The Typical vs The Truth of English Users

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In this post I'd like to talk about the typical minded vs what is the situation really are among the English language (since it's the hottest pick among them to came up with the negativity) users (usually, in this case, of course it's malay, yes, for both types) either speakers or writers etc. This is from what I saw, heard or even experienced it myself.
Well yeah I think most English's users never bother to explain or stating why or whatever that makes us usually sticks with this language but hey, there's nothing wrong to reveal it once in a while right? hehe. Okay let's begin, shall we?

1) Typical : 'ee they're so snobbish/snotty/arrogant etc laa using English only. Why, they don't know how to speak ***** eh? huh.
Truth is : okay actually, we're just comfortable using this language too (just like when we're using other languages, and when we're among ourselves or when talking to people who share the same interest in this case). It's not that we can't talk other languages that they think we always supposed to, but we're just like, what's the matter with talking or writing in other languages, especially that's the universal language? we didn't feel anything wrong, or make us feels snobbish etc. we're like, we're just talking / writing man..that's all..why eh? it's not that we're not talking or writing in other languages (that they think we always should) like ever, but i think it's balance quite well though.. Well, If u don't like it doesn't mean u have to say ill about it right?

2) Typical : Motive???? (says with disgusted face, usually while gossiping with others)
Truth is : As much similarities as i've mentioned above, there are other reasons that we could add up too. for example, I like and usually choose English either to write or speak (especially by myself - ie; updating posts/status etc) - it came up automatically. i just types what my brain & heart speaks. Other than that, familiarizing myself with English can help me with my vocabulary, grammar etc. I just think of improving myself / my English.

3) Typical : ya ya ya, always support english novels and movies etc, where's the soul and support for your own origin etc? blergh..
Truth is : Okay for this, sorry but for me, yes i always find english movies and novels better, even greater than their nowadays typical movies and novels. there are, indeed, great movies and novels among them (non English) too but nowadays it's hard to find the real good piece, u know. even nowadays most of them among themselves condemning their own types, i mean, people can now see, think and choose which is good piece and not u know. truth is, we support the good work, the great piece, regardless where are they come from. Yes, any, no matter they're in Malay or Chinese or Italian, just literally anything, if it's such a great piece, oh we sure are loves it! In addition, when u watch or read those in other languages, it's good for yourselves, as for learn something more, not just vocabulary or the language itself, but more. for example, u ought to know lil bit closely upon history, culture, places, religions and more depends on what u're reading / watching, regardless what language they're using. usually when it's in foreign languages, such as (talking bout other than english) italian, spanish, or germany, there are highest chances that u'll learn about their cultures, places etc too. true, knowledge is great. feel free to seek and learn, no matter where or when the origin of it were, as it's improving yourselves and your knowledge too.

4) Typical : heh, what a foreigners wannabe.

Well, what can i say. honestly, there are always too much of negativity from this kind of typical minded people. even not just for this issue, but lots more issues that they will expressly came up with their negativity. so, that's why, never bother of what people gonna say, because it'll just wasting your time and bringing u down with them. Of course, not all people are comes with that kinda poor minded, right? That's why lovelies, surround yourself with positive people, as they will bring out the best in u, and make u feel warm and happy always, not to mention, confident to live and go on with life.
Also, for those who feels like wanna speak in English or any other languages but being bullied with harsh or mean talks or mocks by others, and any other form of negativity, be strong and just go on with your efforts, as going on really worth it than let them get u down.

I remember one saying which is, those who talk bad or condemning others are because either they can't have what that people have or they're just pure evil. haha something like that, but when i think back, that sounds true. haters gonna hate, so just shake it off and leave them behind. u know u worth more than that.
So lovelies, my point of this post is just don't mind those negative people but to just keep on walking forward in whatever that u do best or comfortable with (as long as it's in the right direction with your faith etc yea). u have those who understand and supports u, so those who that 'mind' don't matter because those who matter will never mind. keep calm and keep on moving forward! ☺💖

Thank You for reading! Have a great day ahead lovelies! ☺

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