The Fun Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Happy Eid to all Muslims, as it's still not too late to wish this right 😊
Last Friday, on 3rd Eid, my family and I went to Genting Highlands. Indeed, we're the #teamtakdekampung (celebrating Eid in the city) on Eid, so this is how our Eid usually be like.

So, as you all might want to know, the Ripley's Believe It Or Not located at Level T2A, First World Plaza, Genting Highlands. It showcases more than 500 exhibits from the collection of Robert Ripley, with 11 themed galleries. It takes approximately 45-60 minutes for one person to completely walk throughout this museum. As the fan of this tv series back then, this visit surely excites us all and brought back our childhood memories altogether. For those who didn't know about the Ripley's series, here's a brief explanation that I can give - It's actually a medium that shows us any unbelieveable/strange/unusual/rare things/collection or occasion that found or happened around the world. I still remember that Clark Kent (one of the Superman actor if you guys remember 😁) was the host. Originally founded / inspired by Robert Ripley, whom start collected those wow thingy into his collection while travelling (yes travelling, if I'm not mistaken hehe).

Okay let's just see what it got there ya? I did took some pictures of the collections there to share the exciting-ness with you guys hehe. Ah before I forget, the fees is just MYR 25 with MYkad (Malaysian Identification Card) for adult, MYR 20 for children with MYkad and free for children below 90cm. While for ones without MYkad are MYR 45 for adults, and MYR 40 for children. It's totally worth it! 😊

Some of my favourites that I captured there are as follows :

1. The Birger Gang - 1928

This is the actual hood placed on the face of the notorious American bootlegger and murderer, Charles Birger of Illinois, USA. Birger was the last person to be publicly hanged in Illinois. What more exciting is that he actually laughed on the gallows and showed no fear nor remorse. Believe it or not!

2. Matchstick St. Basil Cathedral

Made by Len Hughes of Australia, this replica of St Basil Cathedral in Moscow is made completely from common matchstick! The original, made by German architechs, has 8 cupolas all of different colours. To make certain that the structure could not be duplicated, Ivan the Terrible chopped off the arms and pull out the eyes and tongues of the architechs! Thank god you aren't one of the poor architechs huh?

3. I did actually had to captured this and read back the one on the right to finally get it right. hehe. Can you solve it just by your first reading?

4. Tobacco Baseball Bat

Pedro Alcantra, of Miami, USA, a professional cigar maker, celebrated his team, the Florida Marlins winning the World Series in 2003 by making two giant baseball bat shaped cigars. This one he donated to the Ripley collection, the other one he spent more than a week smoking!

5. Mbamelke, African Bronze Judgement Chair

Many African tribal people once used 'judgement chairs' in their criminal trials, chairs that were believed to have the power to reveal the truth! The accused was forced to sit on the chair during the trial and if found guilty of a serious crime such as murder or adultery, they would actually be executed while sitting there right away! Too bad my sister sat there before she read the fact first huhu πŸ˜…

6. Ancient Egyptian Mummified Cat

Believe it or not this is a cat that lived in Egypt over 2000 years ago! Mummified in bitumen resin, this cat lived a life of luxury in The Royal Temple at Bubastis, the city devoted to Bast, the Cat Goddess of pleasure, dancing, and music. Meowww!

7. Bread Painting

This painting is a replica of Paul Cezenne's masterpiece, 'The Blue Vase', which was created in a toaster from 56 pieces of ordinary white bread! Completed in 1985, 'The Blue Vase' is the one of over 40 depictions of famous painting created by Tadahiko Ogawa of Kyoto, Japan. Mmhmm πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜

8. Exotic Moths

Shown here are two of the world's most exotic moths. The comet moth with its long tail feathers is one if the largest moths in the world, and the atlas moth is considered as one of the most unusual because of the strange snakehead pattern on its wings. Exquisitely exotic! πŸ’–

Well, there are lots more that caught my eyes but you guys need to see it for yourselves and have fun there! Seriously these are just some of their exciting collection, and when you go there you'll not just going to see rare exciting things, but you can experience some things too like the rolling bridges, weird funny mirror, beach girl's illusion, etc. As for me, it's a great place for family and individual visit, especially those whom the fans of Ripley's Believe It or Not series.

May this article sharing by me excites and helping you guys as well. Have a great week ahead and thank you for reading! 😊

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