What To Shop at Shopee : Links List

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So I’ve decided to make this post to include all the links to products or sellers that I’ve recommended or have shared across my channel from time to time, so that it’ll be easier for you guys to click and go directly to them (especially when you’re from Instagram) 

Indeed I usually share my recommendation on my Instagram and Twitter, but as on Instagram I’m not able to include the swipe up function on my stories (since I’m not reaching 10k followers yet ☹️) hence I featured this post’s link in my IG bio, in order for you guys to be able to check out all of the products / sellers links anytime, other than just have one link to choose from at the time, right? 😊

Feel free to check out my highlighted story under ‘Shopee’ (refer to the screenshot pic of my profile above) on my IG profile too as I just recently compile my latest Shopee recommendation there too starting this year. You can also check out my review on my blog under the Shopee tag or on my twitter posts for Shopee recommendation as well okayy. 

Alright let’s get to the links now below 😁👇🏻👇🏻

Shopee home : 




Makeup & Perfume Original PS shop : 


Manolo shoes substitute : 


Seller’s page : 


Naelofar page : 


Naelofar Moda : 


Bento Box :


Seller’s page : 


3 in 1 Pink Breakfast Machine : 


Seller’s page : 


Aquaria KLCC tickets : 


Seller’s page for more travel deals : 


Switch Apple 12w Power Adapter : 


Seller’s Page for more Apple products deals : 


Cute Table Cloth : 


Seller’s Page : 


Yumny Agent 1 : 


Yumny Agent 2 : 


Bath and Body Works & Victoria Secrets PS (100% Original brand items) : 

Seller 1 : https://shp.ee/qcqnxbb

Seller 2 : https://shp.ee/54cw58b

Perfect Italiano Cheese range Seller : 


Film Roll Keychain : 

https://shp.ee/kjhur2z (Seller 1) 

https://shp.ee/2zdkjn5 (Seller 2) 

Chek Hup drinks : 


Combo hot cocoa link : 


Food deco tweezer : 


Fake tongue for cat prank / halloween : 


Smiley Pancake Pan : 


Lotus Biscoff Topping Sauce : 


Cute Silicon Spatula set : 


Giselle Blender & Processor Set : 


Russel Taylors 3 in 1 Waffle Maker : 


Kids Tetris Game Watch : 


Kids Smartwatch with SOS, GPS and more functions : 


Kids Race Car Track Set : 


Pretty Weight Scale + temperature Rechargeable: 

https://shp.ee/nr6qsqv (seller 1)

https://shp.ee/6k5fivc (seller 2)

Mac Mini Lipstick Original New (Please Me)


I’ll add / update these links from time to time, if any. May my sharing be beneficial to you all. Thank you so much for your support / interests, have a great day ahead! ❤️

Sudio Nio Earphones Review and Promo

Salam and Hi lovelies! 

How are everyone doing? I hope you are all fine and feeling good these days. Indeed it's been like a couple of month now since my last post, but yeah I still regularly update on my social medias. Actually there are lots of things that I wanna share with you guys here but it's okay I'll make some time later for that I guess. As for starters now, I actually wanna share my review and more about this latest gear from Sudio, which I happened to get my hands on them recently and try hehee. 

To be honest, these past few months I've been in a hunt for a new earphones / earpods, since my last earpods kinda not doing so great so I think it's time for a change. I do still have my earphones - the old, regular, non-wireless one, but yeah sometimes I do like to use the wireless earphones to escape from the getting tangled business, yeah you know haha. Well, I came across this new Sudio wireless earphones range - the Sudio Nio, and indeed I'm excited to try them! *You guys can watch my mini unboxing video HERE or on my IG too okayy*

FYI, this Sudio Nio range offers 4 colours which are White, Black, Green, and Sand. I chose Sand colour as it attracted me the most hehee. You guys can see all the pics I feature around here for close up look of the Sudio Nio but first, let me pointed out to you some of their features here okayy : 

  • Adaptive dual-microphone technology that filters out unwanted background noise while on a call 
  • Easy to use touch controls 
  • IPX4 waterproof rating 
  • Up to 20 hours play time 
  • 4 interchangeable wing tips which designed to provide the best and comfy fit 

Here's the full set of Sudio Nio in Sand colour, including free Sudio Care Kit 

Those are indeed sounds great right? Well, now that I've tried them for around a week now, I can tell you that they definitely checked those key features successfully! I love how I can go on using this Sudio Nio earphones for dayssss without the need to charge them. I usually use it at night the most, so I guess that gave me more perks in their long standing hours of play time. I've been using them for hours each time and day, and it still great to go without charging up until the moment I wrote this review hehe. 

Besides that, their accessories include 4 pairs of silicon wing tips, which I can choose which one fit me best and the comfiest for me. That's great right? Especially when you have such sensitive ear or if you need adjustment preference in wearing earphones - like my hubs for instance, he can't wear earphones much as usually it hurts his ear and doesn't fit comfortably, so indeed with up to 4 pairs of wing tips to choose as included accessories, that shows a lot upon how much Sudio focused on their user's best, right? 

