Tasneem Naturel Balm, A Perfect Companion for Babies and Adults Too!

Salam and hello lovelies!

As promised earlier on my instagram, here's the full details and review of Tasneem Naturel products that I've been talking about with you guys there. 

Okay a quick intro about Tasneem Naturel Network: 
Started from scratch at home from making those homemade balm to packaging and everything by Mrs Haridah and her husband, Mr Rafizal, until now that they have up to thousand of agents and stockists around Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Japan, Korea and Singapore. Mrs Haridah's intention is to add value in one's life, aside from wanted to help all mommies out there whom facing all sorts of problem regarding their child's tantrum, sleeping problem, cough, flu, and other discomfort, and also for those who are looking for extra income. Hence, here comes the Tasneem Naturel Balm that been made with 100% Essential Oils essence. 

These balm comes in 4 types :-

1) CF Rub

- This lovely CF Rub balm can help soothe cough and flu, with it's great and natural only ingredients - Carrier Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Lemon, Orange, Eucalytus, Lavender, Cypress, Tea Tree, and Frankinsence - hence, no worries to use it on your little loved ones! It doesn't have any strong smell, just refreshing orangy or citruscy smell that I find it nice πŸ‘πŸΏ
You see, my baby boy here caught a little bit of cough the night before, so after took him to bath the next morning, I rub this CF Rub balm gently on his back, chest, and foot area. Alhamdulillah after a while, he's in better state and not coughing anymore, and well look how happy he is in that picture of that same day! 😁

2) Sleep Time

- While putting my baby to bed, I usually do take some time to massage him as well, using the Sleep Time balm. The all natural essential oils like Carrier Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Cedarwood, Lavender, Vertiver, Chamomile, Orange, Marjoram, Bergamot, and Ylang Ylang does helps to make him fall asleep easily and peacefully, so yes indeed I do like it! FYI, Lavender, Bergamot and Chamomile are also known to promote better sleep. πŸ‘πŸΏ As for the massage, usually I started from his backbone area, up to his neck and behind ears area, then a little bit of his shoulders area, down to his wrists area, then lastly, his foot area. Oh dear goodness even me myself wanted to have that kind of lovely massage before asleep right! πŸ˜† Indeed, mommies to mommies, that moment when our sugarbug had fall asleep is the only moment that we can catching up on ourselves, having some me time or even finishing our work right, hehe πŸ˜† This balm also doesn't have a strong smell, it's just lovely! ❤

3) Calm Time 

- I use this balm after my baby's bath each morning and evening, applying it with the same massage as when I do for his sleep time massage. Totally loves it! I think after bath is the perfect time for him in order to contain those calmness as this balm helps to promote whole body relaxation to our little ones. Look at it as this way - after been refreshed with bathing, you calm your body with a cool, relaxing massage that been applied with such soothing and lovely essential oils around your body. Top that with the all natural ingredients goodness and benefits that been restored to your body. Now how's that sound?! Will you get cranky after having that?! Of course you won't! 😁❤ Well, massaging your baby regularly is great for them, as it will helps with their senses and brain development, also not to forget to strengthen their body and those precious bonding between you two that grow each every moment. 🌷
Watch this video that I made to show roughly to you all on how the massage took place :- 

4) Tummy Time

- So when it seems like he had some kind of tummy's 911, here, I rub his tummy area within love shape with Tasneem Naturel Tummy Time to ease those discomfort off of him. This Tummy Time balm can help ease tummy discomfort with it's chosen essential oils of Carrier Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Ginger, Peppermint, Junipers, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, Patchouli, Tangerine, and Lavender. In addition, with these kind of easy to grab and ready to go cute little packaging makes it easier for mommies to use it without any mess, anywhere, and anytime. 🌷

So overall, I do think these 4 types of Tasneem Naturel balm are such a perfect companion for us mommies and babies, and guess what, it can even be use for adults too! I love it's all natural ingredients, which make it non harmful to our loved ones. Their smells are lovely and refreshing as well. Those cute packaging are great for travel as well! So yes thumbs up for all! πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ’– 

