MUST READ! Traveloka Sale-Abration

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Yes this is literally a MUST READ, because you guys won't wanna miss this awesome sale opportunity. 
Before I go any further, do you guys know what Traveloka is? Do any of you remember that actually I've mention about Traveloka on my previous post about my dream London vacay? You can check it out 

Hehe okayy nevermind those whom read on my blog for the first time here or didn't know about Traveloka, no worries I'm honoured to tell you what it is! 😊

Traveloka is a one-stop flight and hotel booking platform for any domestic and international destinations. Seriously, it makes searching, booking and managing your trip hassle-free that comes with lots of great features, such as :-

✨ Convenience in booking - You can get the best flight and hotels deals for your next trip all in one platform

✨ Value for money - Honest price only at Traveloka because all of the prices that you see on search results are Final Price. There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES, it's literally what you see is what you get! 😁

You can book your flight or hotel using Traveloka's free apps or website easily. I've already been using the apps for a while now, the apps icon is like one you can see on the pic below. As for the website, you can visit it here :


Sounds great right? Indeed they are! hehe. But wait, here comes the greater news! - THE TRAVELOKA SALE-ABRATION! 

What is that??
- Okay, this Traveloka Sale-Abration is an online travel fair that brings big deals for flights and hotel across a variety of destinations, both domestic and international. 
- On this sale, you could get flight promotions from as low as RM40 to domestic destinations and only below RM100 for international destinations! Such a total steal right! 
For example, you can get flight deals to Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai, Bangkok, and so much more on various airlines for only RM39!
- There are over 100 Traveloka-only hotel deals for destinations all over Southeast Asia, picked out and carefully selected especially for you to cater different types of travel purposes to ensure you have a great stay on your trip. That is awesome, isn't it?!

Looking forward for the sale already? Ohh yes I bet you are! Yet do hurry guys, as this sale has already begin and you can book those irresistible flight deals and outstanding hotels deals from 10 March to 31 March 2017! Click here for the Sale : 


I strongly suggest that you guys should download the Traveloka apps now for greater convenience in booking your next trip, because it totally makes my life easier and happier when it comes to comparing prices, booking and managing my trip. In addition, I'll be the first person to know the new and upcoming Traveloka Apps-only hot deals, including ones that we set ourselves, along with those non stop vouchers, sale etc. 

Well, just so you don't missed out on the Traveloka Sale- Abration, you can just head over to Traveloka and drop your email to be notified on everything related to Traveloka and this online fair. Seriously, you won't want to miss out on some of the best promotions of your life! Do it now lovelies, you won't regret it like ever! hehee 😁

That's all about Traveloka and it's Sale-Abration. You guys can go check them out from the links as I listed and tell you above yea. May this post brings beneficial points to each one of you. Thank you for your time and reading my blog. 

Have a great day ahead lovelies! 

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