French Toast Pizza - Easiest Recipe + Tutorial!

Salam & Hi guys! 

Alright tbh I am kinda excited to share this with you guys, as this is my first try for making the French Toast Pizza hehee. It started with when I just came across people sharing they made it, around last week or last two week - which kinda just went viral, I think. Indeed perhaps it's not new, but yeah I just discovered it hence excitedly tried making it myself, and I gotta say, I totally satisfied and happy that I tried hehe! 

Okay so I think what makes we'd love this French Toast Pizza is because of the easy to prepare (and find) ingredients, as well as super easy to cook it too! There's no need to make your own pizza dough and everything, so yes, less time needed and less messy haha. Without further ado, let's get to it shall we? Anyway, you guys can also check out my video tutorial there too okay while scrolling through my step by step instructions here hehee. 


Ingredients : 

5 slices of Bread (cut into mini square pieces) 

2 Eggs (beaten) 

Salt (to be added into the eggs)

*Pepper / Herbs (optional to add)

Toppings of choices (I'm using minced meats, hotdogs and cherry tomatoes)

Mozzarella cheese (can opt for both block or grated ones okay)

*Parmesan cheese (optional to add) 

Butter (use about half spoon, can refer to video as well okay hehe) 

Tomato paste (you can just use the pasta bolognese sauce or any tomato paste you have) 

Check out my video tutorial for this French Toast Pizza on my Youtube here

Preparation : 

1. Mix the breads that you already cut earlier with the eggs that you've beat and added with salt. Try to covered every pieces nicely. 

2. Melt some butter in your pan (if you have a non stick pan, that'll be awesome to use yea). When the butter have melt nicely all over the surface, pour the bread mix, and gently pat it down so it'll come together (and be hold) in a good shape. 

*Use a low to medium heat only throughout cooking

3. Flip the bread mix to cook it's other part. By this time, you can start adding the pizza topping ingredients, starting with spreading the tomato paste first, then along with pouring the meats & other condiments of your choices. Don't forget to add the cheese as well okay, and yesss be generous with your mozzarella hehee. 

*Tips : In case you're using block cheese, please prepared to cut the block cheese into small pieces so it'll be easy for you to pour them. Besides that, kindly cook your meat / simmer your veges beforehand, as it shouldn't be raw when you're about to pour them as topping upon making your pizza at this step okayy.

4.  After done pouring everything you want on top of your pizza, cover the pan with a lid for several minutes so that the cheese can be melt evenly and nicely. If you're using a clear lid cover like me, you can easily predict and see when it's done hehee. When you can see that the cheese have melts beautifully, voila, your pizza is ready to be cut and eat! 

Well, easy peasy to prepare and make right?! The results is totally not disappointing as this French Toast Pizza tastes as same as the usual commercial pizzas that we usually bought outside! I'm jubilant indeed with the end results and more satisfied that my family totally loves it too, and already asks me for a repeat haha! My daughter said she gave me a 10/10 for this pizza and seems to want it everyday now haha. 

So I guess whenever we have too much bread in our house, besides making bread pudding, now we can add making pizza too onto the list, right? I think if  you don't have any mozzarella or parmesan cheese, it's okay, you can try to just use the usual cheddar cheese slices as well. The mozzarella is like an extra point since yeah we all know it's great for cheese pulling foodie like pizza, grilled cheese and more right hehe hence, my choices of cheese to use there but yeah no sweat okay, just use whatever we have at the moment. 

As for these cheese range that I used, it's from Perfect Italiano, which they are made in Australia with 100% natural goodness and Halal as well. As you can see from my pics, I choose to have Perfect Italiano Mozarella Block, Perfect Italiano Mozarella Grated, and Perfect Italiano Parmesan Grated for my homemade pizza. We totally loveeee how rich and flavourful these authentic Italian cheese tastes, not to mention how stretchy it could be too, so delightful with the outcome hehee! FYI, they have the Perfect Italiano Perfect Pizza range too, but I only manage to bought those three at the time, so I just use what I have at the moment. Perhaps next time I can try the other variant, right? hehe. Anyway, I just bought these Perfect Italiano cheese range at Shopee since it's super convenient to buy online during this cmco time right hehe. Great packaging and fast shipping guys, I got all my cheese in great condition from the seller! Check out the seller HERE okayy, totally recommended! 

