IJM Land and Astro's Upcoming 'Paw-Some' Festive Celebration

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Indeed I am excited enough to share with you guys about this upcoming event at Seremban 2! Want to know why? Hehe okay let me fill you guys in with the details from the start yea 😁

Last Thursday (8/2/18), I went to the Press Conference of IJM Land Berhad Chap Goh Mei Celebration 2018 at IJM Land's Lobby, Seremban 2. If you must know, this Chap Goh Mei festival celebration at Seremban 2 actually have been such a meaningful, annual/tradition kind of event by IJM Land that been celebrated together with supportive residents and also their potential buyers. So as for this year, they are pleased to announce that they will be ushering this full of joy festival again, officially, in front of us - the members of the media, Media Sales of Astro, Negeri Sembilan Manager of China Press, Area Manager of Sin Chew Daily, and other representatives from Uni Art Fair, Art Corridor Studio, Artlane, Young Malaysians Movement, Hanfu, Efficient Music, and Persatuan Kesenian Gui Qing. 

Since their annual Chap Goh Mei celebration has continuosly gain a strong reputation in providing such festive fun day full with laughter, music, variety performances and also such spectacular displays, hence for this year, they come up with the theme 'Reunion in S2 with Joys Anew' - putting together a dazzling, star-studded event to be celebrate with all residents and visitors as well. As we all know, as a Malaysian, we definitely love and support these kind of celebration activities, no matter what race we are, harmoniously, as it provides the entire community a platform to come together with unity while enjoying and spending such precious time with our friends and family in that joyous occasion. 

This event will be held at Seremban 2's City Park, on 3rd March 2018 with a full day pack programme for all visitors. This event highlights are as follows :-

Chinese Calligraphy Competition 

This very day will begin as early as 7.00am with the annual Chinese Calligraphy Competition, as it's a collaboration between IJM Land and Uni Art Fair Sdn Bhd with their sole objective of promoting the art of Chinese calligraphy among the young children and the community as well. To those who would like to take parts can register at these following location :

IJM Land Berhad - Seremban Office
PT 10786, Seremban 2, 
70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
Tel : 06-7613888
Fax : 06-7618122

Uni Art Fair Sdn Bhd
390, Jalan Haruan 4/1, Oakland Commercial Centre,
70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
Tel : 016-6659480
Fax : 06-6014769

Other Fun Activities and Performances 

There will be much more in store for the evening that will surely entertain every visitors, such as :-

✅ Acrobatic High-Pole Lion Dance performance by Persatuan Kesenian Gui Qing
✅ Chinese Orchestra 5-Piece Band by Efficient Music
✅ 24 Seasons Drum performance by Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Chan Wa

These are among the performances that in line from 8.00pm onwards. Yet do note that there will be a festive gift that can be receive for the first 800 visitors at the redemption counter from 7.00pm onwards. 

So you guys can come by that time, and ahaa this is my most exciting and favourite part to tell with you all! FYI, we all can enjoy their bright, colourful and I am sure are exquisite decorations! because okay let's imagine this - Cherry Blossom tree lighted with colourful LED lights to a brightly-lit Lover's Bridge (must be really lovely then!), and many more awesome displays so that we can all take such breathtaking, colourful and amazing photos with our loved ones, be it with our family or friends! Total instaworthy too I bet haha! 

Sorry can't move on from this deco, so lovely! haha

In addition, there will be a walkabouts by the prosperous Gods of Wealth "Fuk Lok Sau" (Three Wise Men) that includes special giveaways and unlimited balloon-twisting shapes by clowns to all visitors. I bet our kids must love to walk at this part too right! Oh yes not to mention those other fun filled activities that we can take part and enjoy altogether like the Chinese Riddles, fun games and my another favourite, street food! 

Chap Goh Mei Concert by Astro 

So as for this year's Chap Goh Mei celebration, IJM Land altogether with Astro will be showering us with a Chap Goh Mei Concert at the evening as well, along with the theme : Symphony of Love - where there will be performances like English, Mandarin and Cantonese love songs and all by a star-studded cast of Astro artistes and celebrities like Jiang Han, Yoke, Geraldine, Kelly, Chris, Chezi, and many other well known individuals in the Astro family as well. Well, can you imagine, those warm and lovely love songs surrounds with beautiful decoration, it would make such awesome evening in those festive like atmosphere there. 

Last but not least, this festive celebration will be end with a big bang, such spectacular and stunning Fireworks Displays at 11.00pm. Now, who doesn't like fireworks right? 😊

So, how many of you have already planning on going this upcoming 3rd March? Save the date yea lovelies! Before I excuse myself, feel free to watch my video clips here as attached below, of this festive celebration's Press Conference that I went earlier. Look at those gorgeous decorations and lovely mini performances as well, then perhaps you'll be more excited to go to this upcoming Chap Goh Mei Celebration 2018! Oh and indeed those are such delicious food and desserts as well! 😁❤

I hope you enjoy watching it and reading this event details here. Feel free to follow me on my social medias channel as well for more updates etc yea lovelies. Till then, thanks a lot for reading and may you all will be having such great week ahead, Happy Chinese New Year and have a great holiday soon! ❤

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  1. singgah baca entry baru. yeay nk cuti dah

    1. Hehee thanks for singgah! Happy holiday yea and have a great one! 😁❤

  2. Nice sharing :) just drop by here..happy CNY 2018..

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Happy holiday and have a great week ahead 😊😊


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