A lil close up of my recent favourite work out and daily companion 

I can run, dance, lie down, rolling and everything while wearing my Sudio Nio and still be truly comfortable to listen to my favourite tracks or even chilling watching movies etc hehee. It doesn't fall out, and it doesn't hurts my ears as well. Not only it's sweatproof and waterproof, the audio are sharp and clear too, suitable for any moment, be it indoor or outdoor. Oh on the side notes, for me, the bass sounds for this Sudio Nio aren't the bomb but I think that's fine as it's satisfying enough since I can hear the audio sharp and clear. In case you're looking for more into bass, or other specific part, you can always find which Sudio range is the best model for you with their product guide menu on their website okayy.

The easy to use touch control does comes conveniently even without my phone nearby as I can pause/play, next, volume control, as well as call assistant. Thanks to it's adaptive dual microphone technology, my phone calls or zoom / meet meeting can be more focus and clear as it filters out unwanted background noise. From my experience, the touch control is not too sensitive so no worries regarding any accidental touch or whatnot okayy. In addition, it's super easy to pair with device for the first time, and after that it'll be automatically and swiftly paired the moment I open the case and pick up the buds. No hassle hehe. 

Worry not as it comes in complete guide with manual, precautions and all 

Overall, I do like this Sudio Nio and it's presence does helps a lot in my daily activities and works. I think it's a good grab since the quality are great and I am happy using this Sudio Nio earphones daily. In addition, it comes with 3 years warranty with Sudio Sphere along with free worldwide shipping! Not only that, Sudio will give 1x Sudio Earbuds Care Kit for FREE (worth RM119) for any purchase of Sudio earphones from 15 February 2021 until 21 March 2021. Believe me that this Sudio Care Kit is a worthy grab as you can easily clean your Sudio in order to take a good care of it from time to time. 

Sudio Care Kit, such convenient and a must!

Okay in case you guys are interested to try this Sudio Nio or wanna check out their other earphones model / products, you guys can go to their website as below : 


ANDDD special gift for my followers and readers!! 

Save and use my code here ---> RAINBOWNIO for a 15% off discount on your purchase on their website yassss! This discount code valid for all products including this Sudio Nio, and it has no limit of validity too okay, so yesss feel free to use it yayyy. As in for this Sudio Nio, it's originally costs RM359, but if you use my code [ RAINBOWNIO ] there, it'll be around RM309 only. Now isn't that great as you can manage to save more?! 

Alright, I guess I have covered much regarding this Sudio Nio and all Sudio promo / deets for you guys right? I hope my sharing here could help or beneficial somehow to all of you, especially if you're in the hunt for earphones or gadgets as well hehe. Till then, thanks a lot for stopping by yea guys, stay safe and may you all have a great week ahead! 

Resipi Ayam Masak Merah Kimball - Kompem Gaya Malaysia

Salam & Hi guys! 

Recently I ada share my unboxing of Kimball products that I've received on my IG Story, so yes I nak share more deets of those Kimball's products with you guys here on my blog hehe. Since IG story tu very limited nak cerita kan, so kat sini senang sikit haha. 

Okay so haritu I dapat variety of Kimball's products from Kimball Malaysia, Ya Allah alhamdulillah I am ecstatic with all of those items! Thank you so much kepada Kimball Malaysia for all of the awesomelicious & super convenient products hehee. Ianya adalah bersempena dengan kempen Kimball Gaya Malaysia - Kompem Gaya Malaysia dengan Kimball, which rasa sangat dekat dengan hati kan hehe. 

Well, of courselah rasa dekat di hati guys, for almost 50 years now that restaurants, warung, gerai dan juga ramai individual mahupun keluarga di Malaysia yang menggunakan produk Kimball di dalam masakan untuk memberikan setiap hidangan tersebut it's true rasa Malaysia yang oomph. Hence, lahirlah kempen Kompem Gaya Malaysia by Kimball ni to set a standard for Malaysian food, since no matter makan kat luar ke, masak sendiri ke, if guna Kimball, mesti akan enjoy the true taste of Malaysia haaa gittuuu hehee. 

Thank you so much Kimball Malaysia for this Kimball Kompem Gaya Malaysia gifts

Those yang dah tengok my IG Story unboxing tu might noticed I ada mention what can I do / cook, using those products kan? Haa keep on reading okayy sebab bawah lagi sikit ni I ada share full + super easy Gaya Malaysia recipe to cook - Ayam Masak Merah Kimball, siap video tutorial untuk you guys here too yayyy! 

First of all, in case you didn't know, Kimball is a home grown Malaysian brand yang telah pun established since 1970s tau! I believe, Kimball telah pun menjadi such a trusted brand among us Malaysian, since Kimball offers variety of high quality products, as well as in each of it's ingredients and product range. Semua produk Kimball adalah Halal dan indeed, sangat memenuhi cita rasa kita as Malaysians! Kimball are well known dengan authentic range of sauces and pastas, and seriously more guys! Mudah betul nak memasak di rumah dengan adanya produk Kimball ni tau, rasa pon sama seperti masakan di restoran okayy! Dengan Kimball, Kompem Gaya Malaysia punyalah hehe! 


