Benefit Precisely My Brows Pencil Review & Demo

Salam and hello lovelies!

So today in this post I’d love to share 
with you guys my first try out including 
demo / tutorial for using the eyebrows pencil 
of Benefit Cosmetics - Precisely, My Brows. 

To be honest at the moment of that recording 
I don’t really thought of doing & sharing 
the review or anything, hence it could 
seems a bit off, or might not really 
satisfying you guys or whatnot. 
I don’t know but truly sorry 
for anything yea and yes please 
don’t give up on me yet because 
I know I’ll make better makeup 
video next time haha. 

Okay moving on, so actually I’ve already 
uploaded the video on my youtube channel 
few days ago, but still not finishing 
my draft here hence it takes me days 
to settle and sharing everything. 

I must warn you to excuse my 
naked face there, 
as usually I do love to doing 
my eyebrows & eye part first 
before go on with my 
other makeup routine hehe. 

So for this one, I’m using Benefit 
Precisely My Brows in code 4.5. 
I love the colour / shade as 
I do like darker shade for my eyebrows, 
and it looks more natural that way. 

Benefit Precisely My Brows Code Selection

While for the technique, I’m practicing 
the technique that I learnt from 
Jared Bailey, Benefit Cosmetics Brow Expert. 
TBH, his method here are super easy to follow 
and it does works wonderfully! 
Seriously turns out super easy to do your brows!

Indeed I have been using this method since 
and it makes my life easier, less stress while 
doing my brows and it always works haha! 
So yes thank you so much Jared! 😁 

Me, happily using this Precisely My Brows Pencil by Benefit Cosmetics 😁

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You can also go to this link HERE ❤️ 
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Super easy to shop now as you just 
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Okay now, enjoy watching the vid 
to know what I think at the moment 
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May this vid could be beneficial 
especially to those whom are 
looking for easiest / great method 
to do their eyebrows. 
Hopefully mine will be somewhat helpful. 
Thank You and Have a great day ahead! ❤️

Youtube : 

Cannis App : World’s Most Integrated Smart Application by Malaysian Company has launched officially!

Salam and Hello lovelies!

So in this post I’d like to share with you all 
about this latest, made history mobile 
apps - Cannis App, which just officially 
launched on August 18, 2018 
at Setia City Convention Centre, Shah Alam. 

I can say that Cannis App is such a revolutionary 
inter-generational apps as it’s build with combining 
the seven most popular features that we can find 
in a mobile apps, which are :-

✔️ Online Games
✔️ Online Live Broadcast 
✔️ Live E-Commerce 
✔️ Creative Videos 
✔️ Social Medias 
✔️ Discount Shopping 
✔️ Cannis Payment 

This 7 in 1 apps is expected to become the star of 
mobile apps in near future, since as we all know,
people nowadays spending a lot of their times 
in online usage especially social network. 

Hence, with this kind of all in one mobile 
apps platform, Cannis App definitely make it 
easy for their users as they just go with which 
categories they desired the most, all in one go 
without needed to download and open multiple apps. 

Their CEO, Datuk Dr Azman Chin, refers to 
Cannis’s slogan of ‘You Think it, We Build it’ 
as in build a social media with the most 
comprehensive application function, and create 
the most suitable, ecological environment for 
enterprises and fans, as well as gathering the 
global user together. 

Cannis CEO, Datuk Dr Azman Chin (left) giving the Cannis App introductions at the Press Conference

Cannis is not only a stage for talents, marketing 
/ entrepreneurs, gamers, shoppers, dreamers and all,
yet it’s also great for travellers or anyone that 
preferred online payment. This is because the 
payment system in Cannis App can be use 
in 140 countries around the world, 
especially in Southeast Asia! 

Here’s the snippet of the Cannis App launching 
including their MOU Signing ceremony, Press 
Conference, and other activities around such as 
Lion Dance show, participating booths outside the 
hall, etc. 

For your information, since March this year, 
Cannis has successively acquired technology 
companies, including internet, online games, 
mobile devices, big data sharing, and at the same 
time, become a partner of Google, 
which greatly improving their readability 
and system security as well. 

Cannis headquarter is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 
yet also have a few offices in Taipei, Guangzhou, 
Hong Kong, Penang, and Hangzhou. 

The Chairman of Cannis Group is Her Royal Highness 
Crown Princess, H.R.H Tengku Puteri Datuk Paduka 
Seri Hajah Zahariah Binti Almarhum Sultan 
Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, while the Vice Chairman 
is Tan Sti Dato Sri Ong Tee Kiat, while the Chief 
Executive Officer is Datuk Dr Azman Chin. 

