Trip to Paris : Yeayyy I’ve Made it to the Malaysian’s Finalists!

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Hehe okay yes indeed I meant to 
update the news in here earlier but 
haven’t got the time to update my blog 
until now. πŸ˜…

To be honest I even found out about the 
news a little bit late, like after a week 
after they announce it. 
Oh for those whom haven’t followed me 
on my instagram or fb you guys must 
have wondered what the heck am I 
talking about eh? hehe okayy yes actually 
it’s about this Loreal Paris - the 
Parisian Makeup Look competition 
that I’ve joined a month or two earlier. 
You guys can check out my ig entry 
HERE  okay 😘

So this contest was easy really, since you just 
have to do a Parisian makeup look, take picture 
of it be it selfie or whatnot, then upload it 
on instagram along with tagging and 
include the required hashtag. 
This contest being held across regions 
as there will be other finalists from other 
countries to be chosen as well in order 
to compete for the one and only Grand Prize, 
which is a trip to Paris for two! 

Mmhmm let’s have some sneak peek of Paris, 
shall we? 😍

Ohhh my and these are just a pinch of Paris! Seriously dear Loreal Paris please let me win! hehehee 🀞🏼🀞🏼😁

Of course, since I’m totally obsessed with Paris, 
and Paris being the first place on top of my 
travel bucketlist since I was a kid, 
besides this contest being about a makeup thingy - 
my other favourite, so yes without a doubt 
I’m joining and trying it, hoping to win it hehe.

This is the screenshot of my entry on ig 😁 Indeed, caption literally comes from my heart! ❤️

FYI, to achieve a Parisian makeup look, 
you gotta focus on simplicity - which indeed 
emphasising your best feature, along 
with a healthy and glowing skin.
It’s more like a natural or no makeup 
makeup look, more like a ‘I woke up like this’
kinda vibes and the ‘Less is More’ mantra. 
You guys can take a look at all those 
French gals, or you can read and find 
their beauty descriptions from lots 
of beauty experts, portal or magazines and so on.

Since I am indeed love to do this kind of 
makeup look and to be honest I do 
focus upon my skin more now than to 
put on lots of makeup, hence, I think it’s 
just perfect for me to try and join. 

Then when I found out that I’ve made it 
to the next round as finalist, of course 
I’m ecstatic! I know it’s not like I’ve win the 
grand prize yet but well, this is still huge for me! 
It’s the best chance too, though I’m not gonna 
put my hopes high since yeah, competing with 
other finalists from other countries, not sure 
where I stand exactly there haha but babysteps, 
I’m happy that I’ve made it to the 
next round at least, right, hehe. 

this is the finalists announcement on Loreal Paris facebook page (the edited edition from my igstory) 😁

Well, there are still no updates upon the final 
winner for that Grand Prize yet, so, 
all I can do is just keep on praying, 
fingers cross that the odds are with me haha. 
Perhaps you guys can pray for me too hehe. 

Well, indeed of course I’m prepared 
for any of the results. 
If I’m not the chosen one, 
perhaps there’ll be other time for me, 
far greater, right. Yet if I win, of course 
that’s a huge bonus for me hehe. 
Whatever that is, I still am just 
will keep calm and moving on. 
So, yeah, I think that’s it for now 
for this sharing hehe.

Thank you for all the best wishes and praying
upon this to all whom either already commenting
or even ones without me knowing. 
May all the best wishes comes to you all as well. 
Thanks for stopping by, reading my 
excitements sharing and all hehee 
and may you all have a 
great week ahead yea lovelies! 

Fernleaf Milk : What Makes It 100% Trusted Goodness?

Salam and Hello lovelies!

As you guys can see from my INSTAGRAM posts, 
I’ve shared some sneak peek of the Fernleaf parcel 
that I’ve received earlier, which consist of 
Fernleaf Limited Edition (and super cute!) 
Cooling Bag, Fernleaf UHT Milk in two flavours - 
Full Cream Milk and Chocolate, along with some 
other cute and unique props as well. 

I am indeed super excited when I received those 
babies, hence here it is, more detailed sharing 
to you guys about Fernleaf and how you can 
choose a great quality milk. 

you can checkout my unboxing video on my instagram ok lovelies 😁 

I believe everyone knows the benefits of milk 
generally, and how it’s good to consume 
for all ages, right? 

