Myeong Dong Topokki Grand Opening at Palm Mall, Seremban!

Salam and hello lovelies! 

Any Korean Food lovers here in Seremban? 
Aha, yes indeed, last Saturday I’ve went to 
the grand opening of this one of popular 
and budding korean food restaurant, 
Myeong Dong Topokki here at 
Palm Mall, Seremban. 

FYI, this marks their 15th branches and it’s 
their first in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. 
The name Myeog Dong is actually one 
of the station in Korea, 
while Topokki is actually one of the popular 
korean food, and as for this restaurant chain, 
Topokki is indeed one of their best front. 

Fret not, there are not only Topokki there, 
but many other Korean food choices such as 
Bibimbap, Deopbap, Rabokki, Ramyun, Bulgogi, Dakgalbi,
(okayy seriously so many choices guys haha!)
that are yummy and worth to try, 
no matter if you’re a fan or not, really!

These are some of the foodie that you can get there! 

Feel free to check out their ig for more yummy pics okayy (see the link below) 😘 


Any Salted Egg lovers?!
I’m indeed excited with this one too haha! 

And here’s for this month special! Salted Egg Beoteo Milkeu Chi-Ken that are only available this whole March so make sure to try these hotties ASAP okayy! 😍

The price are also affordable, 
and if you’re not into spicy food, don’t worry, 
because you can always ask them to make it 
non spicy or less spicy. How great is that right! 

As you can see below, that is the non spicy Topokki 
that I’ve tried, along with their Honey Citron drink (sparkling water). 
I loveeee that pair so much since I’m not a spicy 
food lover, and the drink is definitely refreshing 
and such a great pair with that non spicy Topokki. 

Kimbap! My fav hehee!

This is the close up shot for the non spicy topokki, ohh yummss for me!

Definitely loveeee this pair!

Eat Once, Crave More alright! πŸ˜‹

So we’re just able to try several food there 
at their grand opening, yet we’re satisfied 
and having fun.

We’ve been entertained with 
good pair of emcees along with such good 
performances by several groups,
including this viral ‘Pitch Perfect’ kinda ladies group, 
called Bahiyya Haneesa, hehee, and there 
are also few games slot and a mini live cooking 
as well. All fun!

You can see the pics below and 
feel free to head on to my instagram 
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ @qeela.iqa πŸ‘ˆπŸΏ 
to watch more closely around that opening
on my igstories okay, I’ve already highlighted 
them into my Foodie list hehee. 

Here’s the eating game 

Now it’s puzzle game time!

This is the live cooking session 

This is the ‘Pitch Perfect’ ladies I’m talking about! 
Bahiyya Haneesa πŸ‘πŸΏ

Ahh and of course, the appearance of their 
beautiful ambassador, Marsha Milan! 
She’s so bubbly, she definitely shows how 
much she really loves Myeong Dong Topokki’s 
food, and she’s not snobbish at all, as she greeted 
everyone with warm and lovely open hands!

She even spare some time after to share and replied 
my instastories and post that I’ve tagged her in, 
so yesss I loveee such beautiful and friendly figure!
Myeong Dog Topokki definitely choose the right 
ambassador to represent them, definitely!

Lots of love from Marsha and me! ❤️ 

She’s talking about her favourite at Myeong Dong Topokki, and even sing to us a teaser of her new song! 😍

So, my dearest Serembanian, don’t forget to 
head on to Myeong Dong Topokki, 
located at UG Floor, Palm Mall, Seremban, 
and go try their yummy Korean Street Foodie okay! 
You guys can also check out their social medias : 

Instagram : 
Facebook : 

Website : 

My babies loves it too!

May this sharing somehow beneficial to you all. 
Feel free to follow me on my instagram as well 
for more great foodies update as well as others like 
beauty, lifestyle, movies, fashion etc! 
Have a great week ahead and thanks for reading! 


17 bubblynotes :):

  1. Tak pernah ag makan kat Myeong Dong Topokki ni. Nampak sedapp..

  2. hmm anak perempuan akak memang hantu korea. minat artis korea, sampaikan makan pun makanan korea jugak. kami belum pernah try pun menu macam ni, hmm tapi nampak sedap, bolehla cuba ni

  3. memang sedap, k lily selalu makan di Mines outlet. bimbimbap awesome

  4. Masa pergi Korea bila makan makanan Korea...heyyy bole masuk tekak la. Sedap juga. Lauk pauk ada sama jugak la dengan kita cuma kuah Asam Pedas tu lebih kobis la. Ada rasa kimchi jugak.

  5. I love Korean food, these looks so yummy, especially the salted egg chicken, must be really good kan?

  6. seronoknya dapat selfie dengan Masha..nampak macam sedao je semua menu. Rasanya pernah nampak outlet ni kat The Mines Serdang. Tak sangka dah makin berkembang buka banyak cawangan baru sekarang

  7. Sis memang suka juga makanan Korea ni, tengok menu yang ada nampak sedap2 je, kalau dekat sure sis dah terjah dah ni.

  8. Wahhhh dah buka di seremban ya. Mudahlah lepas nie kalaunk mkn makanan korea kalau ke seremban nanti. Okay nak kne pergi nie. Dah lama tak mkn. Mesti sedap nie

  9. Comey je ambik gambar dgn Marsha. Haha. Dah ada buka kat seremban dah~ bila nak buka kat Miri pulak ya. Makanan dia nampak sedap!

  10. Hah dah buka dekat Palm Mall ya. Adik saya kalau tahu ni dia suka lah sebab memang favourite dia makanan korea ni. Saya kurang sikit Ramai lah nanti orang datang sini makan makanan korea

  11. seriouslah harga salted egg tu nampak murah gila... heee... nampak sedap and berbaloi worth of money... lama tak pergi seremban ni nak balik kampung visit my mom's house. weeeee

  12. Wow! Waima cx tak berapa nak kenal makanan korea, cuma tahu makan ramen, korean chicken, sushi dan okonomiyaki sahaja. Hahahahah lain² yang taebokki apa ntah, mmg tak pernah makan. Nak juga makan, rasa teringin tapi tak tau nak tuju mana haaha. Tpi bila adanya Myeong Dong Topokki ni, mmg bestlah. Boleh try nanti!

  13. Not a korean food fan...but looking at that salted chicken. Hmmm i guess i need to try this cos im a salted egg fan! Hahaha

  14. wow congratulations to Myeong Dong Topokki for opening at Palm Mall, Seremban. Now we can have the yummy topokki when we are at Seremban yay

  15. Nak pergi ke tak nie? Takde la dekat tapi taklah jauh. Sekarang nie nak dahulukan nafsu makan atau jarak? Hahaha. Sejenis Rawlins memang menggilakan makanan sebegini. Adush. What should I do?

  16. ya ampuuunnnn sedaplah makanan kat sini..terliur sangat ni..jauh jugak dari rumah tapi kalau teringin sangat boleh singgah ni heheh

  17. Wah congrats! I memang suka makan topokki kat situ. Taste good, selection and set pun harga berpatutan. Hopefully they have more outlets coming up soon.


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