You Won't Believe The Price You'll Get at Jalan Jalan Japan!

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Aha as intrigue as my title sound, I can assure you that it's only the truth. I can say that you wouldn't believe it because they are literally cheap with great quality at Jalan Jalan Japan!
Before I going further about the goods price there, let's warming up a bit about this store yea? 

Jalan Jalan Japan is a Japanese Preloved Store that sell variety of preloved goods all the way from Japan. When I say variety, you can literally expect to find everything there - from kitchen appliances, clothes, shoes, toys, mobile accessories, sports section, luggage, to even surfing boards! All items are in great condition, some even still new, and you can find that it comes with great bargain which their pricing starts as low as RM1! You guys can follow and like their page here for more updates :-
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Jalan Jalan Japan (JJJ) was started by Bok Marketing, an amalgamation of their Japan parent company - Bookoff Corporation Limited - a Japanese chain with 800 stores worldwide along with 27 years of experience in the reuse business, and also Koike, a 25 years old trading company in Malaysia. 

They have launched their first outlet last year at Skypark One City Mall at Subang Jaya, and now ready for their second outlet at 1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras, as the store opening will be on this 30th September 2017.
Daichi Shuzui, Bok Marketing Director, noted that Cheras was chosen because the traffic is good, it's not crowded there yet along with the large population. They also will look into expanding to other areas from next year onwards as their expansion plans. 

So, when I went to their 1 Shamelin Mall outlet pre launch last Saturday, I can assure you that I am going crazy as there are a lot of things that I want to buy there! Well you bet you will, as with those seriously super cheap prices, with a like new to good condition of each items, who didn't?! 😄 

Cuties, along with dolls and everything to be choose to add on to your house

Picnic basket, tupperware, and variety of kitchen appliances from as low as RM1!

Jeans/Pants, handbags, dresses, fedoras, to scooter, roller blades and everything, ahh you name it! 😄

Yet of course, as a typical mom, I'm going crazy grabbing everything for my kids. I spent more hours at the kids-toys section and end up spending it all on their toys and stuff. I did laid my eyes on some great clothes - branded shirts, dresses and jeans, yet don't worry, I'll come back for more hahaha! 
Here's what I bought that day : 

That cute, big play tent that only cost me RM50!

This kids Vans Sneakers only RM5 per pair!

Well functioning driving toy for only RM10!

Other toys and figurine that only costs me RM3 to RM15 and RM20 each!

More great news to you guys! On their opening this 30th September 2017, you guys can get 10% discount for being the first 100 customer on that opening day, and for my beloved readers, here's more special treats as all of you guys can get the extra 5% discount with just mentioning my name or blog or both! 
So do remember these initials yea lovelies - 
blogger Qeela, and my blog is : yea ❤ 
Let's spread the news, and be ready to head out to JJJ 1 Shamelin Mall, Cheras, this 30th September as you can get the chance to have up to 15% discount from those already super cheap prices! You're definitely not going to regret it lovelies, as it's totally worth it! 

I've made a video compilation for you guys so that it will be easier for you to see what's in there, what's it like, etc in one go. Kindly watch it here :

Well, JJJ is interesting isn't it? Can't wait to lay my hands on more items there soon! Feel free to follow me on my social medias too for more updates etc! 

That's all for this entry lovelies. Don't forget to follow JJJ, mark the date and go to their opening soon yea. May you all have a great week ahead. Thank you for reading and till next time, take care! ❤

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  1. Masa first time kedai ni buka, harga lagi murah. Nak2 lago toys and figures kat situ. Tapi last time saya pergi, dia dah markup harga. But still leboh murah daripada kedai2 lain.


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