Alright these are Kimball products range yang I dapat haritu : 

Tadaa! Inilah isi kotak tersebut hehe

Terdapat pelbagai jenis sos masakan, kacang, sup, puri, pasta dan juga disertakan dengan Apron & booklet resipi Kimball juga

Got 2 of this cute Kimball's bowl too! "Tambah ler lagi" indeed dengan Kimball yass haha

Kimball menyediakan pelbagai jenis sos masakan dan bahan masakan lain seperti pasta, kekacang, puri dan sup. FYI, Sos Cili Kimball, Sos Cili Thai Kimball, dan Sos Tomato Kimball adalah Tanpa Pengawet Tambahan tau! Sedap betul dijadikan sebagai pencicah pelbagai jenis makanan seperti cekodok, nuggets, dan lain-lain ataupun untuk digunakan dalam pelbagai jenis masakan kita juga tanpa ragu. Memang sangat convenient adanya 3 jenis Sos Kimball ni dirumah, sesuai sangat untuk seisi keluarga. 

Ni guys, berderet 'Tanpa Pengawet Tambahan' tu kan hehe

Manakala bagi Sos Berperisa Tiram Kimball pula, resipinya diperbaharui dimana ianya dibuat dengan menggunakan Jus Tiram Semulajadi. Bagus dan padu rasa tiram tu, sedap digunakan dalam pelbagai jenis masakan juga termasuklah if kita nak guna sebagai penambah perasa untuk masakan goreng-goreng kita, contohnya kuey teow goreng, laksa goreng, ataupun haa ni my mom's punya ayam style in her Nasi Ayam homemade recipe since I was a kid :- perap ayam dengan sos tiram then goreng, then pair kan makan dengan Nasi Ayam beserta supnya tu, fuhh memang sedap & kesukaan kami sekeluarga & others too tauu Nasi Ayam tu sebab ayamnya tu rasa special dan sedap sangat bila dimasak style macam tu hehee! Don't believe me? Trylah dengan Sos Tiram Kimball tu nanti okayy bila you guys nak masak Nasi Ayam kat rumah hehee. 

Sos Berperisa Tiram Kimball, dengan jus tiram semulajadi

Bagi Sos BBQ Kimball pula, ianya didatangkan dengan sensasi Smoky Klasik yang memang lazat, sesuai untuk dijadikan sebagai pencicah mahupun sebagai sos perapan, bagus kan?! I excited betul bila dapat tu juga sebabnya I memang suka masak western food or grilled style, so I automatically dapat bayangkan betapa senang kerja dan sedapnyaaa bila perap / cicah guna Sos BBQ Kimball ni haha. Tak sabar nak buat Grilled Chicken, Lamb Chop, or Smoky Wings yayy! 

Sos BBQ Kimball, most of Kimball products memang siap ada recipe sekali kat packaging okayy  

Selain tu, terdapat juga Kacang Kuda Kimball dan Kacang Parang Kimball. Elok-elok semua isinya. Kacang Kuda tu I suka makan as snack, like just goreng or rebus then makan macam tu sahaja, pon dah sedap kan hehe. Kacang Parang tu pula, sedap buat Kacang Pool kan? Nanti I nak try hehee. 

Kimball juga ada Sup Tomato yang sedia untuk dihidang okay guys! Memang mudah sangat dengan Sup Tomato Kimball ni, just panaskan dan tambah bahan tambahan yang diingini such as croutons dan dihirup panas-panas makan dengan garlic bread, sedapnyaa kan haha. Selain tu, boleh juga buat Nasi Tomato menggunakan Sup Tomato Kimball ni yayy! Selain Sup Tomato, ada juga Pati Tomato Kimball, Sos Spaghetti Tradisional Kimball beserta Spaghetti Pasta Kimball. all of these pon memang sangat banyak masakan yang kita boleh buat dengannya kan, contohnya Spaghetti Bolognese, Pasta Goreng, Lasagna dan macam-macam lagi. Rasa tomato yang fresh dan sedap! 

Spaghetti Pasta Kimball, one of the Kimball dry pasta selection

Now, let me show you how to cook Ayam Masak Merah Kompem Gaya Malaysia dengan menggunakan Sos Spaghetti Tradisional Kimball ni dan juga Sos Cili Kimball okayy? Yass check out the recipe & video tutorial below / on my IG Post yeaa! 


Masa tengah masak pon dah bau sedap, bila makan MasyaAllah sampai menjilat jari tauu hehe 


Ayam (around 500g - 700g) *I guna seekor ayam but minus the chest part
Serbuk Kunyit, Garam & Minyak (untuk menggoreng ayam)
1/2 cawan Sos Spaghetti Tradisional Kimball 
3 - 4 sudu besar Sos Cili Kimball
3/4 - 1 cawan air 

Antara bahan-bahan yang diperlukan. Sangat simple kan?

Bahan yang dikisar : 

2 - 3 batang Cili Merah (Dibuang bijinya & boleh lebihkan if nak pedas)
1 labu Bawang Besar 
4 - 5 biji Bawang Merah 
2 ulas Bawang Putih 
2 batang Serai 
3 buah keras 
Sedikit air untuk mengisar (50ml - 70ml)


1. Lumur ayam dengan serbuk kunyit dan garam. Panaskan minyak dalam pan / kuali, kemudian goreng ayam tersebut hingga separuh masak dan ketepikan. 

