Mar 20, 2017

MUST READ! Traveloka Sale-Abration

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Yes this is literally a MUST READ, because you guys won't wanna miss this awesome sale opportunity. 
Before I go any further, do you guys know what Traveloka is? Do any of you remember that actually I've mention about Traveloka on my previous post about my dream London vacay? You can check it out 

Hehe okayy nevermind those whom read on my blog for the first time here or didn't know about Traveloka, no worries I'm honoured to tell you what it is! 😊

Traveloka is a one-stop flight and hotel booking platform for any domestic and international destinations. Seriously, it makes searching, booking and managing your trip hassle-free that comes with lots of great features, such as :-

✨ Convenience in booking - You can get the best flight and hotels deals for your next trip all in one platform

✨ Value for money - Honest price only at Traveloka because all of the prices that you see on search results are Final Price. There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES, it's literally what you see is what you get! 😁

You can book your flight or hotel using Traveloka's free apps or website easily. I've already been using the apps for a while now, the apps icon is like one you can see on the pic below. As for the website, you can visit it here :


Sounds great right? Indeed they are! hehe. But wait, here comes the greater news! - THE TRAVELOKA SALE-ABRATION! 

What is that??
- Okay, this Traveloka Sale-Abration is an online travel fair that brings big deals for flights and hotel across a variety of destinations, both domestic and international. 
- On this sale, you could get flight promotions from as low as RM40 to domestic destinations and only below RM100 for international destinations! Such a total steal right! 
For example, you can get flight deals to Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai, Bangkok, and so much more on various airlines for only RM39!
- There are over 100 Traveloka-only hotel deals for destinations all over Southeast Asia, picked out and carefully selected especially for you to cater different types of travel purposes to ensure you have a great stay on your trip. That is awesome, isn't it?!

Looking forward for the sale already? Ohh yes I bet you are! Yet do hurry guys, as this sale has already begin and you can book those irresistible flight deals and outstanding hotels deals from 10 March to 31 March 2017! Click here for the Sale : 


I strongly suggest that you guys should download the Traveloka apps now for greater convenience in booking your next trip, because it totally makes my life easier and happier when it comes to comparing prices, booking and managing my trip. In addition, I'll be the first person to know the new and upcoming Traveloka Apps-only hot deals, including ones that we set ourselves, along with those non stop vouchers, sale etc. 

Well, just so you don't missed out on the Traveloka Sale- Abration, you can just head over to Traveloka and drop your email to be notified on everything related to Traveloka and this online fair. Seriously, you won't want to miss out on some of the best promotions of your life! Do it now lovelies, you won't regret it like ever! hehee 😁

That's all about Traveloka and it's Sale-Abration. You guys can go check them out from the links as I listed and tell you above yea. May this post brings beneficial points to each one of you. Thank you for your time and reading my blog. 

Have a great day ahead lovelies! 

Mar 18, 2017

Lazada Birthday Blogger Contest

Salam and Hello lovelies! 

Did you know that this month is a birthday month of Lazada and me?! Hahaha yes we're sharing the #MarchBabies and as feeling awesome as it is, but what I'm about to tell you guys is more amazing - yes the Lazada Birthday Blogger Contest! 

So coinciding with the Lazada 5th Birthday Sale that will take place from 22 to 24 March this year (which you can find discount up to 90% guys!! Do stay tuned yeaa 😱😱), they are pleased to share their special blogger Lazada Birthday Anniversary sale giveaway where they will be generously awarding up to 30 bloggers with cool prizes!

Before I share with you guys on how to participate in this contest, I wanted to share about a few things first. 

1) What love about Lazada Malaysia 

Well, honestly, I love everything about Lazada Malaysia. I am their regular and repeating customer. They offers variety of product range, from household, electrical, fashion, gadgets, makeup, perfume, ohh dear you name it! It's like everything in one place! It make my life easier with it's hassle-free, literally easy to use and order via apps/website platform to browse and order products. Their service is great and never disappoint me so far, as well as their quality of the product offers, so yes great job Lazada! One more thing is that, when you're subscribing or a repeating customer, they valued you with endless vouchers etc. Yes I'm loving it! hehee.

