Trying Out Salted Egg Pasta and Other Things at Bungaa dan Gula Cafe Seremban

Salam and Hi lovelies!

Alright this time around I went to the Bungaa dan Gula cafe
located at Seremban 2, Seremban Negeri Sembilan.
Yes same method as my previous reviews, I just went there
and try some of their food there, then share with you all
my honest reviews upon everything. You guys can also
check out my post and videos upon went there before on my
IG post and IG Story as well okay, just go to my IG HERE.

So for this one, actually my hubs came up with this cafe
as he first saw their sponsored post on IG (the ss as below) and we think the
Salted Egg Pasta with Chicken Chop does looks yummy and waving
at us to try it hehe. After stalking them a bit, we decided to go and try.
Hence, there we go. Plus, I like their unique name
too, kinda sound classic and sweet, right? hehee.

This is the one that my hubs sent to me and 
so we decided we should try there

Upon arriving, I noticed that this cafe have
English Garden kinda ambience, which I do loves it as
it feels lovely and look beautiful as well. I also noticed
that they also got the  Jalan Jalan Cari Makan (JJCM)
board, which indicated that they've been visited before.
Now that make us more eager to try their foodies!

Alright cut to the point, we finally ordered 4 types of food
with 3 types of drinks - Salted Egg Pasta with Chicken Chop,
Beef Bolognese, Chicken Burger and Fried Rice with Chicken Chop,
along with Mocha Frappe, Passionfruit Juice and Ice Milk Tea.
Ahaa of course, some desserts later which I'd love to try their
scrumptious looking Chocolate Pavlova and
Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake. All these for RM112 okay lovelies.

Sorry I missed to took a pic of their menus (which I love how they
presented it - in a frame - see pic below) but indeed there are nice
variety of food and drinks for you guys to choose there, including
various types of desserts on display and to be picked nearby the counter area.
Here's one that I found from their IG that you guys can refer to okay.

Now, here's my honest review upon each.
Firstly, their oh most wanted Salted Egg Pasta - which actually
got several types to choose like chicken chop or seafood, and we get
the chicken chop for this time. Oh boy, I must say it's totally yummy!
My hubs does loves it too as it's creamy, with perfect combination
of the saltiness of the salted egg and got bit spicy yet not too spicy,
so we can definitely eat them all with a lovely, satisfied feeling.
No wonder it's the best selling there, as it's definitely are worth trying
and really delicious! The only thing that my hubs comment on it
is that the chicken supposed to be like big cut and different chicken chop
since that's what makes him excited to try it from the picture post that he'd saw
before yet turns out, it's different. Well no biggie as perhaps there's some
misunderstanding or something upon ordering and whatnot,
well luckily the taste is literally superb and we loves this!

Salted Egg Pasta

Next is, the Beef Bolognese Spaghetti. It was not bad, I love how they
definitely are not stingy with the beef as I got mouthful of beef till
the last bit of everything! Yet it kinda makes me feel (tasted) like there's something
missing there. Perhaps they can add more cheese or a bit more of salt I guess,
as I think that would make it more ummph hehe. Overall, yeah it's good.

Beef Bolognese

Then, we also tried their Chicken Burger. It actually came with nachos / chips
with cheese sauce on side. The burger portion is great, as we get mouthful of
chicken chop kinda patty. Everything taste good, and it's such a great
combination too. Yet there are some inner parts of the chicken that's
not cooked well, but it's okay, perhaps they've overlooked it at that time.
Overall, this set is great.

Chicken Burger

Moving on to the last dish, the Fried Rice with Chicken Chop.
We actually asked for the non spicy at all for this one,
since it's actually for my younger son, and so they made it just like how
we want it to be. The fried rice comes with a nice piece of chicken chop
with it's black pepper / brown sauce on side.
These pair are great when combining them together, I do like it!
Tried the fried rice alone, it's kinda almost tasteless but eventually,
the combination of the fried rice with chicken and sauce along
with the mushroom and all in them are actually all great. So yeah
overall, happy with this one, it's perfect combo, hehee.

Fried Rice with Chicken Chop

Alright as for the drinks, I love the Passionfruit Juice, tastes great! The juice
and sweetness combination is great and refreshing in this, we totally enjoyed the taste.
As for the Mocha Frappe, it's not bad, but perhaps I've expected too high upon it.
It was fine, but idk it's kinda too regular for my taste, as perhaps I'm hoping for a
strong, and flavourful, beautiful combo of the choc and coffee with the whipped cream,
you know, huhu forgive my coffee addict craze in this. It's fine, my trick is
just gotta swirl through before each sip for more balance taste, and then it'll got nice.
So overall yeah it's not bad. As for the Ice Milk Tea,
it was just like the usual, taste fine as well.

