Sep 20, 2014

The Operation And That Magic Part 2

Salam and hello lovelies!

Alhamdulillah we met again ☺ So today i would love to continue sharing my journey throughout my daughter's operation.

Indeed, even those 2 days earlier had made me felt like years and drowned in tears. Imagine, i've been stayed there for 10 days. It's hard, to not be there with your strengthener (hubby) all the time, cz u need him to strengthen u, to make u feels that u can, to soothes u, to just everything in those difficult moments. and yes at some point, like normal human being, u'd just fell and fragile, and almost give up your strength.
but hey, it's okay cz that's the special part of that learning u know. ☺

3rd April 2014 -

She had passed all of the minor tests to make it for the operation. The things that bothered me so much is that, she have to fast (puasa) since literally early in the morning, before dawn. Yet until 10 am, she still not been called for the operation. It breaks my heart, when she asked for breastfeed, when she asked for food etc. Literally broke it, and made me cried over and over again without failed. Even there's time that she was playing and there's a bowl kind of toy, and she said, 'nak,' (i want that) at the same time she looked into that empty bowl, then she just like, stop, like disappointed that it was empty. Allah, automatically my tears burst out. I was like, she must be starving, and yet she had an operation to go through! Only Allah knows, lovelies.

Around 11am the nurse came in and told us that she's up next (for the operation). Dear Lord, my heart was pounded heavily, and i'm feeling the oppression, but merely, i just didn't know, i mean, i was like numb. it's only her in my mind, heart and vision. the moment a nurse came and show us the room etc which she'll be placed after the operation, and said that she'll be a bit or a lot different, showed me those pics of babies etc after the operation, the icu wards, etc, oh well of course i couldn't hold my tears even she asked to do so. Luckily hubby was there for that day, and we face it altogether with our families.
Thank you Allah, at that time being, there's this one zikr that suddenly pop into my mind,

"La hawla wala quwwata illa billa hil aliyyilazim."

yes that zikr. and even at that time i'm not really sure what it exactly mean but i believed my instinct, and i believed it was His merciful help to me. so i kept on recite that zikr, all the way to the operation room, and miraculously, alhamdulillah, i felt stronger than ever. i felt calm, i felt sooth, i felt, great. even up until the moment i handed them my baby girl, i managed to not cried yet calm and stronger. she's calm too until she's fall asleep while we're waiting outside the operation room before i have to hand her over u know! alhamdulillah, that's another event of the power of zikrullah, the magic sentences, that happened to me :')  I've checked what's the meaning of that zikr and came up with this -

 "There's no power and no strength, except from Allah, The Highest High, The Almighty."

Dear Lord, it's literally is a miracle! Alhamdulillah, despite of my fragileness during the first few days, yet thank you hubby for motivated me back to kept on holding with Allah. to kept on staying in His path. To kept on believing beyond excelsior thinking and everything. Indeed, when u submit yourself truly to Him, He won't let u astray nor abandoned u. In fact, He's always there, always, for u. ☺

Here's some of the pics on that day. Sorry but next part will be continued yea lovelies. Stay tuned and thanks for reading. May it'll be just as beneficial to us all. Have a great day ahead! ☺

Sep 18, 2014

The Operation And That Magic

Salam and hello lovelies ☺

First of all, thank you for all of the warm wishes & prayers that you all gave & keep on giving. You know only God could pay those beautiful deeds ☺

Secondly, i'm sorry for taking some time to get it back to u guys - either for following back nor blogwalking, because i need a lappy to do so hehe. So since my lappy was damaged, i'll do those blogging thingy whenever that there's another lappy available at the moment, okay dearies? so i'm sorry for the late responses yea..

Next, i'd love to share the operation moment with u guys, so okay here we go! ☺ :

1st April 2014 -

This is the day that we went there. around 9am we've arrived at the IJN and waiting for the ward registration etc. She might haven't any clue of what would happened to her at this very moment though. Only Allah knows how i felt, when i looked at her & her smile..

After we've our bed, there's nothing much but just the talk with the doctor & nurses about the ward, the rules etc. The hardest part was that my hubby couldn't stay altogether with us in the ward, cz there's only 1 person whom allowed to be staying with the patient. But actually, it depends on the nurses too u know. if the nurse is okay then it's fine to have more than 1 people around, well it's about luck too right.  ☺

2nd April 2014 -

She's getting her first drained. (if i'm not mistaken - i mean the needle thingy, u can see the pics yea hehe)
doctor said that if she's okay, (her health is good - no fever/flu/cough etc) then she'll be in line for the operation. after confirming about the operation thingy, then she's up for several closer examinations, which to have the exact picture of her heart etc for the operation soon. so there goes the xrays, the echo, blood examined, allergy, everything. indeed, the day is getting harder as she's already traumatized to be around / seeing any nurses nor doctors, so when she have to, she'll crying like u couldn't ever imagine..and when she did, i couldn't myself from crying too, cz my heart isn't that strong for that time being.

okay this phone is getting crazy & harder to draft an entry, so, i have to stop till here. The operation day will be continued .. 
thank you for reading. Have a great night lovelies! ☺

Aug 21, 2014

The Comeback!

