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Salam & Hello lovelies!

Last Saturday I went to Motherhood.com.my & Babyhood Malaysia tea time gathering, which took place at Little Kingdom, Kuala Lumpur, and there were products display and introductions as well by Babyhood Malaysia.
Since I found them literally awesome and super convenient, I am excited to share the details with you guys as well! Plus there's FREE VOUCHERS especially for you, my dear readers! 😁

Before I begin, I would like to introduce about Motherhood.com.my, in case there are anyone who didn't have any idea about them yet. They are actually Malaysia's number 1 online baby shop for parents and expecting mothers to shop for products and services covering maternity, newborn, baby, toddler, and kids. They also provide useful information such as parenting tips, breastfeeding guides, brand reviews, free sample request and mom's testimonials to help couples through their parenting journey. 

So, back to the event, as I said earlier, I totally fall in love with those Babyhood Malaysia's products at the gathering, which you can check them out here : 
Awesome Products! or click here for the company details : Supreme Global πŸ˜Š
Excited to know what are their new products that I've been bragging about? Okay hehe let's see! 

1) 5-in-1 Sova Cot (Classic and Clear)

This is a world first, revolutionary, and one that I'd like to call genius, kind of cot, because obviously, the 5 in 1 features and it's unique yet great design. It's also tested safe to the Australian Standards by Furntech whom renowned as one of the best independent testing facilities. This cot also using the highest grade of European beach wood timber, so it's a yes to quality too. The 5 in 1 consist of 5 ways that we can have or make out of it which are Bassinet, Cot, Toddler Bed, Table and Chairs, and last but not least, Playpen. Ahh even listing it out makes me excited! Can you guys even imagine how great it is? This kind of cot is totally useful and we can use it in a long term, as it's not just for our baby, but till toddler or so! Wait till you see these pictures of this amazing cot below! 😁



That is my 5 years old daughter, trying out this cot in it's table and chairs mode. Yes she loves it! 😁

2) Amani 4-in-1 Cot

Another beautiful and majestic collection for your little prince and princess, that comes together with a toddler rail. This sleigh cot has a solid high end back panel that is supported by a curvaceous single hand dropside that slides effortlessly to give you an easy access to your loved ones. It is made with sustainable clear A grade NZ plantation timber, and ergonomically designed to be better for your back, shoulders, and hips with babyhood's famous smooth single hand internal drop side - so no more heavy bending! It's also comes with 4x lockable castors so that it will be easier for us to manoeuvre it around. Don't worry about the safety as this cot has meets with the Australian Standard and tested safe as well. The 4 ways or mode that can be achieved from it are : 

~Cot (has 2 level, Bassinet and Toddler level. Each level counts as 1 mode) 
~Toddler Bed (have the toddler rail to avoid child from rolling over the cot) 
~Day Bed (can be use as a sofa by the child) 

Below I insert the pictures of this cot so that you guys can see more clearly of it's mode 😊


That's me and my babies, checking out this 4-in-1 cot 😁

 3) Classic Sleigh 4-in-1 Cot

This incredible value for money kind of cot is a convertible sleigh cot that boasts high end features and quality. It is ergonomically designed to be better for your back, shoulders and hips with babyhood's famous smooth single hand internal drop side so no more heavy bending. Tested safe and meets with the Australian Standard as well. The base levels can be adjust from Bassinet, Cot, and Toddler Bed with a bonus Toddler rail to save you even more money. Yet what's more interesting for me is that it has BPA free teething rails that are very discreet, thus safer for your baby. How unique is that right?! Comes in 2 colour, White (as shown in the picture below) and English Oak. 😊


4) Classic Curve 4-in-1 Cot

This classic style will not dated out with it's beautifully classic curve, yet very gender neutral. Also an ergonomically designed to save your back with babyhood's famous smooth single hand internal drop side, and safer for baby with the awesome BPA free teething rails that are bery discreet. It's also safe and meets with the Australian Standards. Comes with 2 colour, White and English Oak (as shown below), this clasically fashionable cot can be in variety mode as well, as the base levels can be adjust from Bassinet, Cot, and Toddler Bed. 😊

5) Babyhood Glider Nursing Chair

Now this is my another personal favourite from Babyhood. 😁 This glider chair are designed for such a greater comfort whilst nursing your baby, because you'll literally experience great support and comfort while feeding and in particular your neck, shoulders, and lower back areas will be assisted with the support of well fitting glider. Seriously, that's not just sounds heaven, but feels heaven as well to a breastfeed mom like me when I tried it! ❤ With a smooth gliding motion and a lockable recline, the seat is adjustable to ensure you are in a comfortable position for your body's needs. It's also includes a matching ottoman that is also enhances the gentle gliding motion. This glider can support adult up to 90kg weight. This gliding chair comes in 4 types which are : 

~ Diva Glider :

~ Manhattan Glider : 

~ Sovereign Glider :

~ Savannah Glider : 

Those 4 gliders being experienced by us at the gathering 😁

And this is me trying and experiencing a lil bit of heaven from this awesome glider πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΏ❤

Well, those are all about the new Babyhood Malaysia's products. They are all great, interesting, and worth buying, I assure you. 😊 If you are interested to buy any of it you can click on the link as I have mentioned and stated earlier above yea πŸ˜‰ Ahaa and as for the free vouchers for my readers as I mentioned earlier, here's the voucher code : BLG10 ✨By using this voucher, you guys will be able to purchase Babyhood products on their website at a discounted rate! Great right? Hehe. Oh but please note that this voucher is only valid from 21/4/2017 until 21/5/2017 yea lovelies. So yes please, check out their website now! 
Hehe 😁Honestly, overall, I do like and find their products really interesting and amazing. Thank you Motherhood.com.my and Babyhood Malaysia for the yummy and awesome tea time gathering! Below is more pictures from the gathering that I would like to share with all of you. 

The bloggers/influencers with the event speaker 

Yummy refreshing and tidbits!

Another souvenir hehe.

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Thank you for reading and don't hesitate to check them out yea lovelies! 
May you guys will have such a great week ❤

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