Lynnity Botanic Health and Relief Review

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Today I wanted to share my review on Lynnity's products - the Botanic Health : Phyto Citrus Blend and another one is Lynnity Relief.
FYI, Lynnity (Let the farm be your pharmacy) been intoducing it's #buyfrommanufacturer as since Lynnity is the hybrid of the functional food supplement derived from more than 100 years of traditional Chinese Herbs recipes and combined with modern taste using modern technology. Combining scientific research and nutritional expertise, they prepare their products with high quality processes in order to preserves those nutrients and deliver great products for our optimum health. They also believes that plant is the best way to support good health and always desire to discover more of superfoods and share them with everyone. 
Well, I do believes that real food is the best in every way too! 😊

So here's these two from several other products that been manufactured by Lynnity that I'm currently consuming and using and would love to share how's they're like with you guys.

1) Lynnity Botanic Health : Phyto Citrus Blend

Phyto-nutrients are components of plants that are powerful defenders of health. Optimum dosages are meticulously calculated with both medicinal potency and maximum taste in mind, since less froth yet more functions is what Lynnity creed. 

In my simple words, this Lynnity Phyto Citrus Blend Botanic Health is a health supplement drink that supports bone and joint health, cardiovascular and cholesterol management, and gives energy as well. Contains with lots of natural sources that gives out tremendous beneficial such as pomegranate, corn, soy bean, barley, almond, lotus seed, flax seed, green apple, passion fruit, celery, spinach, seaweed, oat bran, and much more, suitable to be consume with breakfast or lunch or even dinner, daily. 

It taste fine, I do like it, as it reminds me of my mom since it taste like the Spirulina drink I used to drank with my mom and my siblings when we grow up hehe. 
Well, if I have to elaborate the taste, it kind of the spirulina plus plain nestum drink. It's not sweet, but I find it just lovely. 

I think it's great for on the go too, like for those whom such in a hurry, instead of skipping breakfast, you can pop out this Lynnity Botanic in your tumbler, pour some lukewarm water and you're good to go. No more empty stomach on the go, as simple as that 😁 

Since it's suitable to be consume whenever daily, so it's a bonus for me because I can either make it as my breakfast drink, or supper before bed, well whenever that it suits me without having to worry for any effect or whatnot if I switching time taking it. I've just starting to consume it for several days now and what can I tell you is that, so far, so good 😊

In this video below you can see how it's like, mmhmm so good! ❤

2) Lynnity Relief 

- Being a mom, especially when you're breastfeeding your kids, one common problem that you can't get away with is the back, shoulder and neck area pain. 

Since you usually didn't have time for massage, so, this Lynnity Relief - the mini therapeutic Essential Oil (EO) on the go is been really helpful to ease your ache and distress, as it is great to help soothe those minor discomforts. 

All you have to do is just roll it over upon the pain or discomfort area, and puff! Slowly the pain will be taken away from you. Awesome thing is that it doesn't interferes with our work and everything, at all! Yet it just give you the relief indeed ❤

To be honest, I'm not really a fan of pain relief thingy be it hot oil or whatever that been meaning to relief those kind of pain as I can't stand the smell and I didn't like the effect that it'll bring me - the hot, sticky and smell that leaves me uncomfortable but this one, this Lynnity Relief is an exception now as believe it or not, I really can live with it! hehe. 

It doesn't smell that strong and it doesn't really leaves your skin really oily nor sticky like the usual hot oil etc does, yet the minty feeling is kind of strong to relief the ache, and most importantly, I just have to roll it and no need for my hands to get sticky or whatever so, yeah I'm good with it, really!

I even try and touch it a bit to compare if it's texture is as same as any other those pain relief oil etc, but thankfully it's not! It's texture is kind of very light and not oily, haha I'm sorry I guess you guys should try it yourself and you'll know. It's just feels like it's nicely neat and I like it that way. Well thank god for pure therapeutic-grade Essential Oil, as it's a great choice for those whom are not a fan of those usual hot oil etc as well πŸ˜…

So, yes overall I am satisfied with their products, and that Lynnity Relief is kind of impressed me, since yeah as I told you guys earlier about me with those kind of pain relief thingy right hehe. 
Great intention and great works too, keep it up Lynnity! πŸ‘πŸΏ✨

Lynnity's details info are as below, you guys can check them out yea :-

IG : @lynnityhealth
FB : Lynn Exclusive -
Website :
Email :
Contact : 012-661 8157

Thank you all for reading! May this post be beneficial in any way. Wishing you guys have a great week ahead and stay fit and healthy! 🌷

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