20k Pinwheel at Playground of the Wind event by Iringan Bayu!

Salam and Hello lovelies!

Yes indeed, as lovely as that title sounds, I can't help but reminiscing my childhood when it comes to pinwheel. I bet everyone does, right? hehe. Pinwheel were literally everywhere and it happened to be one of our toys when we were kids, am I right?! ❤

So, can you guys imagine, coming to such beautiful ground filled with 20k pinwheels in such fun filled and windy-ful atmosphere around you, altogether with your friends and family, ohh how inspiring, lovely, and insta-worthy are that?!

There are 10 wind-spired section / highlights at the area that you and your friends or family can take parts and enjoy, such as Passage of Dreams, Wall of Windspiration, Spinning Spectacular, Pinned Pretties, Wheel of Fortunes, Dazzling Displays, and much more!

Oh and not to forget, there'll be variety of Food Trucks (yassss gonna be yummyyyy! - Foodlover alert ❤), fun artsy workshops, instagram contest (get ready you igers!), children games, and lots of other fun activities, yet behold, the Lucky Draw as well!
You guys can check out the pic below for the wind-spired highlight activities yea. 
Well you gotta say thanks to Iringan Bayu, because it's especially brought to you by them!

For your information, Iringan Bayu is an inspired by nature of freehold Double Storey terrace houses in a guarded neighbourhood, with various great facilities around that I can simply say that it could make such a great dream house or neighbourhood that we could find! 


Okay let's see my pin points here :-

1. Spacious, beautiful house

This freehold double storrey terrace comes with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, with fully extended (say yessss to no need to renovate for more!) 20'x65' lot size, in a fusion of modern architecture and nature style. Definitely comfy for whole family and even for your future guests. I must say that I can imagine living here idyllically with my family! 

2. Various awesome facilities

There's a 22-acre Central Park which complete with children playground, outdoor gym, bicycle trails, walkway / jogging track, along with refreshing greenery views, pocket garden and lake. 
So, no matter what you're feeling that day, you can always go around the neighbourhood either for a sporty cycling moment, calming down with a walk along the green pathway, strolling for a romantic sunset view by the lake, or enjoy killing time with having a fun picnic with your friends and family!

3. 24/7 Surveillance 

Safety is indeed important, hence, guarded neighbourhood is a better and must be in our list for a new home. Here, with a 24 hours security for each and every single day is just what we need and be given in order to live safe with no worries here. 

4. Others

There are many other good things for choosing Iringan Bayu neighbourhood, such as 
- Easy access to various major highways or places like KLIA, Seremban, KL, Port Dickson, Malacca, Putrajaya, etc, so it'll be very convenient either for works, or weekend shopping, or beach time and all. 
- There are 10 different schools within 10km, conveniently for those who have kids

So, that's a little bit this and that about Iringan Bayu. Pretty awesome isn't it?! 
If you're interested, or even if you're just looking forward to have some fun with your friends and family, you are definitely welcome to come and visit their unique new show village every weekend and explore yourselves the beautiful views of 20k pinwheels as well as enjoying their fun filled activities hightlights there starting from this 27 January 2018 to 11 February 2018, 10.00am till 5.00pm at Iringan Bayu Show Village, Seremban

Register HERE now to get an exclusive invite to the one of a kind pinwheels scenery or kindly contact 06 - 6304656 now lovelies!

You can also visits https://www.facebook.com/iringanbayuseremban/ for more info or updates yea. 
Lock the date and insyaAllah I'll be seeing you guys there too on 27th! 

Thank You for stopping by and may this entry be beneficial especially for those whom are been looking for their new, dream home. 
Stay Tuned and have a great day ahead guys! 😊

4 bubblynotes :):

  1. awak !!! kat Seremban ye ni ? area mana eh ? dekat dengan tempat task kita haritu ke ? memang kakak tengah cari rumah ni.. hee~ nak dekat dengan Cyberjaya..

    1. Hehe haah kak kat Seremban, mmg sng nk ke KL/Putrajaya/Cyberjaya etc 😁 Kalau akk free boleh dtg tgk2 show village dia starting 27hb ni 😁❤

  2. suka tengok rumah2 cam ni..n suka tengok deko2 wpun x mampu nak beli haha

    1. hahaha kann sama laa terliur jugak tgk dgn kwsn dia mmg cantik betul planning Iringan Bayu ni hehee. takpe skrg maybe tak mampu lagii mana tau kot2 ada rezeki nnt2 mampu dh beli rumah sendiri mcm ni kan aamiinnn untuk kita semuaa hehee 😁❤


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