Salam and hello readers ☺

it had been months since my last update, and i don't know if there's still a readers or anyone that would like to stop by here, huhu. actually, it's not that i didn't wanna update any, but my baby daughter is my priority especially on that time being, plus my lappy was damaged several day before we went to IJN for her operation and everything. Up until now, i still didn't have any lappy on and it's kinda hard, u know. so today i just update from my phone, cz i miss updating so much huhu.

well, this entry is like a warm up entry for my comeback before i begin with my daughter's operation on the next entry insyaAllah. hope there's still some responses on this blog and so on. hehe. cz there's a lot to write about. so much beneficial stories etc to share.
keep calm and read random rainbow!
have a great night lovelies!
wassalam ☺

Mar 26, 2014

The Bitter Truth

Salam and hello lovelies.
Sorry for no updates, replies and everything for this while.
Actually today, i would like to share something with u guys,
something more officially and idk, with hope i guess.

i've been bear it almost 2 years since back then and now, here u go.
Meet Nur Eva Umairah, my dear daughter.
She's 1 years and 11 months old now.
This strong girl had been diagnosed with TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot) - which she had VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) and vessel problems, since birth.
Apparently, on 24.3.2014 evening, I've received a call from IJN where a nurse informed me that they finally have the date for my daughter's operation.
It will begins on the 30th of March this week where we have to admit to the ward, then proceed for the operation on April 1st, later next week.
Too soon and too sudden, yet still, we will try as best as we can for catching up with the fees and everything.
Those who are willing to help are very welcome and we'll be very thankful and grateful upon your kindness. May Allah ease and grant her a great health ahead, insyaAllah. aamiinn.
contact / whatsapp : 016-2531170 (me)
account number : 05012020387684 (bank islam, under the name of Muhammad Syahir bin Ali)

I've been sharing this official news on all of my social media includes instagram, twitter and also facebook (Qeela Aini).
I even had instadirect those popular icons hoping that they could at least help me spreading it. Unfortunately, so far there are no one cared enough about it, i mean among of those whom i've been instadirect etc with. It's okay, i know my dear pumpkin wouldn't have that much space on your sight especially when there are things that been happening around too, plus u didn't knew us right..i know i have to have someone that u know to make u see me and hear me. ☺

it's okay, cz gratefully, i have friends and families that are very thoughtful, very sweet, very caring and really supportive.
Also, maybe my dear lovely readers in here that will have a thoughts and prayers, or even help me spread it so that people could help us, right? i still have in mind whose readers that always keep in touch and supportive in here, with me. ☺
For all of u guys, really, from the bottom of my heart, i couldn't thank u guys enough. i really appreciate all of your thoughts, efforts, and prayers upon us esp my baby daughter. Really, may Allah bless and grant more success upon u guys, aamiinn.. ☺

As for now, we are still trying. When things happened and confirmed on the very last minute, only trying and spreading were our last resort. Yet of course, preparing and counting the days, with tawakkal and prayers. May Allah ease. May we could see your smile again, sugarbug. May u could play and run like the other kids, after this event. insyaAllah. Aamiinn.

Mar 10, 2014

Siapa Sebenarnya Yang Hilang?

Salam dan selamat sejahtera semua :)

Hampir seluruh dunia digemparkan dengan berita kehilangan pesawat
MAS - MH 370 pada Sabtu, 8 Mac yang lalu.
Benar, pelbagai perasaan bercampur baur menusuk ke kalbu sepanjang
mengikuti berita kehilangan misteri pesawat ini.

Sometimes I wonder, apalah yang sedang mereka (para penumpang & cabin crew)
lalui sekarang? Bagaimanakah keadaan mereka? Apakah permulaannya?
Then bila terkenangkan keluarga2 serta sahabat handai dan saudara mereka2
yang terlibat, Allahu, sedih, sayu, simpati semuanya datang menerpa.
Indeed, everyone risau. Tertanya2. Cared. Usaha.
Namun disebalik itu, ada juga insan2 yang hmmm, susah nak cakap perangainya.
Ada yang keluarkan kenyataan yang mengecam diri sendiri, ada yang difitnah & memfitnah,
ada yang ambil kesempatan nak tonjolkan diri a.k.a mencapub, macam2 lagilah
ragam mereka ni yang seolah2 tidak berperasaan / kurang sensitivitinya.
Ha satu lagi, mungkin ada dikalangan anda yang pernah ternampak / terbaca
post mengenai kaitan Surah Yaasiin dengan kejadian ini bukan?
Sayang2 sekalian, bukan semudah itu untuk mentafsirkan. Sedangkan kita semua 
tidak tahu pun apa yang sebenarnya terjadi dan bagaimana sebetulnya 
keadaan mereka skrg, jadi janganlah memandai2. Sedangkan ustaz2 pun sudah menegur
perbuatan sedemikian. Kalau diikutkan, ayat2 tersebut berupa peringatan yang
boleh diambil secara general, sesuai dengan ilmu kita yang sangat terbatas ini. Wallahualam.