Passionfruit Juice and Mocha Frappe

Ice Milk Tea and Passionfruit Juice

Lastly, the desserts. As i've mentioned above, we supposed to get the
Chocolate Pavlova and the Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake, yet they wrongly
send us the chocolate cake instead of Cheesecake. Since my hubs already
dig in before I noticed it was the wrong cake, so, we just go with it huhu.
The Chocolate Cake tasted just like usual, it's fine. I like that it's not too sweet.
Meanwhile, the Chocolate Pavlova is superb! The form is exquisite as well from
the cream, custard like inside till the meringue crusts! Ohh it's really great!
Then with the bitter taste of the chocolate powder inside along with berries on top and
those cream and everything, arghh it's just splendid, the combination
of sweet and every other taste is totally perfect and worth it guys.

Chocolate Cake

I totally fall in love with how exquisite this is! Watch my IG Story video 
of the close up for this Chocolate Pavlova and see how beautiful 
the texture is and everything yourselves!

Okayy so, that's all that I can pour out to you guys about those foodies that we
tried there. Will we come again? Perhaps yes, especially when we're
craving for Salted Egg Pasta and I definitely would love to try their Cheesecake
and other desserts which looks delish at that time too hehee.

Look at those yummy desserts!

I also wanna apologize if the owner / staffs read this and perhaps somehow had hurt their
feelings at some point, yet yeah that's my honest review and suggestion,
may they'll use it for some improvement and being greater,
as I believe they could and definitely wishing them all the best in the future.
Overall it was really lovely there, and thumbs up to all the staffs
and the service there as it was great, they did apologized for the wrongly sent order
of the cake before, serves us with good manner and smiles, well yes, love the
great services there. You guys can try the food and all yourselves, as I believe we might
got different taste and views, right? or perhaps if you guys had been there, feel free
to comment below what you guys think, okay? Other than that, yes, if you ask me
what I totally recommended there, I would say the Salted Egg Pasta and the
Chocolate Pavlova, that's what I'd love to repeat for sure hehe.

Well, thanks a lot for stopping by yea guys. Sorry again if my words here
somehow hurts your feeling or anything.
I hope there are some beneficial that you get at some parts too.
Till then, may you guys have a great week ahead!  xx

New Baby Products in Malaysia : KuKu Duckbill Launching and Eid Open House!

Salam and Hi lovelies!

Alright as promised from my IG Posts earlier, I'd love to share
with you guys about this KuKu Duckbill product launching and
Eid Open House that I've attend on last Wednesday, July 3rd 2019
at Ampang Glasshouse, Ampang, Selangor.
Have you heard of this baby products brand KuKu Duckbill yet?
If you haven't, well, allow me to introduce it to you yea.

KuKu Duckbill is a brand from Taiwan, where it was already established
in the year 2000 and actually been founded over 40 years by the
General Manager, Mr Guan Lin Li during his business trip to Australia.
They have spend a lot of time doing market research before they come
to start in Malaysian market today, as they do pay great attention
in the development of products. FYI, they focused on research and
development of baby appliances from the age of newborn to children age 3.

They already have several base around the world as for now, such as in China,
Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Egypt,
Paraguay, Mexico and also Germany, besides now in Malaysia.
What I think is great is that they believe in order to run a market,
they need to understand the use habit and must be able to help
the customers in solving problems as well, as in not to only produce one
product to sell to all countries since each countries are different. 
FYI, they already been chosen as The Best PPSU feeding bottle Award 2019
in Parents Choice Awards 2019 so yasss guyss way to go!

Various range of their feeding products that we can choose!

In addition, their product range covers a wide range from baby feeding products,
baby oral healthcare products, cotton textile products and also to toys as well.
As in here in Malaysia, their products can be found at Butik Tateh
and also other mother and baby's boutiques in Malaysia, okay lovelies.
As you guys can see, below are some of their products okay :-

Their brand image is actually a cute platypus, since it's being regarded as a
precious mammals which have survives billion years till now, and
requires clean habitat to live in - which kinda implies that it's the position of
baby in parent's mind, and also that the baby products must have the same level
of care and high standard in health and safety. Interesting, isn't it?!

Okay so I've managed to get my hand on some of their products, I do find them
interesting and great too! You guys can check out my unboxing along with the
product details on my IGTV HERE okayy, feel free to watch to get much
closer look and ideas of it all hehee.

You guys can also check out their sites as below for more updates :

Website :

Instagram : @kukuduckbill__my

By far, their products seems great and I love the way they brought
all up, from the product quality to detailing and all, you know,
I think it's great and worth trying. You guys can see that they have
natural & organic products for our little ones, including all those
safety measures in each - with the BPA Free, Passed product tests along
with FDA Compliant food grade material and all, so yes that's what
I always looking for first before I consider buying.
You guys can check out all of their products from their sites which
I've shared the links as above okay, choose which suits you the most hehee.