2. Tumiskan bahan yang dikisar hingga terbit minyak. Kemudian, masukkan Sos Spaghetti Tradisional Kimball, Sos Cili Kimball, Ayam yang telah digoreng separuh masak tadi, dan juga 3/4 - 1 cawan air. Tutup periuk / kuali dan biarkan masak sehingga ayam empuk dan kuahnya pekat. 

3. Tambahkan dengan garam dan gula jika perlu (I just tambah sedikit garam je, using Pink Himalayan Salt, tak tambah any gula or anything else since for me dah sedap secukup rasa dah tu hehe), then siap untuk dihidang yayy! 

Simple video tutorial here in case you guys need as rujukan untuk memasak okayy 

Sangat mudah kan? Rasanya pon fuhh memang sedap memenuhi citarasa, very tasteful and flavourful tauu rasa sama macam makan di restoran ataupun in this case, di wedding dengan masakan catering yang sedap-sedap belaka tu hehee. 

I suka betul how kita boleh pelbagaikan kegunaan produk Kimball ni dengan jayanya, yes dengan jayanya sebab dapat cukup semua rasa dalam masakan tu even guna bahan simple je tak perlu tambah macam-macam bahan lain / bahan perasa ke apa. Especially yesss these Sos Spaghetti Tradisional Kimball dan Sos Cili Kimball. Rasa yang sangat sedap tak kira jenis juadah yang kita sediakan, buat masakan Melayu pon sedap, Italian food pon sedap, fusion style pon sedap lagi suksesss tau haha. Indeed, dengan Kimball, semua boleh! Yass to Kimball-leh heheee! 

If you guys nak stock up pelbagai produk Kimball macam yang I share kat sini tapi tak sure macam mana nak masak or nak tengok / need idea resipi-resipi lain, don't worry okay sebab you guys boleh check out pelbagai jenis resipi yang lazat belaka di website Kimball ni : 

Manakala untuk pelbagai updates or more information dari Kimball Malaysia, you guys boleh check out Kimball Malaysia Facebook page ataupun di website Kimball okay : 

Website Kimball : https://kimball.com.my/ 

Kimball Facebook Page : Kimball Malaysia 

Well, I guess sampai disini sahaja sharing I untuk kali ini yea. Moga apa yang I share ni bermanfaat juga untuk you guys semua. Till then, have a great week ahead and take care okay! Selamat memasak dengan Kimball! 

#KompemGayaMalaysia #GayaMalaysia 

Chek Hup Kokoo - The Best Hot Chocolate Drink I've Tasted By Far!

Salam and Hi lovelies! 

Alright, so who doesn't love hot chocolate / hot cocoa, right? I mean, it's the best drink ever that we can have anytime, yet especially, during this such cold weather, right? The hot cocoa taste's preferences are of course, depends on your own variety, but mine is definitely something that is rich with the chocolate taste - the cocoa, the dark / bitter and a lil bit nutty from it's cacao taste, roasted and blended to perfection, along with a lil bit of sweetness added to it on top of the creaminess of the drink. Do you feel me? 

Mmhmm look at that thick and creamy chocolatey drink!

Already feel the loveliness even without the tiny marshmallows! 

Yes I preferred more chocolatey, than too sweet chocolatey. You know, usually we can taste the chocolate but mostly it's too little of chocolate taste but too sweet from the sugar added in it, right? Hence that kinda bummed me. As for me, the most important in a hot cocoa / hot chocolate drink is the richness of the chocolate in the drink, as that's how I measured a great cup of of hot cocoa / hot chocolate, hehe. 

So, when I first tasted this Chek Hup Kokoo - the Hot Chocolate drink, I gotta say that I am indeed, instantly fall in love with it! Not just that the chocolate taste is super rich, thick and creamy, but it's also have the sweetness balance to it too, whew what a perfection in a cup! I did have posted about this Chek Hup drink on my Instagram as well actually, but wanna share a lil bit into depth here with you guys hehee. 

Can you see how rich and creamy it is? Oh yass!

No need to add any other sweetener hehee

Warm up and let's have a cup! 

As I've stated on my Instagram post, this Chek Hup Kokoo drink are made from rich Malaysian cocoa blended with fermented cocoa beans, along with low GI rock sugar, as well as no artificial flavouring too.  It's also easy to make as we only need to add hot water (for hot drink) or add water and ice cubes (for make it cold drink), and it's great to be enjoy either way! Gotta tell you that me and my kids already been hooked up to this Chek Hup Kokoo drink now that I need to restock for more haha! 

Eventually, there are 2 variants that we can choose from this Chek Hup Kokoo drinks series, which are the original Chocolate Drink, and another one is Chocolate Drink with Hazelnut. OMG I'm indeed super excited when I found out about the one with Hazelnut, because I already imagine how awesome it'll taste as I am a fan of hazelnut-based drinks as well haha! 

Click HERE  to check out for this combo! 