Here's are the details of Tasneem Naturel for you guys to check out later :- 

HOTLINE: 011-20964665 (ORDER) , 010-8453469 (AGENT & STOCKIST REGISTRATION)

Here's are some of their customer's testimony that I've compiled for you guys to have a quick go through here :-

So, I hope my post here are beneficial to all of you especially parents out there. Follow me on my instagram :- @qeela.iqa for more updates and more about parenting, lifestyle, beauty, food and much more. 
Till then, may you all have a great weekend ahead! 
Thank You for reading! ❤

Lynnity Botanic Health and Relief Review

Salam and Hi all!

Today I wanted to share my review on Lynnity's products - the Botanic Health : Phyto Citrus Blend and another one is Lynnity Relief. 

FYI, Lynnity (Let the farm be your pharmacy) been intoducing it's #buyfrommanufacturer as since Lynnity is the hybrid of the functional food supplement derived from more than 100 years of traditional Chinese Herbs recipes and combined with modern taste using modern technology. Combining scientific research and nutritional expertise, they prepare their products with high quality processes in order to preserves those nutrients and deliver great products for our optimum health. They also believes that plant is the best way to support good health and always desire to discover more of superfoods and share them with everyone. 
Well, I do believes that real food is the best in every way too! 😊

So here's these two from several other products that been manufactured by Lynnity that I'm currently consuming and using and would love to share how's they're like with you guys.

1) Lynnity Botanic Health : Phyto Citrus Blend

Phyto-nutrients are components of plants that are powerful defenders of health. Optimum dosages are meticulously calculated with both medicinal potency and maximum taste in mind, since less froth yet more functions is what Lynnity creed. 

In my simple words, this Lynnity Phyto Citrus Blend Botanic Health is a health supplement drink that supports bone and joint health, cardiovascular and cholesterol management, and gives energy as well. Contains with lots of natural sources that gives out tremendous beneficial such as pomegranate, corn, soy bean, barley, almond, lotus seed, flax seed, green apple, passion fruit, celery, spinach, seaweed, oat bran, and much more, suitable to be consume with breakfast or lunch or even dinner, daily. 

It taste fine, I do like it, as it reminds me of my mom since it taste like the Spirulina drink I used to drank with my mom and my siblings when we grow up hehe. 
Well, if I have to elaborate the taste, it kind of the spirulina plus plain nestum drink. It's not sweet, but I find it just lovely. 

I think it's great for on the go too, like for those whom such in a hurry, instead of skipping breakfast, you can pop out this Lynnity Botanic in your tumbler, pour some lukewarm water and you're good to go. No more empty stomach on the go, as simple as that 😁 

Since it's suitable to be consume whenever daily, so it's a bonus for me because I can either make it as my breakfast drink, or supper before bed, well whenever that it suits me without having to worry for any effect or whatnot if I switching time taking it. I've just starting to consume it for several days now and what can I tell you is that, so far, so good 😊

In this video below you can see how it's like, mmhmm so good! ❤

2) Lynnity Relief 

- Being a mom, especially when you're breastfeeding your kids, one common problem that you can't get away with is the back, shoulder and neck area pain. 

Since you usually didn't have time for massage, so, this Lynnity Relief - the mini therapeutic Essential Oil (EO) on the go is been really helpful to ease your ache and distress, as it is great to help soothe those minor discomforts. 

All you have to do is just roll it over upon the pain or discomfort area, and puff! Slowly the pain will be taken away from you. Awesome thing is that it doesn't interferes with our work and everything, at all! Yet it just give you the relief indeed ❤

To be honest, I'm not really a fan of pain relief thingy be it hot oil or whatever that been meaning to relief those kind of pain as I can't stand the smell and I didn't like the effect that it'll bring me - the hot, sticky and smell that leaves me uncomfortable but this one, this Lynnity Relief is an exception now as believe it or not, I really can live with it! hehe. 

