Althea A’Bloom Collection by Althea Korea : The Review

Salam and Hi lovelies!

Aha, as promised from my IG Story unboxing sharing
of this Althea A'Bloom Collection before the Eid previously, 
I’m excited to share my review with you guys 
upon these latest, super cute collection by 
Althea Korea. Oh in case you’ve missed my IG Story
Unboxing of these babies, you can view it STARTING HERE yea,
and I already highlighted the unboxing on my IG profile as well
under the #unboxing section.

Before I proceed, for those whom hadn’t known, 
Althea Korea is a platform that is based in Korea
which provide us with the K-Beauty products
no matter where we are in the world!
It's also a beauty destination which provide us
not only with the latest Korean beauty products,
yet also with the latest trends and lifestyle.
In addition, Althea Korea is also a digital beauty brand
which they've already created and introduced various of
fantastic, innovative products of their own brand
from time to time now.

Here's the screenshot that I took 
from their website

Hence, here I am, sharing with you guys,
their latest beauty products collection from
their own brand of Althea Korea, which called
Althea A'Bloom Collection.

Here's the Althea A'Bloom Collection by Althea Korea.
Super cuteeeee right?!!

Okay so in this collection, there are several types
of super cute items that you can collect, which are :

1) Althea A'Bloom Giant Meringue Puff
2) Althea A'Bloom Baby Meringue Puff 
3) Althea A'Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster 
4) Althea A'Bloom Fruit Masks 
(consist of Anti Blemish Peach Mask, Brightening Lemon Lime Mask,
Moisturizing Watermelon Mask, and Nourishing Avocado Mask variations)

Firstly, let me share my review one by one,
starting with No.1 there, which is
Althea A'Bloom Giant Meringue Puff, okay lovelies?

Althea A'Bloom Giant Meringue Puff

These are the Meringue Puff collection. Arghh can't get enough 
of these babies they're super cuteeee! 

Okay lovelies, this Giant Meringue Puff really are giant 
and I totally hooked with it's cute meringue shape! 
It's soft and fluffy, and the size can get bigger when 
you soaked it with water okay. 
I basically use this Giant Meringue Puff when 
I put on my foundation, yet I love using it as it is - which 
is without soaking it with water since I usually preferred 
matte look when I makeup. No worries lovelies as I've tried 
it when it's damp as well and it came out great too! 

On the left is the Giant Meringue Puff, while 
on the right side is the baby Meringue Puff, both in dry condition

I love how easy it is to cover each area since it's in giant size,
so quite saving my time upon applying my foundation there haha.
It blends nicely for both dry or damp condition, so yes I think it's safe 
for me to say that there's not much hassle upon applying my 
foundation with this Giant Meringue Puff on my combination skin.

Althea A'Bloom Baby Meringue Puff 

This baby puff are seriously such a holy grail to me upon 
applying my concealer! 

Since it's in baby size, it definitely are easier for me to use it 
on small or tricky area, as it's also blends awesomely without 
any hassle to reach or cover. It's soft and fluffy, yet I think this 
baby size is much more fluffier than the giant size. Perhaps 
because of the size, smaller makes it more softer, I guess? 

As you can see on the middle is the actually the damp Baby Meringue Puff, 
while on the right is the dry Baby Meringue Puff. The damp one is slightly bigger.
While on the left is the Giant Meringue Puff hehe. 

Anyhow, you can use it to powder and applying foundation 
or blending liquid / cream contour on your face as well 
but I just use it to blend the concealer since I usually preferred 
my powder contouring palette hehe. 
This Baby Meringue Puff are great and works wonder, really!  

As usual, I just use it as it is without damping it to achieve 
my matte look hehe. I've tried it with damp condition 
and still it works out great as well, nicely glow outcome 
upon the damp condition. 

My advice is, you should try these puff collection, 
they're totally affordable as the Giant Meringue Puff 
is just RM11 each, while as for these Baby Meringue Puff 
only cost you RM15 per set of three babies! 
Also, feel free to watch my video upon applying and using 
these A'Bloom Meringue Puff below okay : 

May you enjoy the video! You can also watch it on my IGTV 
at this link HERE okay

Althea A'Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster 

Alright, moving on to this BHA Blackhead Blaster. 
It's actually a no pain blackhead and whitehead removal stick 
which also the first natural BHA stick that treats and prevents 
future breakout with it's gentle and effective formula. 
This stick key ingredients include white willow (natural BHA), charcoal, 
apricot seed, and tea tree leaf oil and only cost RM19 each! 

So upon applying, it definitely are as it said of no pain.
There's no pain at all, all the time even after or while using it! 
No irritation and everything, yet I can see the improvements 
on my skin after using it, which is great for me as it manage to clean 
and clear a bit my of whiteheads and the residue. I can feel the residue 
on my fingers while I tried it upon the massage session before rinsing, 
yet still, no pain at all. To be honest, I kinda impress as it does wonder 
on that problematic area of mine. 

Can you see how obvious the existence of these whiteheads and residue?
This is a close up pic of before using the BHA Blackhead Blaster on this 
problematic area of mine okay lovelies

Now, upon applying the BHA Blackhead Blaster. I tried it around nose area as well 
instead of just on my problematic area which are below my lips area 

Here's the results of after trying this BHA Blackhead Blaster! 
No more obvious yucky existence right!
I am indeed impressed and loveeee it hehe. 