This recipe is definitely flexible, as we can go with whatever we have, and also be creative with it as in to suits with our taste too. It's also suitable to be eat at any time we want, and loved by all ages, even the kids. 

To those healthy foodie enthusiast can also make this French Toast Pizza, with just substitutes the ingredients a bit like using all natural sourdough bread, pure butter, homemade meats and tomato paste puree, pink himalayan rock salt, etc. Super easy and yassss definitely are yummy! 

Alright, I guess that's all for my sharing this time. If you guys have made it, feel free to share with me your results as well okay, would love to know it hehe. Oh and feel free to check out my Instagram post of this Perfect Italiano too as I have shared about their exciting contest details there, so yass go for it okayy hehee! May my sharing here beneficial to you all. Have a great day ahead lovelies and thanks for stopping by lovelies! 

Yumny : Mee Segera Versi Sihat Pilihan Sekeluarga

Salam & Hi Lovelies! 

Siapa pernah dengar berkenaan mee Yumny ni? To be honest, I pon baru this year mengenali Yumny, started dengan nak try dulu how it goes then terus jatuh cinta dan stick to this brand hehe. FYI, I dah 8 tahun bebas mee segera komersial ever since I cakna dengan apa yang I makan, so bila ada yang perkenalkan mee segera versi sihat - I tertarik untuk nak tahu lebih lanjut. 

Yumny Travel Pack - Mee segera pilihan kami sekeluarga!

Sumber dari Artikel Harian Metro 23 Ogos 2016

Okay apa yang buat I approved dan nak cuba Yumny ni adalah kerana produk ini diinovasikan oleh seorang doktor yang berpengalaman 30 tahun dengan Mardi dan sudah lama menjalankan R&D produk, iaitu Dr. Khatijah, dengan fokus untuk menghasilkan makanan yang bernutrisi tinggi dan juga bagus untuk sistem pencernaan. Ianya dihasilkan dengan 100% All Natural, tanpa bahan pengawet mahupun pewarna tambahan. Lebih menarik lagi, mee yang dihasilkan adalah dengan menggunakan sayur sebenar yang dirawat sebagai bahan utama, selain menggunakan tepung tanpa bahan peluntur, garam bebas iodin tambahan, dan juga telur sebagai ejen untuk menambah kekenyalan mee. 

Manakala bagi perencahnya pula, ia juga hanya menggunakan bahan-bahan asli tanpa sebarang MSG, antaranya adalah garam, cili, gula, tepung jagung, palm olein, campuran rempah, bawang merah / bawang goreng / bawang putih, daun kesum + bunga kantan (untuk perisa asam pedas), lada hitam + sos soya (untuk perisa ayam blackpaper). 

Boleh lihat gambar-gambar di bawah untuk gambaran lebih dekat & info lengkap berkenaan jenis-jenis mee sayur dan ingredients bagi variasi rasa yang digunakan : 

Variasi mee Lobak Merah 

Variasi mee Bayam 

Variasi mee Labu Manis 

Yumny Perasa Asam Laksa

Yumny Perasa Sup Ayam Blackpaper

Bila lihat dari bahan-bahannya, I memang jadi confident untuk makan dan juga bagi anak-anak rasa. Yumny ni memang sesuai dimakan oleh seisi keluarga termasuk kanak-kanak tau, selain ianya sangat sesuai untuk dibawa travel as well disebabkan packaging yang mesra travel, senang boleh tuang sahaja air panas dan makan dari situ. Tempoh luputnya around 6 - 9 bulan yea, almaklumlah produk all natural, jadi memang biasalah tempoh sebegitu kan. 