As for the launching event, me and my family definitely have fun there
and the food were lovely too! Didn't got the chance to took some pics
with the celebrities that came too that night like Fiza Sabjahan and more
yet it's okay as I'm happy enough to meet and catch up with my fellow
bloggers and influencers there too hehe.

Well, I guess that's all for my sharing here this time. Hopefully my sharing
are somehow beneficial to you guys, especially parents out there whom
looking out for babies or kids products, perhaps this sharing here could
come in handy, right hehe. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and may
you guys have a lovely week ahead!

My Honest Review Of MyKoriDessertCafe's Durian Cheesecake Kakigori and Toast

Salam and Hi lovelies!

As direct as my entry's title, indeed,
I wanna share my review upon trying
this new and latest dessert at
My Kori Dessert Cafe Seremban 2 - their
Durian Cheesecake Kakigori and also their
Toast, which in my case, the Strawberries
and Banana Chocolate Toast hehe.

So last week I came across their post
about their new kakigori, with the D24 Durians,
entitled Durian Cheesecake Kakigori.
It been said that this new kakigori is very limited
and only available at their Seremban 2 outlet
at that time, hence as a Durian lover, of course,
I'm already drooling looking at the pic and
eager to try it! So, I went there the next day
with my family to try their desserts after we had
our dinner. You guys can also check out my IG posts
including the close up video of these foodie on
my IG Story (already highlighted on my Foodie section)
upon went there recently on my Instagram HERE okayy.

Their Seremban 2 outlet is located at Centrio Seremban 2,
you guys can easily find it using waze as well yea.
But as per I'm writing now, this Durian Cheesecake Kakigori
is already available at more other outlet so you guys can check
them out later.

Alright I'll just go directly to the food yea as promised hehe.
Firstly, their Durian Cheesecake Kakigori.
For those whom never tried any Kakigori before,
it's actually like our ABC, which is shaved ice,
yet for this one, it comes with 4 - 5 pieces of
thick, yummy and creamy D24 Durians,
along with whipped cream, almonds flakes, nuts scrunches,
durian ice cream and sweetened creamer on side.

This baby cost RM38 per bowl okayy guyss

I love that they put the sweetened creamer separately,
since I can choose to have less sweet kinda kakigori.
Since we figured that the durians, ice cream, and cream
are already sweet, hence, we just proceed eating it like that.
Ohh yes that's definitely are yummy enough for us and
we loves it! We can finished the whole bowl together
and I totally satisfied with all the durians as they came in
thick, yummy and creamy each.

heyy sexyyy!

Other ingredients definitely
compromise each other well in this bowl, and overall,
this Durian Cheesecake Kakigori is a great one to have
as desserts especially in a hot day or even leisurely at night!
It doesn't left you taste heavy, yet it's just nice and we did
enjoyed it! As a Durian lover, we approved this haha!

Move on to the next dessert, it's their toast.
They actually have several more selections including few
bestseller for this toast, as their bestseller being the one
with the smores and honey syrup, yet we chose to try their
strawberries and banana toast since we love chocolatey fruity
thingy, you know, and we think the kids might enjoyed it
too as this is kinda their favourite as well hehe.

This baby cost around RM20 okayy love

So as for the toast, it's such a huge one, like a mini loaf
of bread yeah, not like the usual piece of bread.
We can choose 2 ice cream flavours with this one,
and we tried their matcha and dark chocolate ice cream.
It does look heaven, and they definitely spoiled us
with their fruits and chocolate sauce as well.

As we first tasted it, the toast is good, it's kinda medium done.
So it's crunchy on the outside and a bit soft inside.
The ice cream are great too, and if you're a matcha / green tea lover,
I think you'll like the matcha ice cream too as the matcha tastes
strong and good. Yet the chocolate sauce is a bit too sweet for us,
but it goes well with the strawberries. still, I wish it's not that sweet
heheh but not sure for you guys yeah, it's better if you guys
tried it yourselves since I believe we have different level of
sweet tolerance right. I just reviewed based from my experiences
and since I've always tried these kind of desserts in other cafes and all
as well, hence, I think the chocolate sauce is too sweet here heheh.

2 Desserts for 4 people, more than enough heheee

Well, it's still are lovely to tried both desserts, and I think perhaps
we'll come again to try their other various of fruity flavours Kakigori and
also their fish toast thingy which we haven't got the chance to try yet
but urghh sorry I'm not sure the exact name for that huhu.
You guys can check out at their Instagram HERE okay hehee.

I hope may my sharing here be somehow beneficial to you guys.
This is strictly my honest point of view, perhaps you guys
might experiences varies from mine.
Feel free to share what you think or if you've tried them too
on the comment below yea. Other than that, I guess that's all
for this time. Thanks for stopping by and may you guys will
have such a lovely weekend ahead!

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