2) Top three Product picks from Lazada Malaysia 

This is such a hard one for me since I'm always going crazy to choose a product at Lazada because you see, they are all great and I need and I want them and arghhhh I just could shop till I drop! hehehee! but okayyy no worries, here's my top three favourite products :-

a) Apple Macbook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID

Since it been years now that my old laptop was damaged, I totally need a new one so that I could do my blogging work more easy and efficiently, plus I need more space for my other things too since actually, laptop is such like my right hand to me. So, this Macbook will be great to be paired with my iphone and always be my top bucketlist and favourite on Lazada Malaysia 😁


b) GoPro Hero 5

Ahaa indeed, this item is my another bucketlist and favourite that I kept on check out for on Lazada Malaysia. Actually, from the GoPro Hero 4 hehe. Well, when I do have the money someday, I will definitely buy it from Lazada Malaysia. I didn't worry to buy any gadgets or electrical stuff from Lazada Malaysia because I did bought them before from Lazada Malaysia and got it right at me safe and sound πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜Š


c) Chanel Gift Sets
Who doesn't love this kind of gift set right?'ll be perfect since it comes with basic makeup items plus two, yes TWO, perfumes. They're all 100% authentic too and look at their price? Babe, it's 5 Chanel items with that price?! Awesome I must say! Hehe. I love makeup and I love perfumes, so, of course this is on top of my favourite! 

3) How do I think Lazada Malaysia can improved?

Okay since I really have to answer this, I just had an idea on how after thinking  and go through, which is about the item or product rating. I think there aren't much rating and usually, as a customer, when you want to buy something, you will seek some info about that item first right? So when that item had rating and reviews from other customers, it could weight us to buy that item based from their rating and reviews. So perhaps Lazada Malaysia could offers some kind of vouchers, or coupons, or discount credited to their customer whom leaves any rating or reviews on any item at Lazada Malaysia. This way, Lazada Malaysia could improve from product reviews and also, the chance for more repeating customers. As for customers, those kind of vouchers etc are satisfying enough for just that kind of action 😊 

4) My Birthday wish to Lazada Malaysia 

I'm wishing Lazada Malaysia a Happy Awesome Birthday, and hopefully they will keep on rocking in being such a great online shopping platform for Malaysian, with their great quality and variety of products range and brands to choose from, that keep satisfying the customers without failed. I am honestly feels honoured to share a birthday month with Lazada Malaysia! I totally loves Lazada Malaysia and will keep on being by your side, Lazada Malaysia. hehee

That's all for the things that I wanted to share 😁 So, before I ended this post, I would like to invite all bloggers here to join this Lazada Birthday Blogger Contest. You guys can find the details of this contest from this link  (

Thank you for reading lovelies!
May this birthday month of ours brings out many awesome thing to me and also, to you guys too! hehe. 

Mar 1, 2017

Penyelamat Rambut, Contest Best dan Free iPhone 7!

Salam dan Hai semua!

Ahaa today Qeela nak cerita about penyelamat rambut yang semakin melebarkan sayapnya ni, Tyzara. Haa korang pernah dengar or tahu tak? Alah, Tyzara lah, yang keluar kat Al-Hijrah tuu..Kat newspaper pon dah ade keluar tau..hehe..

Okay Tyzara ni adalah jenama bagi Shampoo Rawat Rambut yang dikenali sebagai Shampoo Soya. Ia dirumus khas untuk merawat pelbagai masalah rambut dan kulit kepala seperti rambut gugur, rambut rosak atau bercabang, gatal kulit kepala, dan juga kelemumur.
Haa familiar dengan masalah2 tersebut? Of course lah kan, sebab macam2 faktor yang menyumbang kepada masalah2 tersebut yang lazim ada pada kita semua, contohnya :-

1) Penggunaan bahan kimia berlebihan
- mewarnakan rambut, menggunakan bahan kimia untuk meluruskan rambut, dan lain2.