MOU signing went well

VIPs line at the launch

Lots of entrepreneurs and professionals from well 
known enterprises, venture capital companies, 
blockchains and network-related fields from various 
countries such as China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, 
Cambodia, South Korea, India, Russia, and other 
has attended their grand launch conference yesterday. 
They are totally looking forward about the future 
development potential of Cannis App. 

As for now, Cannis App is available on Google 
Playstore, and will be available on Apple Appstore 
soon. Yet for ios users, in the meantime you guys 
can still download the apps via this link :  and follow the instructions there. 

You guys can also check out their website for more details : 

Or their social medias site : 

Instagram :

Facebook :

I hope my informations here about this apps are 
somehow beneficial / helpful to you all out there, 
globally. Feel free to check Cannis App for yourself, 
maybe try it out for fun, or perhaps you could 
generate your own and lots of income out of it, 
who knows, right, hehe. 

My fellow bloggers had won this coin here from Cannis lucky draw that worth RM990! 
how lucky right! 

Fellow medias at the Cannis Press Conference and Launch event

Thank You for stopping by, and feel free to spread 
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upon various topics. Till then, may you guys 
have a great week ahead! 

Get FREE Mac Lipstick & More Amazing Deal this National Lipstick Day!

Salam and hello lovelies!

Okay as a Mac Cosmetics’s lover 
and super fan, of course, 
I am super excited to share this 
amazing news with you guys! 

Ada any of you yang nak try 
Mac Cosmetics punya item? 
Or any whom #maclovers 
like me too?

Ahaa amazing news for all! 
Mac Cosmetics ada buat pelbagai 
promosi menarik di platform 
Lazada mereka tau! 
It’ll start this Sunday, 29/7/2018 
yea so yes do get ready haha!

Antara exclusive offers 
yang ditawarkan adalah :-

πŸ’„Get a FREE Full Size Mac Lipstick 

- Dapatkan Mac Lipstick percuma 
dengan setiap pembelian RM70 ke atas. 
Memang mudah sangat sebab if you 
guys beli satu lipstick pon (RM77) 
dah boleh dapat free item ni! 
Umpama buy 1 free 1 lipstick ni woww! 
Tapi kena cepat tau sebab while 
stock lasts je ye hehe.

πŸ’„Get a FREE exclusive mobile key ring 

- Memang serious cute betul key ring 
handphone ni tau! Of course it’s such 
a grab untuk Mac lovers yang suka 
kumpul collectibles or exclusive item 
from Mac right! How to get? senang je, 
just buat pembelian RM140 ke atas 
untuk dapatkannya!

πŸ’„Win Mac Cosmetic Pouch 

- Indeed, those yang ada account 
Lazada, anda berpeluang memenangi 
Mac Cosmetic punya exclusive 
Cosmetic Pouch hanya dengan 
one simple step! Just FOLLOW 
Mac Cosmetic di Lazada, 
dan pray for your luck! 
Pemenang bertuah akan dihubungi 
pada 30/7/2018 yea do take note! 

πŸ’„More Exclusive Offers 

Pelbagai lagi tawaran hebat seperti 
Free 10 Minit Lip Demo by Mac Artists, 
Free Instagrammable stickers & packaging, 
Lazada Exclusive Little Mac Duo, etc.
More details or if nak terus shop this deals, 
just click this link 
HERE ❤️ okayy guys!

To those yang tiada account Lazada, 
or not really into order sendiri 
or anything, fret not, 
you guys boleh kirim from 
this personal shopper makeup - 
Instagram : 
or direct whatsapp that trusted 
seller and personal shopper 
HERE πŸ˜‰ okay. 

Seriously, this is such a 
MUST GRAB tak kiralah 
you guys memang peminat 
setia MAC Cosmetics or 
even those yang baru nak try 
any of their items! 

Okay tbh I totally eyed for their 
Lazada Exclusive Little Mac Duo 
tu, hmm geramnyaaa, 
who’s with me? hahaha! 

Save your date tauuuu this 
SUNDAY, 29 JULY 2018 
for this #MACxLazadaMY
#MacLovesLips #NationalLipstickDay
Thanks for reading yea lovelies, 
Feel free to spread the news 
and may you guys have a great weekend!


Bondahaven : The First, One and Only Spa For Mom & Mom To Be In Malaysia!

