Jul 20, 2016

The Bubbles - 100 Words Stories 2


It had been a while since Eva playing with the giant bubbles. 
Today, she is thrilled when we bring her to the park to play. 
Eva start grinning when she see those bubbles. 
She asked me if she can run and try to catch it, 
so I smile and said, "Sure honey, go get it". 
"What if I fall?", ask Eva.
I grin and say, "Oh, but my darling what if you fly?"
She laugh and start catching those bubbles.
In the pursuit of happiness, don't expect the worst. 
Happiness is a bubble and negative thoughts cause it to burst. 😊

Jul 15, 2016

The Flower - 100 Words Stories 1

One day at a park, Anna's daughter, Lily, talks about flowers that she knows and like the most.

So, Anna told her that flower sometimes likely can be related with women.
Great, strong women.
Lily raised her eyebrows, curious.

"Well, when you no longer need to compete and compare to impress others,
you are truly content with yourself. That is when you truly deserves respect.
You see, a flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it.
It just blooms", explain Anna.

Lily amazed by that and said she want to be the ones who just blooms. 😊

Jul 13, 2016

The Fun Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Happy Eid to all Muslims, as it's still not too late to wish this right 😊
Last Friday, on 3rd Eid, my family and I went to Genting Highlands. Indeed, we're the #teamtakdekampung (celebrating Eid in the city) on Eid, so this is how our Eid usually be like.

So, as you all might want to know, the Ripley's Believe It Or Not located at Level T2A, First World Plaza, Genting Highlands. It showcases more than 500 exhibits from the collection of Robert Ripley, with 11 themed galleries. It takes approximately 45-60 minutes for one person to completely walk throughout this museum. As the fan of this tv series back then, this visit surely excites us all and brought back our childhood memories altogether. For those who didn't know about the Ripley's series, here's a brief explanation that I can give - It's actually a medium that shows us any unbelieveable/strange/unusual/rare things/collection or occasion that found or happened around the world. I still remember that Clark Kent (one of the Superman actor if you guys remember 😁) was the host. Originally founded / inspired by Robert Ripley, whom start collected those wow thingy into his collection while travelling (yes travelling, if I'm not mistaken hehe).

Okay let's just see what it got there ya? I did took some pictures of the collections there to share the exciting-ness with you guys hehe. Ah before I forget, the fees is just MYR 25 with MYkad (Malaysian Identification Card) for adult, MYR 20 for children with MYkad and free for children below 90cm. While for ones without MYkad are MYR 45 for adults, and MYR 40 for children. It's totally worth it! 😊

Some of my favourites that I captured there are as follows :

1. The Birger Gang - 1928

This is the actual hood placed on the face of the notorious American bootlegger and murderer, Charles Birger of Illinois, USA. Birger was the last person to be publicly hanged in Illinois. What more exciting is that he actually laughed on the gallows and showed no fear nor remorse. Believe it or not!

2. Matchstick St. Basil Cathedral

Made by Len Hughes of Australia, this replica of St Basil Cathedral in Moscow is made completely from common matchstick! The original, made by German architechs, has 8 cupolas all of different colours. To make certain that the structure could not be duplicated, Ivan the Terrible chopped off the arms and pull out the eyes and tongues of the architechs! Thank god you aren't one of the poor architechs huh?

3. I did actually had to captured this and read back the one on the right to finally get it right. hehe. Can you solve it just by your first reading?

4. Tobacco Baseball Bat

Pedro Alcantra, of Miami, USA, a professional cigar maker, celebrated his team, the Florida Marlins winning the World Series in 2003 by making two giant baseball bat shaped cigars. This one he donated to the Ripley collection, the other one he spent more than a week smoking!

5. Mbamelke, African Bronze Judgement Chair

Many African tribal people once used 'judgement chairs' in their criminal trials, chairs that were believed to have the power to reveal the truth! The accused was forced to sit on the chair during the trial and if found guilty of a serious crime such as murder or adultery, they would actually be executed while sitting there right away! Too bad my sister sat there before she read the fact first huhu πŸ˜…

6. Ancient Egyptian Mummified Cat

Believe it or not this is a cat that lived in Egypt over 2000 years ago! Mummified in bitumen resin, this cat lived a life of luxury in The Royal Temple at Bubastis, the city devoted to Bast, the Cat Goddess of pleasure, dancing, and music. Meowww!