2) Perubahan hormon / hormon tak stabil
- bagi wanita perkara ini biasanya berlaku ketika mengandung dan selepas melahirkan anak

3) Lain2 seperti selalu menarik rambut, genetik, gaya pemakanan, dan macam2 lagi. 

As for me, masalah rambut gugur lepas bersalin dan sebab salah guna shampoo lepas bersalin. Bergabung dua tu meletup laa hehe..Sensitif jugak rambut ni, sebab husband salah beli conditioner je masa lepas bersalin tu tapi pakai jela sebab taknak membazir punya pasal, haa tapi tak pasal2 langsung start rambut gugur banyak. So, bermulalah saat pencarian si penyelamat rambut and then, here comes the Tyzara!

Nak tau kenapa Qeela pilih Tyzara? haa disebabkan masalah rambut yang Qeela ceritakan tadi, so Qeela need shampoo (sebab shampoo adalah cara rawat rambut gugur paling cepat & mudah hehe) yang berkesan disamping kandungan bahan2 yang selamat dan best dipakai. So, semua ciri tersebut ada pada shampoo Tyzara ni tau, that's why laa Tyzara menjadi pilihan yang tepat! 

Antara kandungan shampoo Tyzara ni adalah :-
1) Protein Soy - dihasilkan daripada kacang soya asli non gmo tau! yesss paling happy bila baca non gmo ni hehe. Protein soy ni memberi tenaga pada rambut kita so rambut tu akan nampak alive jee gituu.
2) Panax Ginseng Root Extract - menguatkan akar rambut dan menyuburkan kulit kepala serta memberi ruang kepada anak rambut yang baru untuk tumbuh dengan jayanya hehe
3) Majus Root Extract - memberikan vitamin kepada akar rambut dan menyahkan kotoran di kulit kepala.

Tyzara ni berkesan seawal satu malam dengan pemakaian yang simple je tau. Selain penggunaan seperti shampoo biasa, ia juga boleh digunakan seperti tonik tau khususnya buat mereka yang ada masalah rambut gugur & gatal kepala yang teruk. Those yang ada migrain pon boleh cuba Tyzara ni sebab rasa cooling dia sangat membantu untuk menghilangkan sakit kepala tu. Selain tu, shampoo Tyzara ni segar dan wangi dengan haruman bunga clover yang berfungsi menguatkan akar rambut dan merangsang pertumbuhan folikel rambut. Senang cerita, memang complete package lah Tyzara ni uolls! Dengan wangi best dia, rasa cooling2 tu, segala kelebihan tu semua lagi, haa apa lagi yang korang nak kan? hehe..Tapi kalau nak tau lebih lanjut atau info penting berkenaan Tyzara ni, korang boleh dapatkannya di sini yea :-
• Hotline : 019-5767697 

Before Qeela mengakhiri bicara, meh Qeela payung sedas dua testimony daripada pengguna Tyzara ni. Banyak sangat lagi yang korang boleh dapatkan tau actually, tapi jom tengok ni dulu:


Haa ni baru dua, nanti korang tengoklah lagi berlambak2 dah testimony positif pengguna Tyzara ni tau. Those yang ada masalah rambut/kulit kepala tu, jomlaa cuba Tyzara! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΏ❤

Oh ye buat yang ternanti2 apakah about contest best free iPhone 7 tu, haa tengok ni pulak yea:


Menarik? memang menarik lah Tyzara & contest tuu kan! Jangan lupa cuba Tyzara yee! 
Terima kasih sebab sudi baca entry Qeela ni, hope sudilah share yea, sama2 panjangkan manfaat yang ada hehe. Have a great week and ahead guys, thanks again! πŸ™‚

Feb 21, 2017

Makeup Branded Mampu Milik!

