Bondahaven : The First, One and Only Spa For Mom & Mom To Be In Malaysia!

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Indeed, the name of the spa itself 
literally shows what they are. 
Bondahaven, a definite haven, 
fantastic one I must say, 
to us all - women, especially 
the moms and mommy to be, 
because this spa totally embracing 
the motherhood journey, really. 

From the moment I’ve been there,
I’ve only felt wonderful. 
At first, by how welcomed they are, 
then because it’s literally are kids 
friendly environment in here. 

FYI, Bondahaven is a spa that offers 
variety range of services which includes 
Lactation Consult, Body and Foot Massage
Rituals, Manicure, Pedicure, Facial
Sauna, Herbal Compress and other 
confinement care, motherhood classes 
to join, and more!
Founded by Dr. Tengku Nur ‘Atiqah, 
whom a medical doctor, lactation counsellor, 
and a mommy herself with such an avid 
breastfeeding advocate. 

Hence, wether you’re pregnant, 
a working mom, stay at home mom, 
or a single mom, Bondahaven 
is like a helping hand, 
ones that empowering and support 
each one of us in motherhood’s journey, 
not to mention it’s also the first 
holistic breastfeeding centre in Malaysia 
that integrates modern science 
with the Malay traditional maternal care. 

To be honest, it’s not just me that  
happy to be there. 
That is because for the ones whom 
have to wait while the mommy’s having 
me time pampering session, 
there’s a waiting room, the bomb 
honestly, because they occupied 
you with Netflix, toys / play section 
for the kids, comfy sofa and all there. 
Yeah I know my husband definitely 
are ecstatic to babysit the kids 
for me that time there! 
Even me myself wouldn’t mind
to wait haha!

sneak peak of the waiting room! watch my video for full closure later yea 😊

Okay let’s go on with my pampering session. 
I’ve chose traditional Malay massage 
for the day which the duration is around 
90 minutes per session. 
Before I go in, one of the staff there, 
Ms Hajar, welcome me 
with a herbal tea and go on with 
choosing my essential oil for the massage.

After that, I’m up for foot soaking first
in a bit, then we’re going to the massage room. 
It’s kind of huge - there are several room with 
massage bed, and other are on the floor massage, 
yet there are all complete with veils / curtain 
partition to separate and make each one 
private during each session. 

Foot session area 

Now here’s the massage area

Actually they’ll dimmed the light when the massage session started, it’s really comfortable & private here i totally loveeeee it!

What I love is that I don’t have to 
walk around from one place to another 
in order to change cloth and 
put my things away, 
as it’s just all in one place, 
until I finished my massage session. 
So yessss to privacy and complete 
comfortable feeling during massage session!

As for the massage, I really do loves it! 
It does exceeded my expectations! 
To be honest, when it comes to massage, 
I’m one whom not really easy to please 
as I (my body) tend to react a bit different 
with those massage’s point pressures. 

Yet my therapist for that day (Ms Fakhriyah)
really works amazingly as my body 
can accept each pressures calmly, 
and turns out wonderfully 
as I feel lighter, no aches, 
pain had relief and yet all energised! 
Thank you and thumbs up!

This traditional Malay massage is 
a full body massage, except face area. 
So yes with such great therapists, 
it’ll do you amazingly!
To be honest, I’d love to make this 
session and more as my monthly 
routine if I could, haha! 

Here’s are the price details for each services 
that been offered here in Bondahaven :-

Seriously, woman to woman, either pregnant or not, you should totally come and try pampering yourself here once in a while! I bet you’re gonna loves it as much as I do!

So after the massage, they’ll give you 
the wet towel and all to clean up a bit, 
change clothes and everything, getting ready.
Then I’ve been offered the spa tour, 
so yes you can see that too 
been included in my video below yea. 
Before ready to head out, they’ll 
offer another herbal tea or you can 
choose the bird’s nest range as well, 
while filling up the 
customer evaluation form. 

