Whittaker's Malborough Sea Salt with Caramel Brittles Chocolate Review

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Ahaa, indeed, today we're just talking about chocolate. Whittaker's, specifically. Hehe. Anyone a fan of Whittaker's too here? For those whom been following me on my instagram HERE I believe you guys must remember my post on this spesific selection of Whittaker's New Zealand Artisan Collection right? 
So here it is lovelies!

We all aware that there are lots of choices when it comes to chocolate bar, and to be honest yeah I am always a fan of Whittaker's, yet this one right here, is ones that make my heart grew fonder. 

Whittaker's have had passion to create such world class chocolate for generations now, and in this New Zealand Artisan Collection, they combines the world's finest cocoa with the delicious ingredients sourced directly from New Zealand's finest. As for this one, imagine, the delightfully crunchy of those caramel brittles, combined with the Pacific sea salt from Malborough's Lake Grassmere, then sprinkled through their famous 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate, mmmhmm surely one is not enough! 

First of all, I must say that I am definitely impressed and really, I mean really, love the packaging. It shows elegance yet a bit of traditional taste, but I must say, it does came out bold, thank you to the colour preferences and the pattern as well! Seriously, it just great to sinply give it as a gift just the way it is - or just simply wrap a velvet ribbon around it and you're great to go, because the packaging itself already seems like a lovely gift to me! ❤

Okay then next, the taste! haha I know this is what you guys been waiting for right. Yet no worries, no waste upon waiting here because, the taste is really good and I really loves it! 

As you all know, the milk chocolate of Whittaker's tasted much more chocolate than other usual milk chocolate since it contains 33% cocoa, and for me, it taste lovely since it's not too sweet yet not bitter as well, so, combining with the Malborough Sea Salt with those caramel brittles, it does make the chocolate taste stands out. I do love things with salted this and that a bit (for example, salted egg croissants ohh yumss) and this one right here is not disappointing me yeayy! 

The Malborough Sea Salt itself isn't that too much salty, I can say that it's such a premium taste indeed, altogether with the chocolate milk. 

While for those caramel brittles, well I must say that it's fairly balances the salt and the milk chocolate - honestly it comes in fair amount as well, not too much and not too little that been mixed up in there, they're just nice! 👍🏿

More over, if you must know, my husband isn't the kind of mad chocolate lovers like me, yet when he tasted this Whittaker's Malborough Sea Salt with Caramel Brittles (his first Whittaker's as well), he honestly likes it and repeatedly eating it! FYI, that's not common for him, since usually he will just taste the chocolate a bit then done, not really getting excited about it but this one, had won him over since he could repeatedly ate them. Wow is right guysss haha so now I know Whittaker's will always be the right choice when it comes to chocolate for him 😁❤

I know we hardly find this kind of Whittaker's at the usual market or mall here in Malaysia, but no worries, you guys can simply buy it from Lazada Malaysia. It's actually cheaper than their basic selection like the Almond or Fruit and Nut or so (for this size), so yeah you guys could totally grab it. To make it easier, you guys can just simply click on the link provided below or you can find the image banner of this chocolate on the right sidebar of my blog here, simply click it and it will directly bring you to the item's page and ready to be purchase right away 😊 I've purchased this baby there too, and it won't took long to get, just a day or two and I received it in such great condition as well, no out of shape or any other issues at all 👍🏿
Click this link to purchase directly yea :-

Overall, I'm glad I tried it and will definitely repeat it again. It just been my new favourite of Whittaker's selection hehe. 

So for all chocolate lovers or most importantly Whittaker's fan out there whom read this, have you guys tried this one? Do you like it like I do? If you're not try it yet, will you want to? Feel free to share what do you think in the comment box below yea 😊

That's all about me and my new favourite Whittaker's, hehe. Thank You for reading and stopping by, may it'll be beneficial. Stay tuned and follow for more and instant update. Have a great week ahead lovelies! 

3 bubblynotes :):

  1. ya ampun !! apalah dosa kakak harini.. hahahaha~ terliur !! tengok dalam dia pun dah tau sedap.. huu~

    1. hehee allahuuu mmg sedap betul kakkk, mmg geram dgn whittaker’s ni semua choc dia asyik sedap2 jee hehee 😁

  2. Akak suka whittaker ni. Tapi yang Almond Gold. Tu makan sehari pun boleh habis satu papan. Hahaha. Kalau yang Whittaker's Malborough Sea Salt with Caramel Brittles Chocolate ni belum cuba lagi. Nanti ruby cari dekat Village Grocer. Yummmmm!


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