New Baby Products in Malaysia : KuKu Duckbill Launching and Eid Open House!

Salam and Hi lovelies!

Alright as promised from my IG Posts earlier, I'd love to share
with you guys about this KuKu Duckbill product launching and
Eid Open House that I've attend on last Wednesday, July 3rd 2019
at Ampang Glasshouse, Ampang, Selangor.
Have you heard of this baby products brand KuKu Duckbill yet?
If you haven't, well, allow me to introduce it to you yea.

KuKu Duckbill is a brand from Taiwan, where it was already established
in the year 2000 and actually been founded over 40 years by the
General Manager, Mr Guan Lin Li during his business trip to Australia.
They have spend a lot of time doing market research before they come
to start in Malaysian market today, as they do pay great attention
in the development of products. FYI, they focused on research and
development of baby appliances from the age of newborn to children age 3.

They already have several base around the world as for now, such as in China,
Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Egypt,
Paraguay, Mexico and also Germany, besides now in Malaysia.
What I think is great is that they believe in order to run a market,
they need to understand the use habit and must be able to help
the customers in solving problems as well, as in not to only produce one
product to sell to all countries since each countries are different. 
FYI, they already been chosen as The Best PPSU feeding bottle Award 2019
in Parents Choice Awards 2019 so yasss guyss way to go!

Various range of their feeding products that we can choose!

In addition, their product range covers a wide range from baby feeding products,
baby oral healthcare products, cotton textile products and also to toys as well.
As in here in Malaysia, their products can be found at Butik Tateh
and also other mother and baby's boutiques in Malaysia, okay lovelies.
As you guys can see, below are some of their products okay :-

Their brand image is actually a cute platypus, since it's being regarded as a
precious mammals which have survives billion years till now, and
requires clean habitat to live in - which kinda implies that it's the position of
baby in parent's mind, and also that the baby products must have the same level
of care and high standard in health and safety. Interesting, isn't it?!

Okay so I've managed to get my hand on some of their products, I do find them
interesting and great too! You guys can check out my unboxing along with the
product details on my IGTV HERE okayy, feel free to watch to get much
closer look and ideas of it all hehee.

You guys can also check out their sites as below for more updates :

Website :

Instagram : @kukuduckbill__my

By far, their products seems great and I love the way they brought
all up, from the product quality to detailing and all, you know,
I think it's great and worth trying. You guys can see that they have
natural & organic products for our little ones, including all those
safety measures in each - with the BPA Free, Passed product tests along
with FDA Compliant food grade material and all, so yes that's what
I always looking for first before I consider buying.
You guys can check out all of their products from their sites which
I've shared the links as above okay, choose which suits you the most hehee.

As for the launching event, me and my family definitely have fun there
and the food were lovely too! Didn't got the chance to took some pics
with the celebrities that came too that night like Fiza Sabjahan and more
yet it's okay as I'm happy enough to meet and catch up with my fellow
bloggers and influencers there too hehe.

Well, I guess that's all for my sharing here this time. Hopefully my sharing
are somehow beneficial to you guys, especially parents out there whom
looking out for babies or kids products, perhaps this sharing here could
come in handy, right hehe. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and may
you guys have a lovely week ahead!

15 bubblynotes :):

  1. Rase mcm nk ad ank jgk lah..huhu
    Done follow ur blog n Kindly pleasure to follow my blog.tq

  2. Saya ada baby umur setahun ni. Geram tengok barangan kuku ni. Jarang orang guna haiwan platipus sebagai icon produk. Kalau Australia tu mungkin jugak kan. Ni Taiwan. Comel!

  3. another brand and option untuk parent yang ada baby kecil untuk cari product untuk baby mereka.
    Nasib baik Mat Drat dah tak ada baby kecil,, kalau tak tertawan juga dengan product ni

  4. Wah menarik ini, Walaupun Naim tak berkeluarga lagi . Ini salah satu informasi yang bagus untuk masa ke hadapan. Terima kasih ya

  5. sekarang produk dari negara Taiwan dah mula banya membanjiri Malaysia pula kalau sebelum ni produk China dan juga Jepun hurmmm. Tengok produk tu comel-comel dan sangat sesuai...

  6. Wah comel2 lah produk baby ni. banyak betul pilihan . kalau lia rambang mata kalau nak beli kat anak nanti.

  7. Wow so many baby products, now i know where to buy full moon products.

  8. Cantik la sis ni 😊 done follow sini. Jemput singgah blog sy pulak

  9. Pertama kali dengar dan actually bab ni memang tak berapa pandai. Boleg suggest pada kawan-kawan as their product dah menang award. Then sesuai juga buat hadiah hamper bagi yang baru bersalin.

  10. KuKu Duckbill !! comel je nama dia. btw design dia pon cantik2. geram pulak rasa.

  11. Ni first time baca nama baby product Ku.Ku Duckbill, sebab tak berapa familiar sangat dengan jenama baby since tak kahwin lagi hihi. Mascot dia comel, platypus. Jarang orang guna. Must be quality dia bagus since dah menang award.

  12. Banyak betul produk Taiwan masuk mAlaysia sekrang ni ye. Kita baru sign mou dengan taiwan ke ek. Hihihi

  13. wow mmg rare sgt kn nk jmpt produk2 dr taiwan. love the packaging, semuanya comel2 not just the babies love them, i guess the mamas too :)

  14. Wow menarik produk Nie nama pun sempoi pastinya bagus produk INI khususnya untuk baby


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