So far I dah rasa semua variasi bagi perisa Asam Laksa dan Sup Ayam tersebut, yang mana ada 3 jenis mee sayur bagi setiap perisa - mee sayur lobak merah, labu manis, dan bayam. Semuanya memang sedap! Bagi perisa Asam Laksa tu, ia ada pedas sikit yea jadi bagi anak-anak yang tak makan pedas, mungkin mereka akan lebih suka perisa Sup Ayam, kerana Sup Ayam tu tak pedas even ada blackpaper sikit hehe. 

Sebelah Kiri : Yumny Perisa Asam Pedas for me, while Kanan pula 
Yumny Perisa Sup Ayam Blackpaper for my kids. 
Added homemade hotdog & telur yasss sedappp!

Baru-baru ini pihak Yumny ada perkenalkan perisa baru iaitu perisa Kari, yang mana sama juga ada jenis mee sayur seperti pilihan variasi yang sebelumnya di atas. Of course I dah beli haritu untuk cuba, tapi belum buat lagi jadinya mungkin nanti I share apa rasanya di IG story je kan lepas rasa hehe. I confirm mesti sedap juga punyalah hehee! 

Perisa baru, Kari! Tak sabar nak cuba rasa hehee

Cara penyediaannya memang sangat senang, hanya tambah air panas pada mee dan perencah yang ada. Tunggu seketika dalam masa 8 - 10 minit sebelum sedia dimakan. Bagi yang nak sediakan style on the go or travel, ada disediakan garfu sekali dalam setiap peket, so memang convenient since hanya perlukan air panas. Bagi yang menyediakannya di rumah, boleh juga kalau nak tambah bahan-bahan lain seperti telur, ayam, daging, dan lain-lain ikut cita rasa masing-masing kan. As for me, since I memang dah ada ready homemade hotdog di rumah, I just add that or masak bersama telur, fuh memang ummphh dan seriously anak-anak suka sangat hehee! 

Side notes, bagi yang masak untuk anak kecil, boleh juga gunakan separuh sahaja perencah tersebut, dan selebihnya nanti boleh digunakan untuk memasak dengan yang lain. Contoh if nak buat mee goreng or anything, boleh simpan dan guna perencah tu kemudian. FYI, Yumny ada juga menjual pilihan mee kering dan macaroni juga tau yang mana ianya boleh pelbagai guna / buat pelbagai jenis masakan untuk seisi keluarga. 

Mee Kering Yumny

Macaroni Yumny

Bagi kami sekeluarga, kami suka makan jenis mee segera Yumny ni, seperti cara yang dinyatakan sebelumnya tadi. Biasanya untuk anak-anak, satu peket tu mereka berdua boleh kongsi makan bersama, cukup je sepeket tu kongsi sekali makan untuk mereka buat masa ni hehe. Mungkin nanti bila si adik dah makin besar, barulah kena bertukar kepada satu peket untuk seorang pula pada satu masa rasanya haha. 

Bagi yang nak tahu atau nak ikuti perkembangan dari semasa ke semasa pihak Yumny, you guys boleh ikuti mereka melalui link seperti di bawah : 

FacebookYumny HQ 


Manakala bagi yang berminat nak membeli, you guys boleh beli melalui agent / stokis mereka di serata tempat, atau klik sahaja link dibawah ini untuk membeli melalui 2 agent pilihan yang I biasa beli : 

Yumny Agent 1 

Yumny Agent 2 

Atau kalau nak mudah, just buka Shopee ni dan search for Yumny mee, insyaAllah banyak pilihan yang you guys akan jumpa. Dua agent yang I senaraikan tadi tu pon dari Shopee, tapi mereka adalah yang I biasa beli dan puas hati dengan servis mereka, selain up to date dengan promosi yang Yumny HQ anjurkan, makanya mereka memang pilihan utama bila I nak buat pembelian produk Yumny ni. 

Berdasarkan pengamatan, biasanya Yumny selalu adakan promosi untuk produk mereka, khususnya bagi Travel Pack / mee segera yang I ceritakan ni, you guys boleh dapatkan Promo Combo pack seperti beli 5 free 1 dengan harga hanya RM25 per combo. Kalau harga biasa untuk 1 peket tu actually RM5 tau per peket. Sekarang ni masih ada promo satu peket untuk RM4.90, ataupun pembelian Combo 3 peket hanya RM11, so memang lagi jimat hehe. Bagi promo terbaru tu you guys boleh klik dan beli di Yumny Agent 1 tersebut yea. 