Okay itu antara intipati. Tapi main pointnya disini ialah diri kita sendiri.
Mereka mungkin hilang, tetapi kita, mungkin lebih hilang didalam kewujudan.
Kita berpijak dibumiNya, tetapi sejauh manakah kita berpegang teguh padaNya?
KekuasaanNya - melebihi segala-galanya.
Yakinkah hati kita, sebenar-benarnya, atau yakin hanya sekadar pada kata?

'Ciptaan manusia takkan dapat menandingi kuasa Yang Maha Esa.'
Jangan hilangkan ayat itu, kepercayaan itu, keyakinan itu,
dari dalam jiwa kita, hati kita, hidup kita, diri kita.
Jangan salahkan mereka yang terlibat itu, tapi check diri kita dahulu.

Ada yang kata,
"Eh, plane tu baru diselenggaralah, tak mungkin ada masalah apa2."
"Selama ni pun tak pernah ada record buruk etc, everything adalah yang terbaik hokayy, so takkanlah etc etc etc."
"Even if ade masalah / emergency etc tu, pilot kan still boleh hantar signal etc kat diorg / menara kawalan."
"Takkanlah ade rompakan / rampasan terancang, sistem security etc diorg tu paling tip top tau."
--- itu semua. dan banyak lagi kata2.
ingat, plane, sistem, security bagai semua tu hanyalah ciptaan manusia, tak perfect 
and never will be, so nothing is impossible sbb bila Dia kata jadi, maka jadilah ia.
Kun Faya Kun.
Jangan terlalu mengagungkan sesuatu selain daripada Allah yang Satu lagi
Maha Berkuasa atas segalanya.
Berharap serta mohonlah dariNya, kerana hanya Dia yang berkuasa.
Setiap yang terjadi ada petunjuknya. Cuma kita perlu buka mata.
Boleh jadi ia peringatan, boleh jadi ia ujian, wallahualam, kita perlu
teruskan berdoa dan berusaha. Teringat pula kisah misteri Bario dulu.
Anda pernah baca / dengar mengenainya tak? keadaan lebih kurang sama,
tapi hanya Dia yang lebih mengetahuinya kan. Boleh baca di SINI :)
Kisah yang bagi saya memang memberi pengajaran.

Moga mereka yang terlibat dalam usaha pencarian kuat semangat untuk
terus berusaha mencari MH 370. Dan mohonlah pertolongan daripada
mereka2 yang dekat denganNya juga, mudah-mudahan tidak makan masa 
yang lama untuk berjaya.
Moga diberi ketabahan yang jitu buat ahli keluarga, saudara mara serta sahabat handai
mereka yang terlibat. 
Dan buat kita semua, teruskan berdoa dan sebagainya.
Hentikan spekulasi yang tidak membina dan perangai yang tah apa2.
Show them some respect, will ya?

Jangan lupa, mana yang lebih berkuasa. Jangan hilangkannya dari dalam diri kita.
Sama2 muhasabah diri dan berdoa.
Moga dipermudahkan segalanya.



Feb 20, 2014

Be Rare!

Salam and holla lovelies!

Today Qeela nak share about 2nd ig Qeela yang baru jugak lagi Qeela buat which is ➡@thecubbyrehab ⬅

Qeela buat ig ni sbb nak let go and free up some space kt dlm almari and bilik tu hehe.
Ada banyak preloved items such as baju2, pants, bag2 yg rare lagi vintage - serious korg xkn jumpe dh style bag cmtu , dll selain latest ni Qeela ade buat pre order items pulak like watches yg super candy cute and MK yg ohsemm, sunglasses yg super hot and vintage pon ade slain bangles from forever 21 and last but not least, perfumessss hehehe.
Cakap je nak perfume ape and i'll check the stock for u guys okay?
Macam2 adaaaaa!, sudi2kanlah jari jemari & diri anda sendiri untuk menjenguk dan follow ig baru Qeela tu yea. No worries pasti akn di follow back yaww. ☺

P/S: pada yg malas nk search2 bagai tu boleh click je kat ig Qeela kt column kat blog ni sbb Qeela ade post and tag ig thecubbyrehab tu jugak so just click kat tagged name yu je lg senang kan. Hihi.

Here's some of the pic from the ig and stuff.
Thanks for your time and have a great day lovelies! ☺��

Feb 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - The Best Video Ever!

Salam & hello lovelies :)
Since it's wordless, so, just watch the video below and feel the moment! :')
it's definitely worth it ;)