It doesn't smell that strong and it doesn't really leaves your skin really oily nor sticky like the usual hot oil etc does, yet the minty feeling is kind of strong to relief the ache, and most importantly, I just have to roll it and no need for my hands to get sticky or whatever so, yeah I'm good with it, really! 


I even try and touch it a bit to compare if it's texture is as same as any other those pain relief oil etc, but thankfully it's not! It's texture is kind of very light and not oily, haha I'm sorry I guess you guys should try it yourself and you'll know. It's just feels like it's nicely neat and I like it that way. Well thank god for pure therapeutic-grade Essential Oil, as it's a great choice for those whom are not a fan of those usual hot oil etc as well πŸ˜…

So, yes overall I am satisfied with their products, and that Lynnity Relief is kind of impressed me, since yeah as I told you guys earlier about me with those kind of pain relief thingy right hehe. 
Great intention and great works too, keep it up Lynnity! πŸ‘πŸΏ✨

Lynnity's details info are as below, you guys can check them out yea :-

IG : @lynnityhealth
FB : Lynn Exclusive - Lynnity.com
Website : www.lynnity.com
Email : info@lynnity.com
Contact : 012-661 8157

Thank you all for reading! May this post be beneficial in any way. Wishing you guys have a great week ahead and stay fit and healthy! 🌷

Warga Seremban, Anda Wajib Baca Sekarang!

Salam & Hi semua!

Hehe honestly, title di atas bukan untuk buat gempak tau tapi.....memang anda semua kena baca post ni sebab ada news yang best yang Qeela nak bagitau kat semua, especially warga Seremban dan juga yang stay di sekitar Seremban. Serious tak rugi baca, haa scroll lagi bawah yea Qeela explain.

Okay so actually semalam (Rabu, 8 Nov 2017) Qeela attended a press conference untuk Seremban 2 'Fit & Foodie Carnival 2017' di IJM Land Sales Office. Memang best! Turut hadir, special guest for the event ialah Dato' Chef Fazley Yaakob, Masterchef Celebrity Malaysia & Artiste, dan juga Miss Goh Liu Ying, Silver Medalist of the Rio Olympics 2016. 

Semasa ucapan dari Dato' Hoo Kim See, Senior General Manager of IJM Land Berhad (gambar),  beliau ada menerangkan mengenai karnival yang bakal berlangsung tersebut sejurus sebelum merasmikan pelancaran karnival ini bersama-sama dengan special guests kita tadi. So now, as a Serembanian as well, dengan gembiranya Qeela nak share info tu semua dengan you guys!

Gambar-gambar diatas adalah ketika perasmian Pelancaran Karnival oleh special guests kita bersama-sama Senior General Manager of IJM Land Berhad.

Seremban 2 Fit & Foodie Carnival 2017 ini akan diadakan pada 19hb November 2017 (Ahad), bertempat di Seremban 2 Sales Gallery, bermula dari pukul 9 pagi sehingga pukul 6 petang. Karnival ini memang sangat sesuai untuk seisi keluarga dari semua peringkat umur. Pelbagai program menarik diaturkan pada hari karnival tersebut, antaranya :-

1) Meet & Greet with our special guests
- Buat pencinta masakan dan fitness, anda berpeluang untuk berjumpa dengan Dato' Fazley Yaakob dan juga Miss Goh Liu Ying, dimana terdapat demonstrasi masakan, perkongsian skill & tips di samping mengamalkan lifestyle yang sihat, selain perkongsian untuk kehidupan yang sihat dengan cara-cara untuk kurangkan stress dan sebagainya. For me, inilah masanya untuk you guys dapatkan tips terbaik daripada dua icon kita ni kan!

