Eucerin Ultra White Spotless Review

Salam and Hi lovelies!

About a month ago, I took up the Eucerin's challenge -
trying their new Ultra White Spotless skincare
range which they stated that we don't need to only
undergo laser treatment in order to diminishes those
dark spots / pigmentations / freckles etc in order to achieve
fairer and flawless skin.

Truthfully, I do have those skin problems for like forever now
and of course I even have thought about laser treatment
but yup still not going since apart from the high price for
the laser treatment, I am still considering it's pros and cons.
Until one day, I came across Eucerin's posts about these
Ultra White Spotless range and kinda attracted to those
#diminishdarkspotswithoutlaser line haha. Hence, here I am,
trying the range for about a month now and would love to share
my results and review with you guys.

Alright so, I got four items from this range which I added up
into my basic skincare routine. The items are as follows :

1) Eucerin Ultra White Spotless Day SPF30 Fluid
2) Eucerin Ultra White Spotless Night Fluid
3) Eucerin Ultra White Spotless Double Booster Serum
4) Eucerin Ultra White Spotless Spot Corrector

FYI, these Eucerin Ultra White Spotless range contains THIAMIDOL,
their patented whitening ingredients that said to be 10 times more
powerful in fighting dark spots without laser, by inhibit melanin
production and prevent pigmentation.
These range are also said to be gentle on skin along with proven
good clinical and dermatological studies and each one of them
are made in Germany. Well, let's see how it goes next yeah hehee.

1) Eucerin Ultra White Spotless Day SPF30 Fluid

Price : RM139 (50ml)

I use this moisturizing cream on the day time daily along with their
double booster serum. I love that it have SPF30 as sun protection
and also act to reduce dark spots and prevent them from reappearing.
Upon application, I learned that I only need tiny bit of it for my whole
face or it will make my face oilier as I have combination oily type of skin.
Hence, just a little is enough for me. It does feels moisturizing, no irritation
upon applying and overall I think it's good and comfy to wear all day.

2) Eucerin Ultra White Spotless Night Fluid

Price : RM159 (50ml)

Aside from Thiamidol, this night cream stated that it's also contains
Dexpanthenol - which is an active ingredient known to support skin
regeneration overnight, thus making skin appears even and radiant.
Truthfully, it feels a lot like their day cream upon applying and wearing it.
I only need a tiny amount for this one too, and it does feels moisturizing as well.
No irritation upon application as well.

3) Eucerin Ultra White Spotless Double Booster Serum 

Price : RM199 (30ml)

Alright this one is actually my favourite among all four items. I always
love using serum and open to try any great serum, and I think this one is
good to go too. This double booster serum brings together two serums
that works in different way, which are aside from the Thiamidol, it
contains Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid - which is as we all know it's
one of the skin's most effective moisturizing substances that help skin to
attract and retain moisture. Upon applying, it's feels light and non greasy,
I also love how it absorbs nicely into my skin. No irritation and whatnot as
well upon using this serum. Since it only need to be use once a day, I usually
use it upon daytime with their day cream. I think it's such a great pair and does
helps in reducing my dark spots and brighten my skin tone too.

4) Eucerin Ultra White Spotless Spot Corrector

Price : RM109 (5ml)

Okay here's another one of my favourite, since I think it's really convenient
and I can see that it works too in reducing the dark spots while pairing it with
all Eucerin Ultra White Spotless range. I use this Spot Corrector at night after
applying the night cream, since it does need to be use once a day. I love how
precise and easy to apply this corrector are because it comes with an applicator as well.
Besides that, this corrector is non greasy and it doesn't irritate my skin as well upon
applying, so yes it's good. It might feels a bit minty (not sting, just that cold feeling, like
when you run some ice over your face, but it's less colder than ice, yeah, you know haha)
upon applied but just briefly. Later on you just get used to it as it's kinda nothing, really.
Overall, yes I love using this Spot Corrector as well.

Below are my 'Before' and 'After' upon using this Eucerin Ultra White Spotless range.
No makeup at all, not even powder. Just lipstick and eyebrows okay guys.
Do note that there might be some slight changes because of the lighting but there
are no editing at all too. You can focus on my dark spots there for before started
using this Eucerin Ultra White Spotless range and until after a month using, which
I stated there as 'After' okay guys.

So basically and as you can see, this Eucerin Ultra White Spotless range does help me
in reducing my dark spots and all, aside from making my face fairer, with more even skin
tone, right?! I do feel okay and indeed satisfied using this range since I can see the results
over time, yes to be honest kinda impress with this improvement on my skin especially how
good they are at reducing my dark spots, yet I'm not sure if by using all four of this range is
too much for my skin (since I use organic and all natural basic skincare items for years now
before adding them to my routine, the only non organic item in my skincare routine are my
acnes care items and some masks etc) hence triggered more acnes over time while using it.
I rarely have acnes and usually when it came, I can get rid of it easily but now it kinda
stays a bit longer and got more than usual.

