Most Amazing Thing that happened at #NYFW : The Talk

Salam and Hi Lovelies!

Alright as we all know, we’re in the middle of #NYFW2019
at the moment yeah and of course, for all fashion lovers
around the world must have followed this event closely,
spotting their favourite designers and collections and all.

So upon that, one had definitely grab my attention which is
#NYFW : The Talk, a 30 minutes - ish talk show brought by
NYFW 2019 with BMW USA and IMG Models hosted by my
favourite (I guess I can say Idol, hehe) Noor, and my another
favourite (Idol too!hehee), Halima, attended as well.
I gotta say that this talk just filled me in with this love
and motivation, as indeed they’re talking about the reality,
what’s happening and what’s the change right now especially
in fashion / entertainment / marketing industry upon Muslim Hijabis,
which is from their point of view and experience in the field as well.

If you happened to not know who are these two women,
I must say that they’re such a great, strong, filled with inspiration
kind of woman or as per say, ‘hijabae’, hehe. They’re among the women
whom I always love looking forward to as I find motivation in what they
do, and I do love and honestly share the passion in their fields as well.
Noor, being a journalist (or activist as they see her) and Halima, a model
and already started her own brand now as well. You guys can check out their
Instagram as below for more yea.

Okayy back to the talk, I love what they’re both had shared in there, and the live
hijab tutorials definitely are refreshing to see, really haha!
I agreed and proud of them as they’ve stepping forward and keep on moving.
It’s really are not easy but I love too, how now we can already see the improvisation
around, like having hijabis in the runway, in front page, successfully making the way
up and all. I love when Halima shared her experience during modelling, working
with stylist which at that moment haven’t work with any hijabis before yet they turns out
to loves it as they can be more creative in channeling their talent.
Well it’s really are great to see and heard about those, you know, and somehow Neelofa
and Vivy Yusof happened to pop up in my mind as I can see that they’re representing
the same, yet from Malaysia like me hehe.

 “You shouldn’t change yourselves, but change the game”

One of the mantra that you can get upon watching this talk. Anyway, I’ve included
the talk’s video as below yea since I really think you should watch and listen
to everything that they gotta say yourselves, as it’s such a great share as well.

Soooo inspiring, right! Well I hope my sharing here will be beneficial
to you all. It definitely are inspiring me and perhaps if you happened to
dream to be in their places too, perhaps there’s some input for you too in
their talk here, right?
Anyway, thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead!


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