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Indeed, the name of the spa itself 
literally shows what they are. 
Bondahaven, a definite haven, 
fantastic one I must say, 
to us all - women, especially 
the moms and mommy to be, 
because this spa totally embracing 
the motherhood journey, really. 

From the moment I’ve been there,
I’ve only felt wonderful. 
At first, by how welcomed they are, 
then because it’s literally are kids 
friendly environment in here. 

FYI, Bondahaven is a spa that offers 
variety range of services which includes 
Lactation Consult, Body and Foot Massage
Rituals, Manicure, Pedicure, Facial
Sauna, Herbal Compress and other 
confinement care, motherhood classes 
to join, and more!
Founded by Dr. Tengku Nur ‘Atiqah, 
whom a medical doctor, lactation counsellor, 
and a mommy herself with such an avid 
breastfeeding advocate. 

Hence, wether you’re pregnant, 
a working mom, stay at home mom, 
or a single mom, Bondahaven 
is like a helping hand, 
ones that empowering and support 
each one of us in motherhood’s journey, 
not to mention it’s also the first 
holistic breastfeeding centre in Malaysia 
that integrates modern science 
with the Malay traditional maternal care. 

To be honest, it’s not just me that  
happy to be there. 
That is because for the ones whom 
have to wait while the mommy’s having 
me time pampering session, 
there’s a waiting room, the bomb 
honestly, because they occupied 
you with Netflix, toys / play section 
for the kids, comfy sofa and all there. 
Yeah I know my husband definitely 
are ecstatic to babysit the kids 
for me that time there! 
Even me myself wouldn’t mind
to wait haha!

sneak peak of the waiting room! watch my video for full closure later yea 😊

Okay let’s go on with my pampering session. 
I’ve chose traditional Malay massage 
for the day which the duration is around 
90 minutes per session. 
Before I go in, one of the staff there, 
Ms Hajar, welcome me 
with a herbal tea and go on with 
choosing my essential oil for the massage.

After that, I’m up for foot soaking first
in a bit, then we’re going to the massage room. 
It’s kind of huge - there are several room with 
massage bed, and other are on the floor massage, 
yet there are all complete with veils / curtain 
partition to separate and make each one 
private during each session. 

Foot session area 

Now here’s the massage area

Actually they’ll dimmed the light when the massage session started, it’s really comfortable & private here i totally loveeeee it!

What I love is that I don’t have to 
walk around from one place to another 
in order to change cloth and 
put my things away, 
as it’s just all in one place, 
until I finished my massage session. 
So yessss to privacy and complete 
comfortable feeling during massage session!

As for the massage, I really do loves it! 
It does exceeded my expectations! 
To be honest, when it comes to massage, 
I’m one whom not really easy to please 
as I (my body) tend to react a bit different 
with those massage’s point pressures. 

Yet my therapist for that day (Ms Fakhriyah)
really works amazingly as my body 
can accept each pressures calmly, 
and turns out wonderfully 
as I feel lighter, no aches, 
pain had relief and yet all energised! 
Thank you and thumbs up!

This traditional Malay massage is 
a full body massage, except face area. 
So yes with such great therapists, 
it’ll do you amazingly!
To be honest, I’d love to make this 
session and more as my monthly 
routine if I could, haha! 

Here’s are the price details for each services 
that been offered here in Bondahaven :-

Seriously, woman to woman, either pregnant or not, you should totally come and try pampering yourself here once in a while! I bet you’re gonna loves it as much as I do!

So after the massage, they’ll give you 
the wet towel and all to clean up a bit, 
change clothes and everything, getting ready.
Then I’ve been offered the spa tour, 
so yes you can see that too 
been included in my video below yea. 
Before ready to head out, they’ll 
offer another herbal tea or you can 
choose the bird’s nest range as well, 
while filling up the 
customer evaluation form. 

There are 3 range to choose from, 
and I’ve chose Bird’s Nest with Honey 
for that time, mmhmmm it’s really good! 
Even the kids loves it too, really yummy 
and refreshing as well, not to forget 
all the goodness in that too lovelies! 

Besides these bird’s nest, there are 
variety of other things that you can buy 
in here too, such as herbal tea, cookies, 
babies needs, confinement set, etc. 
Everything’s such a total eye candy!

To be honest, I really love the idea of 
this kind of spa, and really wish that 
they’ll grow successfully 
all over this country and even outside of ours.
I’ve been to other spa before, 
and none are like this. 