Gambar-Gambar dibawah ini adalah antara contoh masakan yang boleh disediakan dengan pelbagai mee dan Macaroni dari Yumny okay, sedapnyaaa hehee!

For me, memang berbaloi dan puas hati dengan Yumny ni sebab senang hati dengan ingredients produk dan memang sedap tau rasanya, anak-anak pon enjoy makan sambil kita pon tak risau kalau nak bagi mereka makan mee yang ni. Selama ni kami anak beranak memang dah lama betul tolak untuk makan mee segera, yes me myself dah bertahun-tahun tolak makan mee segera, namun sekarang kami dah jumpa mee segera yang terbaik dan versi sihat untuk kami sekeluarga yayy! That's what inspired me untuk buat sharing ni kepada semua juga hehee. 

Moga my sharing kali ini beneficial kepada semua, lebih-lebih lagi pada yang geng sekapal yang mana masih lagi tercari-cari pengganti mee segera ala-ala mee segera biasa tu kan, sungguh, inilah mee segera sihat yang menepati aspek yang dimahukan itu hehe. Pada yang lain-lain yang berminat, selamat mencuba yea! Feel free untuk share with me jika you guys sudah mencuba or anything juga yeaa. Lastly, thanks a lot sudi singgah baca disini guys, take care & selamat berhujung minggu! 

Changeling Movie : The True Collins Incident & The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders

Salam & Hi Lovelies! 

Alright in this post, I'd love to talk about this Based From True Events, 2008 Movie titled 'Changeling', which directed by Clint Eastwood. Have anyone of you had watched it? or maybe if you guys had already read about it's true incident which had inspired this movie? 

Changeling, the official US Movie Poster 

Well I just wanna share in case you haven't, because I think it's definitely one of the must watch especially for Thrillers / Crime / Drama / Murders / as well as the Based From True Story fans. Ah and of course, one more reason is because Angelina Jolie starred as the main character in this movie, and for those movie addicts like me, this movie scored 7.7 on IMDB, so yeah you know this movie is worth to watch. To be honest, I actually had encountered / reading about the case first before I watched this movie, interesting haha as which usually it's the other way around - I'll only know and search for the case after watching it's based from true story movie heheh. It's been years since I read about it, and then the moment I found out that Changeling was out and was based from that Collins case, I immediately wanna watch it, and glad that I have at the time! Now, I've found that the movie is recently had been added to Netflix, so I guess if you haven't watch it yet, you can try to find and watch it there on Netflix as well okayy.  

You can watch it on Netflix 

Basically, this movie is about the Collins family - the disappearing of a 9 years old Walter Collins on March 1928, which had turned to be such sensation during that time. It started with a brief moments of the Collins together, before reeled us upon this single mother (Christine Collins) journey from the moment she found out that her son (Walter Collins) was missing, then the problems with such corrupt authorities and how she fought them back ever since she knew that the authorities had brought back the wrong boy to her, as she insisted that the boy wasn't her son from day one and wanted them to keep on looking for her real son. The authorities kept on dismissed her, tried to turned it on her, and even worst, had illegally put her in psycho ward as well when she started to voice out her concerns to more people, including gathered legit documentations as proof and to standing up upon herself. Apparently, the disappearance of Walter Collins also linked to the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders, which was the pedophile serial killer case at the time. Yet Christine still have hope and chose to believe that her son was alive, and loyally waited for her son. 