Since I'm not really having blackhead problems but more to 
whiteheads and other problem on my skin, so I can only 
share with you guys that I am satisfied using this BHA Blackhead 
Blaster upon my problematic area on my face as it delivers 
promising results to me. Do noted that of course, you have to 
consistent in using it to see much better results I think since 
it's not really achieve the all cleared condition upon first try yea lovelies. 

It's easy to use and carry too, so kudos to it's packaging hehe. 
All you need is just take out the cap cover, roll and apply it 
on your desired area, then massage gentle before rinse it off. 

Althea A'Bloom Fruit Mask

Aha, another favourite beauty session part of mine is of course, masking time! 
hehe so in this Althea A'Bloom Collection, there are 4 types of Fruit Masks 
as I listed above. They're all only RM2 each guys seriously very affordable! 
Each type of masks carries different recipes and outcomes, 
yet all with yummy ingredients and packed with goodness for our skin! 

For example, the Moisturising Watermelon Mask is mainly for dryness and hydration, 
the Nourishing Avocado Mask is for anti aging and wrinkles, the Brightening Lemon 
Lime Mask is for brightening and even the skin tone, and last but not least 
the Anti Blemish Peach Mask is for anti blemish and redness. 

So far I have tried two range from this A'Bloom Fruit Mask, 
which are the Brightening Lemon Lime Mask - the one in the yellow packaging 
with the "Sparkle-Me-Bright" title and also the Nourishing Avocado Mask which 
in the green packaging with the "Avo-Cuddle-Me" title. 
Arghh even all of their packaging are super cute too, am I right?!

This is my skin before I put on the mask. My skin kinda dull a bit right.
Hence let's see if this Sparkle Me Bright could help put some sparkle on it hehe 

While trying. Mmhmm it feels good

I do love to massage my face with the mask's residue after I take the mask off.
It can also helps my skin to maximize the goodness absorption too hehe 

After pic of using the Sparkle Me Bright mask. 
My skin look healthily glowing, right?! Totally a yassss!

Indeed, I love how freshly glow my skin look after I tried this Lemon Lime mask range! 
It's also calming my skin and I love the zesty smell as well while wearing it. 
As for the Nourishing Avocado Mask, I'm indeed excited as well to try it 
being avocado is my favourite fruit too! Turns out, the Avocado mask really 
soothes my skin, and of course I love the smell too heheee.

Of course, upon first application how can I see drastic changes on my skin, 
right? Yet I'm totally happy enough that it banished my dull skin look previously 
and I bet my skin are happy too with all the goodness that it get from these masks! 

I guess I have to stock up all of this Althea A'Bloom masks range since 
each of them are packed with beneficial goodness for my skin!
Since this Lemon Lime Mask and Nourishing Avocado Mask sheets are great, 
I bet the other two more range are great as well! 

Okayy, almost the end of my review here hehe. I know, you guys 
must have fall in love at first sight with this collection too, right? 
Because I know I did, the first time I saw it and now the love grows more 
after I've tried each item and range of this Althea A'Bloom Collection. 

You guys should try them yourselves, see how they goes, okay?
Who knows you have some different point of view or something. 
If you've tried them feel free to share with me too yea in the comment 
section below, I'd love to know too hehe. 

For those whom first time into Althea, you guys can buy and check them out 
via these details that I've gathered for you all okay, just click to directly go there hehe : 

I love shopping at their site, it definitely are safe and hassle free as you can choose 
your preferred payment method, no worries it does have fpx payment as well.
Their products are affordable yet all high quality and original K-Beauty Brand.
Now you can get free shipping with just minimum order of RM99, plus the shipment 
don't really take long as they usually reach you swiftly even they're all the way 
from Korea. So totally thumbs up to their products and services! 

Well, that's all for my sharing and reviews upon this Althea A'Bloom Collection.
May this entry will be beneficial to all of you, especially you 
K-Beauty Lovers / Addict hehee. 

Feel free to hit me up either in the comment below or on my Instagram if you 
have any question regarding this or anything beauty / makeup etc, yeah? 
Ahaa yup even if u need the discounts code in case 
you wanna buy these babies too now, hehe.

Till then, thanks a lot for stopping by and reading here. 
May you guys have a great week ahead and stay beautiful! 

9 bubblynotes :):

  1. TB suka semua produk ABloom ni ..best2 belaka.. hehe.. ada yang TB nak repeat order nanti sebab comel sangattt.. best guna.. mask dia pun TB sukaa.. Sememangnya Althea ni dah makin success keluarkan produk dari brandnya sendiri..tak sabar nak tunggu yang terbaru

  2. Kira althea ni macam sephora ke? Tapi online ye?

  3. me too an Althea's angel.. so in love with their products.. very affordable and high quality.. no more cheap cosmetic products after this.. haha.. so eksen haa..

  4. OMG those meringue puffs are super adorable and I need to get my hands on the BHA Blackhead Blaster because I have a problem with sebum around my chin area too!

  5. Totally agree! Mouse mommy loves the BHA Blackhead Blaster too! Really gentle and EFFECTIVE to remove those unwanted whitehead and blackhead. Had already re-order 2nd bottle.

  6. Terbaik review, kerana kaum wanita akan menyukai produk sebegini. Kerana kecantikan tidak dapat di pisahkna. Selamat hari raya ya

  7. kereen kak artikelnya, mampir2 ke blog saya juga yaa

  8. I like Althea korea too especially their mask and make up products! It suits my skin well and are not over price. I hope there will some tips or information for stain removal on items for stains such as lipstick and make up. Thank you sis for sharing and keep posting.


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