Here in Bondahaven, 
I feel totally appreciated as a mom, 
precisely feeling being amazingly 
helped to have my me time,
and it’s such a relief that my kids are 
accepted, literally, to wait for me here. 
Kids running around to have a photo taken?
No problem here! 
Yet they seems to really loves kids too!

Their services are total top notch, 
from the way they talk, take care 
of you, and everything. 
Honestly from the bottom of my heart, 
everything is superb 10/10! 
Thank you so much to both Ms Hajar 
and Ms Fakhriyah for having me 
wonderfully there!

To my readers / followers, you guys can 
get 15% OFF of your total bill if 
you go there and mention my name
YES! Just mention NUR AQILA 
blogger of this site here and enjoy 
your discount for each session you come!

Bring whoever you want, or maybe 
make it as a gift for your loved ones, 
because seriously, 
who doesn’t love a great discount 
on top of such a great services 
and pampering yourself, right? 
So yes you better grab 
this golden opportunity, 
trust me you won’t regret it! ❤️

For more info or for reservation, 
you guys can check out their website here :-

Instagram : 

Facebook : 

or contact :- 

Phone Number : +603-89122221 

Email :

Address : 

No 2-3, 3rd Floor, Jalan Puteri 2A/2,
Bandar Puteri Bangi,
43000 Kajang

(5 minutes from Putra-Mahkota exit 
on PLUS Highway)

Waze : Bondahaven

They’re open every Thursday - Tuesday
from 10 am to 6 pm
After 6 pm are upon request / reservation, 
and they’re closed every Wednesday. 

Before I ended my entry, here’s the video 
that I’ve been talking about earlier. 
Feel free to watch for a better close up 
or live feed closure from Bondahaven, hehe. 

Well, that’s all for my entry this time. 
Hope you guys enjoy reading and 
watching it all in here, and may 
it’ll be beneficial to you all somehow. 
Feel free to use or share the discount too yea! 

Don’t forget to follow / subscribe me 
on my social medias for more 
interesting and latest updates. 
Till then, may you guys will have 
a great week ahead!
Thank You for stopping by! 


Easiest Homemade Bruschetta - No baguette no problem!

Hello lovelies, here we are again!

Before I begin, I’d love to wish 
Happy Eid to all, 
although seems kinda late but 
I wish to all may this year’s Eid 
brings out the best, better than the previous.

So, as we all love our Hari Raya dishes, 
some usual (but-not-that-Eid-ish-kinda-snack)
could stands out to our appetite of the day.
As for me, when it comes to 
easy peasy homemade snack, 
there are plenty to choose but 
this time, I’m choosing bruschetta. 

As we can go wild adjusting 
(making) our own topping, 
it’s also tend to be 
on the go friendly, and 
kids loving it too hehe. 

Okay for this time, I’m making 
Cheesy Chicken topping. 
Not to forget as in the title,
if you can’t find 
any baguette around, 
no worries, let me share with you
the alternative for that baguette as well!

All we need are :

πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Meat - Chicken Chop / bacon / turkey 
or ham slices (cut to tiny pieces)
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Capsicum (cut to tiny bit as well)
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Tomato Paste 
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Salt
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Thyme or mixed herbs
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Garlic
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Baguette or Hot dog bun
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Cooking oil

How we do it?

1. First of all, let’s cook the topping. I bet you know the basic drill of chopping the meat and vege (in this case I just use the capsicum) to tiny pieces, clean it and all, right? Not to forget the garlic, as I just use like 4 and chopped it as well to stir fry with our meat here.

2. So as the cooking oil being heated, put in the garlic before the meat. Cook thoroughly both sides of the mixed meat and garlic, then closed the lid in a bit so the meat will be tenderly cook and juicy. You can smell the garlic chicken delish already at this moment mmhmmm. 

3. Next, add in capsicum, stir and let it in a bit before adding in the tomato paste and salt. Stir thoroughly and evenly, then add on the herbs, stir again evenly. As in measurement, it depends on how much is your meat and all, and your taste in it. If you like the herbs taste to stand out, you can add it more. As for me, just a lil bit of salt and evenly spread of herbs & tomato paste is good, hehe. After you’re satisfied with it’s taste, put off the heat and let it be in a bit. 

4. Okay next, the bun. Baguette is much more easier but this hot dog bun is as closer! Love the results as well you know, hehe. To get the baguette look / shape, just cut vertically in half, then horizontally in half as well. So you’ll get 4 pieces from that 1 hot dog bun. 
You can spread a bit of butter before spooning on your topping on top of it too yea, but I don’t add it. 