one of the movie scene, which was during the said reunion of the Collins 

I know it might sound heavy for some, but I think it's safe to watch since the movie goes on lightly and swiftly from plot to plot, yet can fill you in with the right emotions. No gore scenes, no nasty scenes / languages and all (well it's based from the year 1928 so yes you know how polite everyone is during the 20's right) yet indeed, interesting. In addition, this movie's script was based from numerous real documentation of both Collins case and the Wineville Murders - ie the hearing transcript, archive documents and all, rounding about 6000 pages. Whew, can you imagine? As a results, they did made such detailed movie tailored well with it's each cases, which definitely deserves such recognitions. Well even Angelina Jolie had won an award for her character as Christine Collins in this movie by the way hehe. Okay for those whom didn't know about the real said cases, let me pour their real stories one by one, started with the Collins case okay? Let's go :


Walter Collin, both pic credit Pinterest 

On March 10, 1928, Walter Collins went missing after his mom, Christine Collins, gave him some money to go to the cinema. The LAPD had followed up yet unfortunately, no success to solve the case. After 5 months, they had found a boy who claimed to be Walter, at Illnois. After exchanging letters and photograph, Christine Collins paid the expanses for the boy to be brought to her at LA. 

Newspaper clip from the reunion, pic credit to 

At the reunion, Christine Collins told them that the boy wasn't her son, Walter, but the officer in charge, Captain J.J. Jones convinced her to just take the boy home and 'try the boy out'. Three weeks later, she returned to them and again, saying that the boy was not her son. Jones accused her of being a bad mother, and being ridicule to the police. He then sent her to the psychiatric ward at Los Angeles County Hospital, on which she had been committed under "code 12" - a term used to jail or committed someone whom had been inconvenience or difficult. 

Still, Jones questioned the boy wether he was really Walter or not. At first the boy said yes, but then he admitted that he was not the real Walter, as he was actually a runaway from Iowa, a 12 years old Arthur Hutchen Jr. He also said that he was posing as Walter because he want to get to Hollywood, so he could meet his favourite actor, Tom Mix. After 10 days Hutchen admitted he was posing as Walter, finally Christine Collins was released from the ward. She then filed a lawsuit against the LAPD and won against Jones, which awarded her with $10800 from winning that lawsuit but it was never been paid by Jones. 

The real Walter on the left, while the imposter boy, Hutchen, on the right pic 

Newspaperclip of when Hutchen go back to his family, in this pic was his stepmother. 
Pic credit to 


This series of abductions and murders of young boys happened between 1926 to 1928, at LA and Riverside County, California. The murderer, Gordon Stewart Northcott had built a chicken ranch and a house on a land in Wineville, at Riverside County. He has his nephew, Sanford Clark, staying there to help him but he began to beat and sexually abuse his nephew, then continually to did other crimes of kidnapping and more with other young boys that he brought there too. 

Gordon Northcott, credit to Wikipedia 

In August 1928, Clark's older sister, Jessie, came there from Canada to visit and so Clark manage to told his sister that he feared for his life and also that 4 boys had been murdered by Northcott at that ranch. The moment Jessie had returned to Canada one week later, she informed an American consul there of Northcott's crimes. The consul then wrote a letter to LAPD detailing Jessie's sworn information. Since there was some concern over an immigration issue, the LAPD contacted US Immigration Service to determine the next move. 

Sanford Clark, Northcott's nephew, pic credit Wikipedia 

On the end of August 1928, two Immigration Service inspectors visited the ranch and took Clark into custody. Northcott had seen the agents earlier driving on the road to his ranch, hence he told Clark to stall them when they got there or he will shoot Clark, then he fleeing along the treeline and kept running to save himself. When Clark felt like the agents could protect him, he then told them that Northcott had fled. 

Northcott and his mother, Sarah Louise, had fled to Canada but were arrested near Vernon on September 19, 1928. Clark testified at Sarah Louise's sentencing that Northcott had kidnapped, molested, bitten, and killed 3 young boys with the help of Sarah Louise and himself. Clark also testified about the murder of a Mexican citizen young man, which Northcott had forced Clark to help disposed of the victim's head by burning it in a fire pit and then crushing the skull. Northcott stated that he "left the headless body by the side of the road near Puente because he had no other place to put it." He also stated that quicklime was used to disposed of the remains and the bodies were buried in the ranch. 

