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Are you a heavy digital device users or a contact lens users? Or perhaps are you keep on experiencing a dry and tired eyes, or even having those dark circles under your eyes? Well if that is the case, then you shouldn't really stop reading here, because I'm about to share with you about my review on Berry Bright, which might be really beneficial for you. 😉

In case you've been wondering, Berry Bright is a natural, no articificial colouring and preservatives of whole food eye supplement drink that is specially formulated to help you easily replenish the vital nutrients that are necessary in order to protect and also to maintain the healthiness of your eyes and vision as well. Each sachet is high in Vitamin C (which contains 500mg per sachet that equivalent to 10 oranges!) and each sachet also provides with the equivalent benefits from consuming 100 blackcurrants! 

FYI, Berry Bright is an Award Winning Winner of Health Food Category in 'Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2017' which been endorsed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Besides that, it's also the Winner for the year 2014, 2015 and 2017 respectively of the 'Best Natural Eye Care Supplement' in Natural Health Readers Choice Awards, and Winner for 'Eye Care' Category in Long Life Health & Beauty Awards in 2014 and 2015. Not to worry as this halal and vegan friendly, award winning product is suitable for everyone too, including children starting from 3 years old and above!

Indeed, the nutritional demand for our eyes must have increases these days due to our modern lifestyle, be it for work, or even leisure. We've been exposed to digital devices like working with our computers/laptop/phone so it'll be like almost all day in front of those screens, in addition the air conditioning environment and else - so yes those must be really tiring and might harm our eyes too, take it from a contact lens user and ones whom working and spending a lot of time in front of digital devices as well like me. 

So with Berry Bright, their water soluble nutrients could be absorbed quickly in order to provide fast relief and support. The Lutien in it can filter harmful blue light from digital devices which may cause damage and speed up the aging of our eyes. In addition, Berry Bright is formulated to improve the micro circulation that can help to eliminate toxins, besides reducing and lighten those dark circles in order to gives us a clearer and fresher look. 

There are two types of Berry Bright ;

1) Berry Bright Original
2) Berry Bright Stevia 


Okay you guys might not believe this but this original type is less sweet than the ones with stevia, although this original have fructose as it's sweetener. Holding to it's no artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colouring, it ingredients are blackcurrant juice powder, eyebright standardized extract, vitamin C, blackcurrant standardized extract, Marigold flower standardized extract and natural blackcurrant flavour. Each box contains 10 sachet of 10g each. It's really easy to prepare, before taking your meal, just pour 1 sachet of Berry Bright to 150ml of water, stir and mix well and then drink immediately in order to avoid oxidation. It tastes nice, not too sweet and not sour either, it's just a good blackcurrant taste like hehe. I do like it and it doesn't give me or my baby any side effects either after I drank it.


Now this one is my favourite since it comes with NO ADDED SUGAR, yet it just using Stevia as replacement and as a natural source of sweeteners. Since I am been trying to cutting down sugar (especially those simple and white sugar) in my daily intake, so, yes of course, I prefer this type of Berry Bright hehe. This one is suitable for diabetics as well, along with slightly enhanced formula - which contains bilberry and mixed berries. Other ingredients are as same as the original one except for that fructose, yet this one does have Galacto-oligosaccharides, and stevia extract aside, that's all as in it's indifference. To be honest, this stevia make it tastes really sweet guys. 

So overall, after consuming both Berry Bright Original and Stevia, I honestly do like these eye supplement since the ingredients aren't scary, tastes good (but maybe if they can reduce the sweetness a bit in the Stevia selection would be great for me haha) and it does helps me in making my eyes stays fresh all day. Usually, if I had not enough sleep from the night before and no rest for the day till night, my eyes will feels dry continuously, tired and uncomfortable at some part of the day, but since I consume this Berry Bright, I rarely feels the dryness and all, yet just feels fresh for long, all day. My dark circles/eye bags also improves, as I can see it look better and lighter from before. 


Yesss you read that right! Hehe. Dear beloved readers and followers whom planning on buying, or looking forward to try these Berry Bright products, this is the right time for you to go for it because I am giving you a unique discount code that will let you get 15% off  discount on selected Berry Bright product when you're ordering from HERE . Just remember to enter this unique discount code : nuraqiladc01 during your checkout yea lovelies. Kindly do note that this discount code is only valid until 15 March 2018 with terms and conditions apply. 
For more info, you guys can also check out their Instagram @berrybrightmy or Facebook BerryBrightMy yea 😊

Well, that's all that I wanna share about Berry Bright. I do hope it'll be beneficial for you guys in some way. Thank You for reading, feel free to follow me on my social media accounts for instant updates upon various interesting events, products and topics. Stay tuned and may you guys have a great week ahead! 😊

16 bubblynotes :):

  1. suke packaging dye sbb kaler purple.

    1. hehe yup cantik! and convenient too senang bwk travel or so hehe 😁

  2. we use too much of eyes nowadays! this healthy eyes drinnk is suitable for me. will purchase berry bright once i see this product, thanks for sharing

    1. nice to hear that! you can use the code yea if you want to buy, special discount for my readers 😁

  3. ramai kata best produk ni.. mata kita guna cermin mata memang sesuai la ni

    1. yes indeed mmg best hehe..rasa pun sedap je 😁

  4. Sometimes our eyes need extra care. This product easy to drink and the taste is good

  5. I think i need this , sebab selalu hadap gadjet .. hurmm banyak khasiatnyaaa , menarik !

    1. ahaa betul tu, boleh try jugak mcm tu, lagi2 ada special discount tu kan hehe mmg just nice if nak try 😁

  6. sesuai sangat dengan kita yang rabun ni. read a lot of good review bout this product. gonna try it next ;) nak guna discount code

    1. yes it’s good for me, buat mata fresh je hehe. boleh2, mmg just nice unt try with that discount kan 😁

  7. I need this drink coz i am on my laptop most of the time and my vision is getting blurry sometimes.

  8. I definitely can do with this supplement. Currently on another similar product but would love to try something new when finished with it.

  9. I have yet try this and I think I should try this it seems so good for eyes as the ingredients is bilberry. Wanna try this


  10. Where can i buy this here in manila? I need this to brighten my sight :) hahhahaa am guilty of using devices.


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