Yet what makes that certain milk different 
from one another? I mean, what makes it better? 
What makes you wanna choose it?
Indeed this is how I choose my milk in order 
to make sure that I get the best quality :

1) High Quality Grass Fed Dairy Cows 

- In order to choose a great milk, I tend to choose one 
that farm the way nature intended, which they let their 
dairy cows grazing freely outdoors on lush pastures, 
without being confined to cubicles, yet being fed with 
high quality fresh grass so that those cows can produce 
a high quality nutritious milk happily. 
Indeed, these are what Fernleaf have to offer! 

In addition, as Fernleaf being made with 100% 
milk from New Zealand, you guys must know that 
New Zealand is one of the best places in the world 
to produce milk - with it’s fertile soil, excellent 
rainfall, and abundant of sunshine, hence, they 
succeeded in making their dairy cows produce milk 
with a higher levels of Vitamin D, apart from the 
richest natural food source of bio-available calcium, 
high quality protein, and Vitamin A as well!

2) Produce Milk Naturally with Dairy Expert 

- Referring from  my first point above, 
I believe you guys can already see or imagine 
that their dairy cows been producing 
milk naturally, without the need of any kind of 
milk booster. Not just that lovelies, FYI, they have 
over 140 years of experience in dairy farming, 
which that kind of heritage and expertise have made 
New Zealand a world leader in dairy today. 

Their dedicated farmers totally ensures the highest 
quality of milk production at every single stage, 
be it from the clean water, to high quality grass, 
and all the way to the finished products! 

So, these are the kind of high quality milk that 
you can get. It’s already sounds great, isn’t it? 
Hehe Fernleaf is not only packed with 100% 
trusted goodness from New Zealand, but it’s also 
definitely 100% Mmmmm! So good! 

I’ve tasted both Fernleaf UHT Full Cream Milk 
and Fernleaf UHT Chocolate Milk, I do love 
both, as those two tastes great! 
It’s creamy, rich in milk & full of flavour kinda 
milk and chocolate taste! 

Drinking these two are definitely satisfying, 
and my kids does loves both too. 
It could be drink by it’s own just like 
that - right out of the pack, or you can paired 
the full cream milk with cereals, or even add it 
up in batter and make such delicious, 
full cream pancakes of your choices as well! 
Seriously yummy and everyone’s loving it too! 

I’m making these pancakes using the full cream milk, 
ohh sooo good! 😍

yeah we’re definitely having fun with the 
fun straw and prop πŸ˜†

If you guys interested to know more updates 
about Fernleaf Malaysia wether upon events, 
products, contests available and all, you guys 
can head on to their official Facebook page 
HERE  okay πŸ˜‰ 

Feel free to try these Fernleaf UHT milk range 
yourselves! I bet you guys would loves them too! 

Thank you for stopping by! May my sharing 
here be somewhat beneficial to you guys. 
Till next time, have a great week ahead! 

Fesyen.Insta by Hurr.TV : Program Panduan Fesyen untuk Gaya Muslimah Trendy!

Salam & Hi Lovelies!

Ahaa you guys pernah dengar program Fesyen.Insta
Maybe ada yang dah follow pon kan but no worries, 
for those yang belum tahu lagi apa program 
Fesyen.Insta ni, jom baca lebih lanjut yea! 

Jika anda seorang hijabista, yang sangat 
meminati dunia fashion, mahupun yang inginkan 
tunjuk ajar atau tips-tips yang menarik dan berguna dalam fashion, terutamanya gaya muslimah yang trendy / stylish dalam masa yang sama kekal modest dan selesa, ha, trust me, Fesyen.Insta ni antara program yang best yang you guys boleh jadikan sebagai platform untuk belajar dan sedut 
pelbagai tips tu tau! 

FYI, Fesyen.Insta ni merupakan sebuah program fesyen dan beli belah online yang diperkenalkan 
oleh, iaitu sebuah laman online gaya hidup 
dan stream video platform Malaysia, yang mana Pengarah Salurannya ialah Datin Elaine Daly. dilancarkan pada tahun 2016 actually yang mana memaparkan kandungan original berunsurkan hiburan, urban, relevan, dan realiti, senang kata ianya laman gaya hidup dengan platform stream on the go dengan gaya santai dan trending. 