7. Bread Painting

This painting is a replica of Paul Cezenne's masterpiece, 'The Blue Vase', which was created in a toaster from 56 pieces of ordinary white bread! Completed in 1985, 'The Blue Vase' is the one of over 40 depictions of famous painting created by Tadahiko Ogawa of Kyoto, Japan. Mmhmm πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜

8. Exotic Moths

Shown here are two of the world's most exotic moths. The comet moth with its long tail feathers is one if the largest moths in the world, and the atlas moth is considered as one of the most unusual because of the strange snakehead pattern on its wings. Exquisitely exotic! πŸ’–

Well, there are lots more that caught my eyes but you guys need to see it for yourselves and have fun there! Seriously these are just some of their exciting collection, and when you go there you'll not just going to see rare exciting things, but you can experience some things too like the rolling bridges, weird funny mirror, beach girl's illusion, etc. As for me, it's a great place for family and individual visit, especially those whom the fans of Ripley's Believe It or Not series.

May this article sharing by me excites and helping you guys as well. Have a great week ahead and thank you for reading! 😊

Jul 12, 2016

Pine & Dine : Full Review

Salam & hello lovelies!

This post is about food review actually, hehe. Dah lama simpan dalam draft actually, which I wrote this months ago before bersalin on April. So here we go --

There's this one new (on that time) western food place di Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, yang kinda viral here because of their plating and they said the food was good there. Yes, it's Pine & Dine, di Lavender Heights, Senawang.

So, since few of my friends dah ada update about that place, I and my hubs kinda terpengaruh jugaklah nak try their western food since we are such a true western food lover & of course, a foodlover kan hehe.

So finally last Saturday dapat pergi sana - kebetulan untuk sambut jugak my belated birthday on 27th March haritu and advance birthday treat for our sugarbug Eva which is on 5th April, and my hubs said as a treat jugak as we're expecting & counting the days je sekarang ni for me to deliver our second baby hehe. So this dinner treat kinda along with triple package to be celebrate lah kan.

Okay enough bout us, let's go on with the food review yea :)

We've ordered 3 different meals - Chicken Chop, Lamb Chop & Meatball with fries. Air pulak just Ice Lemon Tea for us both. At first plan nk order dessert/cakes if ada but kt menu takda, and since kt dlm pulak xboleh masuk sbb ada org reserved the whole are dlm tu for occasion, so takpelah kitorg xjd nk tny or anything huhu. Their price range kira standard jela murah jugak, our selection ni belas2 ringgit je each. Chicken Chop RM 11.90, Lamb Chop RM17.90, Meatball pulak alamak tak ingat pulak exactly berapa but below RM20 jugak if I'm not mistaken. Air Ice Lemon Tea tu pulak murah je RM3 each. If yg choc/latte punya beverages selection pulak around RM6 each.

Chicken Chop

This one comes with fries, salad, and blackpaper sauce. Ayam nya tu macam ayam goreng bahagian dada, not yang jenis ayam chicken chop biasa (boneless tight tu). Memang digoreng, and indeed plating diorg memang nice. Ayam okay, fries okay.


Comes with fries, a bit jam (kinda strawberry sauce) and kat each meatball tu ada a bit cheezy sauce or kinda thousand island, but i think it's more like yg cheezy tu mcm kt cheezy wedges tu laa uolls huhu. Fries okay, plating as usual mmg nice.

Lamb Chop

Comes with onion rings, salad & baked potato. Blackpaper sauce jugak. I think memang diorg just guna blackpaper sauce je kot sbb xde selction other sauce for every meal. Lamb cooked well, lembut, kira nice laa. baked potato & onion ring pon tasted okay. Plating mmg nice.

