My Eid's Family Getaway Plan

Salam and hello lovelies!

In this post, I would like to share with you guys about my Eid's getaway plan. You see, usually, each year, we - the whole family - will make some plan, which to get out of our house, and having a family bonding and quality time altogether at someplace nice and everything. 

It's like the year end holiday kind of getaway, but in this case, it's on Eid. Since our grandparents died, our Eid had been slightly different from year to year. Then my mom starting to feels really tired and all each Eid, plus usually the early days of Eid our cousins weren't home so we're kind of nowhere to go since if it's not them to visit us, then we're going to visit them but all that usually takes place on 3rd Eid or so on. Hence, the strong feeling for this kind of Eid Family Getaway grows and we always try to make it happen. 

So as for this year, we're looking forward at several places already, yet here I am, wanted to share about that one place with you guys 😁 Since I rarely found the complete write up about this place but I'm sure we're all heard the name alright. To those whom still staying and reading, it's Desaru, hehee 😁

I know when we all said Desaru, of course the first thing that comes in our mind is the beautiful, calming beach, right? But did you guys know what other things to do, or nice places to visit there? Ahaa that's what I'm talking about! So since those kind of write up are rare to found, so, I'm taking my own initiative to did some research and compile all about it that I found great to go for my family getaway in here, as an info to you guys as well, yeah who knows some of you might needed it right 😉

Desaru is located on the eastern tip of Malay Peninsula - Johor - has clean sandy white unspoiled beaches and lush tropical forest, that been a home to many welcoming resort and lots of family fun activities to be try on. When it comes to beach resort, the one that I'll be booking is Lotus Desaru Beach Resort and Spa !
FYI, the Lotus Desaru Beach Resort and Spa is popular in here as well. Of course this is where I'll be planning on staying!

This resort is beautiful and seems like a castle from a fairy tales story. Inside, you'll be greeted by the nature of the trees, then there's an antique fire brigade cars and also a mini zoo. How cool is that, right? 

That's not all about this resort, as what excites me the most aside the beautiful beach is that this resort have their own waterpark, spa, offering various of fun sea sports activities, wide array of recreation activities to be choose from, lots of other packages available, various of dining places that I'm sure it must be yummy, and many more! 

Since I am a loyal user of Traveloka , of course I did read and found more info about this awesome Lotus Desaru Beach Resort at their sites, and directly booking there too. You guys can check it out HERE yea 😉

Let's see some of this beach resort's pics that I save for you guys to be drooling together with me hehee :-

A compilation of here and there of this resort 😃

bbq at night is a must! ❤

one of the awesome activities that you can choose! 

more fun activities to be choose from! ❤

To be honest, I do fall in love at the first read with this resort and I love all those activities that are available there! Besides it's tiptop accommodations, these various activities available are also their strong suit I guess. Well just check them out via the link I've shared above yea guys! 😁

Okay so, even it seems like it's enough just by staying at the resort, doing all those fun activities that suits your style, let's play tourist all along sometimes too yea? I've check out several places to visit that I think is cool to go with family. Let's see here:-

1) Ostrich Farm
Found one at Teluk Ramunia, Kota Tinggi. I think we can visit before check in or on our way to Lotus Desaru Beach Resort. Of course, it's all about the ostrich here and yes please, riding one of the big bird is a must besides trying their eggs and everything 😁


2) Fireflies Watching
For a fresh seafood including lobster, bbq or western cuisine, we can count on Restoran Terapung Bujang, a boat next to mangrove wood. We can river cruise, fireflies watching, fishing, or even karaoke in here too. Everything sounds fun, eh? It's located at Sg.Lebam, only 3km off the main road Desaru-Kota Tinggi. 


3) Fisherman Museum & Fisherman Village
To be honest, this is the first time that I heard of Fisherman Museum and such, so yeah I think why not. It could be beneficial for someone whom only been surrounded by bricks and traffic jam all years long like me heheh. So, this museum which located at Tanjung Balau, has on display various fisherman's equipments, geological galleries and a guidance to marine navigation system. There are also souvenir shop that sells local crafted items. While as for the Fisherman Village that is also located at the same place, I think it's worth visiting too as not only for the fresh and tasty seafood, but also in order to get a glimpse of their community. 


4) Desaru Fruit Farm 
Well, let's get educated on the subject of tropical fruits, local herbs, wild bee's honey, or Bio Agriculture - all in entertaining and friendly manner. Located at Sg. Chemeran, Desaru, this is another family fun time as we're all gonna enjoy the fruits and everything 😊


Well, those places I insert above are just my add up. It depends, if you guys feels like the resort's enough, then just explore the resort, as I know it would be awesome too since there are literally, a lot of activities that you can choose from 😁 Link as I shared earlier yea. 

So, as for me, what matters is that all of our family members are having fun. If someone doesn't wanna go some place, then we don't have to, we just gotta do anything else or so. Point is, this is still just a plan. I'm not sure which one will the majority choose hehe. I'm fine with whatever and whenever it is this time. If it's you guys, what do you guys think? I still have time because booking with Traveloka totally make it easier anywhere, anytime 😉

I hope my write up here is somehow or somewhat beneficial for you guys and may you guys enjoy reading it. Happy Eid in advance and have a safe journey and fun holiday with your loved ones yea! Thank you for reading, till we meet again ❤
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