Okay so, berbalik pada program Fesyen.Insta tadi, ianya mempunyai 8 episod yang bersiaran pada setiap hari Selasa pada jam 5 petang, bermula since 31 Julai 2018 yang lalu sehingga 2 Oktober 2018 ini. Program ini dihoskan oleh dua instafamous berhijab Malaysia iaitu Sharifah Rose dan Tasnim Shah. 

Pada setiap episod, Sharifah dan Tasnim akan secara bergilir pergi ke butik terpilih yang menjual pakaian dan aksesori yang sesuai dengan gaya dan citarasa buat para hijabista yang inginkan gaya pemakaian yang sopan, fashionable dan selesa. 

Gambar-gambar diatas ni adalah antara sneak peek untuk episode 8 yang bakal menemui kita pada 2 October ni okay! Stay tuned! 😍

Di sana, mereka akan menggayakan koleksi pakaian dan aksesori yang ada mengikut tema daripada butik fesyen itu sendiri, so that penonton juga dapat melihat dengan lebih dekat dan secara khusus akan rekaan yang ada. Selain itu, mereka juga ada share the do’s and don’ts tips kepada penonton tau, antaranya ialah bagaimana untuk menjadikan mix and match kekal on point dan mengelakkan kesilapan dalam bergaya. 
Ha menarik dan semestinya beneficial kan! 

Butik yang dilawati mereka pon bukan calang-calang tau, I believe most of us mesti tau or mungkin even a fan of them jugak hehe. Antaranya butik Miss Lily Shop, Muslimah4U,, Calaqisya, Ameera Zaini, Sofea Rose, dan Minimalace
Semua memang terkenal dengan design yang 
cantik-cantik dalam masa yang sama mengekalkan kesopanan dalam bergaya kan! Ada butik favourite you guys tak tu? hehe..

Contohnya episod ke 6 mereka last week menampilkan butik Sofea Rose yang menawarkan about custom printed shawl yang cantik-cantik  di sana, boleh tengok video di bawah yea :- 

Meanwhile, pada episod ke 7 pula perkongsian mengenai busana perkahwinan yang elegan dan feminin dengan harga hanya RM400 sahaja di butik Minimalace. Ha jom tengok I share episode tu di bawah ni beserta gambar-gambar sekali πŸ˜‰

Cantik betul busana tu kan! Episode 7 di Fesyen.Insta

Jangan tak tahu, if you guys tonton Fesyen.Insta ni, then ada rasa nak beli sangat baju or anything yang you guys tengok dalam episode tu, boleh je head on to laman web Beli@hurr untuk membeli terus koleksi pakaian dan aksesori yang ditampilkan dalam setiap episode tu okay. Senang kan! Takdelah you guys menangis tepi bucu katil lagi since lepas tengok tu pon dah boleh terus beli online jugak, save masa tak payah susah-susah pergi butik tu jugak or anything hehe. 

Oh ye untuk bulan Oktober ni, terdapat Kempen Jualan MurMur #FesyenInsta tau dimana terdapat 4 butik from iaitu butik Miss Lily Shop, Ameera Zaini, Calaqisya dan menawarkan diskaun sebanyak 15% dan juga free pos! 😍

Bagi pembeli yang membuat pembelian melebihi RM100 pula akan berpeluang memenangi 2 pasang tiket wayang setiap minggu dimana nama pemenang akan diumumkan pada hujung bulan Oktober nanti. Menarik kan? Dahlah dapat diskaun, then sambil membeli sambil berpeluang untuk menang pulak tu! 

Okay you guys boleh saksikan Fesyen.Insta ni from this link yea :- 

dan bagi yang nak shopping di Beli@hurr pulak boleh head on to this link :- 

Kalau nak senang, you guys boleh download apps from Appstore ataupun Google PlayStore, bolehlah tonton anytime & anywhere kan. 

Selain itu, you guys boleh juga tonton 
from laman web mereka iaitu :
dan juga Youtube Channel mereka yang mana sudah pun mendapat 17 juta tontonan dengan 98,000 pengikut tau. Gempak kan! 
Berikut adalah link-link bagi social media yang you guys boleh follow as well untuk dapatkan latest update okay :

✅ Facebook -
✅ Instagram -
✅ Youtube - 
✅ Twitter - 

Okay so, that’s all perkongsian I berkenaan 
Fesyen dan Lifestyle yang trending sekarang ni. 
Hopefully perkongsian ni bolehlah membantu, 
kot ada yang tengah tercari-cari platform yang bagus untuk tambah ilmu atau talk about modest yet trending dan stylish punya fashion kan, selain boleh shopping dan macam-macam lagi pulak tu guys! 
haha memang fun lah, you guys download apps je senang cerita semua ada kat situ okay πŸ˜‰ 
Thanks for reading till the end tau, 
have a great day semuaaa! 

