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Salam and holla lovelies!

Today Qeela nak share about 2nd ig Qeela yang baru jugak lagi Qeela buat which is ➡@thecubbyrehab ⬅

Qeela buat ig ni sbb nak let go and free up some space kt dlm almari and bilik tu hehe.
Ada banyak preloved items such as baju2, pants, bag2 yg rare lagi vintage - serious korg xkn jumpe dh style bag cmtu , dll selain latest ni Qeela ade buat pre order items pulak like watches yg super candy cute and MK yg ohsemm, sunglasses yg super hot and vintage pon ade slain bangles from forever 21 and last but not least, perfumessss hehehe.
Cakap je nak perfume ape and i'll check the stock for u guys okay?
Macam2 adaaaaa!, sudi2kanlah jari jemari & diri anda sendiri untuk menjenguk dan follow ig baru Qeela tu yea. No worries pasti akn di follow back yaww. ☺

P/S: pada yg malas nk search2 bagai tu boleh click je kat ig Qeela kt column kat blog ni sbb Qeela ade post and tag ig thecubbyrehab tu jugak so just click kat tagged name yu je lg senang kan. Hihi.

Here's some of the pic from the ig and stuff.
Thanks for your time and have a great day lovelies! ☺💋

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