That Mini Project

Salam & hello lovelies!

In this post Qeela nak share about my last week's work.
Dah lama jugak tak buat photoshoot wedding ni, last week pon dapat cover diorang punya outdoor je huhu.

Actually the bride is one of my close friend since high school, hehe, so yelah since mmg dah kawan lama ni senang laa nak bincang etc kan takdelaa macam-macam hal hehee.

Okay so, main places adalah drp yg direquest oleh diorang sendiri, since diorang pon memang nak area dekat2 jee kan sbb masa tak banyak, so takpelah okayy jee hehe..
Okaylah jom tengok some of those pics yea!
Thank you for reading and have a great night guysssss! ☺

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