Cutest Volcano Eruption Ever!!

Salam and hello lovelies! ☺

Interested with the title eh? hehe.
okay so as what the title says, this is, literally,
the cutest volcano eruption ever. plus, it's really delicious too! :D

Meet Volcano Cake, exclusively by Lio's Kitchen. This cake is the ONE & ONLY Volcano Cake in Malaysia, made only by Lio's Kitchen, the founder and the baker.

I've tasted it and seriously this cake taste heaven! The cake texture is moist and fluffy, and the volcano filling is to dig for!
As parallel to it's name, u'll taste the yummy melting when eating it. Ahhh it's sooooo good!

Those who'd love to give this yummy babies a try can contact me via whatsapp +60162531170 or instagram: evathechoms. This yummy cake is just RM 4 per piece. You can also directly contact Ily (owner and founder of Lio's Kitchen) via whatsapp +60123442974 for any enquiries and orders. No worries all of their food prices are very affordable. ☺

Lio's Kitchen is based in Seremban, and they specialized in Western Food and Desserts. They also take order for any door gift, functions, etc you name it. So far their instagram & facebook pages didn't have any updates for a while since they're focusing on events & function's orders, so it'll be best if you guys can just contacting them via whatsapp. I've tried all of their westerns & desserts and yes, they're the best! You can check out my instagram page for more highlight on their foods yea lovelies. Totally mouth watering and will make you crave for more! ☺
here's some pic of the Volcano Cake.
Have a great day!

2 bubblynotes :):

  1. cute gila! nak try rasa jugak...hehe

    1. hehe try laa serious sedap! mmg tak rugi beli :D


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