2) Contests
- Pelbagai contest menarik pada hari tersebut yang boleh disertai seperti Ms & Mr Fit Fashion Icon, Best Jazzercise Dance, Colouring Contest untuk kanak-kanak, Recipes Corner contest, selain sesi Lucky Draw up to 30 prizes tau khas buat IJM Land's property buyers! Note that pada 18 & 19 November ini ada promosi istimewa dimana potential buyers boleh dapat extra rebates ketika membeli any of IJM Land's properties, so yes inilah masanya bagi mereka yang tengah searching out for properties tu yea 😁

3) Interesting Stalls etc
- Terdapat pelbagai games stall yang menawarkan free gifts, vouchers, photo booth, fitness activities, giant bubble, balloon clowns, fit & foodie bazaar, oh dear god serious macam-macam yang best boleh kita explore seisi keluarga and I'm sure our kids mesti happy sangat-sangat if dapat pergi ke karnival ni! Jangan tak tahu juga, pelbagai foodtrucks pon ada nanti! As a foodlover, of course, dengar foodtruck je pon dah happy & tak sabar nak pergi kan hehe! Bagi geng-geng yang extreme sikit, no worries, sebab Wall Climbing dan Bungee Run pon ada tau selain Zumba, Jazzercise & Kinetic Cycling. 😁

4) Charity Donations
-  Sambil kita bergembira tu, tidak dilupakan juga pada yang memerlukan. In that case, terdapat 2 jenis donation campaign yang boleh kita sertai di karnival ini, iaitu firstly, Hair Donation campaign - the first in ASEAN dengan collaboration bersama Locks of Hope, in order to provide a platform for public untuk mendermakan rambut mereka untuk dijadikan sebagai rambut palsu buat pesakit kanser. Secondly, kempen menderma darah buat yang memerlukan juga diadakan. So for those yang intend untuk menderma either way, bolehlah berbuat demikian pada hari karnival tersebut. 😊

Well, itulah sedikit sebanyak info yang Qeela nak kongsikan dengan semua berkenaan karnival Fit & Foodie 2017 ni. Macam best kan?! Oh ye before I forget, those yang berminat nak join contest yang ada tu nanti boleh register dulu di IJM Land Sales Office by 10 November ni yea. So yes hurry guys, few days left ni hehe! 

Now ni Qeela share gambar-gambar sepanjang majlis pula. Sorry yea I awal-awal dah selfie dulu dengan special guests 😁

Thank you IJM Land Berhad for the yummy refreshments and goodies. πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜Š

Jangan lupa juga untuk save the date tau, 19 November 2017 di Seremban 2 Sales Gallery! Share info ni kepada semua orang yea, jom ajak ramai-ramai having fun at the carnival nanti! See you guys there insyaAllah! Thanks for reading and may you guys have a lovely week ahead ❤

You Won't Believe The Price You'll Get at Jalan Jalan Japan!

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Aha as intrigue as my title sound, I can assure you that it's only the truth. I can say that you wouldn't believe it because they are literally cheap with great quality at Jalan Jalan Japan!
Before I going further about the goods price there, let's warming up a bit about this store yea? 

Jalan Jalan Japan is a Japanese Preloved Store that sell variety of preloved goods all the way from Japan. When I say variety, you can literally expect to find everything there - from kitchen appliances, clothes, shoes, toys, mobile accessories, sports section, luggage, to even surfing boards! All items are in great condition, some even still new, and you can find that it comes with great bargain which their pricing starts as low as RM1! You guys can follow and like their page here for more updates :-
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Facebook : 
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Instagram : 

Jalan Jalan Japan (JJJ) was started by Bok Marketing, an amalgamation of their Japan parent company - Bookoff Corporation Limited - a Japanese chain with 800 stores worldwide along with 27 years of experience in the reuse business, and also Koike, a 25 years old trading company in Malaysia. 