The Chek Hup Chocolate series 

Since I want to stock up for the Chek Hup Chocolate drink, and yes excited to try the Chocolate with Hazelnut one too, hence I choose to order the combo of these two variant which only costs RM28 at Shopee and can't wait to taste the Chocolate with Hazelnut hehee. Perhaps I'll update you guys on my IG (IG story maybe) later after I received my order and try okayy? Anyway, you can check out these links for the Check Hup drinks in case you're interested too okay : 

Chek Hup Shopee's Page : feast your eyes HERE 

Chek Hup Kokoo Combo : Combo deals here! 

FYI, aside from chocolate drink series, there are also coffee and tea series that you can choose and yes most of them seems interesting too, but I haven't tried all yet so far, so I can't say much about those okayy heheh. Yet I do totally recommended the chocolate drink here because it is literally taste oh so yummy! 

Click HERE to check out Chek Hup's Shopee page 

So yess feel free to check out their Shopee page as the link above and perhaps try them yourselves and see if you'll loves it too hehe. This blogpost here is not sponsored by Chek Hup nor Shopee, but merely just sharing my fav items and also I think my best buy from Shopee as usual okayy hehe. 

May my sharing here is somewhat beneficial to you all too especially those whom are looking for a great cup of hot chocolate drink to enjoy. Thanks for reading guys and take care okayy! Happy holidays too!

Scott's Rainbow Gummies Launch : Exclusive Insight & Let's Contribute Help!

Salam and Hi All! 

Recently, I attended Scott's Rainbow Gummies Virtual Launch via Facebook Live on Scott's Malaysia Facebook Page, and there are lots of things that I learnt while had fun joining the programme too. This virtual launch was held on 19 November 2020, took around 1 hour only yet packed with joyful games and even contest for the audience at home like me too hehe. Some of the guest that took part are the celebrity mom, Miss Yasmin Hani Richardson, as well as the participants from reality game show Generasi Z and Z Power which those shows are sponsored by Scott's Gummies with DHA. 

Bryan Wong, General Manager of Consumer Healthcare, GSK Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei (in the middle at the back); along with Foo Hwei Jiek, Head of Trading of Watsons Malaysia (on the left); Yasmin Hani (on the right) and on the front are the kids of Generasi Z and Power Z at the virtual launch of Scott's Gummies with DHA 

Since I found it beneficial, here I am, wanted to share the details regarding this new Scott's Gummies with DHA a.k.a Scott's Rainbow Gummies, such as what you need to know about these newly launched gummies, and how you can make a difference in the lives of the children with the cleft lip and cleft palate. 

Well, as a mom / parent, of course, we always want the best for our children - that includes to provide them with good and balance diet, which have as much as complete and best nutritions in that too. Yet indeed, sometimes it's hard for us to make sure that they can get such proper nutritions everyday especially if we have such picky eaters kids, so yes that's where I think such kids supplement can boost some help to us. I believe, most of us parents must have at least experience once, of which the kids had declined to eat vegetables or fruits, or those fish oil capsules we tried to gave or mix in their food, or the usual Vitamins be it in tablet, powder, or syrup, right? Of course, we know the importance of those to our children's growth development and all, hence, we gotta find our ways for them to get those goodness, right? 

Scott's Gummies with DHA, available in bottle and pack 

Indeed, that's where this Scott's Gummies come about. Scott's has already been trusted by generations and they are now continue to make nutrients in interesting forms and formats that are appealing to the children. FYI, Scott's is the number 1 in Peninsular Malaysia for Child Health Supplement and Vitamin C in Child Category. It's also a long heritage brand that is famous with Emulsion range, and now, has launch it's exciting gummies with DHA, in the kids friendly format, just as how they aim it. 

So, this new Scott's Gummies comes with important nutrients such as DHA, which is an Omega 3 fatty acid that contributes to normal eye and brain development. Oh don't be alarmed when you see that DHA or Omega 3 fatty acid, because there literally are no fishy taste and smell with these Scott's Gummies, since they are using microencapsulated technology while producing, in order to lock the goodness of DHA from the fish oil at the same time as well. In addition, these gummies also contains Vitamin D, which helps with calcium and phosphorus absorption. As we all know, Calcium is important for bone and teeth growth, so yes we do need that for our children. 

Aside from that, this gummies also comes with 3 variety of yummy fruity flavours to choose from - which are Strawberry, Orange, and Blackcurrant, in it's fun shape of 3 different sea creatures (fish, crab and octopus) inside such convenient pack / bottle. Of course, this does not substitute the proper food diet, hence should be taken under adult supervision. Remember, only max of 3 gummies per day, and this Scott's Gummies with DHA is for kids 5 years and above, okayy. 

From left : Yasmin Hani with Isabelle Tan of Z Power and Muhammad Adam Haqimi from Generasi Z, sharing their experience of the all new Scott's Gummies with DHA in assorted flavours. 

A closer view of the Scott's Gummies from the testing and review slot earlier 

Well, have these excites you yet? Hehe there are more so yes let me continue sharing from the launching event as I mentioned earlier okay? Regarding the help initiative, for every purchase of Scott's Gummies with DHA, RM0.50 will be contributed towards the initiative to help improve the lives of the local kids with cleft lips and cleft palates. As Bryan Wong, the General Manager of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare stated, 

"In Malaysia, it is estimated that 1 in every 700 babies are diagnosed with cleft lip and cleft palate. Through this initiative, Scott's is committed towards helping these kids lead a normal life with confidence, where every child deserves to smile." 

