Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019 Seremban : The Everything That You Need To Know

Salam & Hi lovelies!

Yasss dear booklovers and bibliophile around,
I know this must be such an exciting news, right?!
As I've already shout it out on my Instagram before 
upon this Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019 (BBW19) 
at Seremban that already started yesterday, June 27,
as promised, here's are all the details that I meant to share
with you guys. I actually manage to go earlier this morning 
on it's second day, so, let's roll hehee!

At the entrance 

I believe everyone had known that the Big Bad Wolf 
Book Sale is the World's Biggest Book Sale, which had 
toured not only across Malaysia yet also abroad to Thailand, 
Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Taiwan, UAE, 
Myanmar, Pakistan, and soon, South Korea. 

In this tour, you guys can find brand new books from variety 
of genre be it from bestsellers to activity books and more 
with discounts as high as 75% to 95%! I think they definitely are 
able to succeed their primary aim of encouraging people 
from all ages around the world to discover the happiness in 
such affordable and accessible reading with such 
tempting discounts, right?!

Seriously, so many choices! See more below okay

As for this Seremban BBW19 stop, this book sale will be open 
to all for FREE from 27 June 2019 to 7 July 2019,  starting at 
10 am until 12 Midnight daily, at Mydin Mall Seremban 2
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. 

Of course, as I'm super excited indulging myself across various 
of genres there like my favourite from bestsellers novel, 
crime, thriller, classic, and more, I also interested in the children's 
books range for both of my children, such as the children story books, 
activity books, and more, yet especially this - the Magical Books - which 
featured a cutting edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology that 
revolutionises reading for young ones! How cool is that right!
Let's see more of this Magical Books from this video that I've made
for you guys okay, yess that include the demo and everything so
yasss let's watch now okay you won't regret it hehee!

Watch to see the demo and every details of the Magical Books

Close up view of the Magical Book

FYI, there are over 40 local publishers including Malaysian novels 
publication that featured in this Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Book Sale here.
So no worries be it you're a Malay novel / books fans or English Novel 
fans, there are plenty of choices for both! Not only that, there are also 
badges and magnets that we can purchase to collect as well there.
Ahh and don't worry, several types of payment also acceptable here okay
guys, so yes super easy to shop hehe.

Below are some other interesting books / things that you can find :

In addition to that, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is actually activating 
it's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm, which is the 
Red Readerhood Programme (RRH). In this programme, they're 
partnering with Junior University Malaysia (Junior Uni Malaysia)
a local organisation that aims to improve literacy amongst the children 
while guiding them to achieve their full potential through various 
training programmes.

The RRH Programme 

So, in order to kick start this RRH programme, BBW will be donating
200 books to Junior Uni Malaysia which will benefited
6 Children's Homes across Negeri Sembilan. Hence we, as the 
customers of this BBW Seremban are also welcome to drop by at the 
Red Readerhood Corner (located at the left after the cashier counters)
either to purchase or also can donate books in order to aid and support 
the Junior Uni Malaysia.

This is it, just after the cashier counter okayy

Books for donation!

Needed more fun in visiting this BBW Seremban 2019?
Well you got photo contest to enter too! Yayyy! 
There will be 10 Daily Winners of the most creative photos 
that will each win RM50 BBW Cash Voucher
Behold! There's more!
There'll also be 1 Grand Prize Winner that will be selected on 
6 July 2019, after this photo contest has ended that day on 7pm.
You know what the Grand Prize will get? Ohh boyy it's the super 
tempting of a trolley full of books all for you! 
Yes that's only if you win the grand prize yea hehe. 
So, thinking about trying?
It's easy peasy to join guys, as all you have to do is : 

1) Take a creative photo at the sale or your books haul that 
you've bought from the sale
2) Upload it on your FB or IG with the 
hashtag #BBW19LOVESN9 
3) Set your FB Post or IG Profile to Public. 

