All About Natural Parenting : Growing Up Together, Naturally with Friso Gold Campaign

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In this post, I'd love to share with you guys about natural parenting,
which if you guys had followed me on my Instagram, you might
knew that I've been collaborating with Friso Gold Malaysia for
a while now throughout this Growing Up Together, Naturally campaign
and been carried out their Natural Parenting Challenge activities as well.

To be honest, I always try my best in order to practice this natural
parenting way throughout my parenting moment even before the
collaboration. That is because I do believe that natural parenting
is the best approach while growing up together with my kids.

Indeed there are lots to learn yet I'm thankful that Friso Gold Malaysia
seems to be taken the same journey and better yet they are generous
enough to share lots of amazing infos, useful tips, great ideas for
various activities and everything regarding this natural parenting
journey that we as parents and even aunties or uncles can access
and follow from there too.

Hence, here I am, as I think that perhaps you guys had missed that
so it'll be great to write some for you, sharing what I learnt and
whatnot, right? Okay let's start with what I learnt from Charis Wong,
a Counselling Psychologist that believes in the power of the
Natural Parenting, notes in courtesy from Friso Gold Malaysia.


Alright basically, natural parenting is the lifestyle that the parents have
with their children, involving joint engagement along with mutual
love and respects towards each other. As a parent, we learnt to
respond sensitively to our child's need yet at the same time, being
spontaneous and go with the flow. In the unique parent - child relationship,
both parents and child are believed that each experiences the growth together.

There are 3 key points of Natural Parenting, which are :-

1) Both mom / parent and child learn and grow up together through shared experiences

This is a 2 way process which will make both mom and child feel special besides building
positive memories together through such experiences. Usually this happens during spending
quality time together, where both enjoying each other's company and engaging in
meaningful interactions together, having unique love and affection towards one another.

As for the child, with the mom's reassuring presence around them as a safe base
and also shows encouragement for them to explore and learn more, they begin to discover
more about themselves, their world, and mastering the key development tasks as well.
Hence they'll be more independent as well as with their natural instinct to experiment
and learn from experiences by interacting with their environment.

A mom grows from this as she learns when is to provide the support for her child
to safely and productively explore and learn, and when is to let go and allow them
to be more independent. Of course, the mom will offer her support but she'll gradually
withdraw it too when she sees that her child is ready to explore independently.
For example, you can see this challenge activity HERE which I can say one of the best
example in totally defined that.

Besides that, instead of just be an observer, the mom is open to learn and explore
new experiences together with her child, not mind if it'll get dirty or appear like doesn't
make sense, as she's willing to see the world from her child's perspective as well, hence
validate her child's strengths as well as inspiring their uniqueness in their life. For example,
you can refer to this challenge activity HERE okay.

2) Free and spontaneous play experiences

It's true that play is a natural medium of expression for children. Furthermore, those
free and unstructured play can encourage spontaneous expression and exploration of
the child's world. It's real simple to do as well, which often just opt for easily available
play materials that can be used to encourage the unstructured play. For example,
in this challenge activity HERE where my children use what's around them like the
cardboard, paper plate, colour, toys, etc in order to make and then play with the
Cardboard City as they imagined. Feel free to watch my video below :

In unstructured play, the mom remains engaged throughout the process, being genuinely
interested in whatever the child chooses to do during the play time. When the child plays
freely and without direction, he / she is able to fully express and explore his / her thoughts,
feeling, experiences, and actions too, which in addition, able to express creatively from that
as well. That is because, unstructured play can creates decision making opportunities,
which in turn promotes independence, self responsibility and competency in the child.
Sensitive to the child's need, the mom should always asking "What does my child need
right now?" instead of "What do I need my child to do right now?" as she should be flexible
and patient with the pace of her child's exploration, including the mistakes that the child
might make during the process.

3) Engagement in outdoor activities and interaction with nature elements as well

Did you know that a natural and convenient way to increase children's physical activity
is by doing an unstructured outside play? Being outdoors provides children with such
hands on, active engagement, and experiential learning opportunities.
Indeed, when children being engage with their natural surroundings, they are given the
opportunity to make decisions, think creatively and solving problem. Besides that, it's
also allows children to build social skills, acquire new motor skills and develop empathy
as well when they interact with nature, other kids or people around, and also other living
creatures which also led to learning to preserve and conserve the natural world.

Research had indicated that an active, experiential involvement in outdoor environment
is exciting and emotionally engaging for children, and results in deeper and more
effective learning. As when moms learn to go with the flow allowing their children to
discover new experiences, the children can meet more spontaneous, unplanned experiences
opportunities in a natural outdoor environment.

This is one of the outdoor activities example that you can try based from the Natural Parenting
Challenge Activity that I've done with my children yea, feel free to see it HERE.

Well, there are lots more activities and else regarding this Natural Parenting, feel
free to head on to Friso Gold's website as you can learn more about their
Growing Up Together, Naturally campaign as you can embrace more of these
natural parenting there like how I do, really. I am indeed totally recommended you
guys to try all of their Natural Parenting Challenge Activity yourselves too as to what
I've been doing and sharing all this while as well. Just log on to their website as below :

I hope there are tons of beneficial infos and ideas that you can get from my sharing here.
Don't forget to check out all of the postings / challenge activities that I've shared
regarding this Growing Up Together, Naturally campaign with Friso Gold Malaysia
on my Instagram and try yours from Friso Gold's website as well okay. It's really are
such fun and filled with benefits and love kinda activities! Until then, thank you so much
for stopping by and may you'll have such a great week ahead!

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