The Must Have Pocket Saving Home Decor!

Salam & Hello lovelies! 

Today is your lucky day, as I will reveal some of the amazing, must have money saving home decor items that I could find on this awesome and user friendly apps, Carousell. 
If you must know, Carousell is a safe and simple to use apps that offers a lot of categories that you can choose to either buy things or even selling your own items! 


If you're into home decor like me, or anything really, you would going nuts of choosing, because they have a wide variety of great items per categories and what's important is that, they come in cheaper prices! In addition, what I like most about Carousell is that it helps me upon keep on supporting my fellow communities as we are buying from each other, thus growing and helping each other together which make me feels warm and just great. 

Okay back to home decor, hehe, as you all know the fasting month is nearer and then, we're going to celebrate the Eid altogether. Of course, home decor is on top of our Raya List right, especially for those housewives, mommies, etc. It's important, as we will have many guests coming to our home soon, so normally, we do want our home looks great and comfortable for them too. So, here I am, excitedly want to share with you guys those cool items that I found on Carousell earlier, hoping that it will brings out some great ideas into your home decor list too 😊

1) Stylish Cushion Pillow and/or Cushion Cover 

Which kind of Cushion Choosers are you? Hehe. On Carousell, you can find both items with only RM12-RM30 price range! So cheap because usually you'll find the price range will be RM30 and above at other places. Love all the designs too be it the Cushion Pillow or those Cushion Cover, and with the price like that, it's totally a grab to easily beautify your living room with these stylish cushion's decor. 


2) Vertical Blind

These items are great for those who couldn't live without blinds or hate curtains. It's not like the other ordinary, plain-boring blinds, because you can choose variety of designs with price as low as RM10 on Carousell! Look at this pic below, such a sweet blind right. Now it's no more eyes hurting but eyes couldn't be take off of your new blind! 😁


3) Tulle

Don't worry, if you're not into blinds, there are other famous home decor option, which are curtains and tulle. Lots of beautiful curtains and tulle to be choose from, and here's just my idea of my own home decor - plain curtains or no curtains at all yet with bold, simple tulle. Just lovely! 

 4) Three Layer Wooden Wall Rack

One of my favourite - not only that it can save space, but it can make your space looks stylish too. Simple home decor but totally lovely and beneficial. You can stack some of your favourite books or magazines, with couple of photo frame of you and your family, or maybe other stylish small home decor like mini vase, cute teddy, tin home decoration etc. Price? RM39.90 only! Where else can you get this item with a cheaper price like this right! ❤


5) Candle Stand

Sometimes when I have my guests around, I'd love to light up some sweet scented candles or with bits of essential oils, as it will helps to keep our calm and positivity, hence always feeling happy. So this is my must have item on my list, the candle stand. Great for raya, as our guest couldn't help to feel warm & soothing while eating and chit chatting with us! I love unique or cute yet simple design, with of course, cheaper price that I can get from Carousell 😊


6) Decorative Snack Plate

When I'm thinking about Eid/Raya, what's on the table is kind of my focus too. So my idea of home decor for that section would be, an amazing design of snack plate. Yes it could be multipurpose actually as it's not only for putting snack/food, as you can put jades, or potpouries etc. As for me, it will be ideal to put any tidbits for my guest, like nuts, candy, or even to serves them my homemade brownies or anything. Let's make them full, at the same time, you're still rocking your home decor πŸ˜‰


7) Unique Wallpaper

Of course, this is one of the famous home decor. At Carousell, you can have such unique and beautiful wallpaper from only RM3.80! Dear sweet flower where else can you get that kind of price right! 😁 Of course, variety of beautiful wallpaper that you can choose of, for example, this pic below :


8) Kufi Art Wooden Wall Decor

My another favourite of home decor. As a muslim, this decor could bring such a great & constant reminder too from time to time, to our Creator and Islam itself. As usual, I find it cheaper at Carousell, as when I look out at many other places too. With as low as RM70, instead of RM100 and above at others, you can get to choose variety of these beautiful art 😊


So, what do you think of those, guys? Interesting aren't they? 😁 
There are lots more that I would like to show you and share with you about home decor on Carousell, but I think it will be great if you guys can go and check them out yourselves, as I know it will be such addiction and you will be pleased and grateful that I share it with you guys hehe. Yes please, feel free to share this blog post with all of your friends and family, especially to those whom you think or you know that they will find this article very useful and totally into home decor, or even those whom newbies on this category or maybe those whom needed a spark of ideas for their Raya home decor. 😊
As far as you're helping others by spreading this article, you're also already on one step of helping our community as well because indeed, helping others to buy and sell with each other is also such a great help πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜Š

Well, to get started with home decor on Carousell, kindly just click on this HOME DECOR and it shall directly get you on board to the site of Carousell, already on the Home Decor category 😊 Yeah I like to make it easy for all of you lovelies, because I do like some thing easy and simple to use just like Carousell too ❤

Thank you for reading and hopefully this post are beneficial to you all. Don't forget to share this post and check out home decor on Carousell yea lovelies! Have a great week ahead! ❤

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