Bryan Wong, General Manager of Consumer Healthcare, GSK Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei sharing about the new Scott's Gummies with DHA in assorted flavours, along with Ross Stephenson on the right, the host of the virtual launch. 

Hence, Scott's will make a special contribution to Smile Train, which is an international organization that provides corrective surgery for children born and / living with cleft lips and palates. Smile Train will channel the contributions to an organization that supports children born and / or living with cleft lips and palates in Malaysia. 

This new Scott's Gummies with DHA in assorted flavours retail price are RM39.50 for a bottle of 60s, while RM10.70 for a pack of 15s, which can be purchase at all leading pharmacies. I think it's such a great initiative that they came up with as we can contribute to help while purchasing this new Scott's Gummies with DHA, don't you think so too? 

Bryan Wong, General Manager of Consumer Healthcare, GSK Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei (centre) officiating the launch of Scott's Gummies with DHA in assorted flavours, witnessed by Foo Hwei Jiek, Head of Trading of Watsons Malaysia and Yasmin Hani, Malaysian celebrity mom. 

Alright, I guess that's it for now regarding this Scott's Gummies with DHA. I think I've covered enough for you guys right? Hopefully you'll find it beneficial and happily reading through hehe. Keep your eyes peel upon my social media as I will update more for you soon okayy. Thanks for stopping by yea and may you all will have a great week ahead, stay safe everyone! 

For more information, feel free to check out Scott's Malaysia Facebook page : Scott's Malaysia 

#scottsdhagummies #scottsrainbow #rainbowlaunch #ScottsMY #ScottsMalaysia #sponsoredpostbyScotts 

French Toast Pizza - Easiest Recipe + Tutorial!

Salam & Hi guys! 

Alright tbh I am kinda excited to share this with you guys, as this is my first try for making the French Toast Pizza hehee. It started with when I just came across people sharing they made it, around last week or last two week - which kinda just went viral, I think. Indeed perhaps it's not new, but yeah I just discovered it hence excitedly tried making it myself, and I gotta say, I totally satisfied and happy that I tried hehe! 

Okay so I think what makes we'd love this French Toast Pizza is because of the easy to prepare (and find) ingredients, as well as super easy to cook it too! There's no need to make your own pizza dough and everything, so yes, less time needed and less messy haha. Without further ado, let's get to it shall we? Anyway, you guys can also check out my video tutorial there too okay while scrolling through my step by step instructions here hehee. 


Ingredients : 

5 slices of Bread (cut into mini square pieces) 

2 Eggs (beaten) 

Salt (to be added into the eggs)

*Pepper / Herbs (optional to add)

Toppings of choices (I'm using minced meats, hotdogs and cherry tomatoes)

Mozzarella cheese (can opt for both block or grated ones okay)

*Parmesan cheese (optional to add) 

Butter (use about half spoon, can refer to video as well okay hehe) 

Tomato paste (you can just use the pasta bolognese sauce or any tomato paste you have) 

Check out my video tutorial for this French Toast Pizza on my Youtube here

Preparation : 

1. Mix the breads that you already cut earlier with the eggs that you've beat and added with salt. Try to covered every pieces nicely. 

2. Melt some butter in your pan (if you have a non stick pan, that'll be awesome to use yea). When the butter have melt nicely all over the surface, pour the bread mix, and gently pat it down so it'll come together (and be hold) in a good shape. 

*Use a low to medium heat only throughout cooking

3. Flip the bread mix to cook it's other part. By this time, you can start adding the pizza topping ingredients, starting with spreading the tomato paste first, then along with pouring the meats & other condiments of your choices. Don't forget to add the cheese as well okay, and yesss be generous with your mozzarella hehee. 

*Tips : In case you're using block cheese, please prepared to cut the block cheese into small pieces so it'll be easy for you to pour them. Besides that, kindly cook your meat / simmer your veges beforehand, as it shouldn't be raw when you're about to pour them as topping upon making your pizza at this step okayy.

4.  After done pouring everything you want on top of your pizza, cover the pan with a lid for several minutes so that the cheese can be melt evenly and nicely. If you're using a clear lid cover like me, you can easily predict and see when it's done hehee. When you can see that the cheese have melts beautifully, voila, your pizza is ready to be cut and eat! 

Well, easy peasy to prepare and make right?! The results is totally not disappointing as this French Toast Pizza tastes as same as the usual commercial pizzas that we usually bought outside! I'm jubilant indeed with the end results and more satisfied that my family totally loves it too, and already asks me for a repeat haha! My daughter said she gave me a 10/10 for this pizza and seems to want it everyday now haha. 

So I guess whenever we have too much bread in our house, besides making bread pudding, now we can add making pizza too onto the list, right? I think if  you don't have any mozzarella or parmesan cheese, it's okay, you can try to just use the usual cheddar cheese slices as well. The mozzarella is like an extra point since yeah we all know it's great for cheese pulling foodie like pizza, grilled cheese and more right hehe hence, my choices of cheese to use there but yeah no sweat okay, just use whatever we have at the moment. 

