Easiest Homemade Bruschetta - No baguette no problem!

Hello lovelies, here we are again!

Before I begin, I’d love to wish 
Happy Eid to all, 
although seems kinda late but 
I wish to all may this year’s Eid 
brings out the best, better than the previous.

So, as we all love our Hari Raya dishes, 
some usual (but-not-that-Eid-ish-kinda-snack)
could stands out to our appetite of the day.
As for me, when it comes to 
easy peasy homemade snack, 
there are plenty to choose but 
this time, I’m choosing bruschetta. 

As we can go wild adjusting 
(making) our own topping, 
it’s also tend to be 
on the go friendly, and 
kids loving it too hehe. 

Okay for this time, I’m making 
Cheesy Chicken topping. 
Not to forget as in the title,
if you can’t find 
any baguette around, 
no worries, let me share with you
the alternative for that baguette as well!

All we need are :

πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Meat - Chicken Chop / bacon / turkey 
or ham slices (cut to tiny pieces)
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Capsicum (cut to tiny bit as well)
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Tomato Paste 
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Salt
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Thyme or mixed herbs
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Garlic
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Baguette or Hot dog bun
πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Cooking oil

How we do it?

1. First of all, let’s cook the topping. I bet you know the basic drill of chopping the meat and vege (in this case I just use the capsicum) to tiny pieces, clean it and all, right? Not to forget the garlic, as I just use like 4 and chopped it as well to stir fry with our meat here.

2. So as the cooking oil being heated, put in the garlic before the meat. Cook thoroughly both sides of the mixed meat and garlic, then closed the lid in a bit so the meat will be tenderly cook and juicy. You can smell the garlic chicken delish already at this moment mmhmmm. 

3. Next, add in capsicum, stir and let it in a bit before adding in the tomato paste and salt. Stir thoroughly and evenly, then add on the herbs, stir again evenly. As in measurement, it depends on how much is your meat and all, and your taste in it. If you like the herbs taste to stand out, you can add it more. As for me, just a lil bit of salt and evenly spread of herbs & tomato paste is good, hehe. After you’re satisfied with it’s taste, put off the heat and let it be in a bit. 

4. Okay next, the bun. Baguette is much more easier but this hot dog bun is as closer! Love the results as well you know, hehe. To get the baguette look / shape, just cut vertically in half, then horizontally in half as well. So you’ll get 4 pieces from that 1 hot dog bun. 
You can spread a bit of butter before spooning on your topping on top of it too yea, but I don’t add it. 

5. So as for spooning the topping on top of your baguette or bun, you can be generous in spreading it on. Then, add on the cheese - it’ll be great if you mixed cheese like grates cheddar and mozarella. 
Well anything that you have, really. hehe. 

this is how it looks like after baked it for about 10minutes. adding more minutes for the outer crunchiness yea!

6. Then, it’s ready to be baked at 160 Celcius for 20-25 minutes. The baking heat might vary, just pay attention to them from time to time and you’ll be fine. The result is, you’ll get the crunchy yet soft in the inside with mouthful of yummy cheesy chicken burst in your mouth! 

These babies can be preheat the next day as well, still tastes yummyyy so yeah leftovers problem solved. 
Great for breakfast, brunch, tea time, supper, well, anytime snack I must say hehe. 
Those who love spicy food, can add your own kind of spicy grail in the topping as well, no worries, just go on with your own creativity to suits your taste. 

Hope my sharing here comes in beneficial whenever you guys are. All the best for the first timer and feel free to ask if you’re still not clear here via dm on my instagram - 
@qeela.iqa , and feel free to follow for more interesting updates! Thank you for stopping by and have a great week ahead!


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