Okay here comes the but :-

It's just that their sauce tu, personally, not that to go for la. Sorry, but if u guys don't mind, I think if there's some improvements on that blackpaper sauce, it'll be nice & better, really. For me (us both actually) it tasted too bold - too much blackpaper, tasted too thick in other aspects, and with the extra kinda sambal (yes there are a bit of chillies thingy jugak in both chicken & lamb set - cili api rasanya - so combine both blackpaper & a bit of those chillies, memang jadi hot & spicyyyyyy heheh. Makan pulak kat area luar tu (sbb dlm dh ade org fully reserved) panas2 ni memang berpeluh wooo nk hbskan makanan tuu hahah.

And meatball tu pulak, actually it's a bit salty and not that meaty. Texture okay lembut, but just the taste laa boleh improve lagi kan. If ada workers or owner Pine & Dine yg baca this post, I truly am sorry if this is too direct, unacceptable or anything, but this is just my honest review on your food, and hopefully it'll be beneficial for you guys as for meningkatkan lagi kualiti kan, hopefully you guys didn't take this the wrong way yea huhu. As for readers, it's better uolls pergi try rasa sendiri, sebab yelah taste lain2 kan, who knows uolls suka, then it's great laa kan hehe. Sebab yes memang not bad laa their food, just bagi kitorg for now, actually biasa je, okaylaa not bad, but plating memang yes nice gilaa hehe.

Okay tu jelah review yg boleh based from apa yg kitorg makan that time. Menu lain maybe superb kot, korg try laa yea nnt boleh exchange share sini hehe. Apa2 pun, I'm sorry again, if this review isn't acceptable or too harsh or anything yea, honestly, I believe that with some improvements, memang boleh pergi jauh sebab service okay, waiter/waitress sopan & berpersonaliti menyenangkan, helpful, mknn pun cpt dpt even ramai, etc etc, so, there you go :)

Moga bermanfaat & have a great week ahead lovelies! Thanks for reading! :)

Jan 4, 2016

Dear The Bodyshop, please hear me

All these years I've been waiting and hoping for two selections to be produce again by The Bodyshop Malaysia, but seems like they'll never will up until today.
Each time I enter the shop, I'll never fail to look out for those two,
and even asking the sales representative there if they had or even planned to produce it again, hehe.

Those two are my favourite perfumes actually, Oceanus and Spring Orchid, which are so special to me as I wore them when I was still in high school (around 2003 - 2007) till they stop producing those two. These selections were always been my perfume selection at that time, and hell yeah they did got me hold lots of great memory with them back then. πŸ™‚

I didn't know if some of you guys did recognized or knew these two selections, or even loved it too as much as I do, hehe, but high five to those who felt the same way as I am!
To those who didn't know which one, there's the picture of those perfumes in my instagram account, evathechoms. Sorry for the inconvenience because somehow I can't attached the picture here, too bad! πŸ˜”
Anyhow, indeed I am glad that at that time I decided to keep these bottles, as if it's like I knew I'll never hold and wear them again, huhu.

Did you guys know why they stop producing it?
Up until this day I'm still wondering why.
Am I the only person who loved and bought those two of all of those years?
Nahh it couldn't be that though, right? Hehe.

So, yeah, I really hope they make those babies back, because I really like to wear them and I really miss to be in their smells again, hehe.
It's not necessarily living in the past, but those wonderful feeling, moment, that instantly came back to me whenever I smells those two, are just great and it makes me feels amazing too, just like old times. πŸ™‚
Dear The Bodyshop Malaysia, thank you for such wonderful products, be it in the past and even until now. Yet these two, really, are the most favourite and special to me from all of your other products and selections, and I really hope I can buy those babies again someday. 😊

Thank you for stopping by here lovelies.
May you guys have such a great week!

Dec 16, 2015

Bucketlist Seorang Mama

Salam & hello lovelies!

Today Qeela nak share few stories & juga mohon bantuan anyone yang bermurah hati untuk tolong. hehe.

Firstly, nak share about last week. Alhamdulillah, ada rezeki untuk my daughter, Eva, menang contest dan pergi ke Istana Budaya untuk menyaksikan Hi5 House Of Dreams Live in Concert!