YSL Beauty Hotel 1 Day Exclusive in KL

Salam & Hello lovelies!

Here we are, as promised in my 
INSTAGRAM previously,
I would love to share with 
you guys about this 
#YSLBeautyHotel which 
exclusively open only on last 
Sunday, 22nd September 2018. 

pic credit : Haarpersbazaar

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur,
which was around Central Market area 
at Jalan Hang Kasturi, 
this hotel managed to got the massive 
attention from Malaysian. 

To enter, one must present their own 
unique QR Code which already been 
given from the invitation email. 
There are also several time slots 
to choose per visit/entering, 
and as for me I’d chose the first one
which is from 11 am to 12.30 noon. 

I definitely love that kind of system, 
as I think it could control the people 
whom visit so that it won’t be too 
crowded / uncontrolled at one time. 
In addition, it kinda made me 
felt exclusive as well hehe. 

Okay so, for the hotel, it had 
3 stages to complete / checked 
as activities to be done there 
while we ‘stay in’.

1. Ground Floor / Le Lobby 

- This is the first check point. After 
checking in with the QR Code and got 
the unique key card, we’re encouraged 
to explore the lobby, have fun taking 
photos around the area as there are all 
literally insta worthy corner that you can find! 

2. First Floor (Game Room) 

- Moving on to the first floor, here comes 
much more fun activities to try! 
There are several games with YSL twist 
that we can play like dart, arcade ping pong, 
and pac man kinda game hehe. Sorry if I got 
it wrong but I hope you know what I mean 
after watching my video yea, you can see those 
in there including me trying hehe. 

There are also makeover station corner, 
VR corner, and of course more insta
worthy corner around including a stage 
for performances. From the info, Bittersweet 
gonna perform that evening but I didn’t catch 
them as I need to get back early. 

As for the makeover, I’ve make another entry 
including video and review of the YSL Beauty products that been used - upon how it goes 
or looks like after 6 to 7 hours of wearing,
so yes feel free to check out about 
the YSL Beauty’s makeup talks 
and review etc HERE yea 😘

Me with one of the YSL Beauty’s MUA of the day ❤️

You guys can also check out my igstory 
and igtv (for igstory you can find them on the 
Beauty tab of my highlighted ones on bio yea) 
I’ve already shared some sneek peek and 
the makeover vids there too πŸ˜‰

3. Basement 

- Okay for their basement, this is where 
we can play modelling around. There 
are 2 set / rooms, one is like a photography 
session and another one is like a runway 
session. Too bad at the time I was down there, 
they were pausing the runway session room 
for a moment, since it was too pack with 
people queueing and waiting already. 
Since this is the last ‘checkpoint’, 
hence everyone just gotta hold on to it haha. 

Okay that’s covered each floors that they’ve 
got in there. So after I’ve settled with my 
check in at every floors and activities, 
it’s time to get back to the Lobby, 
redeem my YSL Perfume sample 
and then get to the counter to get 
my YSL exclusive door gifts before 
I headed back happily, hehe. 

Overall, I totally enjoyed my ‘stay’ there, 
as it filled with fun activities and lots 
of insta worthy corner, really! 
It would be great if coming in groups, 
so that you can achieve your great pic hehe. 
As for me, thank god I brought together 
my selfie equipment - the #TCRSelfieSet 
and the Yunteng Monopod with bluetooth, 
so it’ll be easier for me to take pics & vids 
all by myself heheh. 

So, this is the video that I’ve prepared 
for you guys to have a more close look 
of this #YSLBeautyHotel. 
I did it in vlogging kinda mood, 
and hopefully you guys would enjoy 
watching it till the end. 
Feel free to support me by give it a 
thumbs up or subscribe to me on my  
Channel there if you like what
I’m doing / presenting to you guys yea hehe.

Thank You so much for dropping by 
and your support for all these years as well! 
Till then, have a great week ahead lovelies! 

YSL Beauty Makeup Review - The Makeover + After Hours

Salam and hi lovelies!