Sarah Louise, Northcott's mother, pic credit to 

The authorities digging on Northcott's ranch, pic credit to NY Daily News 

Authorities had found 3 shallow graves at the ranch exactly like where Clark stated it. However, they only discovered parts of bodies, which were 51 parts of human anatomy consists of bones and blood as well to be exact. It was learned that the bodies had been dug up by Northcott and his mother on the evening of August 4, a few weeks before Clark was taken into protective custody. Apparently they had taken the bodies out to deserted area, and most likely burned those in the middle of the night. The complete bodies were never found. 

The remains founded on Northcott's ranch. Pic credit Tumblr 

Room where Walter was imprisoned and killed according to Clark, 
pic credit to 2 Black Cat at Wordpress 

Newspaper clip of Northcott's ranch murder, credit to Everything Horror 

Canadian police arrested Northcott and his mother on September 19, 1928. Sarah Louise confessed to the murders, including that of Walter Collins. But she then retracted her confession, as did Northcott whom had confessed to killed more than 5 boys. She was then again confessed and pleaded guilty to killed Walter, and then had been sentenced to life imprisonment on December 31. 

The Winslow boys, two of Northcott's victims along with Walter Collin as stated by Clark 

It was speculated that Northcott had killed more than 20 boys, but no evidence can be produced hence he was only been convicted of those 4 murders that been identified earlier, along with that the jury had heard he kidnapped, molested and tortured those victims as well. He was sentenced to death and was hanged on October 2, 1930 at the age of 23 years old. 


Christine were hopeful that her son was still alive since Gordon Northcott had denied killing the boy. She then concluded that Walter was still alive because she thought Northcott was insane and he seems to not know whether he had even met Walter. 

When Christine met Northcott, pic credit Pinterest 

Later then, Christine received a telegram from Northcott shortly before his execution, saying that he lied before and will tell her the truth regarding Walter's fate when she came down to meet him there in prison. So Christine went there and managed to visited Northcott just few hours before his execution, but he recanted at Christine, resisted to see her and just repeating that he doesn't know anything, as well as saying that he's innocent. 

Christine pour her outrage as Northcott seemed to refused to remember the details about Walter such as the boy's eyes colour and his cloths, yet then she silently hoping that her son was truly still alive. She then was more encouraged when another boy made appearances and spoken to the authorities with his parents, 5 years after Northcott's execution. The boy was missing 7 years earlier and the authorities speculated that he was one of the murder victims as well at the time. 

Newspaper clip from Christine's final visit with Northcott at prison, 
pic credit to 

Up until today, no one knows whether was Christine right in regards of Walter was really still alive, or maybe the authorities were right being Walter was one of Northcott's victims, since in Sanford Clark's testimony had stated that Walter was one of the three other boys aside from the headless victim which ever been held and murdered at the ranch. Clark also never stated of a boy escaped the ranch. Through all these years, Walter was never been found yet Christine had kept on waited and searched for him, the rest of her life. 

So, those are the detailed story of these real events from this movie. There are some minor differences if we compare between the case's facts and what was shown in the movie, such as the facts about the boys that managed to escaped - it was shown in the movie when this one boy came out and spoken with the authorities, but truth is based from the historical records and testimony, Sanford Clark never told / stated that. Then, in the movie, they didn't add any character of Northcott's mother nor ever mention her as accomplice, but that's okay as I think that's the way to cut things short a little bit. It's okay as the storyline is still shown to us perfectly and we still get the other facts around. 

Newspaper clip about the Northcott's Murders, which stated that Wineville later changed it's name to Mira Loma. Pic credit to 

Overall, I do think this is a good movie to watch. It managed to filled me with various of emotion while watching, and most scenes including the ending was nicely done too. It followed the true facts closely, and able to deliver in structured and easy-to-follow kinda plot. This movie round up around 2 hour, so yes, it might seems too long but once you start watching, you'll gradually wanna keep on watching till the end. I know I have poured major spoilers in my writing here but you just gotta watch it yourselves in order to really get what I've been talking about here heheh. Angelina Jolie is always deliver her best and indeed, she suits splendidly as this Christine Collin character in this movie. I also see Christine Collin as a strong woman and mother, just look at how resilient she was while facing through every of this hardship. She was filled with hope and never give up in search for her son, and indeed I admired that as I believe it's truly painful to lose our child, let alone without any direction or affirmation to be hold on to. 