As for these cheese range that I used, it's from Perfect Italiano, which they are made in Australia with 100% natural goodness and Halal as well. As you can see from my pics, I choose to have Perfect Italiano Mozarella Block, Perfect Italiano Mozarella Grated, and Perfect Italiano Parmesan Grated for my homemade pizza. We totally loveeee how rich and flavourful these authentic Italian cheese tastes, not to mention how stretchy it could be too, so delightful with the outcome hehee! FYI, they have the Perfect Italiano Perfect Pizza range too, but I only manage to bought those three at the time, so I just use what I have at the moment. Perhaps next time I can try the other variant, right? hehe. Anyway, I just bought these Perfect Italiano cheese range at Shopee since it's super convenient to buy online during this cmco time right hehe. Great packaging and fast shipping guys, I got all my cheese in great condition from the seller! Check out the seller HERE okayy, totally recommended! 

This recipe is definitely flexible, as we can go with whatever we have, and also be creative with it as in to suits with our taste too. It's also suitable to be eat at any time we want, and loved by all ages, even the kids. 

To those healthy foodie enthusiast can also make this French Toast Pizza, with just substitutes the ingredients a bit like using all natural sourdough bread, pure butter, homemade meats and tomato paste puree, pink himalayan rock salt, etc. Super easy and yassss definitely are yummy! 

Alright, I guess that's all for my sharing this time. If you guys have made it, feel free to share with me your results as well okay, would love to know it hehe. Oh and feel free to check out my Instagram post of this Perfect Italiano too as I have shared about their exciting contest details there, so yass go for it okayy hehee! May my sharing here beneficial to you all. Have a great day ahead lovelies and thanks for stopping by lovelies! 

Yumny : Mee Segera Versi Sihat Pilihan Sekeluarga

Salam & Hi Lovelies! 

Siapa pernah dengar berkenaan mee Yumny ni? To be honest, I pon baru this year mengenali Yumny, started dengan nak try dulu how it goes then terus jatuh cinta dan stick to this brand hehe. FYI, I dah 8 tahun bebas mee segera komersial ever since I cakna dengan apa yang I makan, so bila ada yang perkenalkan mee segera versi sihat - I tertarik untuk nak tahu lebih lanjut. 

Yumny Travel Pack - Mee segera pilihan kami sekeluarga!

Sumber dari Artikel Harian Metro 23 Ogos 2016

Okay apa yang buat I approved dan nak cuba Yumny ni adalah kerana produk ini diinovasikan oleh seorang doktor yang berpengalaman 30 tahun dengan Mardi dan sudah lama menjalankan R&D produk, iaitu Dr. Khatijah, dengan fokus untuk menghasilkan makanan yang bernutrisi tinggi dan juga bagus untuk sistem pencernaan. Ianya dihasilkan dengan 100% All Natural, tanpa bahan pengawet mahupun pewarna tambahan. Lebih menarik lagi, mee yang dihasilkan adalah dengan menggunakan sayur sebenar yang dirawat sebagai bahan utama, selain menggunakan tepung tanpa bahan peluntur, garam bebas iodin tambahan, dan juga telur sebagai ejen untuk menambah kekenyalan mee. 

Manakala bagi perencahnya pula, ia juga hanya menggunakan bahan-bahan asli tanpa sebarang MSG, antaranya adalah garam, cili, gula, tepung jagung, palm olein, campuran rempah, bawang merah / bawang goreng / bawang putih, daun kesum + bunga kantan (untuk perisa asam pedas), lada hitam + sos soya (untuk perisa ayam blackpaper). 

Boleh lihat gambar-gambar di bawah untuk gambaran lebih dekat & info lengkap berkenaan jenis-jenis mee sayur dan ingredients bagi variasi rasa yang digunakan : 

Variasi mee Lobak Merah 

Variasi mee Bayam 

Variasi mee Labu Manis 

Yumny Perasa Asam Laksa

Yumny Perasa Sup Ayam Blackpaper

Bila lihat dari bahan-bahannya, I memang jadi confident untuk makan dan juga bagi anak-anak rasa. Yumny ni memang sesuai dimakan oleh seisi keluarga termasuk kanak-kanak tau, selain ianya sangat sesuai untuk dibawa travel as well disebabkan packaging yang mesra travel, senang boleh tuang sahaja air panas dan makan dari situ. Tempoh luputnya around 6 - 9 bulan yea, almaklumlah produk all natural, jadi memang biasalah tempoh sebegitu kan. 

So far I dah rasa semua variasi bagi perisa Asam Laksa dan Sup Ayam tersebut, yang mana ada 3 jenis mee sayur bagi setiap perisa - mee sayur lobak merah, labu manis, dan bayam. Semuanya memang sedap! Bagi perisa Asam Laksa tu, ia ada pedas sikit yea jadi bagi anak-anak yang tak makan pedas, mungkin mereka akan lebih suka perisa Sup Ayam, kerana Sup Ayam tu tak pedas even ada blackpaper sikit hehe. 

Sebelah Kiri : Yumny Perisa Asam Pedas for me, while Kanan pula 
Yumny Perisa Sup Ayam Blackpaper for my kids. 
Added homemade hotdog & telur yasss sedappp!