In this entry, I would like to share 
with you guys my review of 
YSL Beauty makeup items 
that I’ve been used from the 
makeover that I got at the 
#YSLBeautyHotel recently. 
You can check out the hotel inside 
tour entry HERE if you like okay πŸ˜‰

Me with YSL Beauty MUA at YSL Beauty Hotel

Okayy back to our makeup talk, 
so the items that I used at that 
makeover moment are :- 

1. YSL Instant Moisture Glow 

- A hydrating primer and moisturiser that 
can be use before applying makeup, 
or after or just as moisturiser as well. 
I love how cooling I felt when applied, 
and it definitely moisturised my 
skin all day long. One of their bestsellers!

2. YSL All Hours Foundation Stick 

- Another YSL bestsellers as well, super 
convenient as it packaging definitely 
make it travel friendly and easy to carry. 
It’s a 2 in 1 full coverage foundation, 
it can covers blemishes & eyebag like 
concealers does, and totally easy to apply 
as well because you can just apply and 
blend it with just your fingers and it still 
blend smoothly! So yes to super convenient 
stick foundation here 😁 

3. YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stain 

- This lip matte is seriously long wearing, 
super soft and literally light on lips, 
not sticky at all and bold colours at 
all time. It does have it but though so yes 
kindly watch my video below to discover 
what the but is yea hehee. 

So in this video you’ll discover what are 
the pros & cons of each item here, 
except the cons of the
primer since I think it’s just fine. 
Idk if it’s contributing it’s part in the 
cons part of those other two item, 
but yeah I can only think of commenting 
upon it’s first applied, really. 
So yeah I guess I can say that the 
highlighted items for the pros and cons 
review are the foundation & lip matte, okay? 
Let’s check it out! πŸ‘‰πŸΏ 

So, that’s it. That’s my honest review 
upon the makeover and also after 
the long hours of wearing them. 
I hope my review here will be somehow 
beneficial to any of you out there. 

To some of us, we might not have much 
to spend on makeup items, 
hence knowing how it is before 
buying (in case reaching the super tempted 
to buy the high end kinda moment) 
could help, right? 

Whatever it is, may it’ll be helpful. 
If you like what I’m doing / sharing 
with you guys here, kindly support me 
by subscribing to my channel and 
feel free to follow me on my other 
social medias as well for more 
interesting updates okay! hehe. 
Till then, thank you for stopping by 
and watching, have a great week ahead! 

Benefit Precisely My Brows Pencil Review & Demo

Salam and hello lovelies!

So today in this post I’d love to share 
with you guys my first try out including 
demo / tutorial for using the eyebrows pencil 
of Benefit Cosmetics - Precisely, My Brows. 

To be honest at the moment of that recording 
I don’t really thought of doing & sharing 
the review or anything, hence it could 
seems a bit off, or might not really 
satisfying you guys or whatnot. 
I don’t know but truly sorry 
for anything yea and yes please 
don’t give up on me yet because 
I know I’ll make better makeup 
video next time haha. 

Okay moving on, so actually I’ve already 
uploaded the video on my youtube channel 
few days ago, but still not finishing 
my draft here hence it takes me days 
to settle and sharing everything. 

I must warn you to excuse my 
naked face there, 
as usually I do love to doing 
my eyebrows & eye part first 
before go on with my 
other makeup routine hehe. 

So for this one, I’m using Benefit 
Precisely My Brows in code 4.5. 
I love the colour / shade as 
I do like darker shade for my eyebrows, 
and it looks more natural that way. 

Benefit Precisely My Brows Code Selection

While for the technique, I’m practicing 
the technique that I learnt from 
Jared Bailey, Benefit Cosmetics Brow Expert. 
TBH, his method here are super easy to follow 
and it does works wonderfully! 
Seriously turns out super easy to do your brows!

Indeed I have been using this method since 
and it makes my life easier, less stress while 
doing my brows and it always works haha! 
So yes thank you so much Jared! 😁 

Me, happily using this Precisely My Brows Pencil by Benefit Cosmetics 😁

As for the product, if you’ve already followed 
me on my instagram HERE 😍
you can see that I’ve shared 
with you several posts on my feed, igstory 
and my igtv as well about Benefit Cosmetics.
Feel free to check my ig yea 
and don’t forget to follow too as there’ll 
be more interesting updates. 