So yeah that's my only concern upon trying and using this range, but it might or not be the
cause, right, as I'm not sure of it myself. All I can say is, indeed I'm happy to try as I can see
the results over time, but perhaps I might slowing down a little for now, like maybe now I'll
try to continue with only two items at time, and let's see how the acnes doing, you know.

Overall, yes, if you're interested to try, I do think you should and let's see how it goes
yourselves as we might get various results. Perhaps yours will works wonderfully
without the acnes thingy, right? Feel free to check out more details of this products
on their sites as I listed for you guys below yea. You can also purchase them at Eucerin
Official Store at Lazada aside from finding them at the nearest pharmacies like
Guardian or Watsons around okayy.

Well, I guess that's all for my sharing about this range today. I do hope that my sharing
here is somehow can be helpful to you all especially those whom into this range,
considering and all, right. Thank you for stopping by and may you guys will have
such a great day ahead!

Easiest Way To Cook Salted Egg Prawn

Salam and Hi Lovelies!

Okay in my entry this time, I’d love to share
with you guys how to cook Salted Egg Prawn,
in the easiest way, like literally fast and easy
(and multipurpose too!)

Hehe the key is actually just by using Nurell
Salted Egg Paste that you guys can get from
their trusted agent IG : @oh_manisnya okay!
I've bought one from them to try before,
if you guys remember my ig story?
Oh no worries if you missed that, you can look
it up on my highlighted section on FOODIE
on my profile here IG : @qeela.iqa okayy?

Well just got the time to share the deets with
you guys here today hehe sorry for the delay yea.
Oh and this is my honest review and sharing yea,
literally bought one, tried myself and just wanna
share my cooking using this paste with you guys
in case you're wondering hehe.

Alright moving on, so this time I use this paste to cook
the Salted Egg Prawn. Super easy, I'll share my recipe
and cooking direction with you in a bit yeah.
FYI, with this paste, you can cook a lot of things with it,
which ever that suits your tastebuds.
Like seriously, literally anything that comes to your mind.
You can check out various of cooking ideas using this paste
from their Instagram @oh_manisnya
okayy, for example, you can use it with chicken, pasta, or
even making kuih / snacks!
Yes just go check them out okay hehe.

Okay so here's my way of cooking the
Salted Egg Prawn using this paste :

You need : 

1x @oh_manisnya Nurell Salted Egg Paste
1x Bowl of Prawns (fried them all first yea)
A bit of chopped garlic
Fresh Milk
Curry Leaves
Bird's Eye Chilli / Serrano Pepper / Jalapeno
whichever suits your spicy buds

Cooking Directions :

1. First, heat up the butter till it melt and saute (stir fried) the garlic.
You gotta be fast and focus in this one okay make sure not to let it burn.

2. After a brief saute, you can already smell the garlic happily met and mixed
with the butter, so now you add on the Curry Leaves and those Chillies then
continue with your saute a bit more before adding the Fresh Milk.
I use the milk here so that I can have a creamy gravy for my Salted Egg Prawn.
You can opt out the milk if you don't want gravy yea, no worries.

3. So when the milk is already mix well with those other ingredients earlier, now
you add the Nurell Salted Egg Paste by @oh_manisnya. Continue stirring and
mixing them well.

4. Add the fried prawn and mix them well together. At this point you might wanna
slow down the heat a bit because you need to let them cook some more so the
gravy will be deliciously creamy and thick and yesss great hehe.
After some time, you can take them off from heat and ready to serve as it's all done!

Easy peasy, right? You can refer to my video on my IG Post HERE as well
in case you need more visual or step by step guidance.
I don't add any more salt or sugar or anything because the paste
already taste well, and this Salted Egg Prawn? Ohh heaven!
If you don't believe me or doubting my cooking skill, feel
free to try it yourselves hehee!

You can buy this paste and check out more from Instagram @oh_manisnya
okayy, don't worry they are 100% Trusted Agent whom can post this item
out or can cod to you as well. I've tried many things including this Nurell
Salted Egg Paste from them and always, happily satisfied with their
services and products, honestly talking okay. Hence that's why I'm sharing
the goodness with you guys hehee!

Anyway, may my sharing here be beneficial to you all. Happy trying,
Happy Eid Qurban and Happy Holidays to you all, may you guys
will have such a lovely holidays ahead! Thanks for stopping by and take care!

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