Here's are the Terms and Conditions for this contest yea. 
Just click and you'll be redirect to it.
Well, let's get creative later after you had visited 
this BBW sale okayy!
Ahaa you guys also can follow #BBWSeremban2019 for 
the daily updates on their pages as below yea :- 


For those whom aren't able to go here at Seremban, 
no worries as you guys can try to go to other 
nearby later on as they'll be continuing this journey 
to other states in Malaysia as usual, before finally heading back 
to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate it's 10th year Anniversary Sale 
in this December. So yes watch out for which and when are 
nearby for you to go later okayy? 

Happy faces! and below are our books haul at BBW Seremban 2019 hehee

These are mine, my kids and hubs included haha

Well, I hope you guys enjoy my sharing here regarding this 
BBW Seremban 2019 and all of it's details as well. 
May it'll be beneficial somehow. 
As usual, feel free to follow me on my social medias 
accounts as I'll keep on sharing and updating upon what's up, 
what's new, what's happening here and everything that might 
interests or benefits you all. Anyway, thanks a lot for stopping 
by here and may all of you have such a great weekend ahead okay! 

17 bubblynotes :):

  1. Wahhhhh...dah terjah dah ye..akak weekend ni baru nak terjah...harap2 takde la aral melintang...

    1. Hehe haah kak, mmg excited nk pergi sbb totally gila buku & BBW ni mmg wajib terjah each tour haha. Okayy kak insyaallah takde ape nnt tuu hehee, have fun nnt yeaa!

  2. I have been there yesterday, memang best!
    Going to repeat, tak cukup pergi sekejap kena berkampung baru puas hati, hehehe

  3. Sometimes we have to face a lot of confusion when we found different opinion of different hundreds of articles related to same question. But I think now I am close to resolve my doubts after reading this blog.
    hulp bij belastingaangifte amsterdam

  4. Seronok la area seremban ada pesta buku macam ni. Area saya duduk ni tak pernah ada. Kalau kebetulan bercuti ke bandar, ada la jumpa. Kesian jugak anak-anak nak membeli buku. Kalau ada program macam ni, semua murah. Bertuah la

  5. Yes, pasti semua tahu Big Bad Wolf. Seronok kalau pi sebab cakap aje buku apa yang korang cari. The Augmented Reality (AR) technology is new. Dah pernah try masa launching di stesen radio Rakita. Seronok juga benda ni.

  6. Dah lama gila tak pergi bbw. Duku cari buku untuk I after this kalau pergi kena cari buku untuk anak pula. Bila diaorang nak buat dekat jb dah tak sabar nak borong

  7. Bestnya! Nak ajak suami pergi Seremban la macam ni, balik kampung! Nak duduk lama sikit dekat sana cari buku anak. Kalau buat dekat KL sentiasa sesak je. Serabut pulak, harap dekat Seremban tak adalah sesak sangat.

  8. Tahun ni big bad wolf buat di negeri sembilan ke? Tak berpeluang lah nak p sana. Last p ari tu masa buat kat penang.. Memang sronok bbw ni sbb dapat beli buku dgn harga yg sangat murah.. Berbaloi sgt

  9. I remember I once went there before and splurge on the book that they are selling! I like how they open till midnight and can shop till late night.

  10. Ya Allah kalau banyak duit, semua BBW nak pergi. Haha. Biasanya pergi yg dkt The Mines masa hujung tahun he. Hehe. Azamnya this year nak pergi laaaagi

  11. BBW is a dangerous place for my brother and I.
    There was once when we entered at 10 pm and we only came out at 5 pm.
    Aduyai. We could just lost ourselves with books and BBW is a book heaven!

  12. dulu rajin la jugak pergi big bad wolf ni kalau dia buat kat the mines. Tapi sekarang dah tak daya nak kr bbw dah. buku banyak yg masih tak terbaca hahah

  13. Dekat sana ada buku rujukan untuk form 5 tak ?

  14. Wow this is such a good deal for book lovers! Thank you for sharing of the sales. I am also looking for promotion for carpet cleaning. Hope there will be more information about this. :D

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