5. So as for spooning the topping on top of your baguette or bun, you can be generous in spreading it on. Then, add on the cheese - it’ll be great if you mixed cheese like grates cheddar and mozarella. 
Well anything that you have, really. hehe. 

this is how it looks like after baked it for about 10minutes. adding more minutes for the outer crunchiness yea!

6. Then, it’s ready to be baked at 160 Celcius for 20-25 minutes. The baking heat might vary, just pay attention to them from time to time and you’ll be fine. The result is, you’ll get the crunchy yet soft in the inside with mouthful of yummy cheesy chicken burst in your mouth! 

These babies can be preheat the next day as well, still tastes yummyyy so yeah leftovers problem solved. 
Great for breakfast, brunch, tea time, supper, well, anytime snack I must say hehe. 
Those who love spicy food, can add your own kind of spicy grail in the topping as well, no worries, just go on with your own creativity to suits your taste. 

Hope my sharing here comes in beneficial whenever you guys are. All the best for the first timer and feel free to ask if you’re still not clear here via dm on my instagram - 
@qeela.iqa , and feel free to follow for more interesting updates! Thank you for stopping by and have a great week ahead!


Persembahan Artis-Artis with Kilafairy!

Hello dearest!

Ahaa any Kilafairy’s superfan here?!
Adoi I memang suka betul lah tengok 
Kilafairy ni guys, you know why?

First of all, she’s beautiful! haha. 
Makeup or no makeup, I do think 
Kilafairy ni cantik je with that flawless 
skin, sexy lips and all. 
Honey, it’s such a bless 
when you can stay pretty no matter 
if you’re with or without makeup, kan! 

I know it’s not easy to maintain, 
especially untuk orang biasa-biasa 
macam kita ni kan haha yelah guys 
untuk facial, treatment bagai tu dah berapa 
kan berhabis, but rezeki masing-masinglah.
For those yang tak mampu nak berfacial, 
bertreatment selalu tu, kena jagalah from 
penggunaan skincare and else right. 

Bila bermakeup pulak, tak nampak heavy 
pon makeup look tu but so stunning!
I totally adore her makeup look as well!
Huu tak pernah tak cantik, 
tak pernah tak style tauu Kilafairy ni!
Haa you guys tengoklaa sendiri 
hehe ni I ambil dari her ig - 

Awww tak pernah tak style kan! 

Then on top of that, I admired how stylish 
she is! Pretty, stylish girl, 
that’s such a great combo. 
Since I myself memang totally into 
makeup and fashion, 
of course, these two are the things yang 
I selalu tengok or suka tengok in others,
especially artists or public figures, kan, hehe.
You guys tengoklah, memang great match 
je the way she put on her outfit and makeup.
I loveeee it! Hehe

Eh we’ve got the same Fenty Fur hahah but I punya in Pink 😘

Well yes it’s not just about the 
appearance okay guys,
fans nowadays kan semua 
bijak-bijak kan haa gitu.
I think we all know that she’s into 
singing and acting, yet ada side business 
as well yang going on worldwide, 
so I can say that she’s got all that, you know.
One of the woman yang I admired whom 
talented, success, beautiful and stylish! 
Awesome combo I must say! 

Eh takkan you guys tak tau her latest 
collaboration dengan the Hollywood 
famous Sean Kingston?! 
Haa okay takpe cuba you guys tengok ni yea :-

Anddd ni laa lagu tuu hehe layannnzzz :- 

Best lagu tuu kan hehe. 
To be honest, I do think she have 
such a great voice! 
Not just from this song, but from 
banyak-banyak yang I dengar, guys, 
sedap betul dia nyanyi tak kesahlah 
English or Malay song! Tak caya?
Ha meh sini I tunjuk ada snippet of her 
singing various songs 
with Cosmopolitan before :-

Best kannn! Nyanyi best berlakon 
pon best tambah pulak dengan 
great appearance - those beautifully 
stylish and all, 
memang awesome lah guys. 
Adoii confirm I excited if dapat jumpa 
Kilafairy ni depan-depan tau haha! 

Eh cakap pasal jumpa, great news guysss
sebab memang boleh jumpa tauu! 
Cepat save your date on this 
JUNE 3rd, 2018 for
from 2 PM to 6 PM !!