There are 3 range to choose from, 
and I’ve chose Bird’s Nest with Honey 
for that time, mmhmmm it’s really good! 
Even the kids loves it too, really yummy 
and refreshing as well, not to forget 
all the goodness in that too lovelies! 

Besides these bird’s nest, there are 
variety of other things that you can buy 
in here too, such as herbal tea, cookies, 
babies needs, confinement set, etc. 
Everything’s such a total eye candy!

To be honest, I really love the idea of 
this kind of spa, and really wish that 
they’ll grow successfully 
all over this country and even outside of ours.
I’ve been to other spa before, 
and none are like this. 

Here in Bondahaven, 
I feel totally appreciated as a mom, 
precisely feeling being amazingly 
helped to have my me time,
and it’s such a relief that my kids are 
accepted, literally, to wait for me here. 
Kids running around to have a photo taken?
No problem here! 
Yet they seems to really loves kids too!

Their services are total top notch, 
from the way they talk, take care 
of you, and everything. 
Honestly from the bottom of my heart, 
everything is superb 10/10! 
Thank you so much to both Ms Hajar 
and Ms Fakhriyah for having me 
wonderfully there!

To my readers / followers, you guys can 
get 15% OFF of your total bill if 
you go there and mention my name
YES! Just mention NUR AQILA 
blogger of this site here and enjoy 
your discount for each session you come!

Bring whoever you want, or maybe 
make it as a gift for your loved ones, 
because seriously, 
who doesn’t love a great discount 
on top of such a great services 
and pampering yourself, right? 
So yes you better grab 
this golden opportunity, 
trust me you won’t regret it! ❤️

For more info or for reservation, 
you guys can check out their website here :-

Instagram : 

Facebook : 

or contact :- 

Phone Number : +603-89122221 

Email :

Address : 

No 2-3, 3rd Floor, Jalan Puteri 2A/2,
Bandar Puteri Bangi,
43000 Kajang

(5 minutes from Putra-Mahkota exit 
on PLUS Highway)

Waze : Bondahaven

They’re open every Thursday - Tuesday
from 10 am to 6 pm
After 6 pm are upon request / reservation, 
and they’re closed every Wednesday. 

Before I ended my entry, here’s the video 
that I’ve been talking about earlier. 
Feel free to watch for a better close up 
or live feed closure from Bondahaven, hehe. 

Well, that’s all for my entry this time. 
Hope you guys enjoy reading and 
watching it all in here, and may 
it’ll be beneficial to you all somehow. 
Feel free to use or share the discount too yea! 

Don’t forget to follow / subscribe me 
on my social medias for more 
interesting and latest updates. 
Till then, may you guys will have 
a great week ahead!
Thank You for stopping by! 


52 bubblynotes :):

  1. Replies
    1. hehe haah memang best, totally recommended! :)

  2. The price is so reasonable and do provide space for kids and husband to wait. Gonna share this article with my lady friends and very sure they will like it. Thank you for your sharing.

    1. Yes indeed and that’s one of my favourite part there hehe! Feel free to share this to your friends and family, I bet they’ll loves it too 😍

  3. It's just like mothers out there if there's a special SPA for them hehehe more spoiled than it's always a great place to be comfortable and big daddy-daddy tired to wait outside hehehe ...

    1. hehe indeed it’s a great spa for all women and I bet even the husbands will love to wait here since they provide TV + Netflix, comfy sofa and toys for the kids! Heaven for dads too I think hehe 😁

  4. It is awesome to know that there is a spa specially catered for mothers and mother-to-be. The best part is there will be waiting area for husband and children. Ha :D

    1. hehe yesss that’s so true! My husband definitely love this spa more than other spa that I’ve been before since the waiting room in this Bondahaven Spa definitely suits the dads and kids too haha 😁

  5. wahh bestnya ada spa macam ni. Untung ibu2 zaman sekarang..dah boleh bawa anak dan suami menemani ke spa

    1. Hehe yess sgt best spa mcm ni, kita nak bwk kids and babysitter pon no problem. Husband I definitely love to dtg teman I kat sini with the kids sbb dia ckp waiting room terbaik haha 😁