Christine Collin, pic credit Wikipedia 

The thing that made me ponder is, how dangerously these pedophile are even from those 20's. They could easily lose themselves without us being notice of what they did (you might catch this one dialog from Northcott in the movie stating something like that too huuu), which as same as how it is in today's world. Yet I think these modern time are far way dangerous as they got advance tools and all especially technology, to equipped themselves and make their move. Looking back at all the news that we heard, watched, upon what these culprits does, I just hope we can take extra care and precaution, and may more NGO or authorities around the world coming up with variety of ways and ideas upon how to catch these sickos, as well as discussing the laws upon them or whatever that related to it - yes including such sick movies etc that portrayed to support pedophile. 

Wow these had been too long to read now right haha sorry guys, so I guess I better stop it here. Thank you so much for stopping by, and feel free to let me know what you think of this movie in case you've watch it earlier or later, okay? Till then, take care and may you all will have such a great week ahead! 



P/S : I mostly get my references to write about the true events and the movie here from Wikipedias, as well as some reading from Changeling movie site, IMDB, and other sites for the pics as credited as well as my point of view after watching this movie previously. I've also had read various sharing regarding the Walter Collin case many years before and make use of what I remember from those into my writing here too. 

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Competition 2020 : Win RM37900 Samsung Products!

Salam and Hi All! 



Anyone here is a parent, students or teachers? Indeed I meant to write and share all of the information that I got here with you all, especially those in the secondary school’s circle. Indeed please, as for everyone else, feel free to read on, as I think we all can relate to this too somehow. 

Tbh, the moment I go through the details of this said competition, I can’t escape to reminisce this deep yet inspiring quote by Albert Einstein running around in my mind, whom which was once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” I realize, our interpretation upon this quote could unveil many layers but from my point of view, one that fit here is in regards of that imagination and the evolution’s process. 

As the world of technology evolves with various great innovation from time to time, I believe many of us will agree with me that it's important for us all to support and prepare our young and next generations to fit themselves well and become more successful in the future world of technology. Indeed knowledge is important, but in order to evolves, one must pair their knowledge with a great amount of imagination as well, so that they can try to move further than anyone else. 

In regards with that, Samsung Malaysia on the other hand has came up with one global education programme which is the 'Solve for Tomorrow' - a competition to stimulate the curiosity as well as to cultivate the interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). 

This Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition is a unique competition that will foster the youths with soft skills that encourages communication, critical thinking, creative problem solving and also teamwork to discover and nurture social innovation ideas that resolves the community's most pressing problem. It's also designed to increase interest and proficiency in STEM education as well as encouraging youngsters to apply STEM upon finding creative solutions to solve challenges and address risks faced in their local communities. That's great right?! 

Guest Speakers at the Samsung Malaysia's Solve for Tomorrow Introduction Event, from Left to Right : Ir Dr Mas Sahidayana Mokhtar (Head of UM STEM Centre), Lee Yan Fong (2015 Winner), Dato' Roh Jae Yeol (Director of Corporate Affairs, Samsung Malaysia Electronics), Tan Kok Loon (2015 Winner), and Prof Dr Noorsaadah Abd Rahman (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation, UM) 

FYI, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2020 is being held for the second time in Malaysia, and now targeted at lower secondary students. The first one was actually in 2015, which targeted at University students. In line with the Ministry of Education's goal to increase the number of students enrolling Science stream, this competition is now open to lower secondary students of Form 1 and Form 2 from participating secondary schools in Klang Valley. 

