Lazada Birthday Blogger Contest

Salam and Hello lovelies! 

Did you know that this month is a birthday month of Lazada and me?! Hahaha yes we're sharing the #MarchBabies and as feeling awesome as it is, but what I'm about to tell you guys is more amazing - yes the Lazada Birthday Blogger Contest! 

So coinciding with the Lazada 5th Birthday Sale that will take place from 22 to 24 March this year (which you can find discount up to 90% guys!! Do stay tuned yeaa 😱😱), they are pleased to share their special blogger Lazada Birthday Anniversary sale giveaway where they will be generously awarding up to 30 bloggers with cool prizes!

Before I share with you guys on how to participate in this contest, I wanted to share about a few things first. 

1) What love about Lazada Malaysia 

Well, honestly, I love everything about Lazada Malaysia. I am their regular and repeating customer. They offers variety of product range, from household, electrical, fashion, gadgets, makeup, perfume, ohh dear you name it! It's like everything in one place! It make my life easier with it's hassle-free, literally easy to use and order via apps/website platform to browse and order products. Their service is great and never disappoint me so far, as well as their quality of the product offers, so yes great job Lazada! One more thing is that, when you're subscribing or a repeating customer, they valued you with endless vouchers etc. Yes I'm loving it! hehee.

2) Top three Product picks from Lazada Malaysia 

This is such a hard one for me since I'm always going crazy to choose a product at Lazada because you see, they are all great and I need and I want them and arghhhh I just could shop till I drop! hehehee! but okayyy no worries, here's my top three favourite products :-

a) Apple Macbook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID

Since it been years now that my old laptop was damaged, I totally need a new one so that I could do my blogging work more easy and efficiently, plus I need more space for my other things too since actually, laptop is such like my right hand to me. So, this Macbook will be great to be paired with my iphone and always be my top bucketlist and favourite on Lazada Malaysia 😁


b) GoPro Hero 5

Ahaa indeed, this item is my another bucketlist and favourite that I kept on check out for on Lazada Malaysia. Actually, from the GoPro Hero 4 hehe. Well, when I do have the money someday, I will definitely buy it from Lazada Malaysia. I didn't worry to buy any gadgets or electrical stuff from Lazada Malaysia because I did bought them before from Lazada Malaysia and got it right at me safe and sound πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜Š


c) Chanel Gift Sets
Who doesn't love this kind of gift set right?'ll be perfect since it comes with basic makeup items plus two, yes TWO, perfumes. They're all 100% authentic too and look at their price? Babe, it's 5 Chanel items with that price?! Awesome I must say! Hehe. I love makeup and I love perfumes, so, of course this is on top of my favourite! 

3) How do I think Lazada Malaysia can improved?

Okay since I really have to answer this, I just had an idea on how after thinking  and go through, which is about the item or product rating. I think there aren't much rating and usually, as a customer, when you want to buy something, you will seek some info about that item first right? So when that item had rating and reviews from other customers, it could weight us to buy that item based from their rating and reviews. So perhaps Lazada Malaysia could offers some kind of vouchers, or coupons, or discount credited to their customer whom leaves any rating or reviews on any item at Lazada Malaysia. This way, Lazada Malaysia could improve from product reviews and also, the chance for more repeating customers. As for customers, those kind of vouchers etc are satisfying enough for just that kind of action 😊 

4) My Birthday wish to Lazada Malaysia 

I'm wishing Lazada Malaysia a Happy Awesome Birthday, and hopefully they will keep on rocking in being such a great online shopping platform for Malaysian, with their great quality and variety of products range and brands to choose from, that keep satisfying the customers without failed. I am honestly feels honoured to share a birthday month with Lazada Malaysia! I totally loves Lazada Malaysia and will keep on being by your side, Lazada Malaysia. hehee

That's all for the things that I wanted to share 😁 So, before I ended this post, I would like to invite all bloggers here to join this Lazada Birthday Blogger Contest. You guys can find the details of this contest from this link  (

Thank you for reading lovelies!
May this birthday month of ours brings out many awesome thing to me and also, to you guys too! hehe. 

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