  6. nad dah pergi..dan spa yang terbaik sebab family friendly. Siap ada tempat tunggu untuksuami dan anak-anak. Tempat best, urutan pun best. nAd buat breasfeeding massage, lepas urut breast, susu maki banyak

    1. wahh good to know that! Indeed mmg mcm best jugak breastfeeding massage tu, next time insyaAllah boleh try tu pulak hehe. 😍

  7. So nice to be pampered once in a while. Bondahaven looks luxurious and comfortable. Being a mother is so tiring that only they would know but life goes on, and the kids have top priority. Still, that doesn't mean that mothers can't take time off. No need to feel guilty.

    1. Yes indeed that’s so true! This is the kind of me time that I think all mothers should do or have. Not just moms, but all women at best πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜

  8. Omg! Love the concept. Look super pampering and rejuvenating. I won't mind to pop up for one session soon.

    1. Yes it definitely does! Indeed you should try for a session or two or more, haha. I bet you’ll loves it! 😁

  9. I love pampering myself with this kind of spa and massage! They have a very comfy and neat place for a perfect pampering session.

    1. Yes they does, and I honestly really loves it too hehe. So nice if could make it as monthly routine too hehe 😁

  10. Wow this is the first time i read about spa exclusive for Mommas. Its awesome and they need lots of pampering.

    1. I see, good to know that hehe! Indeed that’s right! And no worries it’s suitable for the ladies too, this spa definitely great for all women ❤️😁

  11. Wow! I have been long time didn't go for spa. Wanted to have a try! Thanks for the good sharing!

    1. Ahh I see, it’ll be my pleasure! Feel free to go to this one, it’s really great I bet you’ll loves it too 😁

  12. seronoknya spa ni...siap ada tmpat kanak-kanak bermain lagi....tak adalah susah hati bila bawak anak-anak bersama...sambil ambil treatment, anak-anakpun ada depan mata..tahniah pemilik...

    1. hehe haah betul tuu, our kids mmg definitely and totally welcomed here. mmg tak risau sbb even penjaga ank2 pon akan happy jugak tunggu nnt hehe 😁

  13. Saya dah pernah pergi spa ni masa mula2 dia buka. Bagus sebab ada ruang menunggu untuk bapa dan anak jadinya rasa selamat nak mengurut sebab takde orang lelaki. Lebih privacy la kan?.

    1. Oh I see, good to hear that! yes betul tu, kemudahan mmg cukup selesa dan mampu buat semua happy jugak hehe.

  14. wow. di bangi. sgt la nyaman rasa nyer tgk gambar tempat tu.
    aduhai... best nyer. sgt menarik. harga pun ok ok la...
    aida ni pun dah lama tak manjakan diri. asyik bersenam aje.
    berurut. facial muka. lama da tak gi.

    1. Oh yeke, hehe haa nnt boleh lah try mengurut kat spa ni pulak, mmg best tau. bukan takat mengurut, tp lain2 servis pon ada untuk manjakan diri. Mmg selesa dan tip top servis mereka 😁

  15. Only bonda can go there? hehehe..i really need massage and i need to pamper myself at any spa..after reading your entry make me really want it...aduhai apesal jauh sangat ni..bila kala plak akak nak terjah..kat Seremban payah jumpa spa yang best macam ni..deco menenangkan..haih..kena spend time gak la..package pun reasonable..

    1. oh no laa hehe actually it’s open and great for all women to pamper themselves here. Seriously mmg best kat sini, mmg khas untuk wanita hehe. Betul tu, kat Seremban mmg tak jumpa spa mcm ni, yg ni mmg sgt selesa untuk semua 😁

  16. Wow first time tahu SPA all in one macam ni..satu family boleh lepak kat spa ni la kan..takde la bapa2 nak kena jaga anak kat rumah sorg2 hehe

    1. hehe haah betul tuu, now bapa2 pon dah boleh ikot tolong jaga the kids dgn sgt selesa sementara si ibu manjakan diri seketika kan hehe. Lepas tu boleh pergi berjalan ke mkn2 pulak satu family, mmg great day for family outing & bonding too 😁

  17. Seronok lah ibu-ibu kat luar sana dapat buat terapi dan juga menjaga diri sedang dalam sibuk menjaga keluarga juga hehehehe....