Salam & Hi πŸ™‹πŸ»

Anda suka mekap or baru belajar bermekap?? suka barangan mekap original seperti yg dipakai oleh artis & MUA2 yg terkenal??😍

Pergi kaunter Sephora & NARS tp bila tengok harga terus batalkan niat untuk membeli??
Haa don't worry..sebab Qeela ada jual barangan makeup original dalam bentuk trial & travel friendly untuk anda beli dengan harga yang jatuh menjunam! 😱😱❤❤

Tak percaya? Meh baca lagi...

πŸ‘‰πŸΏfoundation NARS hanya RM26 sahaja utk 2ml!! Boleh pkai sehingga 15-20 kali tauu!!! bukan itu sahaja...macam-macam lg kosmetik ORIGINAL yang ada dijual untuk anda semua kelihatan CANTIK tapi menggunakan produk makeup ORIGINAL BRANDED dengan HARGA MAMPU MILIK & boleh dipakai sehingga berpuluh kali!!! 😱😁❤
Nikmatilah penjimatan berganda2!πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸΏ




Bagi yang berminat, korang boleh usha2 di instagram biz Qeela : @thecubbyrehab or personal @qeela.iqa 
Korang boleh juga usha di facebook Qeela : Qeela Salsabilla or click jee link yg Qeela providekan bawah ni yee :
@thecubbyrehab / @qeela.iqa / FB: Qeela Salsabilla / FB Page Random Rainbow


Bawah ni Qeela siap2 bagi list harga & product yg Qeela ada:-

✨Makeup Spray Urban Decay/MAC 10ml - RM30
✨Primer Laura Mercier 2ml - RM25
✨Foundation NARS/Urban Decay 2ml - RM26 NARS, RM25 Urban Decay
✨MAC Concealer 2ml - RM37
✨Loose Powder Chanel/Laura Mercier 5g - RM48 Laura Mercier, RM 50 Chanel
✨Lipstick MAC - RM30
✨Urban Decay Eye Primer 2ml - rm35
✨NARS illuminator 2ml - RM30

Haa memang murah dan mampu milik sangat dah harga tu untuk makeup original branded macam tu semua tau. Mana lagi nak dapat, dengan RM50 korang boleh beli lebih dari satu barang makeup, branded pulak tu, original 100% lagi tau siap boleh pakai berpuluh kali. Haa memang berbaloi & jimat, especially untuk mereka yg baru nk berjinak dgn makeup, or yg tgh kurang budget, or baru nk cuba brand lain, mcm2 lagi laa kan mmg totally sesuai untuk semua. 😎✨

Para lelaki pulak, korang bolehlah belikan untuk mak ke, kakak, adik, gf, sedara, best friend, jiran ke, alah sesiapa jelah kan, so sweet gituu tau hehe.

More good news! Sempena first born new baby makeup product Qeela ni, so untuk first batch ni, mana2 customer terawal yang beli dgn Qeela any makeup product tersebut dgn pembelian RM30 dan ke atas, akan dapat satu special free gift dari Qeela tau! haa so apa lagi uolls, jom cepat2 pilih mana yg berkenan & whatsapp Qeela cepat2 untuk order 😁

πŸ“²Whatsapp Qeela segera untuk order! Confirm tak kecewa & jom makeup cantik sama2!
Qeela - 0162531170✨πŸ€—

Thank you for your time & support yea guys. May you guys have such a great week ahead! ❤

Dec 9, 2016

I Know It's Kind Of Impossible, but...