The Ministry of Education and University Malaya (UM) STEM Centre signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the objective of adopting schools with limited capabilities of introducing activities related to STEM. A club known as Sahabat Universiti Malaya or Sekolah Angkat Universiti Malaya was established in 2014, hence these schools that are located within Klang Valley has been identified and are part of Kelab Sahabat Universiti Malaya. Feel free to refer the full list of participating schools as below yea : 


Alright let's now go through the criteria of participation for this competition : 

- Participants must be full time students in Form 1 and Form 2 from any of the participating schools. 

- Each team should consist of three students from the same school.

- Each school can be represented by more than one team.

- One teacher can mentor one to two teams from the same school. 

- Students who are keen on participating can get in touch with their teachers who will be in contact with Universiti Malaya STEM Centre. 

- Ideas submitted should apply STEM skills / knowledge and also meet one of the four themes : Health, Education, Environment, and Social

Dato' Roh Jae Yeol, Director of Corporate Affairs Samsung Malaysia Electronics and Ir. Dr. Mas Sahidayana Mokhtar, Head of Universiti Malaya STEM Centre, sharing the details of the Samsung Malaysia's Solve for Tomorrow 2020 Competition

Do noted that the participants are expected to identify one issue faced by the community, and then develop a creative solution based on their STEM knowledge. More info of the competition are as below : 


- The competition will begin on 9 October 2020 and will culminate on 8 December 2020 with the announcement of winners. 

- There are four phases in this competition : 


Each team need to submit an essay of 100 words or less, describing the problem they want to solve. They will also need to send a second essay on how STEM can be applied to address the problem in 200 words or less. 


10 teams will be shortlisted, and they will need to refine their idea and show how it will be brought to life. They need to share their work through a PowerPoint presentation. 


Top three teams will be further identified at this stage, and they are required to enhance their presentation. They also will have an option of developing a prototype, and then required to submit a video recording of their presentation and the functions of the prototype. 


The teams will need to present to a panel of judges. First prize, Second prize and Third prize winners will be announce during the Finale Presentation. 

- All entries from Phase 1 to Phase 3 will need to be submitted via email to 

- The shortlisted teams will then be notified via email / phone

- No entry fee is required for this competition, so yesss more reason for you to join! 

- UM STEM Centre will be providing STEM expertise and resources in order to help meet the needs of the participants in the competition

- UM will be mentoring the shortlisted top 10 teams in an online workshop titled Designed to Win, which aims to help enhance participants idea and solution in Phase 2 and Phase 3 in solving their community problem 

- UM STEM Centre and professors will be mentoring and judging the entries submitted by participants


- Winners of this competition will stand to win prizes for their schools and for themselves as well, that's awesome right! Refer this list below for full prize lists up for grab yea : 


~ First Prize ~ 

Winning school will received Samsung products worth up to RM16900, and 

each students will received Samsung products worth up to RM7000

~ Second Prize ~ 

Winning school will received Samsung products worth up to RM13500, and 

each students will received Samsung products worth up to RM6000

~ Third Prize ~ 

Winning school will received Samsung products worth up to RM10000, and 

each students will received Samsung products worth up to RM5400

- Fyi, Selection of winners will be done by a panel of judges that comprise of representatives from both Samsung Malaysia Electronics and Universiti Malaya STEM Centre. 

- The entries will be judged based on these pointers below (each will carry different weightage depending on the requirement for each phase) : 

*Identifying the issues and relevance in addressing them. 

*Feasibility and elaboration of solution proposed

*Creativity and innovativeness of solution (uniqueness & originality) 

*Presentation skills during the finale 

~ ~ ~

Well, I hope my thorough details for this competition could help a lot and perhaps can already attract your interest to join, or maybe if you're a teacher or parents, you can spread the news and encourage your youngsters to join as well, right? 

Samsung Malaysia Electronics's President, Yoonsoo Kim, said that they believe this Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition is an ideal platform to expose the students to the world of Science and Technology, as well as to fully utilize their potential through the use of technology. This is indeed such a great opportunity for the students, besides making differences in their community too. Let them discover their potentials, be creative with their knowledge and all. Don't you think the same too? 

Don't miss out to join and share about this competition too okay! I guess that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and may you all will have such a great weekend ahead. All the best to all participants too! 

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