They have launched their first outlet last year at Skypark One City Mall at Subang Jaya, and now ready for their second outlet at 1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras, as the store opening will be on this 30th September 2017.
Daichi Shuzui, Bok Marketing Director, noted that Cheras was chosen because the traffic is good, it's not crowded there yet along with the large population. They also will look into expanding to other areas from next year onwards as their expansion plans. 

So, when I went to their 1 Shamelin Mall outlet pre launch last Saturday, I can assure you that I am going crazy as there are a lot of things that I want to buy there! Well you bet you will, as with those seriously super cheap prices, with a like new to good condition of each items, who didn't?! πŸ˜„ 

Cuties, along with dolls and everything to be choose to add on to your house

Picnic basket, tupperware, and variety of kitchen appliances from as low as RM1!

Jeans/Pants, handbags, dresses, fedoras, to scooter, roller blades and everything, ahh you name it! πŸ˜„

Yet of course, as a typical mom, I'm going crazy grabbing everything for my kids. I spent more hours at the kids-toys section and end up spending it all on their toys and stuff. I did laid my eyes on some great clothes - branded shirts, dresses and jeans, yet don't worry, I'll come back for more hahaha! 
Here's what I bought that day : 

That cute, big play tent that only cost me RM50!

This kids Vans Sneakers only RM5 per pair!

Well functioning driving toy for only RM10!

Other toys and figurine that only costs me RM3 to RM15 and RM20 each!

More great news to you guys! On their opening this 30th September 2017, you guys can get 10% discount for being the first 100 customer on that opening day, and for my beloved readers, here's more special treats as all of you guys can get the extra 5% discount with just mentioning my name or blog or both! 
So do remember these initials yea lovelies - 
blogger Qeela, and my blog is : ourrandomrainbow.blogspot.com yea ❤ 
Let's spread the news, and be ready to head out to JJJ 1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras, this 30th September as you can get the chance to have up to 15% discount from those already super cheap prices! You're definitely not going to regret it lovelies, as it's totally worth it! 

I've made a video compilation for you guys so that it will be easier for you to see what's in there, what's it like, etc in one go. Kindly watch it here :

Well, JJJ is interesting isn't it? Can't wait to lay my hands on more items there soon! Feel free to follow me on my social medias too for more updates etc! 

That's all for this entry lovelies. Don't forget to follow JJJ, mark the date and go to their opening soon yea. May you all have a great week ahead. Thank you for reading and till next time, take care! ❤

Pernah Dengar About Lanafira?

Salam dan Hai,

Alhamdulillah feeling better today since these few days feeling a bit under the weather. 
Well, even tak berapa sihat, Qeela sempat lagi check out this one new online boutique or butik muslimah ni tau hehe. You guys ever heard of Lanafira? 

Haa bagi yang tak tahu or tak pernah dengar, Lanafira ni merupakan jenama dan juga platform bagi koleksi pakaian wanita especially para Muslimah yang memang trendy, cantik-cantik dan paling best sebab ditambah dengan harga yang berpatutan tau untuk semua koleksi pakaian mereka!

Selain trendy dan cantik, mereka juga ada sediakan yang nursing dan wudhuk friendly untuk koleksi pakaian mereka, so yes senang nak solat dan paling best bagi Qeela juga sebab sesuai untuk mak-mak yang breastfeed baby tapi stylish macam I laa kan hahahaha okayy sila muntah pelangi berjemaah 😝

Back to Lanafira, as an online boutique yang into pakaian Muslimah, of course their product line are among like kebaya, long dress, modern peplum, dan coming soon trendy tops yang menggiurkan juga Qeela tengok from instagram mereka hehe. Okay jom tengok antara contoh pakaian Muslimah yang ada di butik online Lanafira ni yea :

Haa cantik-cantik semuanya kan! Itu baru sikit teaser Qeela bagi, hehe, selebihnya eloklah kalau you all check out sendiri mesti lagi puas hati 😁

Memang senang sangat nak shopping di Lanafira, and you guys boleh pilih either nak visit their website : 
or tengok di instagram page : 
ataupun di Facebook page : 

Jangan tak tahu, Lanafira ni siap keluar paper lagi tau! 

