Experiencing Rare Occasion with Goo.N Diapers!

Salam & Hello lovelies! 🙋🏻

Did you know that this is such a rare occasion? Where you're easily changing your baby's diaper or even no need to 'wrestle', trying to make them wear it? Haha I know right, common situation for most parents, yet lovely moment for sure. 😊
Well, hush now, that this new diapers really comes to help and being such a darling to us all. Goo.N, is a premium Japan diapers that now have been stock up in Lazada Malaysia! Yeayyyy!
I've got my hands on them and now I would love to share my reviews with you guys. 


That first paragraphs, is literally the sneek peak of when I use Goo.N 😁
Goo.N comes in diaper pants type so it is easier for me to wear them on my baby. Seriously guys, no more 'wrestling' scene, no more 'Noooooo', or 'Waittttttt, wait wait wait baby pleaseeeee, oh no he escape', no anything near that haha. We are now at the state of he calmly lay down, either just laying or playing with that cute Goo.N wipes box or the cute diapers itself, hence I easily put the diaper on effortlessly and we are good to go 😁
Even when he's about to roll on side, I can still easily put the diaper on. This wearing diaper situation had totally change to become real quick and easy, no matter what position and your baby can happily and freely moves while changing. 


More reason to buy Goo.N is that these premium Japan quality diapers are made with highly absorbent materials that are bound to keep our baby's bottom damp-free. In addition, Goo.N diapers have integrated layers so that more moisture and vapor are able to penetrate out of the layers more easily, and on top of that, the top layer of this diaper are treated with Goo.N technologies for a silky soft smoothness, thus reduce the chance of baby rash. My baby had wore it for all night long yet he sleep soundly, and woke up with happiness and no leaked or anything from his diaper. Though I must tell you that he's not the type of one whom sleep still - he get around, took all the bed's spaces! Awesomely, there are no mess in the morning! 😁

 So yes I totally loves Goo.N diapers and fully recommend it to you guys. Totally worth it, values your time and money 👍🏿 That's not all, as Goo.N Baby Wipes and Goo.N Limited Edition Baby Penguin Wipes Box are as great helpers as the diapers too! The wipes are non paraben, non alcohol and fragrance free as well. It's moist and lovely to use, clean easily too. While the cute penguin wipes box holds and keep the wipes greatly, not dried up in it and no more issues of my baby playing with wipes since it close tightly and kids wouldn't know how to open it or even to accidentally opened it hehe. So yes those wipes are very safe in there. 😁 

The details / insight look of Goo.N Baby Wipes & Goo.N Limited Edition Baby Penguin Wipes Box

See? He can't opened it let alone playing with those wipes haha. 

Well, if you lovelies are interested to buy and try Goo.N as well, you can buy it from Lazada Malaysia, or just CLICK HERE to choose your own Goo.N's products. This diapers are suitable for both boys and girls, and also great for both day and night wearing. Packaging comes with a user-friendly handle, so it's easier for us to carry it around especially when we're on a vacation, or going on a far away trip somewhere or else, as you all know, that kind of carry on are the best 😊

Well, what are you waiting for mommies and daddies? Go get them! hehee. 
Thank you for reading my review. Feel free to share what you think or feels, on the comment section below. May you all have a great week ahead! ❤ 

4 bubblynotes :):

  1. yeay..kita suka wipe box tu..comel sangat

    1. kannnn..comel & very helpful hehee 😁

  2. It's a very good and detailed review I would say.
    Hi, it's my first time here! followed your blog too :)

  3. hi sis. ana singgah sini jalan2.

    comelnya pampers dan wet tissue dia tu. geram pula tgk.


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