Baru-baru ini pihak Yumny ada perkenalkan perisa baru iaitu perisa Kari, yang mana sama juga ada jenis mee sayur seperti pilihan variasi yang sebelumnya di atas. Of course I dah beli haritu untuk cuba, tapi belum buat lagi jadinya mungkin nanti I share apa rasanya di IG story je kan lepas rasa hehe. I confirm mesti sedap juga punyalah hehee! 

Perisa baru, Kari! Tak sabar nak cuba rasa hehee

Cara penyediaannya memang sangat senang, hanya tambah air panas pada mee dan perencah yang ada. Tunggu seketika dalam masa 8 - 10 minit sebelum sedia dimakan. Bagi yang nak sediakan style on the go or travel, ada disediakan garfu sekali dalam setiap peket, so memang convenient since hanya perlukan air panas. Bagi yang menyediakannya di rumah, boleh juga kalau nak tambah bahan-bahan lain seperti telur, ayam, daging, dan lain-lain ikut cita rasa masing-masing kan. As for me, since I memang dah ada ready homemade hotdog di rumah, I just add that or masak bersama telur, fuh memang ummphh dan seriously anak-anak suka sangat hehee! 

Side notes, bagi yang masak untuk anak kecil, boleh juga gunakan separuh sahaja perencah tersebut, dan selebihnya nanti boleh digunakan untuk memasak dengan yang lain. Contoh if nak buat mee goreng or anything, boleh simpan dan guna perencah tu kemudian. FYI, Yumny ada juga menjual pilihan mee kering dan macaroni juga tau yang mana ianya boleh pelbagai guna / buat pelbagai jenis masakan untuk seisi keluarga. 

Mee Kering Yumny

Macaroni Yumny

Bagi kami sekeluarga, kami suka makan jenis mee segera Yumny ni, seperti cara yang dinyatakan sebelumnya tadi. Biasanya untuk anak-anak, satu peket tu mereka berdua boleh kongsi makan bersama, cukup je sepeket tu kongsi sekali makan untuk mereka buat masa ni hehe. Mungkin nanti bila si adik dah makin besar, barulah kena bertukar kepada satu peket untuk seorang pula pada satu masa rasanya haha. 

Bagi yang nak tahu atau nak ikuti perkembangan dari semasa ke semasa pihak Yumny, you guys boleh ikuti mereka melalui link seperti di bawah : 

FacebookYumny HQ 


Manakala bagi yang berminat nak membeli, you guys boleh beli melalui agent / stokis mereka di serata tempat, atau klik sahaja link dibawah ini untuk membeli melalui 2 agent pilihan yang I biasa beli : 

Yumny Agent 1https://shp.ee/44ffe9j 

Yumny Agent 2https://shp.ee/7dmf6q3 

Atau kalau nak mudah, just buka Shopee ni dan search for Yumny mee, insyaAllah banyak pilihan yang you guys akan jumpa. Dua agent yang I senaraikan tadi tu pon dari Shopee, tapi mereka adalah yang I biasa beli dan puas hati dengan servis mereka, selain up to date dengan promosi yang Yumny HQ anjurkan, makanya mereka memang pilihan utama bila I nak buat pembelian produk Yumny ni. 

Berdasarkan pengamatan, biasanya Yumny selalu adakan promosi untuk produk mereka, khususnya bagi Travel Pack / mee segera yang I ceritakan ni, you guys boleh dapatkan Promo Combo pack seperti beli 5 free 1 dengan harga hanya RM25 per combo. Kalau harga biasa untuk 1 peket tu actually RM5 tau per peket. Sekarang ni masih ada promo satu peket untuk RM4.90, ataupun pembelian Combo 3 peket hanya RM11, so memang lagi jimat hehe. Bagi promo terbaru tu you guys boleh klik dan beli di Yumny Agent 1 tersebut yea. 

Gambar-Gambar dibawah ini adalah antara contoh masakan yang boleh disediakan dengan pelbagai mee dan Macaroni dari Yumny okay, sedapnyaaa hehee!

For me, memang berbaloi dan puas hati dengan Yumny ni sebab senang hati dengan ingredients produk dan memang sedap tau rasanya, anak-anak pon enjoy makan sambil kita pon tak risau kalau nak bagi mereka makan mee yang ni. Selama ni kami anak beranak memang dah lama betul tolak untuk makan mee segera, yes me myself dah bertahun-tahun tolak makan mee segera, namun sekarang kami dah jumpa mee segera yang terbaik dan versi sihat untuk kami sekeluarga yayy! That's what inspired me untuk buat sharing ni kepada semua juga hehee. 

Moga my sharing kali ini beneficial kepada semua, lebih-lebih lagi pada yang geng sekapal yang mana masih lagi tercari-cari pengganti mee segera ala-ala mee segera biasa tu kan, sungguh, inilah mee segera sihat yang menepati aspek yang dimahukan itu hehe. Pada yang lain-lain yang berminat, selamat mencuba yea! Feel free untuk share with me jika you guys sudah mencuba or anything juga yeaa. Lastly, thanks a lot sudi singgah baca disini guys, take care & selamat berhujung minggu! 

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