Memang terbaik, hasil usaha gigih sampai sekarang followers di instagram Lanafira Official tu je dah cecah 21k tau! 

So yes go check them out lovelies!

Moga entry kali ni bermanfaat, kot ada yang tengah mencari butik muslimah ke kan. Till next time insyaAllah. Thanks for reading, stay tuned & have a great day ahead guys! ❤

Pernah Dengar Henna Eyebrows Tak?

Salam & Hello lovelies!

Today, Qeela nak share some news yang kinda latest and I bet most of you guys mesti first time dengar ni hehe. You guys pernah dengar Henna Eyebrows or Inai Kening tak?

Haa actually, these few weeks I've been trying #hennaeyebrows, and u guys know what, I'm totally happy and satisfied with it! 

Memang best sebab dengan Henna Eyebrows ni, dah banyak menjimatkan masa, menyenangkan kerja & confident jee Qeela rasa sebab eyebrows Qeela dah sentiasa visible, tak payah susah-susah nak lukis-lukis  anytime or whenever lagi hahahaha. 

Paling best sebab totally Muslim friendly, yelah nama pun #inaikening kan so bila nak solat or mandi manda and everything totally no problemo, haa tengoklaa gambar-gambar yang Qeela share below tuu, memang cengginii pakai diaa hehe πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜ 

Henna Eyebrows ni you guys just pakai sekali je, then boleh tahan around seminggu before kena pakai balik. Satu bekas ni memang berbulan boleh tahan / pakai tau, so it's definitely very #recommended, practical, menyenangkan & menjimatkan sangat tauu! 

Buat geng-geng takde kening mcm I ni, or jenis yang malas nak beriya makeup everytime nak keluar, or jenis yang selalu rushing nak keluar but nak jugak/wajib buat kening bila nak keluar tu kan, ha molek sangatlah you guys guna #eyebrowhenna ni jee 😁 

Nak pakai pon senang sangat je! 
1) You guys lukis bentuk kening yang you all nak or bersesuaian dengan you all. Boleh apply concealer jugak untuk nampak lagi kemas tak comot2 nanti
2) Apply Henna Eyebrow ni using eyebrow brush. Make sure kena kulit jugak / apply evenly tau jangan laa lompong2 pulak heheh apply smoothly yea 
3) Tunggu 10 minit or lagi lama lagi bagus sebab lagi pekat & tahan lama nanti
4) Lap dengan wipes / wet tissue. Siap! 😁

Haa senang jee kan. Sekali apply ni boleh tahan around seminggu, depends dengan jenis kulit or cara penjagaan muka you guys. And janganlah pulak uolls pegi apply segala chemicals stuff ke ape kat kening tu pulak nanti memang cepatlaa dia pudar kan heheh. Takat wudhuk, or basuh muka ke okaylaa. 

So, sesiapa yang berminat nak beli, silalah beli di instagram @thecubbyrehab yee uolls! or whatsapp terus 0162531170 pon bolehh. Harganya RM30 je haa memang berbaloi-baloi dan totally senang hidup hahaha πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ’–πŸ’–

Thank you for reading! Hope post Qeela kali ni banyak membantu. Have a great week ahead lovelies! ❤

Gambar ni masa Qeela guna Henna Eyebrow, Foundation Rosetyara, and Lipstick Dior + Mac, that's all. Saja nak testing tak pakai setting spray and other makeup, so ni after berpeluh jugak jalan2 kat Pesta Durian haritu hehe. Tengok muka maintain & Still feels awesome memang best foundation ni πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜❤
Tengok ni Qeela main air mandi manda pon takdehal uolls weehuuu 😁❤πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ
All makeup yg Qeela guna in this pic dari brushes, sponge etc ke makeup2 yang diapply boleh dapatkan from @thecubbyrehab tau!

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