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Okay I know I might pop up lots of question in your head according to this post title,
hehe yes sorry for that but I promise you it will be totally beneficial upon reading.
Actually, I'm up for a contest from traveloka - is such a great apps
and website that offers such great deals of hotels and flights, travel guides and tips etc,
destination's see and do, well it's everything you need to travel or plan for your holiday,
booking right away with no hidden cost and also offers budget-friendly cost, along with
vouchers and discounts offers for travel as well! (yes please check them out!) -
which is about my dream holiday destination. I know it's impossible for me to win
due to my usual not that good luck and past experiences (which I always not win)
but I'm still stubborn enough to try.
Okay enough about me and let's start about the destination :)

My dream holiday destination of #MyTravelokaEscapade will be London.
Why? because, first of all, London is one of my travel bucket list destination since I'm a little.
Well, since I can't afford to travel there, so, I just can read all about it from others and
dream up about it, hence, here's my how I will be spending my holiday in London if approves my leaves :-

1. Exploring their history and unique places to visits as suggested 
by Anita Hendrieka (Thank you so much!) such as Hunterian Museum - one of the weirdest
museum in England!, Kyoto Garden, Execution dock - because the history behind it totally jaw-dropping! click the link I provide so that you could read them too :), St Bartholomew The Great, and much more!

2. Visiting the famous London-places-to-visits such as the iconic Big Ben clock tower and Westminster Abbey, Thames River, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden (including Royal Opera House etc), National Gallery and much more!

3. Trying good halal food from halal restaurants as suggested by others there such as Mirch Masala, Roti King, Rasa Sayang, Nabrasa, The Gourmet Hut, and Benares. Of course, when travelling, food is kind of an important part, at least for me, but since I'm limited to halal food, so I guess it wouldn't be much choices but fret not as I found lots of people sharing about halal food there, like those I just list here. Well yes depends on budget too right, and I will tell you guys more if I have the luck to go there :)

4. Taking lots of pictures in every places that I could visits etc, and of course I will write and share my experiences there here in my blog along with the pictures when I get back in order to share all the goodness and tips etc! Going to jot down every good tips or info that I get to share, be it in here then or live or daily while I'm there on my instagram, twitter and facebook!

Well, I guess that's pretty much what I'm going to do. At least that's my homework on London.
I never have the chance to have my holiday at oversea so those are based from my readings and what I'm interested in. Not sure about shopping in London, as I think I wouldn't have much to spend on that part hehe. So, that's pretty much it, as I will surely, happily grateful for the experiences that I will get there and not to forget the scenery that I'm sure are breathtaking! That's more than enough :)

As for you guys, I hope all of the info and links that I share about London and Traveloka will be beneficial too, as it pretty much interesting right? Especially as for London, the unique places to visit. hehe. Perhaps for those who are looking forward to have a holiday in London or maybe have been there, hope this post could help somehow or maybe you could correct me if I'm wrong or if there are anything that you guys would like to add or share in here too, you're welcome to comment below yea :)
Now, I just hope I could win. Kindly pray for me too guys hehe! Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead! ❤️

Jul 20, 2016

The Bubbles - 100 Words Stories 2


It had been a while since Eva playing with the giant bubbles. 
Today, she is thrilled when we bring her to the park to play. 
Eva start grinning when she see those bubbles. 
She asked me if she can run and try to catch it, 
so I smile and said, "Sure honey, go get it". 
"What if I fall?", ask Eva.
I grin and say, "Oh, but my darling what if you fly?"
She laugh and start catching those bubbles.
In the pursuit of happiness, don't expect the worst. 
Happiness is a bubble and negative thoughts cause it to burst. 😊

Jul 15, 2016

The Flower - 100 Words Stories 1

One day at a park, Anna's daughter, Lily, talks about flowers that she knows and like the most.

So, Anna told her that flower sometimes likely can be related with women.
Great, strong women.
Lily raised her eyebrows, curious.

"Well, when you no longer need to compete and compare to impress others,
you are truly content with yourself. That is when you truly deserves respect.
You see, a flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it.
It just blooms", explain Anna.

Lily amazed by that and said she want to be the ones who just blooms. 😊