Goodbye Acne and Dark Circles with Swissvita Eye Cream and Cleansing Cream

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As for today, I'd love to share with you guys about these two excellent products by All Young - the Swissvita 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream and another one is Swissvita Acne Solution Soothing Cleansing Cream. As you can see, indeed, my first impression was that I do really like their packaging! From the colour of the box, the coordination, then with the cute notebook, well it all feels like I am getting a special, lovely gift the moment I received it haha 😄


Okay this eye cream really are the 7 seconds miracle! It is because it can give you an instant lifting on your soggy under eyes in just 7 seconds, since it's naturally firms up the skin with AC-11! You can also say goodbye to those dark circles and puffy eyes of yours in about 7 hours, and in addition, this brilliant eye cream can reduct those fine line in 7 days and erasing the crow feet as well! So it's a yes for an anti aging as it helps in erasing those wrinkles around eyes then brighten the skin (yess goodbye panda eyes!) so that you can get the beautiful eyes that you have always wanted or looking forward to. 

To be honest, I just tested it for few days now yet the results is really not disappointing me. It does helps my eyes less soggy/puffy, feels and look tighter and brighten my dark circles as well as reducing the fine line around my eyes in a bit. I didn't feel anything while applying it, no irritation, no drying no annoying smell no anything. So yes I guess that's good hehe. It seems really works on me, as it does what it say it'll do, even the instant lifting! Well, I can say that it'll be such a great friend to such typical insomniac mommy like me, hehe. Beware you panda eyes! We're going to war now! haha

FYI, this Swissvita 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream is safe to be use for all skin types. What more that I like about it are it comes in Paraben-Free, Fragrance-Free, Alcohol-Free, and water based texture. The fact that it's water based makes it definitely non greasy when applied, so it didn't mess up your face or anything - conveniently easy to applied anytime no matter where you are. All you have to do is just simply apply some small dot of this Swissvita 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream around both of your eyes area that have been cleansed beforehand, twice per day on day and night respectively. You can also check out my demo vid below yea, I have enclosed on how to apply it as well. So simple and easy for a beautiful eyes, isn't it?! 😁

Check out my unboxing and demo video :-


I know I don't really have such bad acne problem, but I do have large pores, pigmentation and combination skin aside. It's my fault that I used to took it easy when it came to skin care routine before, hence, when those pores can't really breathe due to improper care and cleanse, it does invites those other problem like pigmentation, combination skin, pimples, white head, ohh you name it. So, the first, important step to remove all those skin problems and to get a clear, clean healthy skin is to choose the right face cleanser! And you guys know what, according to dermatologist, this Swissvita Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream is the best acne face washes, so yesss parallel with it's slogan of Acne F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G that lead to say hello to such a clean and clear skin, this baby really are cleansing well!

I love it how clean and soft my skin feels after using it as my face wash / cleanser. At the time I tested this cleanser, I do have several acne around my face. Not much but still, with the oily combination and then those acne, it will be bad if I didn't cleanse my pores thoroughly right. So just in time to try this baby! Turns out, my pores seems better and it helps me kicking out those unwanted oil and acne before it could spread out more, since it does helps in exfoliate my skin, cleans out those dead skin cells and oils that been clogging the pores. My skin feels good without oily T-Zone for a good long time each normal day, even when the times that I'm sweating or so. What I love about it is that it's also doesn't irritate the acne while I use it (even after finish washing my face!) and it does feels like a gentle cleanser instead, seriously feels light and leaves my skin smoothly clean, not drying or anything but just cleansed thoroughly. The acne also seems to slowly go away day by day, so it does helps in fighting it and preventing it from spreading around. 😁

If you're prone to adult acne, this kind of face wash that contains citric acid-based can works in order to keep your pores clear, as it's targetting the stubborn acnes bacteria which causes the breakouts, as well as treating blackheads and everything. It might be drying but you can adjust as needed while paying attention on how your skin is reacting once you start to use it, then get ready as the results can usually starting to be seen and your acne condition will improve in just within 1 week! 

This medical-grade product is also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant as well, plus it's also have plant extract to balance out the oil, especially in the T-zone. So yes indeed, it does bring out the fast action and such an effective treatment for various type of acne and else. It's definitely suitable for oily and combination skin as well. Just use twice daily - day and night, by applying a small amount of this cleanser to damp skin, then rinse and gently pat it dry. As one of the used to have a combination skin, for me, this cleanser can totally clean and worth it!


For those whom already grow your interests in any of these two (or even both!) products, you guys can get it at :-

👉🏿 other online store such as HERMO, ZALORA & LAZADA as well.

You guys can also get them directly or kindly check out their Official Online Store as stated below for more details :-


Retail price for this Swissvita 3D Micrite All Use Eye Cream is RM115 (15g) while as for the Swissvita Acne Solution Soothing Cleanser Cream is RM80. 

Great news for my lovely readers! You guys can key in this discount code : SWA10 , to get RM10 discount with no minimum spending when you guys are purchasing at ALLYOUNG.MY. Do note that this special discount code are only valid until 28/2/18 yea lovelies. So yess hurry up and grab it while you can! 😉

So, that's all from me about these two brilliant Swissvita babies by ALLYOUNG.MY. Hopefully it does helps you guys in any way, yea. Thank you for reading and may you guys have a great weekend ahead! 😊

10 bubblynotes :):

  1. kinda scared to try new products but this looks good.

    1. I feel you! Yes indeed, these two are great for me, it does helps like how it said it would. I'm happy that it doesn't irritate my acne yet slowly make it go away, same as the eye cream. I don't know about others but it does works for me 😊

  2. Nice product and the packaging looks convincing.. thanks sharing :)

    1. Indeed they are hehe I love their packaging too. Thanks for stopping by and read! 😊

  3. I have heard of SwissVita previously but didn't know they have cream for dark eye circles. Missed the promo code. Will have to wait for next round now!!

    1. Ahh I see, it’s okay I think they do have promo from time to time now hehe. Indeed it’s great! 😁

  4. I want the black eye product so much... Lolz... Oh my... Need it so much la...
    Nowadays sleep later and insomnia really could darken eyes without color it with eyeshadow. Origin Smoky eyes now n lolz


    1. Haha yeah I feel you! Indeed it dedinitely come in handy for us insomniac hehe. Feel free to try it later yea 😁

  5. Heard so many good reviews with this product!! I always wanted to try it, it looks effective I need one for my dark eye circles one haha!

    1. I see, good to hear that! Yes indeed it works, given time it’ll do effectively 😁 Feel free to try it yourself too and let’s see how it goes as well 😃


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