Kilafairy akan berada di sana 
bersama-sama dengan other awesome 
artists as well like Adibah Noor
Khai Bahar, Hael Husaini, & Baki Zainal 
untuk menghiburkan semua sempena 
Klang Parade Hari Raya event. 
So yesss jom kita ramai-ramai 
gegarkan Klang Parade nanti yeaa! 

Of course, I’m looking forward 
nak pergi and I nak selfie 
banyak-banyak dengan Kilafairy nanti!
okay nice tak when Qeela meet Kila 
hahahaha 😁

Then haa boleh berbuka puasa di 
Next Food Junction di Klang Parade tu juga, 
Level 5 yea guyss it’s kinda food court tau,
macam-macam pilihan makanan ada tau kat situ! 
I dah pernah pergi before 
 I dah terbayang-bayang pulak 
ni sedapnya... πŸ˜‹
Nasib baik lah dah nak buka dah ni haha. 

Okay guys sebelum I going to babbling 
around the world pulak, 
ha jangan lupa save the date & datang 
beramai-ramai nanti yea! 
Untuk peminat-peminat Kilafairy, 
I’ve got this one special guysss hehee! 
Click play on this vid below tauu πŸ‘‰πŸΏ

Okayy guys insyaAllah jumpa kat sana yea!
Feel free to spread the news yeaa! 
Thank you for reading and don’t forget to 
follow me here / my social medias for more 
interesting and latest updates!
Till then, have a great week ahead lovelies! 

Jom Bergaya di Hari Raya Dengan Elyshop Raya Collection

Salam & Hi Lovelies!

Dah nak masuk minggu ke dua kita berpuasa, 
mesti dah ada yang tengah mencari baju raya kan?
Me? Guilty as charged haha! 
So atas sebab itu, I nak share with you guys 
one of my Favourite  juga ni tau when I’m 
looking for clothing line be it untuk 
casual, raya, or else, which is from Elyshop

Elyshop ni bukan sebarangan juga tau, 
sebab dah bertahun-tahun beroperasi 
boleh kata from scratch lah you know, 
since before ada butik, then every year 
join Mood Republik and all, and till now 
dah ada sampai 5 outlet/walk in throughout 
Semenanjung, antaranya di Avenue K (KLCC),
Aeon Cheras Selatan, Aeon Bukit Tinggi
Aeon Seremban 2, dan Kluang Mall

You guys boleh juga tengok-tengok 
how they are and whatnot kat 
their social medias handle :-

Instagram :- 

Or Facebook:-

Personally, I ni boleh kata their regular 
customer jugalah senang cerita haha sebab 
selalu ada beli baju (blouse / top especially) 
from Elyshop ni.
Selain banyak pilihan that comes with 
stylish design dan colours, it’s really comfy 
to wear, boleh juga for bf moms like me, 
dan harga yang mampu milik juga tau. 

Okay so, now back to my main menu 
of this post, hehee, 
their Raya Collection 2018
MasyaAllah guys, cantik-cantik belaka
set collection yang ada ni! 

This year, their Raya Collection looks 
simple yet sweet but still stylish tau. 
Senang kata memang sesuai sangatlah 
for those yang nak bergaya di Hari Raya 
tapi tak nak over kan. 
Senang nak buat pergi beraya, pergi rumah 
mentua ke, sanak saudara, haa sweet tapi 
maintain up to date je orang kata, gituuuu hehe. 
Ada 7 design set tau, meh tengok :-








Haa macam mana guys? 
Serious cun-cun semua kan, rambang 
mata tengok jadinya haha! 
Buat yang tak dapat nak walk in 
ke butik / outlet Elyshop, 
jangan risau, boleh beli through online je! 

Memang senang sangat sebab once dah 
buat payment, baju raya anda akan di pos 
pada keesokan harinya tau! 
Untuk order online, or nak arrangement 
lain (like cod or so), boleh whatsapp 
terus tanya / bincang through number 
Elyshop Trusted Personal Shopper ni :- 
(click je terus pon boleh yea sebab 
dah direct ke whatsapp tu πŸ˜‰) 

Do note that pembelian / order untuk 
Raya Collection 2018 ni open sampai 
10 June 2018 je tau, selagi stock 
masih ada juga yea. 
So I really suggest mana yang dah 
berkenan tu, cepat-cepat click number 
di atas untuk whatsapp dan order yea! 

Okay dearest, hopefully perkongsian 
I kali ni bermanfaat juga untuk you all yea. 
Have a great Ramadhan this year guys 
Thank you for reading, and feel free to 
spread the news yeaa! 

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