Waiting For Breaking Fast With Kids? Read This!

Salam & Hello lovelies!

Indeed, today I would like to share my experiences & points of view with you guys especially for those whom always wanted to eat outside but didn't have any idea where to go since they didn't want their kids to get bored or anything so they won't be twice as much tired or else. As a parent myself, yes I feel you hehe. 

This Ramadhan, of course, we would love to break fast outside too right, so, here's your golden pot, as I'm happily wanted to share with you guys. Who says you didn't have more choice or couldn't both shared much happiness while waiting for the break fast with kids? My take here is, let's go to Citta Mall, Petaling Jaya, for your breaking fast. Why? Okay here are some of the great choices that you have there :-

1) MBO Cinemas, Level 3

Before you think it's a bad idea, please read through. Because I've been there with my babies and it's fine and fun! While we're purchasing the tickets or waiting to get in for the movies, the kid's friendly decorations and theme there totally have the takes on kids, as the kids are busy playing with the lego space next to the ticket counter! I bet you could finished your movie and they didn't even bored yet with their legos there hehe. Not just that, they love taking pictures with the movies stand around, or even play with the childhood games right in front of the exit. What's cute is that, even the yellow walkway is inspired by the movie Alice in Wonderland, which happened to be my daughter's favourite movie and of course, she totally loves it there! ❤ Let's look at the pictures below and see it yourself how happy the kids are 😁




2) Times Bookstore, Level 2

So after having fun at the MBO, we're headed down to Times Bookstore. I am such a bibliophile so of course, seeing those books totally make me going to my own world smiling hehe. As for my kids, they are going nuts too as there are lots of interesting children books and toys for them too! So here's the best time for you to pour interest into your kids so that they can learn to love books and reads too. Totally beneficial too, right 😊 Here's some pics of the bookstore and those two books are totally caught my eyes and stealing my heart! 




3) iDiscovery Kids, Level 1

Here's another favourite pick of mine. For those who didn't know, this is the place where you can bring your kids for such a great and innovative science learning programme - since they're specialise in after school programme, holiday science camp, science workshop, and even science activities for birthday party and gathering. Their programme are specially designed for kids from age 4 to 12 years old and they really brings out spectacular experiments for children that are fun, stimulating and definitely educational. Even for such a brief time there, seriously, it's not only the kids, but we parents are having fun and educational times too! Just look at the pics and vids below 😁




4) Mr. Dalgakbi, Level G

Lastly, the time is nearer for breaking fast, so, since we're feels like having Korean food, to Mr.Dalgakbi we go, hehe. I bet many of you have been eating here, yet maybe there are others who didn't yet, so here's my share. I do love the foods! There are two types of main dish that we ordered there, the spicy for parents and non spicy for kids hehe. Since I'm not into spicy food, so my favourite of course will be the non spicy pick of the day! Hehe. The kids loves it and eat there with no fuss, from the first moment been seated, they enjoyed watching the chef cooking our food, then enjoying the meal till the last bit before we go home with such a full stomach and filled with happiness 😁❤







Before I ended my sharing here, one more thing that I noticed that is great at Citta Mall is that they have Parents Room on each level of this mall. I didn't go in but I can see what's in there and get the idea of it's purposes. It's such a great facilities, like nursing room for mommies, you know. Here's the picture of that room :-


I've uploaded some videos and pics of this day on my instagram HERE and on my instastory for each activities, so yeah feel free to follow me there for instant updates and vids etc yea because it's more interesting to watch them on live vids or something 😁

So, I hope my post here will be beneficial for you guys, be it uncles and aunts, parents, grandparents or anyone. Being with kids shouldn't limit you because there are choices, and of course, no one would disagree that the fact being with kids totally brings out the happiness itself is true. And yesss, let's go to Citta Mall with your kids, or nieces and nephews, or grandchildren, and having lots of fun together at these places I've mention above! You won't regret it! 

Thank you for reading guys. Salam Ramadhan and may you all have a great holy month turns out this year and ahead! ❤

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