The Operation And That Magic

Salam and hello lovelies ☺

First of all, thank you for all of the warm wishes & prayers that you all gave & keep on giving. You know only God could pay those beautiful deeds ☺

Secondly, i'm sorry for taking some time to get it back to u guys - either for following back nor blogwalking, because i need a lappy to do so hehe. So since my lappy was damaged, i'll do those blogging thingy whenever that there's another lappy available at the moment, okay dearies? so i'm sorry for the late responses yea..

Next, i'd love to share the operation moment with u guys, so okay here we go! ☺ :

1st April 2014 -

This is the day that we went there. around 9am we've arrived at the IJN and waiting for the ward registration etc. She might haven't any clue of what would happened to her at this very moment though. Only Allah knows how i felt, when i looked at her & her smile..

After we've our bed, there's nothing much but just the talk with the doctor & nurses about the ward, the rules etc. The hardest part was that my hubby couldn't stay altogether with us in the ward, cz there's only 1 person whom allowed to be staying with the patient. But actually, it depends on the nurses too u know. if the nurse is okay then it's fine to have more than 1 people around, well it's about luck too right.  ☺

2nd April 2014 -

She's getting her first drained. (if i'm not mistaken - i mean the needle thingy, u can see the pics yea hehe)
doctor said that if she's okay, (her health is good - no fever/flu/cough etc) then she'll be in line for the operation. after confirming about the operation thingy, then she's up for several closer examinations, which to have the exact picture of her heart etc for the operation soon. so there goes the xrays, the echo, blood examined, allergy, everything. indeed, the day is getting harder as she's already traumatized to be around / seeing any nurses nor doctors, so when she have to, she'll crying like u couldn't ever imagine..and when she did, i couldn't myself from crying too, cz my heart isn't that strong for that time being.

okay this phone is getting crazy & harder to draft an entry, so, i have to stop till here. The operation day will be continued .. 
thank you for reading. Have a great night lovelies! ☺

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    1. thank you, hopefully she will fully recover soon ☺


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