A Story About Alexander Fretz

Salam and happy Monday dear readers :)
Today I would like to share with you guys a heart-warming
story that I've found from my FB.
Let's roll then ;)

Alexander Fretz was born to Christian parents in 1990 
and his mother chose from the very beginning to allow him to pick 
the religion he wants for himself. She bought him various religious books 
and after a close look, he announced that he was a Muslim at the age of 8. 
Moreover, he learned everything about Islam such as prayer, 
Quran memorization, calling the athan (azan), and many of the Shariah laws 
before meeting one Muslim!

He chose to be named Mohammed Abdullah following the example of the 
Prophet Muhammad SAW whom he loved.

He was invited by one of the Islamic channels accompanied by his mother 
and while the host was preparing to ask the young child questions, 
he was surprised that the child was doing the questioning…he asked, 
"How can I perform hajj and umrah? Is the travel expensive? 
Where did you buy the clothes of Ihram?"

The young child was popular in his school and when the time of prayer comes, 
he stands alone calling the athan and prays.

The host asked him, "Do you face problems or disturbances with that?", 
So he replied with a broken heart, "Some prayers pass me sometimes because 
I don’t know the exact time for prayer!”

He was asked, “What attracted you to Islam?” 
He replied, “The more I read about it, the more I loved it.”

He was asked, “What are your aspirations?" 
He replied with longing, “First that I become a photographer so that I can convey 
the right image of the Muslims because it pains me much to see the filthy 
American films which tries to tarnish the image of my beloved Mohammed (SAW). 
The second is to go to Makkah and kiss the black stone.”

He was asked, “What are some of your other aspirations?” 
He replied, “I hope that Palestine would return to Muslims as this is their land 
and it was stripped by the Isreal from them!”

He was asked, “Do you eat pork with your parents?” 
He replied, “Pig is a very filthy animal, I don’t eat it neither do I know 
how people can eat it.”

He was asked, “Do you pray in school?” 
He replied, “Yes, and I have found a secret place in the library 
where I can pray everyday.”

So Maghrib prayer entered (while he was in the interview) 
when he looked at the host and said, “Would you allow me to raise the athan?” 
Then he got up and called the athan which caused the host to tear up and cry.


15 bubblynotes :):

  1. May Allah bless him. Islam needs more young people like him.

    1. InsyaAllah, aamiinn :) Indeed, I'm agreed with u. :)

    2. InsyaAllah, aamiinn.. :) Indeed, I'm agreed with u. :)

  2. wow, such an inspiring story It's a shame for all muslims out there living like non-muslims while there are those who are so fond of Muslim (though not born as a Muslim) like him..

    1. May Allah guide those people to wake up and walk in the right path, aamiinn. May we have the strength and opportunity to help them too. InsyaAllah. I believe they need someone to guide them in order to seek the guidance from The Almighty.

  3. Salam.

    I do respect her mother.

    Kalau kita tgk kan qeela, hidayah, memang Allah boleh bagi pda sesiapa saja. Tapi, hidayah sama juga mcm perkara2 lain, kena usaha mencarinya.

    In this case, adik ni, mak dia, walaupun beragama lain, tapi tetap bagi ruang untuk anak dia pilih anutan agama sendiri. And he did it, dia sendiri usaha cari n dalami ilmu.. :) Dan janji Allah, DIA takkan sia2kan usaha hambaNya.. :)

    1. W'slm..

      Ye, setuju dgn Lana :) And betul, Qeela pon respect his mom,
      sbb tak halang anak die nk mencari haluannya sendiri :)
      Mule2 ingtkan die tersekse sbb fmly taknk bg or buang die ke ape,
      but well, it's just wonderful jugk kan bace kisah die.. :)

  4. Allah telah beri petunjuk kepadanya...

    1. Yup, die bertuah and gunekan peluang tu dgn sgt baik :)

  5. Nice story.Mcm nak nangis pun ada.

  6. Hidayah itu Allah yang pegang. Alllah yg kasi...
    he's lucky..
    dia kembali kepada fitrah. dan selalunya saudara baru ni lebih dalam mengenali islam..

    salam kenal..


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