You can also go to this link HERE ❤️ 
and directly purchase anything 
from Benefit Cosmetics
or even anything else, okay? 
Or you can order from instagram 
@thecubbyrehab the trusted 
makeup personal shopper πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜❤️
Super easy to shop now as you just 
click and it’ll come to your doorstep 
in the next few days! πŸ˜‰

Okay now, enjoy watching the vid 
to know what I think at the moment 
and feel free to like and subscribe 
to my youtube channel as well yea! 
May this vid could be beneficial 
especially to those whom are 
looking for easiest / great method 
to do their eyebrows. 
Hopefully mine will be somewhat helpful. 
Thank You and Have a great day ahead! ❤️

Youtube : 

Cannis App : World’s Most Integrated Smart Application by Malaysian Company has launched officially!

Salam and Hello lovelies!

So in this post I’d like to share with you all 
about this latest, made history mobile 
apps - Cannis App, which just officially 
launched on August 18, 2018 
at Setia City Convention Centre, Shah Alam. 

I can say that Cannis App is such a revolutionary 
inter-generational apps as it’s build with combining 
the seven most popular features that we can find 
in a mobile apps, which are :-

✔️ Online Games
✔️ Online Live Broadcast 
✔️ Live E-Commerce 
✔️ Creative Videos 
✔️ Social Medias 
✔️ Discount Shopping 
✔️ Cannis Payment 

This 7 in 1 apps is expected to become the star of 
mobile apps in near future, since as we all know,
people nowadays spending a lot of their times 
in online usage especially social network. 

Hence, with this kind of all in one mobile 
apps platform, Cannis App definitely make it 
easy for their users as they just go with which 
categories they desired the most, all in one go 
without needed to download and open multiple apps. 

Their CEO, Datuk Dr Azman Chin, refers to 
Cannis’s slogan of ‘You Think it, We Build it’ 
as in build a social media with the most 
comprehensive application function, and create 
the most suitable, ecological environment for 
enterprises and fans, as well as gathering the 
global user together. 

Cannis CEO, Datuk Dr Azman Chin (left) giving the Cannis App introductions at the Press Conference

Cannis is not only a stage for talents, marketing 
/ entrepreneurs, gamers, shoppers, dreamers and all,
yet it’s also great for travellers or anyone that 
preferred online payment. This is because the 
payment system in Cannis App can be use 
in 140 countries around the world, 
especially in Southeast Asia! 

Here’s the snippet of the Cannis App launching 
including their MOU Signing ceremony, Press 
Conference, and other activities around such as 
Lion Dance show, participating booths outside the 
hall, etc. 

For your information, since March this year, 
Cannis has successively acquired technology 
companies, including internet, online games, 
mobile devices, big data sharing, and at the same 
time, become a partner of Google, 
which greatly improving their readability 
and system security as well. 

Cannis headquarter is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 
yet also have a few offices in Taipei, Guangzhou, 
Hong Kong, Penang, and Hangzhou. 

The Chairman of Cannis Group is Her Royal Highness 
Crown Princess, H.R.H Tengku Puteri Datuk Paduka 
Seri Hajah Zahariah Binti Almarhum Sultan 
Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, while the Vice Chairman 
is Tan Sti Dato Sri Ong Tee Kiat, while the Chief 
Executive Officer is Datuk Dr Azman Chin. 

MOU signing went well

VIPs line at the launch

Lots of entrepreneurs and professionals from well 
known enterprises, venture capital companies, 
blockchains and network-related fields from various 
countries such as China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, 
Cambodia, South Korea, India, Russia, and other 
has attended their grand launch conference yesterday. 
They are totally looking forward about the future 
development potential of Cannis App. 

As for now, Cannis App is available on Google 
Playstore, and will be available on Apple Appstore 
soon. Yet for ios users, in the meantime you guys 
can still download the apps via this link :  and follow the instructions there. 

You guys can also check out their website for more details : 

Or their social medias site : 

Instagram :

Facebook :

I hope my informations here about this apps are 
somehow beneficial / helpful to you all out there, 
globally. Feel free to check Cannis App for yourself, 
maybe try it out for fun, or perhaps you could 
generate your own and lots of income out of it, 
who knows, right, hehe. 

My fellow bloggers had won this coin here from Cannis lucky draw that worth RM990! 
how lucky right! 

Fellow medias at the Cannis Press Conference and Launch event

Thank You for stopping by, and feel free to spread 
the news around as it might helps others as well. 
Don’t forget to follow me on my social medias 
as well for more interesting and latest updates 
upon various topics. Till then, may you guys 
have a great week ahead! 

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