Tak sangka sangat boleh menang actually, sebab video yang Qeela upload tu dia macam tengah malu2 jugak lagi sebab Qeela record dia dance and sing along lagu Hi5 favourite dia, LOVE. hehe. Nak dance pon malu2, ha tengoklah tu. :)


Tapi alhamdulillah, Allah perkenankan niat & bucketlist Qeela untuk Eva kali ni. Kalau nak tunggu kami belikan, memang tak mampu lah nak bagi dia VIP ticket dan bawak tengok show tu kan..So, memang niat untuk dia dan family, sebab bila dapat ni, macam dah tolong hubby jugaklah kan, sebab kesian hubs kerja keras untuk provide & try the best for us, so, bila dapat tolong dapatkan ticked off bucketlist sendiri, then tengok diorang happy sangat dapat new experiences, memang tak ternilai rasanya. :')

Al maklumlah, bila tak mampu, at least Qeela nak cuba usaha dari cara & medium lain yang boleh. Contoh yang paling senang, daripada media sosial ni la..any contest dari instagram ke, facebook or web, even blogging, any peluang yang agak2 boleh, cuba jela kan. Sekarang pun tengah ada a few lagi on going contest yang Qeela masuk, berkaitan bucketlist Qeela & bucketlist untuk Eva jugak..hopefully adalah rezeki jugak kan..selalunya memang luck tak lekat kat Qeela if bab contest2 or nak dapat peluang ni, sampai kadang2 ada jugak nak give up, tapi then hope tu still ada dan bila pandang muka Eva, I was like, 'Ah cuba jelah kot2 ada rezeki dia.' :)

Hi5 concert tu, Eva memang totally enjoy & happy sangat dapat pergi, then bawak dia jalan2, kebetulan kat Mid Valley tengah ada chrismas punya props tu memang di suka tengok hehe. So totally on that day memang hari untuk dia. Puas tengok, dance & sing along dengan Hi5, siap belikan dia satu 'souvenir', then balik rumah pun tetap melayan Hi5 lagi hehe penangan best sangat tengok live agaknya tak puas. hehe. Here Qeela attached sekali few gambar & video masa concert tu di bawah yea, or uolls boleh tengok di instagram Qeela - evathechoms (anyone yang nak follow & nak followback if Qeela xfollowback lagi boleh mention and I will followback no worries - usually if dekat bio uolls ada letak link blog mmg Qeela terus followback hehe) ;)
Seriously, thanks a lot Malaysia Airlines & sis Farah Waheda atas peluang tersebut! Eva memang happy sangat! :D


Another bucketlist for Eva, actually teringin sngat nak bawak dia pergi USS, then jalan2 area Singapore macam Jurong Birdpark, Waterworld etc tu kan. sebab mesti dia suka jalan2 & tengok macam2 kat sana tu, especially USS yang lain sikit dari yang ada kat sini kan..sebab masa dapat bawak dia pergi Sunway Lagoon tu pun dia happy sangat dapat mandi manda & tengok haiwan2 di sana. :D
Well actually theme park yang kat sini pun banyak lagi yang belum ada rezeki nak bawa dia, so theme park thingy tu memang dalam bucketlist for Eva. Other, nak bawa dia jalan2, holiday vacation merata2, sebab kesian jugak if dapat berjalan pun asyik kat mall, or dekat2 rumah, or sekali sekala pantai / swimming, so nak luaskan pandangan dia jugak untuk dia having fun with new experience jugak kan..So those antara bucketlist for Eva yang paling on top la huhu.
Sekarang ni, hubby tengah focus untuk duit for incoming baby kami, so tu jugaklah yang buat niat nak membantu cara camni membuak2 jugak. Sebab penat hubby kerja, kalau dapat bawak diorang pergi mana2, mesti diorang happy sangat & hubby pun dapat lapangkan fikiran sikit kan, sian hubs susah payah to provide the best he can for us. :')  So since Qeela bukanlah siapa2 untuk dapat disponsor or diberi peluang job review any places, hanya dengan contest jelah harapan Qeela, chewahh hehe.