    1. Hehe betul, me time ni penting tau sebenarnya especially untuk para ibu2..dapat sebulan sekali pon jadilah berspa2 mcm ni..😁

  18. Best n beruntung ibu dan isteri sekarang, siap ada spa untuk mereka dan dalam masa yang sama anak dan suami boleh berada sekali di spa tersebut menunggu isteri berspa. Kalau lah zaman sis ada cam gini best sesangat

    1. hehe betul tu, mmg bagus kan skrg dah ada mcm ni. Buat yg menunggu sambil tlg jaga anak pon selesa sgt dah. Servis pon mmg tip top kat BondaHaven ni totally recommended πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜

  19. Wah bestnya..teringin gak nak.pi spa utk.ibu2 ni...diharao banyak lagi spa2 yang akan buat mcm ni...

    1. haah mmg best spa ni, sesuai unt semua wanita juga tau hehe..yes betul tu, mudah2an bnyk lagi branch mereka di tmpt2 lain kan 😁

  20. Antara spa yang best kat sinila bondahaven sebab di mesra satu famili. Tempat dia tenang jer heheh. Therapist dia mmg yang terlatih

    1. hehe yes betul tu, mmg tenang je dan totally best kat sana. servis definitely tip top! 😁

  21. Assalamualaikum dan selamat pagi dari Ibu, Bagusnya ada spa macam ni untuk kegunaan ibu ibu yang sedang nursing anak. Pada masa yang sama boleh cari kawan kawan seperjuangan

    1. wslm ibu, hehe haah betul tu, mmg bagus spa ni sgt selesa untuk semua 😁

  22. Mama singgah blog walking, Idea dah menarik dah. Tapi tak tahulah macam mana penerimaan dari masyarakat. Terutama sekali orang kita ni memang tak ramai yang breast feed

    1. Hehe no worries di Bondahaven ni mmg tujuannya nak membantu para ibu, sama ada yg ada problem menyusu, ataupun yg nk manjakan diri, mcm2 boleh.

  23. Baru tau wujud spa yang sangat niche dan keibuan macam ni. Menarik sangat tu, boleh dapatkan khidmat penyusuan dan tips berguna di sini

    1. Indeed mmg betul tu. Mereka mmg mahu membantu para ibu2, sesuai jugak untuk mereka yg ada problem berkaitan penyusuan etc unt dptkn ilmu dan lain2 as usaha kan. Usually mmg perlukan ilmu yg betul unt baiki mslh penyusuan etc.

  24. wowwwww nama spa dia so bonda sangat, unik dan suka dengan nama dia... Harga dan servis yang ada di spa ni pun nampak macam okay je kan ... :D

    1. hehe indeed nama mnyq mmg definiely match dgn what they wanna do. mmg definitely such a haven for ibu2 bila kat spa ni hehe. yess mmg okay sgt harga & servis yg ditawarkan, sgt2 berbaloi dgn quality yg kita dpt 😁

  25. Wah spa utk para ibu ke? Nama pon bonda kan .hehe.. Senang la para ibu klo nk menyusukan ank kt sini sambil ber spa... Bgus diciptakn utk para ibu....

    1. hehe indeed betul tu, but no worries sbb actually boleh je yg belum jd ibu pon manjakan diri kat spa ni tau, sbb kat sini mmg khas untuk semua wanita. Cuma mereka lg titik beratkan hal2 berkaitan mommies ni, as full support, yg jarang2 dpt kat spa lain hehe.

  26. baru tau ada spa yang macam ni, bestnya!

    1. hehe yess mmg best sgt spa ni, totally recommended! dari single, bride to be, smpailah dh jd mommies pon semuanya sesuai manjakan diri kat sini πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜


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