunday) starting at 6 am
You guys can waze Dataran Centrio to get there yea. 

As for the registration and payment, 
kindly go to :

IJM Land Seremban 2 Office
Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm 

Contact Number : 06-7613888

or online registration at :

You guys can enjoy the EARLY BIRD registration fee 
before 1 May 2019. Do note that the closing date 
for registration is on 31 May 2019 or when the 
registration slots are full, whichever is earlier. 
So hurry and sign up for it guys! 

Not to forget, these are the sneak peek of the running tees and medal : 

I guess that’s all for this year’s IJM Land Half Marathon 2019 details.
May my sharing are somewhat 
beneficial to you all and I wish you all the best 
in that half marathon okay!
Have fun, stay fit and have a great weekend ahead! 
Thank You for stopping by ❤️

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