Okay panjangnya dah bercerita. Sorry if boring guys hehe. Okay here's yang Qeela nak mohon bantuan tu. Minta tolong like gambar Eva je kat post Qeela di page Kool Kidz Malaysia tu..hehe..tak susah kan uolls..hehe..yang ni untuk Eva, sebab kalau menang, bolehlah bawak dia pergi Legoland, hehe! So anyone yang bermurah hati tolong like  DI SINI yea ;)

Terima kasih tak terhingga buat yang sudi membaca, sudi menyinggah lagi blog ni, sudi tolong like & thanks again jugak yang tak terhingga kepada Malaysia Airlines & kak Farah. Thank you so much!

InsyaAllah, till next time lovelies! Have a great day ahead! ☺

Nov 5, 2015

Tips Memakai Kemeja Lelaki Yang Perlu Anda Tahu

Salam & hello lovelies!

In this entry Qeela nak share fashion tips sikit,actually buat para hero di luar sana hehe. Well, not necessarily just for guys, women pun boleh ambil tahu and get some ideas from it right ;)

As for guys, selain t-shirt, ada yang lagi suka dan choose kemeja as pakaian pilihan untuk digayakan. Did you know why? Yes, because berbeza dengan t-shirt, kemeja ni boleh / sangat sesuai dipakai untuk both kasual mahupun acara formal. Yet of course, mestilah di apply with some tricks such as disesuaikan dengan kombinasi seluar dan aksesori yang tertentu. :)

For me, as a wife, those are part of basic things yang fun & useful bila kita tahu sebab my hubby pun kinda more into kemeja, and those are great too, because especially when you're the kind of person yang people seems to seek for helps when it comes to fashion ;) So, for those yang suka pakai kemeja jugak, or yang kaki kena tanya tu, or yang berminat nak tahu apa cara pemakaian koleksi kemeja lelaki ni, let's roll! :D (feel free to click link tu untuk usha2 koleksi kemeja lelaki yang awesome2 yea guys!)

Basically, ada 3 cara yang I think well known, but sometimes, some people seems to didn't get it / do it right. So, let's see :-

1) Gaya Smart Casual
-  Gaya ni adalah bila uolls bergaya kasual but still nampak segak dan tak terlalu santai. The easy way untuk bergaya smart casual dengan kemeja ni adalah dengan menggayakannya with a pair of jeans yang bersesuaian, seperti yang uolls boleh tengok di gambar contoh di bawah yea :)
Haa gaya ni ramai yang pilih masa nak attend jemputan wedding or jalan2 etc kan, memang nice. But untuk yang pergi wedding tu hopefully elakkanlah pilih jeans yg jenis ripped or bertampal2 tu yea, tak appropriate la untuk majlis keramaian camtu tau..

2) Gaya Formal
- Okay for this pulak, kemeja tu dipakai dengan slacks or long pants, macam gaya biasa orang pergi kerja tu kan hehe..Since usually seluar slacks ni colournya tidaklah macam candy jeans tu so I think takdelah susah sangat uolls nak pairing / matching kan betul tak hehe. Moh tengok bro kat bawah ni gayakan ;)

3) Gaya Casual
- Last but not least, gaya kasual ni digayakan dengan memakai kemeja bersama seluar pendek. FYI, no matter apa jenis / material seluar pendek tu, actually bila digayakan dengan cara ni memang dah automatik menampakkan penampilan kasual kepada si pemakai tu tau :) Gaya ni sesuai untuk pergi mall, or beriadah jalan2 kat luar cuci2 mata di outdoor fiesta ke apa kan, haa memang smart & nice. Tak caya cuba uolls tengok contoh gambar ni hehe ;)

Note that apa2 pun yang kita pakai, kesesuaian colour & jenis in this case both kemeja dan seluar tu penting yea. So daripada all tips ni, jangan lupa sesuaikan dengan colour etc tu jugak untuk nampak extra handsome. Light accessories are better, especially untuk kemeja yang bercorak heavy. Anyhow, all the best untuk menstylokan diri anda semua & moga entri ni dapat memberi manfaat pada uolls jugak yea. :)

Thank you for reading & have a great day ahead! ;)